Giveaway: Pick Your Plum

They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

You know ‘em.

You love ‘em.

You give ‘em your money a couple of times a week because the deals are so fabulous.  (Is that just me?)

It’s Pick Your Plum!

Before we get to the free crap (and my bad jokes), I want to show you what their deal of the day is today:

Stamps that are perfect for holiday neighbor gift tags and for the rest of the year, too.

Oh, hey…check out that one on the bottom left.


Click on over and buy yours before they’re gone, and then come back for the rest of the post.  I’ll wait.

If you’re not already familiar with Pick Your Plum, let me give you the low down.  Every morning at 7 am MST, they post a new deal.  It’s some sort of crafty fabulousness and it’s always a great price.  Sometimes it’s vinyl…

sometimes it’s a set of owl charms…

sometimes it’s earrings…

and sometimes it’s nut cups.

Speaking of nut cups…have we discussed the fact that I had to take one of my children to buy a, uh, you know…athletic supporter because BC was out of town?  And that I was reading packages whilst the poor kid was hiding on another aisle?  And then I may have had to Google to see which direction things went?  There’s an eHow article, in case you ever need to know.  Just sayin’…  And yes we are saving for therapy.  Thanks for asking!

Where was I?  Oh yeah.  The free stuff.

Pick Your is giving a 3 winners each a set of nut cups (valued at $40, 200 cups of goodness, 50 of each color)!

Did you know you can bake cupcakes or muffins in them?  Fun, right?

OPTIONS FOR ENTERING, do as many or as few as you like, leave a separate comment ON THIS POST on the blog (not on Facebook or in response to your email subscription) for each one:

1 – Get on the Pick Your Plum  email list to be the first to find out what the daily deal is.

2 – Like the Pick Your Plum  FB page.

3 – Share something you’ve done/said to your children that will probably require them to get therapy. ;)

4 – Name your favorite nut.

Giveaway runs through the weekend.  Ready?  Go!

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  1. Liked their FB page

  2. Joined their email list because I want super sweet awesome deals too!

  3. Stephanie R. says:

    I’m on the Pick Your Plum email list!

  4. Stephanie R. says:

    I love cashews!

  5. Therapy…. where do we start? “They’ve got to have something to tell their therapist…” is frequently heard between my husband & I. When my daughters play with dress up clothes, I allow my son to put on a dress too. He’s 3, but I’m sure his sisters will remind him when he’s older. And my FAVORITE picture of him is him sitting in a laundry basked, with a pair of clean undies on his head.

  6. My favorite ‘nut’ is my husband! Oh, you meant edible? Almonds.

  7. Cashews.

  8. ADDICTED to PYP!! Such a wonderful site! I get so excited for my daily email on what’s being offered today, and buy from them a few times a week!

    xo, Cassandra

  9. Liked PYP on Facebook :)

  10. My favorite nut is cocoa almonds! Yum!!

  11. Natalie Salt says:

    I am already on their email list.

  12. Liked the FB page :)

  13. Now on the email list too!

  14. Can’t pick a favorite so cashews and pecans!

  15. Rebecca Drake says:

    Already on the mailing list!

  16. Love waking up to Pick Your Plum emails…

  17. Like them on Facebook

  18. I’m on both! I’m pretty sure that getting “happy feet” to make kids stop fighting will require therapy at some point. AND, my favorite nuts are pistachios!!

  19. Love Almonds

  20. Rebecca Drake says:

    I’ve ‘Liked’ them on facebook.

  21. I have signed up for their emails. I didn’t know they existed so I’m excited to see the deals.

  22. Therapy…. Lucky for me, my kids are still little enough to not realize the therapy they are going to need.

  23. Liked them on Facebook.

  24. My favorite nut is the salted pecan.

  25. Rebecca Drake says:

    My child is only 17 months, so I doubt she will remember anything I’ve done up till now, however she has rolled off the bed, the couch, and is terrified of a moving spider I bought for Halloween.

  26. I got on the mailing list

  27. Rebecca Drake says:

    I Loooove Cashews!

  28. I absolutely LOVE almonds!

  29. I am on Pick Your Plum’s email list. I must buy something almost everyday. =D

  30. I like Pick Your Plum on FB

  31. I also like Pick Your Plum on Facebook.

  32. I “like” the PIck Your Plum facebook page!

  33. My favorite nuts are walnuts. We have a tree in our front yard.

  34. The only nuts I eat are peanuts (I know they’re not really nuts)

  35. I’m on their email list

  36. I like ‘em on facebook

  37. I <3 cashews!

  38. I like cashews but usually eat almonds!

  39. I’m CONSTANTLY doing damage to my boys. Lately, though I seem to embarrass them the most when I cheer too loudly at their football and baseball games. Oops.

