Reversible Sling Bag Tutorial


My neighbor Megan had snapped a picture of a bag she liked and asked me to help her recreate it.  We decided to make it reversible, just to spice things up a bit.


1 yard of exterior fabric
1 yard of interior fabric
Printed pattern pieces + one piece of 8.5 X 11 paper
Scissors, pins, sewing machine, thread

Print the 2 pattern pieces.  Lay them and the extra piece of paper out like this:


Tape the pieces together without overlapping.

If you fold your yard of fabric in half again lengthwise, matching the fold from the bolt to the selvages, you can cut out both pieces at once.  BE SURE TO PLACE THE LONG EDGE OF THE PATTERN PIECE ON THE FOLD!!!


You’ll cut 2 pieces from your exterior fabric and 2 pieces from your interior fabric, so you’ll end up with 4 pieces that look like this:


The assembly instructions are the same for the exterior and the interior pieces.  All seams are 1/2”, unless otherwise specified.

Place pieces right sides together and sew side seams (indicated by the red lines).


Press seams open.


Line seams up (pin, if you want) and press flat.  Sew bottom seam, as indicated by the red line.


Next we’re going to box the corners.  Fold/press/whatever your corners like this:


The measurement along the green line is about 1.5”.  The measurement along the yellow line is about 3”.  I drew a line with a disappearing ink pen to follow when I sewed.


Sew along the line and then clip off the excess fabric.


Turn the exterior bag right side out and slip it inside the interior bag.  Match up seams and ends and pin.

Decide which one of the ends of the strap is going to be the “big” one.  You’re going to turn the entire bag right side out through this end.  There will be a moment when you’re not sure how it’s going to work out, but trust me, it will…just like child birth. Winking smile  Mark it somehow.  I used 3 pins.


The other end of the strap will be the “small” one.  When you sew this end, you’re going to want to taper it *just* slightly.  The blue lines indicate the normal stitch line.  The purple lines are how you’re going to sew this end.


I exaggerated the lines in this picture for illustration purposes. I’d start the taper about 1” from the end and taper in maybe 1/8” on each side.

Sew from the end of the strap, around the curve and up the other strap.  For some reason the picture or this step is missing, so I made you a super helpful illustration:


You’ll be sewing along the big U shape and leaving the green lines on the ends open.  Be sure to taper the “small” end.  Repeat on the other edge.

You can clip the curves a bit now if you want to.  I did on one bag and I did not on the other.  I found it didn’t make a whole lot of difference, so do whatever makes you happy.

Now you’re going to turn the whole thing right side out through the “big” end.


Go slowly and be sure things don’t get too bunched up.  You might need a buddy, but I promise this WILL work.

Press along the seams.

Take the “big” end and fold down approximately 1/2” to the inside.




Slip the “small” end inside the “big” end.


And stitch a cute little rectangle to hold everything in place.


And you’re done!




  1. I like your pin cushion — drats, can’t have one of those here. The boys would swat that cutie thing right across the room.

    This is a very cute bag. I have two grown daughters and I am going to make them each a bag
    I made a bag with a self made pattern similar to this, a little more formal looking, with D rings for the handle and such. One thing you could add, before sewing the inside and outside together, is perhaps some small pockets on the side to put really important stuff, or even add a divider in the middle.
    This bag looks just lovely!

    • how do I print the pattern for the bag, all I get is the complete page including the parts on the sidebar?
      Thank you

      • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

        It’s under “File” over on the left hand side.

        • Shelley V says:

          I don’t have a tab called ‘file’ on the left side. Don’t see how to print pattern pieces for this sling bag. Help! Thanks. Shelley

          • Under “Supplies” you will see a link–click on the words “pattern pieces.” I just made another one of these today–http:[email protected]/6930745106/in/photostream
            I used Vogue 8376 to make an organizer to fit into it, rather than make any pockets. It fit perfectly.

        • I don’t have file on the left side either. Yes, I printed the pattern, but I want to print the tutorial. Can’t figure it out either.

    • hi im about to make this bag and in the directions at the part when you turn the exterior bag right side and put it into the interior bag do you also turn the interior bag right side out or keep it wrong side?

    • Yes, I always make side pockets (before sewing them together) for cell phone, keys, etc….hate digging for them in my bag!

