Gratuitous Easter Clothes Picture

Yes. Yes that is the best shot we could get of Campbell. Why do you ask?

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I think it is the cutest stinkin’ shot of Campbell you could have gotten!

  2. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    Ha! Gonzo smiles EXACTLY the same way. How fun! The matchy matchy looks great. I can’t believe how big Baby B is now.

  3. Jami Blake-Weight says:

    So….me and my friend have been trying to get up the guts to attempt silhouettes of our families, butaren’t quite sure how….We think you shoudld do a tutorial on this project….yeah, yeah, what do you think?????? PLEASE!??

  4. cute! I forget how big Keller is. In my mind he’s still 2 regardless of how many times I see him bigger than that.

  5. I’d like to say that Mace looks all sweet and innocent. When in fact I DID see the picture she drew of me…

  6. very cute. Ours didn’t turn out very good either. Between beign a little late, Tyler having to set up the camera, a 15 month old and 2 other children that can’t hold still to save there lives, they didnt’ turn out a great as I would have hoped.

  7. You KNOW I love those outfits. And kids.

  8. Are you sick of Bennett yet? Cause I’d take him off your hands! Actually I’d take any of them if you’d let me. Freakin cute!!

  9. loving the sweater vests and the shoes, even though I can’t really see them. just knowing they’re there makes me smile. also, love Macy’s dress with the little bow and the sweater.

  10. I *heart* sweater vests!! What a cute picture.

  11. sweetpea says:

    TOTALLY, totally cute. I love how they all match so well–I don’t know how you did it!

  12. aw. i love easter pix. macy’s sweater rocks.

  13. Ike and Bethany says:

    First off your family is so adorable and second you are probably wondering who the heck this is…..I’m Bethany, I live in Jami Weights basement and just wanted to make sure it was okay that i copied that picture of the tie dye eggs that is on your blog. I did some with Jami but couldn’t get a good picture of the ones we did and wanted to show people what they look like after they are done. Let me know if that’s okay or not, so I can take it off if I need to.

  14. Kristine Robinson says:

    Love it! What else can I say? Cutest kids in the world! And they all look alike. I bet no one ever stopped you in the grocery store and asked if all your kids had the same “baby daddy”. (What the heck??? True story.)

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