Sneak peek

of what I’ve been working on this weekend….


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  1. Lacie @ Creative Attempts says:

    Ooo I can't wait to see!

  2. Valarie says:

    I like it already!

    • You are most welcome Shelli! You know sometimes it would be really nice just to &#2#l0;f2oat&88221;; but not until and after all the intentional stuff is in place. Then and only then is it a good time to lay back and let PAPA!Have an awesome day,Linda

  3. WAY cute fabrics, but have you happened to work on anything involving jeans in, say, a little girl's size 5?

  4. Liz @ LivingMySweetLife says:

    ohhhh, that fabric is so pretty!

  5. dallas brignone says:

    I want to see the whole thing. Don't tease us like that.

  6. Oops not Dallas LOL!

  7. brown paper packages says:

    I can't wait to see what it is!

  8. Jen @ says:

    Looks so cute. Can't wait to see more!


  9. darling, it almost makes me want to quilt.

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