  2. oh! and hanks for the pattern, I am running to JoAnnes this morning and will try your pattern with some snazz fabric

  3. Beautiful. Must try. When laundry slows down.

  4. This is exactly what daughter has been asking for. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  5. very cute! i will definitely use this tut. pinned! :)

  6. I love it! i definitely want to make one, though I think I’ll have to study the tutorial a bit more so I feel confident.

  7. Love this! The simplicity and the size! Very nice!!! Thanks for sharing too! :)

  8. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I am teaching a sewing class to 5 10-year-olds right now, and we will be making a bag. My daughter has been asking for one just like this and I’ve been hoping to find a pattern so they can all do it. This came just in time!! It’s so cute and they’re going to love it. You’re awesome!

  9. This is a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing! And I had to giggle when I saw the fabric you used… my friend and I are making skirts from Kay Whitt’s Sew Serendipity book and these are the exact fabrics we picked for our skirts!

  10. Lea approved, you win!! I’m excited to make this with her and not have to buy her a new bag for school next year ;). Thanks!!

  11. Cute bag! I made a similar one with ties (adjustable) on Made by Rae’s site.

  12. I’ve been wanting to make myself a bag for a while now. This one looks easy enough that even I can do it! :) Thanks for sharing this!

  13. your tutorial is great. It ALMOST looks like something even I could do!

  14. okay missy, you’ve done it again! i think even i could do this…thanks for the really great tutorial!

  15. Awesome bag!!! and it looks easy to make, too. I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip:
    (link will go live tonight)


  16. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing everything!!

  17. I love this bag and the fabric you chose. TFS the tutorial too. Stopping by from Craft Gossip (via Facebook).

    Happy 4th of July!!

  18. cute and simple!
    i must give it a try!
    thanks for sharing!!!
    love alice,

  19. Thank you for sharing such a great tute! You did a great job explaining and the pics were super!
    I will bookmark you!
    Warm regards,

  20. Mary Lou Ontario, Canada says:

    Love the reversible concept. Thanks for posting it.

  21. Great tute! The pictures are good enough that I could almost sew the bag without the text. That’s a huge plus for visual peeps like myself. I’m going to try this with 8 different blk&wht prints and add some patch pockets. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Happy crafting from Ricochet and Away!

  22. Colette says:

    I just made one :).
    So pleased that I actually followed the instructions and produced a successful bag.
    One change I made- I cheated and made a hole in the interior fabric to pull the fabric. I stitched it back closed. I was overly ambitious and used some quilted nylon for one side of the fabric and it just was NOT going thru the strap hole nicely.

    Thanks for the tutorial and very clear instructions!

    (I want to make some size adjustments to make one for my 4yr old & 7yr old nieces)

  23. I am completely a beginner at sewing & I made this bag! You definitely do a better job explaining than those people who write pattern directions. The hardest part is picking out which fabric to use :) Thanks so much!!!

  24. Boy, your neighbors seem to ask a lot of you …glad I don’t live in your neighborhood!

  25. thank you sooooo much. headed to the store to gather my supplies and whip several of these out for my girls! thanks again and have a wonderful week!!!

  26. super awesome! These would make the perfect church bag. I’m hoping to last a few more weeks [months?] w.out a calling, but when it happens, I may need a new bag to make the magnifying easier.

  27. I’ve been wanting to make a bag for my daughter to take her scriptures to church n for awhile- we had the fabric picked out and everything…and an idea in my head. Soon as I saw your tutorial I whipped this baby out! (less than 2 hours, and I made a book cozy). Love it! I do wish I had made the bag a bit smaller, but that really won’t be a big deal. I can’t wait to give it to her!

  28. Donkaloosa says:

    Decided to make this bag my “signature” Xmas gift — made 5 today. Have already promised a couple as raffle items, So easy to make!

  29. Thank u for the great tutorial! I am new at this sewing thing and just made this bag. I am so excited…..I think I know what all my girl friends will be getting for Christmas:) The only change I made was to sew the ends shut so it made the purse adjustable by tying the ends. Oh and I added a pocket to the inside…..the possibilities are endless. thanks again.

  30. This is so wonderful!
    I made one for my friend and blogged about it. Cant wait to make one for myself too.
    Thanks so much for a great tutorial.

  31. Do you need to scale the pattern to “fit printable area” or leave the scaling at “none”. Thanks so much, the bag is super cute!

