Exciting news!

(at least for me)

See this?


That’s the April/May 2010 issue of  Quilter’s Home Magazine.

Let’s look a little closer.



If you read the fine print (ha!), you’ll see some more exciting news.

And aside from there being some really fabulous/famous people listed there, 3 of my favorites are also featured:


Sabra (she’s here, too)

and Carla.

Thanks, Quilter’s Home!

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Rubber Cement Dyed Eggs

***Even though my sister has done it and lived, DO NOT eat these eggs***



Drizzle your eggs with rubber cement. We tried a couple of different methods.

Holding it:


Doing half and then waiting for it to dry and doing the other half:


Get it good and drizzled.


Let the rubber cement dry. We used a hair dryer to speed things up.


And staring.


I’m not sure if either actually helped.

Once the rubber cement is dry, dye them as usual.

Let them dry.


Drying rack instructions here.

Once they’re dry, rub off the rubber cement.


Macy must have been rubbing super fast, because both pics I took of this step are blurry.

Finished product?


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Egg Drying Rack

I wish I could take credit for this idea, but my dad built one years ago. Wait. He’s dead. I totally CAN take credit for this idea!



A board, some tiny headed finishing type nails, a pencil, a ruler, and a hammer.

Mark 1” squares all over the board. If you look closely, you can se I already did that before I took the first picture.

Start pounding nails into each mark. Just tap them in enough that they stand up straight. I put an old dish towel under the board to keep my counter safe.


Once every mark is nailed:


And in use:


How to on the eggs coming in the next post!

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Baby Shower Present

I don’t know if I should be proud or ashamed that I had all this at my house and didn’t even start on the present ‘til about 2 hours before the shower.




I rolled them up and packaged them in a galvanized bucket and then wrapped everything with cellophane.


My new favorite thing is these little key chains as gift tags.

The tie pattern and directions can be found here.

General applique tips here.

And I’ll try to get the Jolly Roger pattern scanned and up after the weekend.

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Flickr Feature Friday

Did you know Crap I’ve Made has a Flickr group?  You can find the link at any time up on my menu bar under Crap You’ve Made.  Go add your stuff!  Please?

I’m going to start featuring stuff from the Flickr group on Fridays.  I’ve got a new button (over there in my right sidebar) for it, too.

So, here goes!

Molly over at Me and Madeline made these fabulous fabric covered party hats using this tutorial.



She’s also got up a SUPER cute skirt tutorial right now that is on my to do list.


Sorry for the “fluff” posts this week.  Life’s kind of gotten in the way.  I bet I’ve spent 15 hours on the phone.  And, my kids are out of school (yes, again).  I appreciate all of you that read and the emails, too.  I’ve received some super nice ones this week that were just what I needed.

If you have a second, click on over from your reader and tell me if any of the changes I made look weird.  Is my header visible/centered?  Can anyone help me fancy that up a bit?  Is the new stretch template working?  If it’s not too much to ask, leave me a comment if anything’s out of whack and tell me which browser you’re using.


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How to dress like a rock star for $9.99

Got a rock star party in your near future?

You might already have the wardrobe and not even know it.


I spent $3 on the denim shrug thing (with quite possibly the longest sleeves in the history of the world) at a thrift store and $6.99 on the bright green shirt (tax included).  Everything else was already ours.

The black tee was too small, but once I cut it up, there was plenty of breathing room.  I cut off the sleeves and neck and made it one shouldered.  I sliced up the front and then fringed the bottom.

The skirt is actually a fancy-ish holiday skirt, but you’d never know it when it’s paired with all the other things.

The tights came from Target at Halloween.

The shoes were purchased with Christmas money from Grandma and Grandpa.  (Macy will do *just* about anything for a new pair of shoes.)

The guitar came from the Wii.

And some leftover Halloween make was borrowed from a neighbor to KISS-ify her face.

Not bad for $9.99, ey?

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Messing with stuff again

Sorry for the chaos.
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It’s hard to feel Spring-y

when your front yard looks like this:


And I had some serious spray painting on the agenda today!

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Easter Egg Wreath


I know I had this at least one Easter at my old house, so I’m guessing I made it in 2002 or 2003. I get lots of comments on it and lots of people asking if I made it, so I thought I’d give you a quick how-to.

Most wreath forms are on the narrow side, and you’ll want this bulked up. I hot glued 2 straw wreath forms together. I *believe* mine are 6” and 12”. Play around with them at the store until you find one that fits perfectly inside of another.


Use LOTS of hot glue.

I used 2” wooden eggs, like these. My wreath used 74. There used to be a crazy old craft store in town that sold bags of 50 and I got mine there. Then I painted them with regular old cheapy acrylic craft paint. Once they were dry, I hot glued them to the wreath and then sprayed the whole thing with a clear sealer.

Next I took more hot glue and filled in the gaps with Spanish moss.


(Be warned that this step could lead to your front window being shot out by a neighbor kid with a pellet gun, but that’s a story for another time.)


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Just a feeling…

I don’t think someone is very happy this morning.

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