About me

Short version:

My name is Char and you can find me here most days.

Longer version:

I’m a stay at home mom to 4. I have a daughter who is 10 and boys who are 8, 5, and 2. I sew and craft because it keeps me sane.

Weird version:

I only like paste toothpaste. Gel toothpaste grosses me out. Speaking of things that gross me out, I HATE pudding. Nothing makes me quite as sick as the sight of a big old bowl of pudding on a salad bar. I think prison made Martha Stewart soft. I can’t stand to watch her anymore. I hate to wear shoes. I own 14 diaper bags. When you’ve been carrying one for almost 11 years straight, you need a little variety. I might also own 14 carseats (haven’t counted, don’t dare). I’m a little obsessed with them, too. I have never had Hamburger Helper. I love American Idol. I laugh ’til I cry often. I hate hugging. I cried when I got put in a sewing class in 9th grade.


  1. Tami C. says:

    Yes! I found another, other then my hubs and kids I hate hugging too. Phew, I’m not alone.

    • me too! But I will if you REALLY need one.

    • I’m so glad to read this! My 12 y.o. daughter is a no-touchie, non-hugging type too. I was secretly worried I accidentally made some dreadful mistake when she was an infant that made her like that, lol!

  2. melissa says:

    Char I just want to tell you that you are freakin’ hilarious and I love you for it.

    Your friend,


  3. Just found your blog this morning from Skip to My Lou. I would call my self a beginner but that would mean I have actually begun something ! Oh back in the day I have sewn quilts, but that is flat. I need to learn how to sew something……more 3-D ? Something cute for my tired little house.
    I am trying to talk my self into sewing a cute curtain for my tiny little bathroom window, but your laptop sleeve looks cuter, so might do that first.
    I LOVE the weird version of your profile, yes I read that stuff. I’m weird like that.
    You are now in my favorites.
    P.S. I dont like salad bars! Pudding is not the problem,they are just nasty.

  4. bwahahaha is what i have to say. i have actually been following you for a while now but just started blogging. ok, let me rephrase that. two days ago i decided hey, i think it would be fun to start blogging. you know, get my thoughts out there and my views on all the cool new stuff i’m doing. did you get that i said two days ago? ya that’s because *ahem* it’s taken me that long to figure out how to set this darn thing up! haha i haven’t even posted my first entry yet. oh girl, i think i’m in for a ride. but, hey, i’m still up and reading my favorites. again, it’s what i do. i’ll get to writing…at some point. thanks for making me laugh. (((hug))) wait. i take it back. =)

  5. Enjoy those kiddos they look fun.

  6. Ha! I love the title of your blog. This is fun stuff.

  7. I (LUCKILY) stumbled upon your site and THANKS! I have learned a ton about Silhouette. I finally understand some of the more technical stuff. You are darling and make such fun things. :) Wish I had more time to play around. Thanks again,
    Jana L. UT

  8. Becky Fletcher says:

    I don’t have a website, I don’t know how to blog, I’m not even sure what the heck I am doing. But I love your site. We have a lot in common. I teach Activity Days to 5-7 girls, who may or may not show up. And I’m always looking for neat (easy & cheap) things to do. I stumbled on your site and I think I found heaven! I’m not a hugger either, but I married one and they are trying to convert. me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you do. You make me look good!

  9. I’ve been sewing stuff for several years ( since before the time of I-pads) and now that I have an I-pad, I wanted to make a case for it. I couldn’t figure out how to do it for the life of me. (Neither could my husband and he’s an engineer!) Finally, I searched the web and came across your lovely crapivemade sight. (I was attracted immediately, because that’s pretty much what I do.) The zippered laptop tutorial was perfect! Clear, concise and easy to follow. The pictures were fantastic too! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    From another mom of 4 who sews for sanity.

  10. Hey, just found our blog. Loving it…and will be reading your posts while waiting in the school carpool lane for the kids. Our writing is so funny. And your projects are awesome. You have inspired me, and I just found your blog 10 minutes ago. Will be remodeling my own bathroom this weekend thanks to you. Keep up the goodness.

  11. Christina Harden says:

    I love your site! I don’t have a website yet either. I have been sewing and quilting for about 20 years…I also cross-stitch and embroidery. The thing with me is I have to be in the mood however it is my stress reliever. I love making things for my grandchildn ( whom I live for). Appliique is my favorite so any new items and patterns you come across, please share! Hubby & I are on our way home from vacation and I am dreading back to work Monday (please pray for me).

  12. I enjoyed the way you segued into the weird about me, leading us into that underlying true self. Yes, love the humor and that you laugh until you cry (same here), and as for hugging, with my family yes; with strangers or people I don’t know well – no way. It’s creepy to me. Don’t like salad bars because of everyone’s hands all over the food – watching someone throwing the spoon into the lettuce makes me get an upset stomach.
    I used to sew and dreamed of becoming a Home Economics teacher – probably no such ‘career’ like that these days – long story short; I am hoping to begin sewing – knowing it will be starting all over again. Thanks for all your tutorials and inspirations.

  13. I can’t believe you prefer gritty toothpaste when the far superior product is Tooth Gel. Seriously. What’s wrong with you? I can however get behind saying large vats of pudding is gross.

  14. Shanna Murtagh says:

    I have been following your blog for a little while now and just want to THANK YOU for all the love and special touches you put into it. Thanks to you I am much more comfortable with using my Silhouette and I love your tutorials. Keep ‘em coming!