May the force scare the crap out of you

So, there was this thing yesterday at Pottery Barn Kids (aka the place we spend all our American Express points). We got tickets weeks ago. BC and the boys had to get up early on a Saturday.

They waited in line with a bunch of people, including this guy:

(Sir, if you’re reading….you look like an idiot.)

And when the moment they’d longed for finally came….

Campbell said he hated Storm Troopers and needed to get out of there. Keller wasn’t much better. We try to be good parents. We really do. Our kids just don’t want to have fun. Stay tuned for our trip to the circus in 2 weeks. I’m sure that one will rule.

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  1. We have tickets for it for next week. But I am not sure if I am going.. that many people+me on crutches= someone is going to fall.
    And really you should quit torturing your kiddos. :)

  2. You know, I bet Kyle would’ve done the same thing. And you KNOW how much he loves Star Wars. Kids. Pfsht.

  3. LOL! Isn’t that always how it works with kids??!!

  4. Totally how it always goes. As for the circus, we went two years ago and the experience has turned Damon off of them for life. Good luck to you.

  5. The circus is in town?!! Last time we went it was really fun- but we brought one less kid and an extra adult.

    Crazy kids.

  6. One time, I ran into Darth Vader outside a book store. Yeah, he’s a reader. Anyway, I had him call and leave Max a message on our answering machine. It scared the crap out of Max. :)

  7. Ammon is sad that Keller didn’t invite him to this event.

  8. That poor guy is Porkins. I thought he died in Episode IV, but apparently he is alive and well in Utah.

  9. LOL! Kids are so funny aren’t they?

    Love the pictures

  10. i’ve seen that jedi! they had some garrison people come to the library … 2 years ago? made for some crazy happy kids. my son’s bday is in a few weeks – star wars themed of course, and we’re getting him something… that will either be cool or scare the crap out of him. either way should be entertaining. ;)

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