A new holiday?

Here’s the lunch menu my kids brought home from school:

Check out the 15th.

I wonder what I’m getting!

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  1. CosmoGirl Carla says:


  2. ascrapoftime says:

    LOL… I love it! =o)

  3. Is that the menu of what they get to eat at school at lunch? Convenient, here they have to bring their own sandwiches. On the other hand, looking at the menu I wonder… isn't a lot that's on there really fat? A lot of the things on that menu sounds like something we eat only really seldom, as a fast food treat. Or is that just a cultural difference?

    That present's day sounds really intriguing. I would be curious about who would get the presents also :-)

  4. Kermit~the~Frog says:

    Country-fried beef fingers? Alarming.

  5. Joni Walton says:

    Maybe the same person who is in charge of the spelling bee should be in charge of printing the lunch menu as well. :)

  6. Brown Sugar Babies says:

    Karin, I'm in Virginia and they print out the menu's every week. My son, however, has LOST weight (he's 11), since starting school this year … he doesn't like the lunches. He either brings his lunch (sandwich, fruit and water), or he eats when he gets home.

  7. tinahead81 says:


  8. Luv 2 Kreate says:

    LOL, funny :)

  9. Hilarious- they better plan something now!

  10. Your cool friend, Cheryl says:

    I want that holiday here, too.

  11. Funny! I'm a little on the anal side when it comes to spelling and grammar. I even called the school district to let them know that they misused an apostrophe on their website. It was bothering me THAT much that a school district would get it wrong.

  12. That is so funny…I hope my hubby gets the memo

  13. Hey! I've been stalking your blog for sometime and I have to say THANK YOU for all your great ideas. I love reading your blog, and although I'm slighly new to the blogging world, I invite you to visit mine, http://www.elaiswhatisay.blogspot.com.

    As for the school lunch menu, nothing beats hot melted ham and cheese from a lunch lady :)

    Thanks again!

  14. hahaah. awesome.

  15. Wonder if I scratch out Presidents Day on my calendar and put Presents Day, Hubby will get the hint? Worth a shot! Haha…

    I have to say the menu does scare the CRAP out of me, hum I think my little lady will be bringing her lunch when she starts kindergarden!

  16. School lunch menus and school district spelling errors. Two more reasons to consider HOME schooling.

    Happy (upcoming) Presents Day! Good thing it is the day after Valentine's Day. Husbands get a second chance!

  17. ba and the boys says:

    whew! i opened another window and went to our schools blog and we are having presidents day. that is funny!

  18. W.O.W.!!! I really hope a teacher didn't type up that menu or I'm worried about the education our children are receiving.

  19. Mama Thompson says:

    Don' t you love errors on "school items"…a good laugh for all of us though! Oh…and I will be adding that to my calendar…who doesn't want a "present" 2 days in a row:)

  20. Holy crap, I couldn't even focus on the "presents day" because the meatloaf sandwich caught my eye. I thought my kids school served bad lunch.

  21. Mona @ la la by mona says:

    Awwwwwesome! I'll be checking my mail, too!

  22. Awesome! I'd better let my husband know ;o)

  23. Gay Vaughan says:

    Do you have to bring your own presents or are they furnishing them? Wow, what a cool school! Enrollment will go up when everyone finds out about "presents" day.

    Fun post!

  24. That is hilarious!!

  25. HUZZAH!! Presents day! That's three gift days for me that month! V-day, Presents day and Anniversary! WOOT WOOT!!

    I think you should send it to Jay Leno for his "headlines" segment (does he even do that anymore?)

  26. Julie @ Little One-of-a-Kind Design says:

    so funny. my lunch menu growing up always said "country fired steak" instead of "country FRIED steak."

  27. This is wonderful! With Valentine's on the 14th, Presents Day on the 15th, and my birthday on the 20th, it'll be a wonderful week! Maybe I'll tell my hubby I just want a cruise and that can count for all three holidays. I hope he buys it…..

  28. lol, love it! I am amazed at the things that come home from my kid's school. Honestly, do they not even have spell check? That really takes the cake though.

  29. Sad to say that this menu actually looks like a HUGE improvement over what my kids get in school. So many choices! Potato bar and side dish bar??? If they eat in the cafeteria (which isn't often), they get whatever is slopped on the tray, and the only choice they get is what flavor milk to drink. They also have to take all of the food offered even if they don't like/want it (what a waste!) Also, our lunches here in north MS cost $2 a day.

  30. Oh, and Happy Present's Day, in advance!

  31. Too funny!! I'll have to pencil that one in on my calendar :) But I must say … that lunch menu looks yummy. I'm weird, I know, but I've always enjoyed cafeteria food.

  32. Nurse Heidi says:

    Hilarious!!! I haven't pulled ours up for the month – now I'm curious.

  33. I for one don't find it funny at all. What kind of education are our kids getting if the freaking school doesn't even know the difference between PRESIDENTS DAY and Presents Day. (what ever that is) I hope you clued your kiddo in on what day it really is and how special it is.

  34. Kimmie @ live fancy. says:

    I cannot believe that slipped by and went home to students! Made me laugh…especially with your comment below the photo. :)

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