Removing A Bathroom Mirror

Subtitle: The One With The Illustrations

We had a few blissful hours on Saturday where the 3 little dudes were swimming at the neighbor’s.  (Thanks, Jami!)  With the lack of people likely to punch each other or break something, we decided it was the PERFECT time to attack the powder room mirror removal.

Here’s a little reminder of what we were removing:


I really, really, really hate broken glass, so I turned to Google.  I came across a suggestion that sounded promising:

cut out wire

This is called cut out wire and apparently it’s used to remove car windshields.  Or something.  Anyway, BC picked it up at our local auto parts store for about $10.  The idea is that you slide it behind the mirror and move it back and forth to cut through whatever adhesive is back there holding the mirror up.

So, I covered the front of the mirror with strips of painters tape (just in case) and we put on gloves and safety goggles (just in case) and started “cutting”.  And then this happened:



The wire was stuck.  So, we tried again.



And then we had 2 wires stuck.

We took a little break to regroup and BC decided to get a pry bar from the garage.

He carefully pried all along the edges of the mirror and the whole thing came off in one piece.  When we took it down we discovered this situation:


The blob of glue we were trying to saw through was about the size of my face.  And there were 3 more similarly sized blobs below.

So, does the cut out wire method work?  It might if whomever glued up your mirror applied the glue like this:


It doesn’t work so well if the glue was applied like this:

(Stick figure face added for size comparison Winking smile)

And because I love you, a cell phone quality sneak peek of what will be replacing that ugly old mirror…

photo (5)-7
Mirror courtesy of Bates Custom Glass

That frame is fabulous with a little Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze, no?

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  1. Looks good so far!

    when i removed my bathroom mirror i just came off… there was no adhesive behind it and I was moving it by myself.

    smart move. lol. joking. I chipped the corner of it but it was going out to the curb anyway.

  2. I just can’t help but love your stick figure!
    I don’t know what I would have done without it…. :P

  3. Love your visual aids. :) And really love the new mirror!

  4. OMW your descriptions are hilarious! Thank you for the tip about the cutting wire – never heard of it nor the proper way to use adhesive on a mirror back – and this is awesome info to know for future projects – thanks again. LOVE the new mirror!!

  5. nice job… i hate broken glass too..sends me into a little frenzy!!!!! love the blue. :)

  6. Ummm…..I work at a Children’s Book Company, and we are VERY interested in seeing if you’d like to work in our illustrations department. Your talent is amazing! (and we’d like it if you’d hang that marvelous mirror in your office as well) Let me know.

  7. The illustrations make the whole post. I would have been completely lost without them. Even better than pictures IMHO! Loving that frame- how come I never come across such loveliness when I’m out?

  8. michelle says:

    LOVE it! Thanks for posting the color of the paint…I need to get gutsy and add some color to my house :) LOVED chatting with you…we need to hang out one day!

  9. Thank you for posting this! We have a bathroom mirror that needs to come down, too. But I’ve been hesitating for fear of drywall damage. So, was there much damage to the drywall? Thank you!

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      The 4 ginormous globs of glue took the paper off the drywall. It took one light coat of spackle to repair. Not bad at all!

  10. The new mirror is almost as fabulous as your stick figures. ;D

  11. So excited and motivated to do mine now! Thanks! Can’t wait to see it finished!

  12. LanaMarie says:

    So I have a random question. I am friends with your sister in law and she mentioned that you can use heat and bond instead of the fabric interfacing for the silhouette. I tried using it and it didn’t work. First I tried cutting it with the paper on the back on a cutting mat and also with the paper peeled off on the cutting mat. Both ways it moves the fabric around and so it don’t cut the correctly and it bunches up a lot. Is there a better way to do it?

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      You take the paper off and then stick it to the mat. Let me check with my neighbor Tam (who has actually done it instead of just heard about it)!

  13. Hey girlie!!! Hahahaha! I Love your pics……they look like what I would would be able to draw (except mine would be worse, like caveman stick figures). Anyhoo, we’ve taken down several mirrors and hubby just pulls ‘em off the wall and then repairs the “head” sized parts on the wall where it took off the paper. But no kidding with the ginormous globs of adhesive!!

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