Random ramblings on spray paint…

because I’ve got nothing else today.
BC’s in Cincinnati and we’re in survival mode.
Incident one was Krylon brand paint from Walmart. (I know! I know! I go there like twice a year whether I need to or not! And every single time I leave cursing!)
Incident two was Rustoleum brand paint from a home improvement store.
I decided to tackle the filing cabinet last night after the kids were in bed. I (stupidly) bought Krylon. Again. From the Walmart. BC needed deodorant and I only had time to make one stop. They have more color options than the home improvement store, too. And I wanted Apple Green. They didn’t have it (ha!), so I bought orange. I’m impatient. I used an entire can and you could not even tell that I’d painted anything!
This morning I went to the big orange home improvement store and picked up some Rustoleum. In Apple Green. Worked like a dream.
So, is it Krylon that’s crap? Is it buying paint from Walmart that’s crap? A little of both?
What’s your experience?
And because Alissa asked nicely…
I’ve added a picture. I still need to sand a few spots and do a final coat.

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  1. sweetpea says:

    I always buy Rustoleum from a large home improvement store, and I've never had a problem. I think that's why I've never tried anything else!

  2. i dunno about the krylon versus rustoleum, but all the home dec bloggers use rustoleum… they swear by it.

    and how dare you post this without a picture?

  3. I don't know much about spray paint, but I love your blog! You make me laugh so hard! I am glad I found it.

  4. i love the rustoleum- it always seems to go on a lot more smooth and even. i'd rather pay the little bit extra for 2 cans than have to buy 5 cans of the other stuff.
    and have you seen the newest Pottery Barn Kids catalog? they have a whole spread of Dr. Seuss stuff— i immediately thought of your bathroom.
    is that strange and inappropriate? ;)

  5. Hmmm…I think I will need to do a side by side comparison of the two!

  6. Picture of the finished product please!

  7. Welcome to Lulu's life. says:

    I've been a lurker for awhile but decided to speak up here. I use Krylon on a regular basis. I just finished spraying some wood plaques and all the colors worked great. I buy mine at the local SMith's/Kroger and never have a problem.

  8. Ummm…I have never had a good experience with spray paint and have only used Rustoleum. I think I suck and must be something wrong. I know that sounds pathetic that I can't spray paint, but there you have it…

    • bom como eu ainda sou nova no mundo dos blogs (apenas 1 ano) não passei por tudo isso que vc já passou, mas que eu vejo com muita frequancia blogs competindo com outros, um xingando o outro fora os cometários &#8gi1;am22os” que as vezes eu recebo no meu hauhua adoreeei o postadorei

  9. I used a can of Krylon to paint a small table not long ago. It's about 2 feet tall by 1 1/2 feet wide,and has thin legs. I used the whole can and it didn't cover the whole table. I was a little peeved!

  10. oh I wish I had read this earlier!!!!! I just bought krylon from walmart (happy with the price) I'm new to spray painting things and recognized the name as one I had heard. I thought it was taking awhile to cover my project, but then i'm new maybe it would take awhile no matter what I used?

  11. Your cool friend Cheryl says:

    I've never had a bad experience with Rustoleum! Their satin finish is my fave.

  12. imajacobs says:

    DH used Krylon to paint a dresser red and it took about 7 cans and there was red dust EVERYWHERE! I thought it was ridiculous. Next time, I'll get Rustoleum for sure.

  13. I just stumbled upon your blog and really enjoyed seeing all the great Ideas you have!! I'll be back! The green looks great, by the way!

  14. Lord I love your blog! I started with the ruffle butts and haven't been able to stop reading you since (yeah the "Crap I've Made" hooked me right in). The bathroom is fantastic and I do love the piano. And I like the green file cabinet. But mostly I like how funny and creative a mom with 4 kids is. And how much stuff I've made from your blog. All the new babies are loving your things!

  15. Julie @ Joy's Hope says:

    Krylon: crappy crappy craptastic crap.
    HATE IT!
    Heart American Traditions formerly from Lowes. NOw nowhere. Mourning the loss.

  16. I bought orange krylon from walmart and it was terrible!! I'm so glad to "hear" that it's not just me!

  17. i love both krylon and rustoleum. i love the nozzle of the krylon. it's so easy to use. it does take a little more to cover, but i didn't notice a huge difference. but i tried the krylon for plastic to paint some resin patio chairs and it did nothing. i hated that stuff.

  18. Char your sites too cute!!! email me!!! Lot's to talk about!!!

    [email protected]

  19. I havent used Rustoleum, so I can't compare the two, BUT I've used Krylon and havent had a problem.

  20. lorchick @ ON{thelaundry}LINE says:

    I am not entirely sure what I normally use to be honest because my coffee hasn't hit my braincells yet but that Krylon for plastics crud is ridiculous, I think I used a whole can spraypainting a PICTURE FRAME. whaaaaat?! ridiculous! I bought it because I wanted to paint my cheap fake cupboards in my kitchen but when my husband threatened to divorce me and/or cry if I did that, I had to use it for something else. I'm glad he vetoed though because can't you just imagine how many cans it would take to do all my kitchen cupboards?! THE HORROR.

  21. Hey just tried to spray some of that new improved Krylon fusion for plastic on a frame over white anodized metal. .Pure crapolla. This stuff ran separated, dripped, and dried uneven. Said it was good for wood metal and ceramic. My better half picked it up at the depot for the color, bronze. Also used the Krylon regular garbage which doesn’t cover evenly on laminated white shelving. and when it dried half of it was a powder. used the whole can to cover about a 4 by 3 ft. area. I don’t think Its were you buy it just a crappy product. Bought some cheap stuff from walmart under a dollar a can, covered fine and dried in no time. one problem no colors just black and white.

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