Random cell phone pic

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  1. PORTER FAMILY says:

    nice to know i am not the only woman out there with a love of minivans AND bon jovi!

  2. why would you take a picture of the back of your van?

  3. Bon Loves Jovi? I had no idea they were two different people.

  4. who doesn’t love Bon Jovi??

  5. Woot! Love the picture. It made me :)

  6. I see nothing wrong OR funny about that at all.
    Bon Jovi + Sheri = TLF (dang…writing those letters all combined/cool doesn’t quite work on the internet)

  7. If only Ioane would do this for me………THEN i would know that he truly loved me!!!!! LOLOLOLOL

  8. Darcy anyone who like Bon Jovi is a flippin dork!!!

  9. awesome.

    (word verification on this = o bible !)

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