Word Vomit

Yesterday was May 24th, right?  Because I took this picture as I pulled back into my driveway after taking the kids to school.


Some people that live here were more excited about it than others.


Probably because he didn’t have to drive clear across the valley in it.  Traffic was stopped on the freeway.

Then I spent several hours at a child psychologist appointment with Campbell.

And after that he got bit by a dog….like bad enough he needed medical attention and a diaper was used to stop the bleeding.  On the way to the doctor, he may have told his father that he wanted to “hit Charlie (the offending dog) with a baseball bat and make him go to doggy heaven”.  I shouldn’t laugh, but I did.  Wonder what the psychologist would say about that.

At least my mail was happy?


Heather over at Vintage Creations sent me this darling bag.


The flowers are detachable, too.  You can get your own in her Etsy store.

And, I got my hair cut and colored (redder!).  I have bangs, for the first time since 1993.  BC’s calling it my TV hair.

What’s that?  I didn’t mention the TV thing?  Probably because I feel a little like throwing up if I think about it too much.  If you’re a Utah local, you can catch me on Good Things Utah next Thursday, June 3rd.

My friends will be the ones in the audience wearing these:


We’ve got preschool graduation tonight, an orchestra thing tomorrow, and I’m attending CBC this weekend.  Crap making will be a little scarce…

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  1. Valarie says:

    those shirts are hilarious. apparently I'm a truly crappy friend.

  2. can't wait! I'm so excited!!!

  3. "Cottage By The Sea" says:

    I must get me a crappy t-shirt. Too, too, funny!

  4. Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. says:

    I have pepper spray in my stroller for any dog that looks at me the wrong way. Maybe I should start carrying a baseball bat instead…

  5. So sorry about Campbell. Very scary. I hope he's okay now. The shirts rock-I'm so excited for you!

  6. the thrifty ba says:

    im setting the dvr! cant wait!

  7. I'm running some scenarios through my head so I, too, can be there wearing a Crappy Friend tshirt. And I LOVE that picture of Bennett peeking out the window. And that bag is awesome. But her store doesn't have any actual bags for sale. Or am I supposed to just buy the flowers and make my own bag?

  8. Valerie S says:

    When I saw your first picture in this post my immediate thought was "she must live in Utah." Then I read further and saw that you do! Awsome! Here I've been following your cool blog and didn't know we were (sort of) neighbors.

    From your Riverton friend

  9. Nurse Heidi says:

    The shirt….hilarious!!! Can't wait to see your moment of fame!

  10. OH MY GOSH!! Congrats on the GTU ! Awesome. I'm in so cal but can i watch online??

  11. Gosh, hope Campbell is ok. Sounds like a big day for him. If the psychologist can't handle that, then he needs a sense of humor.

    Good luck on your tv appearance! :D I'd wear the shirt there, if I weren't from so far away! lol

  12. Lacie @ Creative Attempts says:

    We shared your crappy weather in Montana too so I feel ya. Good luck with the tv gig woot woot

  13. Michelle says:

    I hope you post your debut (if it is a debut) on your blog so I can watch it. I don't have DVR and can't see it! Congrads on the fame and success. If I were in charge of Good Things, your crap would have been on TV long ago. AND, love those shirts! I am totally a lover of crap and want to be your crappy friend. I hope you to meet you at CBC. (Your word always makes me laugh.)

  14. Joni Walton says:

    We will be cheering so loud in Syracuse when you make your GTU debut next week!!

  15. Christine says:

    The shirts are really really funny!

  16. AWESOME!!!
    go you

  17. Vintage Creations says:

    I'm so excited to see you love the bag! :) and i CAN NOT wait to see what great stuff you will be sharing on Good Things Utah! :) Seriously love it….. Also i will be posting custom orders for the bags… I have thought about doing them, but was a little nervous.. so if any of you ladies wants a bag, email me or convo me and i will gladly make a custom order for you.. :) Thanks for sharing my bag! :)

    Happy Blogging! :)

    PS: Good Luck!

  18. Becky Jean says:

    I love that your little guy is wearing mismatched crocs my little guy does that too. except he is obsessed with his sisters pink and orange crocs. :) Super funny blog!

  19. Kristine Robinson says:

    So I have to admit, love my shirt and modeled it for my husband. Also, having a crappy day, then read about the baseball bat and Campbell and I can't stop giggling. Thanks for that!

  20. smmartideas says:

    Best of luck on GTU! You'll do great! The girls are so wonderful at making you feel comfortable. Love the T-shirts. With a support crowd like that, you're sure to do well.

  21. Hahahaha! That's the ONE good thing about living in SoCal……Spring actually comes on time here and I can laugh at all you others (whoa, that almost sounded like a LOST reference :) But, congrats for being on t.v., I wish someone here wanted ME on t.v. :(

  22. Life in Rehab says:

    A truly giggle-snort worthy post, and a GREAT T-shirt! One can only imagine what the shirts for my site would say…

  23. I am proud to be one of the "Crappy Friends" in the audience! Can't wait!

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