Boutique style burp cloth tutorial


  • Cloth diapers. I usually use the Gerber birdseye prefolds (be sure they’re prefolds…trust me on this one). They’re about $11 for a 6-pack at Target.
  • Fabric. You’ll need a piece at least 15″ X 6″. You could get 3 burp cloths out of one fat quarter.
  • Thread to match your fabric.
  • Bobbin wound with white thread.

Cut a 6″ strip of fabric.

Place your fabric right side up and put the diaper on top of it, lining up top edges. Make sure there’s some fabric showing on each side of the diaper.

Sew the diaper to the fabric, just inside of the serged/finished edge of the diaper.

Trim your fabric so there’s about 1/2″ beyond the diaper on both edges.

Open the fabric and diaper and press. I like to press it flat and then fold the fabric up onto the diaper and crease the seam nicely.

Fold under about 1/4″ on the top/long edge of fabric. Press.

Fold under the 1/2″ overhang on both sides and press.

Pin. Use A LOT of pins. You don’t want anything slipping.

Top stitch, very close to the edge. I’m not sure where the line is between edge stitching and top stitching, but this could be it. You’re going to want to top stitch the bottom (where you originally sewed the diaper to the fabric) last.

See why we used a white bobbin? Think how ugly this would have looked with a black bobbin!

You’re done! Now go make a onesie to match!

If you want to make the kind with a strip of fabric down the middle, here’s a great tute for them. You can easily leave the ribbon off and just top stitch the edges, if you want them to be more “manly”.

***For personal use only***


  1. Those are so cute, what a great gift idea! I’ll be linking.

  2. bananasforbreakfast says:

    Really cute, I’ll be making a few of these burpees to go with my next baby gift!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial because you know I’ll be making them!

  4. quiltmamajb says:

    A cool idea….I take a piece of flannel and sew it with right side to the diaper, leaving a couple of inches to turn it inside out. Turn it and then sew about 1/4″ in from the sides all the way around and it closes the opening – no need for hand stitching. Run two lines of decorative stitching down the seams and you have a quick baby gift. Thanks for sharing your creativity! Piece…

  5. Hi!
    I love ALL of your stuff! I have been a huge fan of your blog for a while!! Great tutorials!
    I have a blog called The Dress-up Drawer and we are spotlighting stay at home creative women by doing a giveaway in August of all things handmade!! I thought this would be right up your alley. So I was wondering if you would want to join in on our giveaway!
    Let me know what you think!
    Thanks, Jaime
    [email protected]

  6. Sweet Bumbles says:

    Hi! I love the tutorial and can't wait to make these. I was just wondering why the birdseye instead of the premium? Thank you :)

  7. erinantonelli says:

    I just want to share that I did not use prefolds I used the flat and folded them the long way in half and sewed the three open sides shut. Because I'm new with a sewing machine and loath pinning I also used wonder under on the fabric piece I sewed on…just some ideas to share :)

  8. I am just confused on fliping the diaper because when I do that you can still see a line of the fabric in the back! :(

  9. Although they would not be nearly so cute, cloth diapers make great burp cloths all on their own!!!

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