Backyard expedition

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  1. how totally freaking cute are they?!

  2. How cute is that? One day it will 'Aisea and Matai! At least I hope they will still like each other at that age!! LOL

  3. OH…..this is eliazabeth…….Dang Io for signing up for gmail!! GRRRR

  4. Cuteness! I never realized how much Campbell's face looks like Macy's. And are his shoes on the wrong feet? I'm hoping so…it would make the picture even more cute.
    And Kyle got that same bug holder from his teacher last week. I'll fly him up there w/it and they can all look for bugs together, k?

  5. did they find anything good? our wagon is filled with rolypolies currently. all dead.

  6. His shoes are TOTALLY on the wrong feet. And that shirt is his pajama top from the night before. Also, Keller's fly may or may not be open.

  7. nice mom i will look again at the fly

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