Bebop Brim Love

Bennett got a new hat. I found it here. She does some amazing work. If I had a baby girl, you can be dang sure she’d own this. Or maybe this. And I might still get one of these.

(The shop’s closing on Tuesday for a few weeks, so if the links don’t work, check back after the 26th.)

Happy Thanksgiving

Kindergarten style.

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I already moved my pot lid rack. It seems I’d hung it in the spot that was most perfect for my new art work. Alissa sent me that picture a few weeks back. I love it. A LOT. Thanks, Liss. And I only had to patch 2 holes. Totally worth it.

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Random cell phone pic

Pot lid rack turned book holder

Get one of these. Mount it to the wall. You’re done, and all for the bargain basement price of $2.99. For some reason that link makes it look like there are 6 rungs. There aren’t. If you need 6 rungs, buy two or find another project.

Idea from here.

Got ribbon?

My ribbon scraps were way, way, WAY out of control. The basket was overflowing. Thankfully, my friend Leilani posted this idea a while back (along with a whole lot more fabulousness). I finally remembered to pick up clothespins last week when I was at JoAnn’s, but they sucked. So, I got some replacements at Dollar Tree this weekend and they worked perfectly.

Something for my own kid

You know….because he needs more clothes. And shoes. And leg warmers.

Onesie and shirt dyed w/Dylon in Velvet Black. Sabe swears by Dylon. I’ve used it twice now, and it’s like 400 times better than Rit.

So, I lied.

I swore I could never put a baby boy in BabyLegs. And then they were the BabySteals deal of the day. And I bought some. And then I bought some more. And now I’m hooked. The kid owns 6 pairs already. Someone stage an intervention.

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Onesies, for a new baby

(and hopefully none of her sisters had an anaphylactic reaction to the meal I took them….you have no idea the amount of anxiety that caused me!)

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