Bathroom light fixture makeover

Got an ugly bath bar light fixture like this?
Yours might actually have all the bulbs in working order, but mine doesn’t. Just keepin’ it real, folks.
My neighbor was over the other day looking at paint swatches with me and she suggested I paint the one in my Seuss-y bathroom. I figured it couldn’t hurt and even if this project was an epic fail I’d only be out the cost of a can of spray paint.
So I went for it.
I took the fixture down and gave it a couple coats of glossy red. (I know, I know! I swore I’d never do that again. But I did. And I liked it.)
Then I made a template for the flat part on the top. I used wax paper because that’s what was in the drawer behind me. Plus, I liked that I could see through it.
I used the template to cut a piece of fabric (leftovers from the towel project). Then I carefully glued the fabric to the light fixture, working from the center out. Make sure not to stretch the fabric and to only apply the glue to the flat part. I used Mod Podge.
Once that was dry I flipped the light fixture over and cut each circle into eighths, like an asterisk. I folded those sections to the back and glued them down.
Then I did a final thin coat of Mod Podge on top of the fabric only.
Final result?

As you can see, I painted. The color is Salty Tear from Behr. I tried their new Ultra Premium Plus (or something equally important sounding). It’s allegedly paint and primer in one. The bathroom only took one coat, so yay!

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  1. You are one impressive woman. I'm glad we share some genes.

  2. awesome. glad it wasn't an epic fail. the salty tear turned out nice!

  3. Yet another great idea! Wish I'd thought of that before I trashed a similar fixture…

  4. sweetpea says:

    I love it when projects turn out, and this one definitely did. Love it!

  5. The Bronson Bunch says:

    That looks AWESOME!! So when you are done with your house, ya wanna come over and help me with mine?!?!

  6. dying that turned out so cute!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    So cute, Char!!

  8. Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil says:

    looks cute!

  9. I am moving next week and have more rooms than I am moving from. I could totally use you and your creativity! Feel free to come and visit lol! This looks fantastic!

  10. oliveoyl64 says:

    I live in a rental and you know we have those butt ugly fixtures too. I just needed inspiration for something cheap and doable. Mine will be solid, not "suessical", though I do love what you have done.

  11. That is freakin awesome. OH and Mom, if you and Char share genes then why don't you do stuff like that once in a while.

  12. I love the red and blue combo on the light fixture – it adds so much to the rest of the room's theme. I had never thought of painting those before . . .

  13. GG With A Twist of Lime says:

    This bathroom is adorable! You must be so happy with it!

  14. This was one of those Duh moments. Why hadn't I ever thought to do this? I adore this bathroom and want it for my very own ;)

  15. Schroeders in a nut shell says:

    That is the cutest bathroom I have EVER seen!!!! You are totally an amazing women with a bushel full of talent!!!! I love it!!!

  16. Carla Hegeman Crim says:

    So cool!

  17. Laurel @ Ducks in a Row says:

    Who would have thought? It's awesome.

  18. I am loving this bathroom, it just keeps on getting better and better. Now I think my kiddos bathroom could use a re-do.

  19. Infarrantly Creative says:

    I hae some nasty light fixturs like that. You got me thinkin girl!

  20. Love it! Love it! Love it! Way too cute!!!

  21. Cuh-yute!!! I'm in love with that bathroom! I have those same ugly light fixtures..just like half of America…I think you just inspired us!

  22. I love the Dr Suess themed bathroom and the faucets as hooks, how inventive. I am impressed. Marla

  23. Ooooh, I LOVE that! I have that same exact light fixture in our bathroom, and I recently spray painted mine black. But I LOVE the idea of adding the coordinating fabric…another project to add to my never ending project list! LOL. Thanks, LOVE IT!

  24. Mod Podge Amy says:

    Posted today on my blog – I'm so excited! Thanks for letting me. :D

  25. Wow, super cool looking. I love your bathroom and Dr. Suess too..

  26. GeorgiaPeachez says:

    So flippin' brilliant! xo, suzy

  27. This bathroom is oh so fun! Love the new light!

  28. How did I miss this post! I have to show my SIL the water spouts.!! She is doing her sons room in Dr. Suess and she would LOVE those!!

  29. The Redhead Riter says:

    verrrrrrry cute!

  30. What a fantastic idea!! I tried it myself.

    Thanks for the inspiration & ideas!!!

  31. Get N Together says:

    I love it! I want to head to the store for some spray paint so I can do it myself.

  32. NEVER thought of painting the light fixture in my girls' bathroom – thanks for providing more inspiration for this tired mom's brain.

    Did you do anything w/the light switch cover?

  33. Victoria ObSEUSSed says:

    You did a great job at personalizing the Pottery Barn Dr. Seuss line. I love the light fixture. Are those faucets as hooks on the wall? So creative. The accent towels and wall color are gorgeous. Such a fun room!

  34. Chelsea McDougald says:

    Now you just need to paint the sink blue or red!

  35. I have lived with an ugly bathroom light bar for 10 years, never thought I could just paint it! Thank you.


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