  32. I bought a bag like this while in Hawaii and wanted to recreate it. It is very similar to this except it has some built in hidden pckets. Anyhow, I made your bag for my twelve year old and have another one planned for a birthday gift. Thanks for the instructions-I was anti pattern until I saw how easy this one was!!
    Linked and exampled at

  33. Gonna make this bag for my 9 year old cousin for her school bag. :) :) It’s my first attempt at sewing at thankfully will have my mom to help. One question…does it matter if we use 45″ or 60″ width material??? And what type of material did you use? We are thinking of using home decor fabric just to make it a little sturdier since she’ll be putting some books etc in it…

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      You only need a yard of even 45″. Sturdier fabric would work as well, but you might have to turn it through a hole in the lining instead of through one of the handle ends!

  34. Jennifer Nordin says:

    This is a fantastic bag. The directions and pictures are VERY good. One pattern piece and turning through the handle is great and makes this such a fast bag. I love the really wide handle and the way it hangs across the body. Nice proportions for a teen or adult and could easily be adjusted for a younger girl. This would be a perfect project for a beginer. I did not find I needed to taper one end of the handle just insert it in the other and follow rest of directions. This made it look like one continuous piece around top of handle.

  35. Ok, I am not computer saavy. I have no clue how to save the google doc pattern to print it out. When I try printing it, it doesn’t fill the page. Can you please help me out?! THanks :)

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:


      I don’t think you need to save it. I go over on the left hand side under “File” and choose print. Under your print preference make sure that there is NO scaling going on. Mine has a box (under “Features”) that says “Print at actual size”. That needs to be checked. Good luck!

  36. Lea Dickinson says:

    Thanks so much for the pattern. I made to bags today. My second one I added a zipper to it. Love Love it. Thanks again!

  37. Thanks so much for the awesome tutorial! I made myself a bag, and I plan on making at least 5 more! I posted my bag (and linked back to you) on my blog! :)


  38. Thanks for the tutorial….I made the sling bag today using Moda fabrics and added a button/latch and finished the ends and tied them instead on closing/sewing the straps together, soooo cute. I am going to make a matching floppy hat and coin purse to match. I will post a photo of my bag and your link to my blog ;0)

  39. I just finished one! Great tutorial! The bag was super easy to make. I decided to top stitch all around the strap, both sides. LOVE it! I’m going to make one for my daughter to use for school. the size is great for a 3 ring binder with room to spare for extra school things. Thanks!

  40. I’ve been looking all over the internet for this pattern… I want to make some sling bags for my nieces – perfect Christmas gifts!! Thanks so much for the pattern and awesome tutorial!

  41. I just made a bag using your pattern–it was so easy and came out great! Thank you.

  42. Your instructions were amazingly easy to follow, made this bag tonight for myself and apparently it now belongs to my daughter. Took about an hour so looks like I will be making another. Used fabric from my stash so total cost was zero dollars, my kind of project!

  43. Made the bag today. I actually used two pillowcases, so I was able to just cut out the bag shape, leaving the closed end of the pillowcases as the bottom of the bag. And I liked the suggestion in the comments to tie the handles together. Easy and so cute! Here’s my blog post about it, including pics:

  44. Thanks so much for this easy tutorial! I really want a sling bag to take with me on my trip to Disneyland in 2 weeks. I was so happy when I spotted your website!! I think it will make the perfect bag to wear while walking around and taking on rides. I think I’ll make this with some interior and exterior pockets and maybe some way to close it…. I like the idea of it being reversible so I’ll probably just add a loop and a button on the inside and outside. I can’t wait til my fabric gets out of the dryer so I can get started! Thanks again!!! :)

  45. I just made 3 of these bags today! One for my 3 yr old and two for little girl birthday gifts. I shrunk the pattern down a little bit for their smaller sizes. My son love his, and I am sure the girls will love theirs too. Thanks for such a great tutorial and pattern!

  46. Hi there!

    THANKS so much for the tutorial! I made one of these last night. Here is a link to my post about it.

    Thanks again!

  47. Thanks so much for the Tut! found it on Pintesrest.

    I made one this morning, and am hoping to show my friends how to this weekend.

  48. This was so easy! Even a novice at sewing can do it. I know because I did. Thanks a ton for the tute!

  49. Just finished this bag. Great tutorial! Thanks so much!

  50. Starting this bag right now, so great!!

  51. I just made the bag using your pattern, and it was so easy! Thank you for the step by step instructions and pattern template! I think I’m going to try to make another one where the straps tie into a knot at the shoulder. :)

  52. This bag is AWESOME!! a gggreat project for beginer and perfect to alter for novice. I am making them for holiday gifts, and they are so cute.

