Um, thanks?

“Mom, I’ve seen some ugly persons in my life….and you’re not one of them.”
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  1. Amie Kirk says:

    haha, from the mouth of babes :-)

  2. Such a ladies man. He's really gonna woo some young woman with that line.

  3. Hilarious!

    You should send that to the parenting magazines! :)


  4. Kristine Robinson says:

    Love that kid! And the hat he is wearing this very day at my house is the best thing I have ever seen!

  5. considerthelillies says:

    that is the sweetest compliment I have heard! cute!

  6. Gotta love kids and their honesty. LOL

    You just never know what they'll say next! And it is usually loud and in public.

  7. please embroider that on a pillow or something.

  8. That should have come with a spew warning – I have diet pepsi all over my monitor! What a funny kiddo!

  9. That is crazy funny! Thanks for sharing!

  10. love it!! i also posted a pic of the peace sign ornaments!! my boys loved making them!

  11. dallas brignone says:

    Love that Keller. I laughed hard at that one!!

  12. OOps, guess I was signed into the wrong account.
    I am sure Dallas would feel the same way as me though!

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