It draws too!

The nice folks at Silhouette also sent me some of their sketch pens to try.


I heard they also come in metallic.

The first set didn’t work properly (big globs of ink in some spots, nothing at all in others). I called customer service and had a new set within a few days. They worked perfectly.

You pick your designs (the online store has tons of sketch options).


Then put one of the sketch pens in the blade holder.


Choose “pen” on the cutting menu.


And let the Silhouette do the rest!


We’ve had a blank space above our bed for YEARS. No more, baby!


Don’t forget to enter to win your very own Silhouette machine here!

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  1. staci @ lizard n ladybug says:

    wow! Time to start saving for one of those bad boys!!

  2. beautiful!!

  3. That's awesome. I love the wall color by the way. It looks great with your bed, the artwork adds a nice touch as well.

  4. Nice artwork Char!

  5. Now THAT is cool! It looks great!

  6. Weatherbee ;) says:

    That's awesome! The frames look great.

  7. Way cool!!

  8. what a great idea!

  9. Arlene (CO Kid) says:

    I would love to have it for drawing! How do they come up with these things!

  10. Nancy's Couture says:

    That is sooo neat!!!! I can already think of a million things I could do just using the sketch!!! I love the new blog look!!!

  11. very cool…i think i might add those to my christmas list :)
    it also decorates cakes:
    and here is my mom's site (she's the lady who figured that out, and invented the cricut cake machine):

  12. Whoa…that is AWESOME!

  13. I don't have a Silhouette but that is really neat what it can do!

    Also, just wanted to add:- every time I click on your blog — your blog title makes me giggle! Love it!! Reminds me of all of the "crap" I've made over the years. GMBO! :-)

  14. The Girl Creative says:

    Unbelievable! I sooooooooooo want one of these now. :)

  15. Brandy@YDK says:

    so pretty.

  16. The Wade Family says:

    Great idea! I love the name of your blog- hahaha- I just think its hilarious! I'm definitely adding you to my blog roll! (sorry- i hadn't heard of it until now)

  17. Mrs Happy Homemaker says:

    How neat is that!!!

  18. Awesome! See why everyone needs one of these. They do everything!

  19. The Bridges says:

    i <3 your bed. 4post beds are so romantic.

  20. This is adorable — I must do this with my grand kids. And I love the frames. What a treat!

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