Eight is GREAT!

Coester 6
(Picture courtesy of the fabulous Lei of My Many Colored Days)

My sweet, sweet Keller turns 8 today. I dare you to not like him.

It’s impossible.

(His first Halloween. What kind of mother makes their 9 month old wear something like that???)

He oozes happy. And kindness.

I want to be more like him.


Except for the part where he sets his alarm early so he can watch the highlights of last night’s Jazz game before school. And the part where he wears 2 hoodies instead of a coat.

Happy birthday, little buddy!

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  1. ninjadesigns says:

    i'm almost 29 years old and my mom has still never been able to get me to stop wearing 2 (or 3!!!) hoodies instead of a coat… she just started making me warmer hoodies! :D

  2. Mandi @ Vintage Revivals says:

    Oh my goodness, I love him! That costume is insanely cute. I am so glad that I am cool enough to be your friends.

    love your guts

  3. Brooke Douglass says:

    So sweet! 8 is a good age, my daughter is 8!!!! Happy Birthday to him…O and what a great day for a birthday!!! It my birthday today too!!!!

  4. Amanda Joy says:

    Eight is so much fun. Happy Birthday Keller! My cousin not so little boy anymore, gets baptized tomorrow. I am off to make him some basketball sugar cookies to celebrate:)

  5. Marianne, aka Ranger Anna says:

    Totally sweet. (PS Keep these pics to bring out on Prom night.)

  6. Awe, happy birthday! My oldest turns 8 in 3 days. Love my guy tons, too!

  7. happy 8th birthday keller!!

  8. I know just what you mean. I have a grandson, 6, who I want to be just like when I grow up!

  9. Rugrats + Royalty says:

    Happy Birthday Keller!

  10. I love that kid to pieces. Tell Keller that Kyle says Happy Birthday, too.

  11. Happy birthday cute Keller! Three of my four boys would rather wear 2 hoodies than a coat. Crazies!

  12. Jod Jas Curtis says:

    He is adorable & sounds like a sweetheart :) he is like my 8yr old – love the Jazz, very kind & prefers hoodies -haha!
    HaPpy Bday

  13. Happy Birthday a couple of days late! I saw your post the day of but my hands just couldn't type fast enough to keep my mid one from interfering with what I was typing. Love the picture of his first Halloween, too cute and funny.

  14. Happy Birthday! And that Humpty Dumpty costume is fabulous. Not as good as the Elf costumes from this year, but a close second. :D

  15. Char, sooooo cute. Oh my I can't believe how fast they grow.

    And, although I have no interest in getting up early for anything (even the Jazz, whom I love) and I would never wear to hoodies (mostly because they wouldn't both fit)I think that is about the cutest thing ever!

  16. happy birthday to your son!!

    waking up early for sports must be a boy thing. my son is almost 10 and he LIVES for sports center and if i dvr a game, he will watch it over and over and OVER again until i delete it.

    have fun with your sweet boy!! aren't boys the best?

  17. Aww, happy birthday to your sweet guy. My "baby" girl turned 8 on the 22nd too. : )

  18. everyday muses says:

    Did you make that Humpty Dumpty costume? Ingenious!

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  20. I have sewn off and on my entire life.

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