Dear Harry & David,

If your “QUICK and EASY” soup mix requires me to have bacon, an onion, garlic, chicken broth, and half and half on hand and then saute the bacon and the onion and the garlic and then cook for 30 minutes and then another 5 minutes….

it is neither quick nor easy.

However, I would still cut off a limb for your Moose Munch.

If you’re considering regifting,

be sure to check the expiration date on the regifts. Stuff that expires 2 days after Christmas probably isn’t a good choice. Just sayin’….

Merry Christmas!

Photoshoppage courtesy of Alissa.

Macy’s first piano recital

Chicken in a Biskits, according to Keller

“They kind of taste like noodles when they’re all chewed up.”

Not quite how I remembered them

“Look! I’m a Ninja Turtle!”

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Found in my dryer

2 black plastic spoons.

For Leilani

The larger version of our family picture from Macy’s baptism/Bennett’s blessing day.


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Happiest place on Earth?

I’m going to go with “no”, but it appears to have ranked *slightly* higher than Sea World.


items in my Google Reader. I just cleared them all out. I’m starting over in the morning. Don’t think I’m a jerk if I didn’t comment, K?

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