Out cold

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  1. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA…… It’s so hard being a boy!!

  2. ROFL!!!
    I guess it saves you a Pull Up, eh?

  3. to pooped to poop.

  4. porter family says:

    that is TOO funny!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    NO WAY!!!! That is the funniest thing ever!!

  6. Beverly says:

    This will make good ammunition for his teen years!

  7. Are you freakin kiddin me, that is hilarious!

  8. Hilarious and incredible!

    I have to tell you how funny it is to click on “Crap I’ve Made” on my Google Reader, and find that photo. :p

  9. Rosie and Derek says:

    ROFLOL, that is SO funny!!!

  10. The Harding Hive says:


  11. i bet he had quite the “ring around the bum” after that. too funny!

  12. The Bronson Bunch says:

    I wish I could sleep on the throne!! Ha ha ha ha! Funny kid!

  13. sweetpea says:

    Oh my GOODNESS, that is a classic picture!!!

  14. This will definitely be in his yearbook one day!

  15. The Royal Family says:

    LMBO I just clicked over from UCREATE how hysterical!

    The Buzz,

  16. Michelle says:


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