The Bunker

Les’s post today inspired me. She was challenged by her friend Becky (whom I’m not actually familiar with but pretty much everyone Les knows is amazing). So, here it is….in all it’s chaos and glory….our under the porch food storage room.

We’ve still got a ways to go, but I think we could survive for a while. I’ve got 900 lbs of wheat, but not enough toilet paper stored to deal with the effects it would have on our bodies. I also ordered a few of these on Monday. I don’t think they’ll be delicious by any means, but I do think they could get us by for a bit in a real emergency. And they don’t take up much space. And they last for quite a while. So, that’s the bunker.

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  1. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    Yikes. Seeing how much you have emphasizes how NOT much I have in comparison. We need to knock out the laundry room wall and connect it to the one-car garage, insulate and put up the drywall to make our food storage area.

    The stuff you ordered from Costco looks a bit…scary. Still, in a pinch…

  2. Holy crap. There was never a real rice shortage, it was all at your house!

  3. With a Bunker like that, you could really give Smith’s a run for their money… why travel 2 miles to grab ketchup when I can run down the street and buy some from you.

    By the way, this post gave me anxiety.

  4. The Weight Family says:

    Char, I want to kow what is it that you DON’T do! You are so one of those girls who puts all the rest of us average girls to shame. You have cute kids, clean house, you sew like an amazing professional seamstress, turn furniture into masterpieces (your cute kitchen table)and now I get to add one more thing to my “One more thing that char Coester does better than me list”, food storage. You can kiss it!!! You know I am only teasingya and have nothing but love, you are though truly an amazing talented chica! Please rubb some of that onto me.
    P.S. I swear too, you can top any story, I hear you talk about your experiences and swear their needs to be a reality show about you. You would put Seinfield to shame. I would totally watch it!

  5. PORTER FAMILY says:

    i dont know what you are talking about…the description of that stuff specifically says it is “delicious”! i am convinced. arent you?

  6. smart mama says:

    oh wow- awesome shelves reveal!! you’re look better than mine!!

    glad you know i am welcome in your kitchen- you are welcome in mine too anytime!!

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