My Michaels Top 5…er, 6

Good news!  You can click on over all day long for 40% off Michaels coupons on the blog (up top and on the sidebar)!

What’s your craft supply store of choice?  Mine is Michaels.  I’m not getting paid to say that…it’s true.  Let me tell you why:

  • I can get there in under 7 minutes.
    Their hours are longer than the other choices in my area.  (Maybe it’s just me that always runs out of something at 8:45pm?)
    They carry lots and lots of Martha Stewart goodness.
  • I thought it’d be fun for me to share the top 5 things I buy at Michaels, so I made a list of 6.  Open-mouthed smile
  • Ready?
  • Frames:  Michael’s has a great selection of frames.  They’re always my first stop, whether I’m looking for oval shaped frames for my kids’ silhouettes or giant frames for movie posters for the theater room.
  • Cardstock:  Pretty much any time you see a project involving cardstock ‘round these parts, that cardstock came from Michaels.

  • DSC_0318

  • Chalkboard markers:  You all know I love the wet erase chalkboard markers, right?  I’ve talked about them before.  I get them at Michael’s.

  • DSC_0165-2

  • Origami paper:  What?  You didn’t know I bought origami paper?  Well, I do.  And Michaels has by far the best selection…TONS of patterns to choose from.  A stack of paper and an origami book from the library will keep my older kids busy for HOURS.  Plus, it gives them something to do with the program at church.  Winking smile  Our favorite thing to make is a crane.  I found some directions here.

  • Tracer Jr. Projector:  When I was looking for a projector to work on my Utah Jazz Mural, I found it at Michaels.

  • UtahJazzRoom1

  • Martha Stewart Glitter:  If you’re gonna use glitter, USE MARTHA GLITTER.  (And her glittering glue is fabulous as well.)  It comes in like a zillion colors and I love how fine it is.

  • DSC_1461

  • DSC_0432-1

  • So, there’s my Michaels top 5 6.

    If for some reason, you don’t see Michaels ads, you can still click here to get a 40% off coupon!

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  1. Thanks! I was headed there today, now I can save some cash :)

  2. Oh how I wish we had Michaels in Australia. It’s a little bit of a crafter’s wilderness here unless you’re into something specific. You can find scrapbooking supply shops by the dozens and the usual stationery suppliers but a specific crafting shop, no. Most fabric stores are going into crafting supplies and that’s about the best we’ve got. (Next time you’re in the shop, tell them to get over here toot suite! LOL)


  3. Barbara says:

    Took a coupon there yesterday and bought me some bling for my new card stock flower-making habit! Sweet!

  4. I LOVE Michael’s. I just hate that it’s in a bad town in my area. I refuse to go there after dark. Too many robberies and a murder or two. No lie. The other one is 45 minutes away. It’s always a special trip to go to Michael’s. No running out of things at 8:45 for me. LOL

  5. just wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU for featuring on your site. i’ve been wanting to rid my den of the 90′s plaid on the couch, but don’t want to furniture shop. got the free shipping code off your blog, ordered one last week, got it yesterday, and i’m in ‘cream’land!! :)

  6. I love Michael’s, too. In fact, I have a serious problem – whenever I go there, I spend WAY more money than I intended, hah. It’s an illness.

  7. I wish my Michael’s was 7 minutes away. Mine is 30 minutes away but I love going there for all the Martha Stewart products {especially the glitter for glitter toes} and I’m going to have to check out their frames next time I’m there! I’m grabbing one of the coupons now! Thanks, Char.
    ♥ april

    P.S. And from what I have seen of your home….it looks absolutely amazing!

  8. love michaels!!! thanks:)

  9. I completely agree. I have an AC Moore within 7 minutes of me. I drive right past it to drive another 7 min. to Michaels. I just wish their ads were more frequent.

  10. I love Michael’s, too. I have really gotten into crafting in the past year or so and now know exactly each crafting store specializes in (we have Michael’s, Joann’s and Hobby Lobby). Martha Stewart glitter is ridiculously superior and lasts so long! LOVE IT. Thanks for the coupon!

  11. I LOVE Michaels! I don’t use their coupons anymore though because the store by my house now gives an extra 10% off when you use a competitors coupon!!! Now I print Joanns 50% off coupon and use it at Michaels for 60% off ! :)

  12. DITTO!
    I’m a recent Michael’s convert…Hob Lob held my heart for a long time.
    The newer Michael’s Stores are even more delicious!

  13. Do you like it better than Hobby Lobby? Or do you have a Hobby Lobby close by? P.S. Pretty sure I just bought a desk you will ADORE. Check it out on my blog. And I think it even used to be orange! (I can see remnant of orange underneath it)

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      I DO adore that desk! So, so, so much.

      And while I enjoy the fact that Hobby Lobby has fabric, I hate that they close at 8.

  14. LOve the bit about the church bulletin. My sister and I used to do the same thing when we were kids. Our speciality was a boat. We could fold it to make the name of the church appear along the inside of our vessel.

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