Appliqued initial tees

Macy has a couple of birthday parties to go to this weekend. 9 is a hard age to buy a present for. Most of the toy stuff is too babyish and most of the teen stuff is too grown up. Logical solution? Make shirts! Ha ha. Macy picked the shirts and the fabric. I printed out the letters at 567 point (no reason for that number) and then enlarged them 150% on the copier. I used Wonder Under, as usual, and then sewed around the edges.
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  1. we don’t need another hero!

    but you’re mine.

  2. i bet there really is a reason for that size font.

    they look great.

  3. AWESOME!! I’m going to file that idea away.

  4. Very cute. My birthday is next week. :)

    (No pressure, I just wanted to razzle you).

  5. I love em. Can I order a T and A please? :)

  6. just stop it already.

  7. So, you know my kids birtdays, right?

  8. Heck yeah, I made t-shirts for party favors at Adriana’s party last year and they loved them! Great idea with the initials!

  9. You do realize those are my initials. I’ll take one of each.

  10. I love initial tees! Those turned out so cute!

  11. Mrs. Jones says:

    These are so cute! I might actually break out my sewing machine and try one. The baby onesies are cute, too.


  12. What is Wonder Under? Does this project require sewing? If not, do these letters truly stay on? I've never had much success w/anything that was Iron-on, but if this works, my girls would really like something like this!

  13. Char @ Crap I've Made says:


    Wonder Under is a fusible webbing that you iron onto the back of the fabric you make the applique out of and then iron onto your shirt. It's found near the interfacing in most fabric stores.

    In theory, you don't need to sew it in place. In practice, I always do. Sometimes I backstitch by hand, sometimes I do it by machine.


  14. Great – I'll have to see if I can find some Wonder Under and give this a shot now that my girls are bigger – doing something like this on a tiny baby onesie (the sewing on the machine part) does not a fun project make (for me, that is!).

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Ok, so I go and make my little comment there, and then go to look at your tutorials and what do I see? You have done something similar on tiny baby onesies – well, it was a 1 on a one year old sized onesie, but still….guess I need to just try again on that tiny stuff! Thanks again – I was looking through your tutorials and want to do them all – yikes!

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