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This wreath from Crafty Sisters


I found a ridiculously awful ivy wreath on clearance at IKEA last week for $2.99. I sprayed it with black spray paint and then wrapped it with a black feather boa from the party supply store.

I used dollar store ping pong balls (9 for a buck!) for the eyeballs, just like in the original.


I used foam stencil dauber thingy (I’m sure that you now know EXACTLY what I’m talking about on account of my brilliant use of the English language) to make the irises. I did a layer of green craft paint first and then a layer of Extreme Glitter. You can’t really tell, so I’m not sure that I’d go that route again. I used the handle dipped in black craft paint for the pupils. And then I hot glued them in place.

What’s hanging on your Halloween door?

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  1. I love your wreath!!!

  2. snippetsandyarns says:

    That is very creative, and somewhat scary looking! LOL Perfect for your Halloween door!

    ~ Meagan

  3. For The Luv Of Boys says:

    That is awesome! I love how creepy it is without being gory!

  4. okay, I really, really love this. your door is always the best dressed.

  5. I LOVE this! I keep thinking that what you just did is my favorite… and then you go off and post again only to out-do yourself! How fabulously ghoulish is this!

  6. Erika Jean says:

    Cool! I think I would take a thin read brush and some red paint to make so gross looking veins ;-)

  7. Rhonda Merry says:


  8. Oh I love this!! Anything with feathers is fabulous! And yes, I totally know the foam stencil dauber thing you're talking about… lol.

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