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  1. What a crappy birthday present.

  2. Tongue Depressors, Cotton balls it's practically the same thing. lol

  3. Can you even begin to imagine how depressed I would be if someone stuck those on my tongue?!

  4. Tammy and Brian Family says:

    Now that is sad!

  5. At least there is hand sanitizer handy, which will probably be useful after seeing a doctor who thinks those are tongue depressors!

  6. Hands Sew Full says:

    Hi was hopping around blog land and found your very cute site! Hope you have a great day. Love the link to the tie dyed eggs!

  7. I just hope they know their elbow from their nose. I hope that visit turned out better than it looked.

  8. Hilarious.

  9. hmmm, maybe ive been confused as to what tounge depressors are all my life

  10. hahahahahaha! Maybe they don't teach you everything at medical school after all!

  11. PeaceLoveApplesauce says:

    LMAO- Awesome.

  12. Uh oh. Not good. I guess this is part of that annual back to school welcome virus! I hope everyone feels better very soon!


  13. How sad is it that I had to look at that picture three times to figure out what was wrong. DOH!

  14. Wonder if that's mouthwash in the Purell bottle.

  15. That seriously made me gag. LOL! I'm such a texture person…. *gag* *bleck* *puke*

  16. LMAO!!!!

  17. What makes it even better is the actually depressors are visable in the container right next to it… love it.

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