A Monday Quickie

I did some accidental thrifting this weekend.  It was accidental because I was meeting Tauni (of SNAP! Conference fame…venue announcement over there today, if you’re interested) to hit up our local Parade of Homes.  Her dog got out, so she was delayed.  I used that time to hit DI (local thrift chain).  And in a matter of minutes I had texted her “Um, I’m buying a dresser.  Might be a sec.”  The dresser is fabulously perfect and matches a desk I had purchased previously.  You’ll see them both, eventually.  Winking smile

I picked up a couple of other great finds Saturday, but this post is not about them either.  Ha!

On a previous trip, my mom and I argued about who was going to be the owner of this:


I’m not really sure what it is (chips and dip, maybe?), but I love galvanized stuff (hint: my coffee table), so I wanted it.

I hit my local home improvement store and picked up one of these from the ducting department:


Combine the two…


Add a glass dome?


Maybe even some apples?


I think I’m in love.

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  1. Ooohhh, clever girl! I love the hardware store as much as antique shops. : )

  2. I am in love too. You may not want to ever invite me to your house….it may go missing.
    What a smarty pants you are!

  3. Love it. Sorry your mom lost out.

  4. You are too dang creative!! I love how it turned out- I would have walked right by that and never seen the potential it had!!

  5. In love? I am in lust………

  6. julie-lynn says:

    It looks like a chicken feeder!!

  7. Well aren’t we clever!?! I have to admit I didnt see that coming. Love it!!

  8. That’s awesome and so creative. I love it!

  9. Such a good idea!!!! You are so creative :) Now I want one too!!!

  10. weave some ribbon through those notches and you can really add some pop!

  11. Jen in Oz says:

    Looks to me more like something to do with cars or engines or something along those lines… Or a very messy cake tin

  12. Clever

  13. Only you could come up with something that unique…and crappy! Looks freakin’ awesome@

  14. You amaze me – to get a cake/apple stand from ??? Wow. I’m in love with it, too.

  15. I believe it’s a roof vent cap. Perfect design for a DIY pedestal.
    I would just caution not to store acidic foods in it…apparently the acids trigger leaching of the Al into the food in some cases. Maybe coat it with a clear food-safe glaze? Or a doily?
    Or display a superrcool sculpture on it. Or a lava lamp. :)

  16. I am for sure in love. Definitely. And I am glad we are having quickies on Monday now.

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