Piggy’s and Petals: Crocheted Beanie & Flower!

This giveaway from Piggy’s and Petals is for a crocheted beanie with a flower…you choose the colors! To enter, click over to the beanie page and take a look around. Come back here and leave a comment with what color you’d choose!
Don’t forget to enter the other 2 giveaways!
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  1. Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil says:

    If I won I would let you choose the colors for me (: NOT that Lilly would keep it on her head.

  2. I think black! Thanks!

  3. Turtles In North Dakota says:

    The shocking pink! Fun!

  4. Miss Madison's Mommy says:

    Brown. I have sooo much pink we need some varitey in our life! :)

  5. Definitely shocking pink!

  6. Blake & Anya Young says:

    I think white would be good for Claire. Goes with most outfits and you can accessorize with different color flowers.

  7. Blake & Anya Young says:

    I think white would be good for Claire. Goes with most outfits and you can accessorize with different color flowers.

  8. i'd pick shocking pink for my sweet niece.

  9. I'd pick the black, and I'd have to find a matching one in a grown up size!

  10. Sisters' Stuff says:

    Call be boring, but I would love the cream. Then it would go with everything and you could add anything to it!

  11. I let my 3 year old choose and what a shock she wants pink and quite fitting shocking pink its adorable so I cant argue that!

  12. That's a hard choice. I would say white or shocking pink or brown. Oh I don't like having to choose between so many good ones.

  13. Mihills Family Blog says:

    I love the pink one!

    [email protected]

  14. redheadtina says:

    The flannel gray is perfect. We don't own anything to match it, but I love it!

  15. probably turquoise or ice blue. I love those on my little (slightly) red head! brown and cream are in the running, too.

  16. cream or brown, but I do love the pink!

  17. The white with the pink flowers is too adorable!

  18. Black would be good. Those are really cute!

  19. The Schaper Scene says:

    I definitely would choose white…so versatile!

  20. Caspers, but not the Ghost says:

    i would def choose the cream! oh there's so darling :)

  21. When I win the beanie I think my daughter would LOVE the pink one.

  22. I love that burgundy! Need that one.

  23. RyanSarahN says:

    I love the cream – so pretty. or maybe the shocking pink – hmm, hard choice.

  24. I like the shocking pink….and the silver….and the kahki….choices choices! I agree w/ pp and think if I won I'd like to be surprised :)

  25. The Mommy Teacher says:

    I LOVE the flannel grey color..They are adorable.

  26. I'd choose brown…so cute!

  27. Sunderlands says:

    Black! How cute!

  28. I think i would choose brown and maybe add a bright pink flower to it. :)thanks!

  29. I like the black…but it's so hard to pick just one!

  30. Shocking pink all the way!

  31. Burgundy – matches my almamter – gotta train them early!

  32. I would choose the grey or shocking pink! My daughters would love it!

    [email protected]

  33. i need cute crap. pretty please? i'd probably want the bright pink. or brown. or all of them… dangit!

  34. Sarah@VintageChic says:

    Black for me!

  35. Alicia, The Constant Gardener says:

    I like the white with a bright flower!

  36. Brown, please!!!

  37. I like the shocking pink or flannel gray!

  38. jenmomtofour says:

    Oh, I totally need a cream one. With her pretty brown hair and a colorful flower, it would look great with anything!

  39. Jerry and Adrienne says:

    black or gray :)

  40. That is a hard choice. I think I'd pick pink. Cute hats!

  41. I love the burgundy beanie but my daughter would only wear a pink one. Maybe I could convince her that it's a dark pink :)

  42. I'd choose pink!

    KristenLJackson at msn dot com

  43. Oh maybe red for Christmas. Super cute hats!

  44. Such a cute hat! I think I'd have to go with white – matches everything!

  45. The Mangerchine's says:

    I'd choose the white!

    [email protected]

  46. I think I would choose the silver

  47. Lorin and Heather says:

    Shocking pink!!!

  48. I would choose the brown–it would be perfect for my daughter.

  49. I love the turquoise!!

  50. Jerilee E. says:

    Love Randi's stuff! Since I just ordered some black beanies, I would have to choose brown, with a brown, pink and white flower :).

  51. Pink and more Pink.

  52. Pumpkin orange for sure! :)

  53. I LOVE the turquoise one!! With the adorable turquoise/pink/green/white Large Flower shown in one of the pics on her page! That would be so darling!!

  54. Oh silver!

  55. Steve and Katrina says:

    ooooohhh, I LOVE the sunflower yellow!!! I hope I win!

  56. jenpetersen says:

    I'm thinkin brown, tan or cream? I don't know!!!

  57. The Scow's says:

    They're ALL so cute but i'd have to go with the shocking pink!

  58. flannel grey

  59. I love the black!

  60. I love those and it was WAY hard to pick a color, but I think I like cream best!

  61. I love the brown

  62. Definitely the black. The brown would be cute too. She has quite the selection it is hard.

  63. Debra Joy says:

    The Khaki one all the way!

  64. I would choose the brown beanie!

  65. I would choose the white beanie ;)

  66. Shocking pink (obviously not for me. Pink is hideous with red hair)

  67. I would pick white and then add coordinating flowers with my girl's outfits. Cute!

  68. Don't think I could go wrong with any of them, super cute and way more time consuming that I am willing to spend on any project of my own. THat's right, I pimp out my crocheting and sewing needs. Lol.

