My sweet Macy is nine today. I’m not really sure how that happened.
Did I mention she was actually due in May? I was 42 weeks and 2 days pregnant when she finally decided to grace us with her presence.
I should have known then what I was in for.
No, really…she’s the best kid ever.
This is the picture I used when I made the silhouettes a while back. It’s *so* Macy. See that Harry Potter book she couldn’t put down? See how she’s trying really hard to pretend she’s annoyed with me and to not smile no matter what? Also, I love that sweater. It’s very “her”.

Her Mother’s Day card she made for me at school said “Thanks for letting me use the oven.” I nearly peed my pants.

Happy birthday, Mace!

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  1. Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 9 year old girl!!!

  2. She is a great girl!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. Happy Birthday Macy!!!! Can't wait to see the pictures from the b-day party!!!

  4. The Bronson Bunch says:

    She is 9?!?! Holy cow does time fly! She is such a pretty girl, happy birthday Macy!

  5. Valarie says:

    happy birthday, Macy!

  6. Happy Birthday Macy! Excited to see how the big party turns out…

  7. Happy Birthday, Macy!

  8. Happy Birthday. I love her in Primary. She is so fun. Very sweet little girl.

  9. kirsten says:

    Happy Birthday, Macy!

    So far we are loving nine – you know, the first week anyway!

  10. Happy Birthday Macy! I hope the party goes great!

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