    Thanks for the knowledge and tutorial!!

  53. I modified this pattern – such a mod, lengthening the strap – to make bags for several female young adult cousins who are taller than your female offspring model. The bags were a big hit with everyone, and I even managed to keep a bag for myself ;D Since I’m a knitter and not a seamstress I did “clip the corners” incorrectly on my trial model but that’s what the trial model was for!

  54. I stumbled upon this post from pinterest and made it tonight! It was such an easy tutorial to follow, thank you!

  55. Just pinned this. Will be great bag for summer. Now I have an excuse to buy more fabric! ;)

  56. I just finished this bag! Such a great tutorial and it was SO easy to make and took hardly any time! I LOVE this bag. I’m going to make another one and make the straps longer (I’m 5’8″!) so that it sits lower when I wear it cross body. I accidentally cut one of the straps a little off and it still came out looking great. I was nervous about turning it inside out, but it was so simple! Thanks for the great details in your tutorial! Definitely saving this one!

  57. I love this tutorial. I’m going to give it a try. What is the dimension of the bag when it’s done? I want to use it as a sling carrier for my chihuahua so I want to know if it’s big enough for him.

  58. Thanks for the easy tutorial!! I have made several versions of this bag and I must say this is the easiest! I was a little nervous about pulling it all through the handle as I put a canvas bottom on mine but it worked perfectly!! I did make some adjustments (added a pocket, canvas bottom and I made the bag a little bigger) but I used your overall instructions. Thanks so much!! This is going to be a perfect supermarket bag!!

  59. just wanted to say THANKS for the tutorial! I am teaching myself to sew and I just made this!! It turned out great! I am so pleased with myself… but just had to thank you for sharing your pattern and tutorial!

  60. RAUNA NAUTA says:


  61. Thank you thank you so much! This was such an easy tutorial to follow and my results were so cute! I’m definitely browsing through all of your stuff! <3

  62. Thank you so much Char for this very cute bag pattern :)

  63. I loved this tutorial so much! I made my friend a bag for her birthday and she was amazed(I didn’t tell her how simple it was(: ). Thanks so much!

  64. neti

  65. Just wanted to drop by and say that I just did this tutorial and it turned out fantastic! I saw it on pinterest and my mother said that she’d love to have something like this. I have just taken a sewing techniques course at my college and I have officially caught the sewing bug! This is a great project for a beginner like me. Thanks a bunch! She loves her bag!

  66. Marilyn Fletcher says:

    this looks really good – thank you for sharing it.

  67. I am in the middle of making this bag and just got to the boxed corners. However, I am confused by your picture……In the picture you have of where to sew the corner to make it a boxed corner you have the seam of the two pieces. However, isn’t that seam down the middle of the bag. It seems to me that I should be making the boxed corners on either side of the seams. ???

    • nevermind….i just figured it out! realized i was looking at a side seam and not the bottom seam!

      • Christina says:

        I am confused about this too. I still don’t get it though. The only corner I see is not the one in the picture :(

    • every time that i turn the bag inside out through the big handle i end up with a bag with no openings and instead of one bag inside of the other one, i have my two different fabrics both on the outside….what am i doing wrong? i sewed along the U twice – once on each side. then turned it inside out.

  68. Just made 2 of these bags today!! One exactly as the pattern and tutorial instruct, but I found that the straps were a bit short, so the second one I made the straps about 12 inches longer and it was perfect!! I also added a pocket to the inside. I love it!!! Thank you so much!

  69. Hi I’m a beginner when it comes to sewing and have been unsuccessful at making this cute bag. I’m stuck on the directions “sew around the U” this I’m getting a totally closed pouch with no access that is inside out :( I believe I followed the directions correctly to insert the exterior bag right side out into interior bag and I followed the inside “U”, any thoughts where I am going wrong?
    thanks for any help :)

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      I’m not certain, but I’d guess that you need to leave the ends of the straps open. you’ll turn the whole thing right side out through one of the ends after sewing each U separately. Does that help?

      • I did leave the ends open and turned through the strap, I will give it another. just to be clear, the “U” is sewing a exterior to an interior piece, I think that is what I did last time :)

  70. Please send me an in depth explanation of putting the bags together. ASAP. I only have two day left to finish it !!

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      If there’s something specific you need help with, let me know. I’m not sure exactly what part is unclear or where you’re stuck. Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you!