  69. The deep red is gorgeous!

  70. JF and Anna McDaniel says:

    These are so cute. I would pick pink1

  71. Ooh that brown is great, so nice to find colours for babies that aren't pink or blue.

  72. The Bronson Bunch says:

    I'm lovin' the Kahki and Brown!

  73. Oh my gosh, I LOVE these! I would have to choose pink of course!

  74. I would choose white with a black flower (like she has pictured in her "winter line"! Such cute stuff!

  75. dean monson says:

    I would love black or brown for the hat and then maybe a bight colored flower. Love this stuff.

  76. The Incredible Bulks says:

    I want in!!! Black or brown for sure.

  77. Cute! Brown with a pink flower!

  78. Being that my daughter's wardrobe consists of mainly pink-I would have to go with shocking pink!

  79. Stephanie says:

    hmmm….the flannel grey is quite adorable.

  80. bluestocking mama says:

    white would go best w/my daughter's stuff

  81. So hard to choose! I think I would go with white.

    [email protected]

  82. Elizabeth :) says:

    It was so hard to chose just one but I like cream b/c I could add any flower I wanted!!

  83. SILVER!!

  84. Love the shocking pink, although the white would look really nice with a purple flower.

  85. ba and the boys says:

    PURPLE! love it!

  86. Love the cream colored one!

  87. Cream, brown, or the gray! So lovely :)

  88. I would pick brown and then have to buy a big pink flower to go with it! So cute!

  89. Lasiter Family says:

    I would love the flannel gray with the deep red flower. Perfect for winter!

  90. I think I'd like a red flower. You are so talented! Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. court seal says:

    I would probably choose red!

  92. michelle@somedaycrafts says:

    Either White or black so it would match everything!

  93. Ooohh! Brown, for sure!

  94. I think I'd choose white, that way my daughter can wear it all the time. Very cute hats!

  95. Brown, definitely brown…

  96. Aren't they the loveliest? I would pick white.

  97. Curtis and Whitney Giles says:

    Love the brown! Pick me pick me!

  98. Brown and cream would be adorable with all my daughter's fall outfits!

  99. I love the brown with an olive flower. So cute!

  100. evry1luvsjules says:

    I think a white cap with a white or red flower would be cute. Or silver with white flowers.

  101. I think I would go for the white.

  102. I would love the pink or white…I don't have any little ones yet, but I am trying to get "stocked" up on cute things for the time we can have a family.

  103. CUTE! Have to go with pink.

  104. MommySandwich says:

    I know there are more sensible choices, but I love the pumpkin orange!

  105. The McGraths says:

    so cute! I want to win!! any color will do!

  106. chocolate brown….and how good would it look with a big pink flower on the side?!

  107. Ed and Bel says:

    I want one sooooo bad, I have been begging my friend to make me one. I hope I win! I like the cream color.

  108. PBāˆ§Janelle-e says:

    Brown would be sweet! I love beanie!!

  109. I like the burgundy but would probably go with the brown so I could get tons of use! Just found you blog. Love it!

  110. This and That says:

    I wish I had like one ounce of the talent you have (sigh…) I'd pick the brown!

  111. I think brown with a pretty pink flower :)

  112. CUTE! I love the brown one! Thanks!

  113. Pink to match the gazillion pink outfits

  114. Merrilyn Dyches Harris says:

    So hard to pick..cream??

  115. Steve and Tina says:

    Love the versatile, go to Cream color..matches everything :o)

  116. flannel gray first, then cream, then brown. they're all such fun colors!

  117. Love the cream and brown…

  118. i love the brown. you crochet beautifully!

  119. i would pick cream… it matches more. but shocking pink is my true favorite!

  120. Definitely brown or turquoise! Two of my favorite colors! :)

  121. The Phillips Family says:

    orange! =)

  122. Shocking pink, for sure!

  123. The Gardner's says:

    It is between brown and shocking pink! So cute!

  124. Rachel White says:

    I love the cream – goes with anything!

  125. The silver and black would be great for the holiday outfits

  126. Kristen and Scott says:

    all of them! they are all so cute it is going to be so hard to pick one!

  127. I love the pink. . .or brown!!

  128. White, pink, anything!

  129. Typhoid Ashley says:

    Turquoise! I'm loving brights on the heads of little ones.

  130. Love the black, red, white, and gray combo. Way cute!! Especially for winter!

  131. SouthfieldFam says:

    Loving the white one! Thanks!

  132. I think white would be best!

  133. That burgundy is so beautiful. If I had to choose it would be that one.

  134. These are so cute. I think I'd pick white or shocking pink!

  135. Doty Family says:

    i really like the flannel gray, or maybe the cream….. hmmmm.. decisions!

  136. love the white, it would look so precious on my little girl

  137. I'd choose flannel gray, love it!

  138. Shocking Pink…love it!

  139. Definently the white or pink. White because it goes with everything and pink because my girl is all girl!

  140. Probably white. It would go with lots of colors. Thanks!

  141. I would love to have the white beanie. I'm due in March, so this would be so sweet on a newborn :)

  142. The Keith Family says:

    Bright pink please! Or the dark brown with a pink flower…choices,choices!

  143. i am digging the silver!

  144. Three Nuts In The Bluegrass says:

    Red with a grey toned flower. It's all about buckeye fever in our household.

  145. Hendersons says:

    Black with a silver flower for my stylin' 8 year old! :) Thank you!

  146. I would choose cream. All of the colors are so cute!

  147. desroche85 says:

    I like the black….

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