Piano Recital

If you’re not related to me, feel free to ignore this one…

Macy and Keller had a piano recital last night.


It was Keller’s first one.  He’s brand new to piano lessons.  In fact, his music doesn’t even have lines yet.  ;)

Macy’s been taking for just over 2 years now, so she’s an old pro.  Just ask her.  She doesn’t even get nervous anymore.

(You can hear Campbell humming along whilst she’s playing…kills me!)

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  1. cutie-patooties!

  2. awesome, both of them. and super cute humming Campbell.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I love it! They both did a really good job! And yes, Cambell humming is way cute!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    And by Cambell, I meant Campbell!!! LOL

  5. You have won an award!
    Come and see: http://missemilyscloset.blogspot.com/2010/06/wow.html

  6. Kristine Robinson says:

    So fun – Keller inspired Cameron to start taking lessons, thanks a lot, Keller!

  7. They are so good. Macy is a little pro! Love Campbells humming. You need to bring him to see me, I am having withdrawls. He is so cute.

  8. Nancy Sue says:

    What a great post! Keller what great tone and finger control, great job!!
    And Macy, you've been playing just over 2 years? Wow! Great hand coordination! Thank you both for playing with musicality. Back in the day, er um, early 80's. My brother and I played in recitals and everyone just rushed as fast as they could through their music to get off the stage. I'm glad recitals have now turned around and are enjoyable for performers and the audience….even the audience members are humming :) Can't wait to hear more from you both! Congrats Keller and Macy, on a job well done!
    Nancy Sue

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