  71. every time i pull my bag inside out through the big handle, the purse comes out with no opening. also, my two fabrics are side by side, and not inside one another so that I can reverse it. i sewed the U on each side and then reversed the bag like the directions. any ideas on where i went wrong?

    • this same thing happened to me! did you ever figure out what went wrong?

      • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

        I’m guessing that you are sewing through all 4 layers of fabric at once. You should be sewing through 2 (an exterior and an interior) and then 2 again (the other exterior and the other interior). Does that help?

        • that was it! i figured it out shortly after i posted that. i had forgotten to sew the bottom stitch in the earlier steps and didn’t think it would be a big deal to just sew them once the one bag was inside the other. it looks great now. thanks!

  72. i just got done making the bag for my moms bday gift..and i love it so much i almost wanna keep it lol..its the perfect was so easy thanks to the wonderful step by step pictures!! (now i get to make another one…for myself this time!) cant thank you enough! these are going to make great christmas gifts as well. yay!

  73. This is awesome, thanks. I made it today and apart from adding fleece-lined pockets one on each side, I followed the pattern in the tutorial. Because of the pockets being a little thicker, I had to leave my opening in the “U” because I could have pulled it thru the straps. I topstiched the whole thing and love it. Looks like I know what I’m doing thanks to you!

  74. I just made this bag – thanks! It’s the best set of instructions for bag-making that I’ve come across. I made mine bigger (I carry the world in my handbag) and I made longer straps that I then finished off separately so I can tie it at different lengths. Very happy. AND I made it in 2 days of toddler nap-time :)

  75. Charlene says:

    I have bought some fabric today for this reversible sling bag. I am going to make it for my sister. The fabric is in the wash now…can’t wait!!!! I love the tutorials on here, so easy to follow! I have this site book-marked!!!

  76. Charlene says:

    I just made this and it was easy……however I pulled it thru the lining instead of the handle and it was waaaay easier. Thank you so much for this tutorial, my sister LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. I made this bag in a couple of hours last night. I followed the tutorial, and added an inside pocket to the lining and a velcro closure. It still pulled through the handle just fine. I love it! Thanks for the detailed instructions!

  78. Shannon says:

    I made this bag yesterday and it is so cute! I used 2 vintage thrift store pillowcases and I filled the inside full of pockets. They added a lot of bulk so I didn’t even attempt to turn it through the tiny handle, lol. It is super cute and I will likely make more. Thanks!

  79. HI! im an eleven year old girl and i found this on pinterest. I LOVE IT!!! thanks for the tutorial.

  80. Thank you for this tutorial. I have just finished my first bag. I am going to add pockets to the inside of mine for phone, keys etc. It just wont be reversible, but that is ok. Your tutorial was so easy to follow that I will use it to make bags for teenage girls for Christmas gifts.

  81. naomi goodship says:

    Thankyou for the free tutorial! It really saved my sanity, as the girls have been wanting these bags and i just couldnt figure out how to turn the two sides through! It was getting really confusing, and my head hurt! Until this blog tute saved the day. So THANKS again!

  82. Catherine says:

    I just made the bag and LOVE it. Great pattern and tutorial and very simple and easy to follow.

  83. This was a really AWESOME project!!!! I really enjoyed making it and will use it ALL the time!!!
    Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!

  84. I love it :-) Im a complete novice and first attempt i ended up sewing around the whole curve stitching the bag together… i realised as i was doing it lol!!!!! Ive also added a button to the front and some extra material to hold the button closed. Thanx.. i lurve it x

  85. I just made the bag as a quick gift for a friend’s birthday at the weekend. What an awesome pattern with great instructions
    Took me less than two hours and I’m not really a sewer! I was able to get away with 2x half meter lengths of fabric because I sewed a seam in each strap. Not ideal for everyone but this will be a travel bag for packing in a suitcase and it won’t carry lots of weight.

  86. How about using interfacing on it for extra support?

  87. We have the bottom sewn together then the next step is boxing the corners. Are these the corners for the straps at the top and at what step do we sew the bags together. Please help.

  88. Hey I am almost complete with the bag and I am very confused, when it says, Turn the exterior bag right side out and slip it inside the interior bag. Match up seams and ends and pin…….is the interior bag supposed to be inside out or not? Please help me!

