The Plague

Stay away. We have it.

Macy hasn’t been to school yet this week. Campbell barfed all over BC’s truck. Bennett’s going through diapers like they’re going out of style.

Only Keller has escaped unscathed.

We’re driving each other nuts.

On the bright side, we did come up with a new family rule….”TAPE IS NOT A TOY”.

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  1. swine flu?

    (you know someone was gonna say it.)

  2. We all have horrible allergies and are suffering, but nothing like you guys. Good luck, get better!

  3. Carla Hegeman Crim says:

    Ohhh – bet your house has some interesting smells working! Hope you are all better soon!!!

  4. suck.fest.

    all we have is copius amounts of snot, and i’ve never been so grateful for that.

    get well soon.

  5. sweetpea says:

    ugh. I’m sorry–that REALLY stinks (no pun intended).

  6. cindie says:

    I’m new to your blog. I love it! My little (not so little as he is now 29) brother’s name is Campbell. :)

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