Basketball Pillow

***This is another project in the Utah Jazz Room we’re doing for my son. Click to see the others!***


I started with a basic zippered linen/cotton blend pillow cover from IKEA. It was $6. It’s really not worth making your own for that price, I promise.

Next, I printed off my basketball template (which you may remember from a freezer paper and bleach stenciled t-shirt last summer). I then folded the paper into fourths and ripped it along the fold lines. You could use scissors or some sort of paper cutter if the ripping bothers you.


I enlarged each fourth by 200% on my scanner/printer and taped them together.


I filled in any blank spots with a Sharpie, so it’d be easy to trace and then traced the pattern onto freezer paper. If you’re not familiar with freezer paper, go check out my freezer paper primer.

Get cozy with some sort of craft knife and cut out the basketball shape. Position your outer circle on your pillow cover and iron it in place.


I like the look of part of the ball hanging off. Do whatever you like! I also like to iron on junky old towels on my countertops instead of getting out the actual ironing board. Who’s lazy? Hint: me!

Cut out (if you haven’t already), position, and iron the rest of the pieces. I labeled mine, just in case (R1-R4 for the right half and L1-L4 for the left half).


After all the ironing was done, I put a piece of tape along the piping on the edge of the pillow cover because I didn’t want paint to get on the piping.

I filled in the shape using a foam brush and some Tulip Soft Fabric Paint. The color I used is Marine Blue. I let it dry for a bit and then peeled off the freezer paper.

(There’s a piece of freezer paper inside to prevent bleeding.)

I made one for the reading chair.


And another one for the bed.


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  1. Scatter says:

    That is the most adorable pillow!!

  2. V. Furnas says:

    How cute is that!

  3. The room is lookin' good! You are so talented!

  4. SheilaG says:

    Love the pillow, and the room is amazing! Your blog name always makes me smile! :)

  5. harvardmom says:

    Incredibly cute. Thanks for the idea; this might just be my nephew's bday gift if it turns out as cute as yours did.

  6. A Mormon Mommy says:

    Very cool!! I bet he LOVES his room!!

  7. Jill@Barnes Yard says:

    looks perfect!

  8. Kari @ Ucreate says:

    LOVE IT! I really like how you have it hanging off the side instead of slapped in the middle…so cool!

  9. i like your crap! hahaha following now :)

  10. alimoll says:

    Love the pillows Char! I've never used freezer paper before! I need to give it a try!

  11. Katrina says:

    Wow I need you to decorate my kids' room!

  12. Jen-CraftOManiac says:

    way cute pillow and bedding. So boy! winks- jen

  13. Jen@eighteen25 says:

    what a cool room he's going to have!! great projects!! when you do it… you do it right! gotta love that about you char!

  14. LindseySue says:

    I am in so much trouble because my five and three year old are on the couch with me as I'm checking my blogroll. My five year old made me click over and now wants a basketball pillow. Guess it's on the list. :) At least I know how to do it now!

  15. Awesome. Your son's room looks amazing!

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