Creative Connection Wrap Up

So, as most of you know (especially those that follow along on Twitter and got BOMBARDED with tweets), I spent 5 days last week in Minnesota attending The Creative Connection as part of the social media team.

I found Pyrex at Bubba Gump’s


experienced the Mall of America with some of my favorite people


made several hundred new friends


learned a thing or two about blogging


ate a lot of dessert




crafted with Cathe Holden


sewed with Betz White and Patty Young (and didn’t take any pictures!!!)

sang with Becky Higgins


shopped until my suitcase couldn’t hold anymore.




and had the time of my life.

Thanks, Creative Connection.

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  1. Amy’s pose is awesome in that garage picture. And, why are all you Utah bloggers so pretty and photogenic??

  2. This looks like soo much fun! I love the mall of America. My parents live about 25 mins away from there they just moved there two years ago and I really have fallen in love with Minnesota. I think when we retire from the military that’s where we will settle!

  3. Oh, what yummy looking desserts. It looks like you had a great time.

  4. Is it wrong that I almost licked the computer screen when all the desserts came up? Is that bad? :)

  5. Great recap Char! I had so much fun with you!

    We need to all meet up for lunch and have something with meat in it, like a cold cut combo or something. ;)

  6. Coolest recap! However, I’m wondering what in the world I was saying in the first photo…lol!
    Had such an awesome time rooming with you and being around so many creative gals!!!

  7. Looks like a ton of fun! How fun that you got to go!

  8. Had so much fun hanging out with you all weekend. You make me laugh. You are the real deal! Love ya Char!


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