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Meet Clara from The Home in Paradise.  (Don’t click on that link unless you have like an hour to look around and you also have the funds for a tropical vacation right about now.  Did I mention it’s barely 40 and raining here?  Blah.)


I’m kind of obsessed with fabric in embroidery hoops.  It fulfills both my love of fabric and my love of polka dots.  BC, however, is not on board.

And check out these shoes!


You want them, right?

Go say hi to Clara and try not to be too jealous.

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  1. Me and Madeline says:

    I've limited my use of embroidery hoop fabric displays to my DD room, but I'd have them in every room in DH would let me. Love, love it.

  2. Daniel, Sara and Dmitri says:

    Okay… I can't find a link for the shoes :\
    And I definitely need to check out the Flickr group! :D
    Love all your ideas!!

  3. Char @ Crap I've Made says:

    She has a link directly to the shoe post under the picture of them on Flickr!

  4. Daniel, Sara and Dmitri says:

    Yep… I'm dumb. I get it now, thanks! :}

  5. I love the fabric in embroidery hoop thing too. I have a vision of filling a bathroom with them, but then I remember that I have little boys and they would probably get peed on the first week.

  6. Seeversa says:

    when i saw this on my blog feed the picture of the hoops, i thought they were cookies lol i was like 'how did she do that?" Haha

  7. I tried not to be jealous and it didn't work. Beautiful!

  8. modrocker says:

    My sister is using the embroidery hoop idea to make mobiles to hang over the tables at her wedding reception. We did a mock-up at the caterer's office and it looked amazing!

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