Round Ruffle Pillow

This is from Amy Butler’s book “In Stitches“.
In fact, it’s the stripey one right on the cover. I found a bunch of linen the same color as my piano and have grand throw pillow plans for all of it.
I love, love, LOVE how this pillow turned out…and I only broke one sewing machine needle. In 20 years of sewing, I’ve never actually tried this method of gathering (zig zagging over a piece of upholstery thread). I’m going to use it as often as possible from here on out.
The linen was wider than 45″, so I got away with quite a bit less than the book says you need. I used about 78″. The book says 3.5 yards. I also couldn’t find any 18″ round pillow forms, so I cut up an old IKEA curtain and stuffed my own.
Oh look! I even color coordinated my kid.

Which project from the book should I try next?
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  1. Lacie @ Creative Attempts says:

    I need to get this book I feel like everyone that sews has it but me lol. I though I saw that someone made a rectangular tote from the book that would be so handy.

  2. Kari @ Ucreate says:

    Oooh…I LOVE this!!

  3. michelle@somedaycrafts says:

    very cute! wished there was a tutorial for this!

  4. Becky DeVries says:

    I just got this book and LOVE it. I also have this pillow on my TO DO list soon. I also counld not find a round pillow form so I was going to fudge up a square one. I already did the apron in the book as well as the napkins and placemants. (love the apron, added a fabric flower to it too) Great Book. Thanks for showing the pillow, I think I can do it! (here is the blog post for the other stuff I did. )

  5. Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil says:

    I love how it turned out! SO cute! I think you did it better than the pic!
    Can't wait to see the other one.

  6. clare's craftroom says:

    Love the pillow (and the matching child)

  7. Love the pillow! You did a great job! I just nominated you for the Kreativ blogger award go check it out here!

  8. That pillow is just YUMMY!! I love ruffles.
    Great job!

  9. Super cute! Love the ruffles.
    Love the cute little guy in blue too.

  10. PHARES CAUSEY says:

    I bought that book and haven't tried that pillow! Don't ask why bc its super cute! I tried my first giveaway so be sure and check it out!

  11. i so seriously love the "crap" you make.. I wish i could make crap too, well, i can, but sewing is my downfall…BUT i must must must have that pillow in white…perhaps i will dust off my 4000 yr old machine and give it a shot…thanks for motivating me..and LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, very witty!!!

  12. So very cute!

  13. Ruby Moon Designs says:

    Very cute. Girly, but with a twist…literally! ;)


  14. me like!!!

  15. ok I don't know you but 2 people forwarded your page to me…I love the rug!!!! I think your walls need to be a soft yellow!!!! Love the piano. You are daring. Now I am in the mood for some paint jobs.

  16. dusty@ Idea Stalker says:

    Thanks I have been wondering how to do this. I really enjoy all of your tutorials in fact so thanks for finding all of these great projects, only if there was more time in the day.

  17. Charlotte says:

    i LOVE this ruffled pillow!!
    i use the zig-zag over upholstery thread method for ruffling too…it's the best! i recently made a pillow with a vertical ruffle centered down the front…you've got me wanting to make another one, but round this time! thanks for the inspiration!

  18. So cute!!! I am feature this and your famous ruffle butt onesie tutorial tomorrow. Thanks for sharing! :) -Shelley (

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