Are chandeliers lamps?

Remember my New Year’s Resolution?

I’m not sure how many new things I’m really trying, but I’m ROCKING it in the literal sense.

I snapped a couple of pictures last week and realized how ridiculously high and tiny my old dining area fixture was.


See?  And I’ve lived with it like for SIX years!

So we made a Saturday trip to Lowe’s.

And with the help of two lovely preteen assistants….


And when I asked them to throw out the box, I found this:


Which, sadly, is better than the time the other one’s mom found them like this:


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  1. ROFL
    Are those Pull Ups in the last picture?!

  2. she really is so like you.

    love the chandalier.

  3. Student at Utah State University says:

    Ha ha. You have fun kids. That light fixture is perfect.

  4. Student at Utah State University says:

    Okay and I just realized I commented with my husband's google account. I am actually not into Samarais. You can find me here:

    ha ha

  5. You know these pictures will be online when she starts dating… is this part of your plan? ;)

  6. Char @ Crap I've Made says:


    And V…no boy in his right mind is going to want to date her! ;)

  7. Kristine Robinson says:

    I definitely think I will take recycling over pull-ups!

  8. bluestocking mama says:

    and they were okay with someone taking a pic of them in pull-ups?!

    love the chandelier, but i love your white chairs even more. where did you get those?

  9. Char @ Crap I've Made says:

    They're called Tolix chairs. Mine came from the Sundance Catalog Outlet Store. Shelah has them, too. Pottery Barn also carried them.

  10. your new lighting looks great!

  11. That is so funny–I saw this on the "other girls" mom blog–Runner Girl. I was laughing so hard. Girls at this age are caught between being a child and an adult. Love to see them getting caught in the fun of a child!

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