Still potty training.
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  1. where did you find the FatBoys? I looked this year. Stupid small town grocers!

    and is that a new bag? how many is it now?

  2. Yum!
    Are those Crocs?

  3. Macey’s. I believe you have one of those on the other side of the mountain. My grandma won a recliner there once.

    And yes. Yes it is. Probably 12-ish?

  4. omg. i want those fat boys.

    and also, those shoes are freaking adorable!!

  5. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    nak (natch)

    cute shoes. poop strike over?

  6. Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil says:

    I was really concerned when I saw the title of this post. Did you intend that?

  7. Wendy, you know I did.

    Kermit…UGH! I think he pooped his pants 3 times today. He’s in bed already. BC’s not home and I can’t deal for one more second.

  8. I clicked on this drooling over those fat boys, but the thought of cleaning up multiple poop accidents kind of curbed my appetite. I hope tomorrow goes better.

  9. Thanks for keeping it clean.

  10. 1. Those Fat Boys looks amazing! I want to know where I can find me some!

    2. Adorable bag. I have a fetish myself–where is it from?

    3. super cute shoes.

    4. Sorry to hear about the potty training. I myself, can totally feel your pain. I really do need those Fat Boys.

  11. It’s a Lexie Barnes bag I got from mamabargains.com. It’s very narrow and not my favorite bag I’ve ever owned, but I love the colors.

  12. But you’re doing it in such style…

    Of all the things we *might* miss as they grow up I know pt’ing will NOT be one of them. And um, let me just take this opportunity to tell my children that I will NOT be helping them pt their children. So don’t even ask. Yes you will need to keep this on file for me, K?


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