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First things first:

The winner of the Everyday Lettering giveaway is Andi.  If your name is Andi, check your email and respond to claim your prize!

Where have I been?

You know…around.

We took a little break from the crazy and headed up to Bear Lake for a long 4th of July weekend.

Looking for deer off the deck

We also fulfilled Macy’s birthday request to attend the Cache Valley Cruise-In.


Someone has an old car obsession, particularly Bel Airs.


And by “obsession” I mean she took over 600 pictures.

We also celebrated my grandma’s birthday.  There are pictures, but she threatened to kill me if they were published on the internet.  Does my grandma have the internet?  No, but she says she has connections.  I’m talking about you, Amy.  Open-mouthed smile

We ate a lot of salsa


and spent a lot of time swinging on the deck


and reading car magazines with Grandpa.


We even managed to get a few new pictures taken.


And we got home just in time for me to do 6 or 8 loads of laundry and then head back out the door to EVO.  More on that to come.

How’s your summer shaping up?

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  1. So fun to get away. Can’t wait to hear about EVO! My friend Jennifer went.

  2. Great pictures. Your kids are really cute.

  3. Summer is fantastic. Thanks for asking!

  4. Sounds like a lotsa fun! My family gets to spend a much needed vacay in Bear Lake next month. And it sounds like a fun day at the car show, my brother and uncle both had orange Hot Rods there! I always found myself too hot and bored to ‘enjoy’ the shows for too long, though!

  5. You seriously have the cutest kids. When your little boys smiled at me I melted…

  6. darcymae says:

    no. grandma does NOT have the internet. heck, she cant even figure out how to call me on her cell phone. but you’re right, Amy can’t be trusted. of course she hasnt seen grandma in months (she wasnt home when she dropped by for a visit a few days ago and shes not a huge fan of bear lake) so i think you could have safely posted a few. wish you had!!

  7. Woooohoooo!!! I’m famous! I love when you talk about me on your blog, even if you are calling me a rat! And I totally wouldn’t tell Shirl. You know me and you are on the same team! Also, if Bennett ever turns up missing, don’t look at my house.

  8. Woman, your kids are so cute. I could just eat them up. I love that your daughter has a car obsession, she rocks! Don’t get me wrong, I do not have a car obsession. I classify cars in such technical terms as ‘red shiny two seater sportscar that was parked in the baby spot at costco’ but I can’t help but give her an imaginary fistbump (look how cool I am) for that. I hope beyond hope that my girls care a bit about car stuff instead of being like me and whining until somebody magically fills the flat tire for me. ;p

  9. Your kids are gorgeous! WE Went to the cruise-in parade, but not the car show. My kids thought the cars were “funny.”

  10. Saw you and your kids in the SL Trib this morning. How fun! I trust we’ll get a post about TRAX soon ;P

  11. Your photos are amazing. What a talent you have for that camera of yours! Can’t say I’m surprised…

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