Flickr Feature Friday

Did you know Crap I’ve Made has a Flickr group?  You can find the link at any time up on my menu bar under Crap You’ve Made.  Go add your stuff!  Please?

I’m going to start featuring stuff from the Flickr group on Fridays.  I’ve got a new button (over there in my right sidebar) for it, too.

So, here goes!

Molly over at Me and Madeline made these fabulous fabric covered party hats using this tutorial.



She’s also got up a SUPER cute skirt tutorial right now that is on my to do list.


Sorry for the “fluff” posts this week.  Life’s kind of gotten in the way.  I bet I’ve spent 15 hours on the phone.  And, my kids are out of school (yes, again).  I appreciate all of you that read and the emails, too.  I’ve received some super nice ones this week that were just what I needed.

If you have a second, click on over from your reader and tell me if any of the changes I made look weird.  Is my header visible/centered?  Can anyone help me fancy that up a bit?  Is the new stretch template working?  If it’s not too much to ask, leave me a comment if anything’s out of whack and tell me which browser you’re using.


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  1. Nothing out of whack for me. I'm using Firefox on a PC. Looks great!

  2. Me and Madeline says:

    I'm using EI right now and it all looks great!

    Thanks for the shout-out! And please email me if you want help "fancifing" your header. I can muddle my way around photoshop and illustrator. :-)

  3. I like everything but the fact that the page is too big. I have a right and left scroll that comes up when I visit you now.

  4. Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil says:

    We should go shopping together sometime. I'd love to have a girls outing.

  5. Looks good to me. I like the quote under your title. I think the minimalist look is classy.

  6. Carole and Lee says:

    I also am getting a bottom scroll bar too. The only thing that is out of view is your top header. Everything else looks good!

  7. Carole and Lee says:

    Oh, and I'm using Firefox :)

  8. Courtney Price ~ Vintage Ginger Peaches says:

    I use Chrome & there's a bunch of white space if I scroll to the side, but if I don't do anything, it just fits my screen dandy. I'm assuming that's the point?

    Love your blog :) I want to be invited to your kitchen :)

  9. Those hats are so cute

    Your blog comes up really wide, but maybe it's because my computer screen is small. I am sure you will be able to use really big, pretty pictures on it now though.


  10. Tyler and Jen says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the link in your reader's rule section!
    Love your crap!

    ~Jen @ Because I can

  11. I love to get close up's of photos when I click on them instead of just seeing them load the same size in a new window. Can you change your pics so that they load nice and big, please? All good otherwise for me too :)

  12. ellzabelle says:

    I'm getting a scroll bar too so your header is not centered on my screen and runs off to the right. Ellen

  13. Chelsea Strong says:

    I'm using Safari, and everything is Centered on the page EXCEPT for your header. I'm guessing you made a jpg image and then pasted it into the blog header spot?

    Problem is, it's too wide. I'm missing everything from "Ma-" over. It's probably 1K pix wide? Try 700 or 800:

    [img src="; width="700" height = "100"] or whatever would be proportionate. (replace the [] with <>, because I can't post anything that looks like code.) :(

  14. OMG- those fabric covered hats are ADORABLE! Thanks so much for posting the tute!

  15. I am using IE and the header is really big and I have to scroll over to see it all. When it comes up all I see is crap I've mad
    I also have to scroll to the right to see the things on the side bar.

    Love you and your crap!

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