  89. Gina Machuta says:

    Just made this bag in a little more than an hour, and I love how great it looks and how simple it was! Really great directions, too! My official 2013-2014 book bag :D

  90. This is a great pattern & awesome bag… Just what I’ve been looking for to use during Saturday markets & concerts in the park… It’s not to big like most I’ve looked at to buy pre made & not to small. I can’t wait to start sewing mine. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  91. I have to say Thank you! Your instructions for the sling bag are awesome. You are amazing for figuring out how to put it together and pull it through the handles. The first one took a little bit of time but once I decided to actually study your tutorial, it worked out fine. I am making up a whole lot of them as a fund raiser for our local Kitten and Cat rescue. I did add pockets to the inside and outside with the left over material. I also lengthened the strap an inch as it seems to hang better. I added a piece of elastic before sewing the U and added a button.
    Again your pattern and tutorial were outstanding!

  92. Thank you so much for this! This sweet bag was the first sewing project I did together with my daughter, Kylie. ;) We made and finished it today with a few modifications – we shortened the straps (Kylie is 9) and we didn’t blunt the bottom corners of the bag. Kylie loves her new bag, and I’m so proud of her! Thanks again for the hard work that went into this post! I appreciate it!

  93. Thank you so much! Just got done making 2 of these great bags and your instructions made it easy. I added a pocket to both inside & outside and made one wider – will be a great beach bag! I wanted this style of bag to take on a trip as a day bag – perfect! Your instructions and pattern are wonderful. I did ‘cheat’and make the birthing easier by leaving it open at the middle of the ‘U’ instead of pulling all they the handle. :) Thanks for sharing!

  94. Kayla :) says:

    Hi, i think this project is something i want too try but i have a few question. Can you please explain
    ~Turn the exterior bag right side out and slip it inside the interior bag. Match up seams and ends and pin.
    A little bit clearer because i don’t understand. Also when you say
    ~You’ll be sewing along the big U shape and leaving the green lines on the ends open. Does that mean sew both sides pieces together when they are inside of one another? Please respond.

  95. Thanks for sharing this. It looks similar to a bag I tried (and failed miserably) to sew. I can’t wait to try this one out!

  96. Hey, char! Just wanted to say thanks, I made this up this morning for a costume prop for my daughter. Got a little nervous at one point but you said to trust you and I did! ;). And it turned out great. Will post soon, because I still do that sometimes. I think I. Haven’t posted a bag for… 6 years? Ah, life.

  97. I have a question. I’ve sewn up to the step where I need to sew along the big “U” shape.
    In that step, should I be sewing that big “U” once, going through four layers of fabric (2 inner and 2 outer), or sewing it twice, each time going through just 2 layers of fabric? (Seems as though I perhaps needed the photo to get this bit right!) Thanks for posting, ’tis indeed cute, and easy enough for a determined beginner.

  98. Wow, great tutorial – I can’t wait to try this. Thanks so much!

  99. nawwal husna says:

    Hi..thanks to you i made my first ever sling bag..
    Keep up the good work..

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  105. totally adorable! I tried it and its sooo cute!!! and omg I just started sewing just a few weeks ago and this was sooo easy!!! Love it :D

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  108. I just made this bag in less than 2 hours. It turned out nice. The strap didn’t turn out as long as the one in the pictures. . Next time I will lengthen the strap. Thanks for the tutorial. I’m a beginner at sewing and this was easy to follow.

  109. The pattern link takes me to the pattern page but the file symbol on the left hand size doesnt seem to work. The page says Apologies there is no preview available? Help! Xmas presents!

  110. Hi folks from Cha I’m not sure if this is ur full name or it if it’s short for Charlene or Charlan or watever; but I post to commend u on a gud tutorial & video as well; but One query I have is that you told us to decide which strap we’re tapering one side of the taper end strap u sew round the ‘U’ part & on the other taper end part where do u sew becuz alot of commenter’s above sew round the ‘U’ part twice & they found sum difficulties it had no opening to be able to get into the bag; So that is the only part of this tutorial that needs abit clarification sum more whether u sew around de ‘U’ prt twice at both taper end sides; hope understand me sumwat. Anyway beside that everyting was well explain & clear for viewers to understand gud job with the tutorial & keep up the gud work. Look forward to ur response soon.

  111. Hi folks from Cha I’m not sure if this is ur full name or it if it’s short for Charlene or Charlan or watever; but I post to commend u on a gud tutorial & video as well; but One query I have is that you told us to decide which strap we’re tapering one side of the taper end strap u sew round the ‘U’ part & on the other taper end part where do u sew becuz alot of commenter’s above sew round the ‘U’ part twice & they found sum difficulties it had no opening to be able to get into the bag; So that is the only part of this tutorial that needs abit clarification sum more whether u sew around de ‘U’ prt twice at both taper ends or not. Anyway beside that everyting was well explain & clear for viewers to understand gud job with the tutorial & keep up the gud work. Look forward to ur response soon.

  112. Hi Char! About my query post; posted above I hope to get some feedback/response from you as soon as possible although I understand tapering along de ‘U’shape of the bag; but I dnt get tapering on other side becuz it’s along a folded edge; Anyhow I’m hoping 2 make this bag 2moro; if commenter’s above got it done I can too; & I try & work round tings as I get 2 them sumhow. Anyway Thanks Again for Sharing this tutorial.

  113. Hi Char! About my query post; posted above I hope to get some feedback from you as soon as possible: although I understand tapering along de ‘U’shape of the bag; but I dnt get tapering on other side becuz it’s along a folded edge; Anyhow I’m hoping 2 make this bag 2moro; if commenter’s above got it done I can too. TFS this tutorial with us(online viewers).

  114. Hi Char nevermind about the two post messages posted above I just finished making this bag it turn out ok but it was not quite 100% but it looks nice & the problem I had mention above with the strap ting I figure it out along the way; it wasn’t as hard as I taught so thank again for sharing I did enjoy it; it was my first attempt with this particular style bag; but it was not my first time making bags I’ve made several different bags before; just taught you should know.
    s before.

  115. Thanks so much Char for great tutorial. Just finished making one of these bags for my daughter-in-law for Christmas and am going to teach my granddaughter to make one for herself next week. I’m glad I trusted your words and pics – turned out beautifully and the easiest bag I’ve ever made. Took about 2 hours from cut out to finished product. I added a snap closure inside to keep things a bit safer.

  116. Just finished this in under an hour! Loved how easy your tutorial was! I even added a pocket to the inside {although it will be on the outside if reveresed} My question is, can I add a decorative top stitch all the way around?

  117. Can I add a topstich all the way around?

    • Sorry, posted that twice!

    • Hi Emily
      I’ve now made the bag twice and topstitched the top edges both times so it sits nicely. I also added one pocket on each side for the second bag as my granddaughter wanted it to be completely reversible and it works great.

      • DO you have a picture of it with a top stitch that you can post?

        • Sorry Emily, I don’t have a close up of the stitching done – only the final bag but not sure how to upload a pic here so not much help. Perhaps you could Google or Youtube something more helpful.
          Happy New Year’!

  118. Jillian Willet says:

    I am making this bag for my sister and she is 6 ft tall. This pattern seems small for her size ?

    • Hi Jillian
      I would lengthen the handle section before cutting. This would be easy to do as you can just extend the lines of that part on paper pattern first. The bag sits well on my daughter-in-law and she is 5′ 4″ so you would need to add about 6″ so that it stills sits around hip length. Hope this helps.

  119. Do you think I could make a smaller version for my grand daughter?

  120. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow. I can’t wait to give it to my 15 year old granddaughter.

  121. This is a totally cute bag and I have the perfect material for it, but for me personally I have one issue with it…the seam in the middle of the bag instead of the sides. Should I reverse the placement of the pattern so that it goes down the handles and sides? Thanks!

  122. I had a great time making my bag with this pattern and I am sure I will make more.
    I would like to add one thing to these directions. I think it would help to top stitch
    around the U when it’s otherwise complete. It helps keep the interior material in place.
    Keep all this interesting patterns coming!

  123. I have been using this tutorial for about two years now. I have modified the pattern a bit to make the bag smaller. I am going to be selling some because I have made FAR too many and need to get rid of some of them, but wanted to let you know I would be citing your website for reference. Let me know if you’d like me to include anything else and I appreciate you posting this pattern, this is one of my favorite bags of all time! :D

  124. Thank you so much for this .It is great !

  125. I made 8 of these as Christmas presents and everyone LOVED them. I ended up making myself a patchwork one from all the pieces I had left. Turned out beautifully, but took ten times as long to put it all together!

  126. Cassidy says:

    When sewing the interior and exterior, does the interior need to be right side out or inside out?

  127. just what I was looking for for some fabric I bought in Hawaii. Now, how about a yoga mat bag?
    much appreciation.


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