  40. I like pick your plumb on fb

  41. I’m a subscriber to Pick Your Plum (a dangerous thing to subscribe to!)

  42. I’m a Pick Your Plumb FB Fan.

  43. I can’t count how many times a day I say to my baby girl “oh dear, and that’s probably how babies die.” Of course I remove her from the situation, but still.

  44. I LOVE cashews. As I sit next to a big ol’ costco thing of peanuts I snack on. Shh, don’t tell them, they’re just cheaper….

  45. totally on the email listing for months now… LOVE this stuff!!!

  46. Wow! I had never heard of pyp! I signed up for their emails.

  47. yeppp… FB Fan also for a while LOL…

  48. I liked them on fb.

  49. I love almonds!

  50. I’m on their email list!

  51. I like their fb page!

  52. o.. well it wasn’t something to my children.. but my nephew when he was maybe 6/7… (now 17).. I was in the shower and my boyfriend was home, My sister came over with her kids to drop something off but he didn’t let me know they were there.. I had a tendency to walk out of the bathroom.. un-toweled.. a nice way to put it.. and well.. my poor little nephew got a quick show before i slammed the door .. no one else saw anything thank goodness.. but its still something that i think OMG.. i am glad he never brings that up.. HAHA… needless to say.. now i ALWAYS have a towel wrapped around me even when i am home alone!

  53. I sometimes think that my girls would need therapy for somethings but I need therapy more!

  54. my favorite nut.. o gosh so tuff between a pecan and walnut!!!

  55. I tell my baby all the time how fat and chubby she is. Probably ought to stop before she’s big enough to understand me…

  56. Cashews are definitely my favorite.

  57. I’m definitely on their mailing list.

  58. Brazil nuts are my favorite. No chocolate coating or anything. Just plain Brazil nuts!

  59. I like them on FB!

  60. I love warm cinnamon roasted almonds!

  61. I think the only reason my kids would need therapy from me is from some cute pictures that I’ve taken of them that they won’t find so cute when they get older :)

  62. Hurray!! I am on the Pick Your Plum email list

  63. I like… more like love… the Pcik Your Plum facebook page

  64. Lani Derrick says:

    Follow through daily email.

  65. My kids are still little so they probably won’t remember… but I did video tape my 3 year old having a terrible melt down. My husband and I were laughing the entire time. :o)

  66. Lani Derrick says:

    Love on facebook

  67. I’m already on their email list.

  68. Lani Derrick says:

    I love cashews!

  69. I love almonds… with sea salt and olive oil

  70. I like the humble peanut the best.

  71. I’m on the email list!

  72. I “like” Pick Your Plum on Facebook!

  73. Macadamia nuts are my favorite!

  74. I am on the PYP mailing list.

  75. I liked their fb page

  76. I love cashews!!!

  77. I frequently pinch my Toddlers bottom because it’s so darn cute. I’m sure she will require therapy for it.

  78. I love my pick your plum email!

  79. I like their facebook page!

  80. My favorite nut is cashews. Or honey roasted peanuts. Yum.

  81. I’m signed up for pyp emails

  82. I like pick your plum on fb

  83. I’m not a huge nut fan…I mostly stick with peanuts

  84. I already receive pick your plum’s emails.

  85. I like Pick Your Plum on FB

  86. My favourite nut is cashew

  87. So to explain myself my 2 year old is extremely naughty lately. It’s to the point that I’ve said to my husband that maybe we could sell her off since she’s so cute but make sure to run fast before they realize how naughty she is! Granted I’d never really do it but there are moments it’s tempting!

  88. Well, it’s not what I say, it’s what I do. I make them clothes and they wear them. Now they like it, but later they will kill me for that!
    Thanks for the opportunity

  89. I’m already on their mailing list!

  90. I love the stamp, I am on their email list! In fact, I think I am buying 2! :)

  91. I like PYP on Facebook!

  92. As for therapy, my husband had our oldest daughter convinced, for almost a week, that she was actually a boy. She had no idea what a main distinguishing factor she was missing, but daddy said she was a boy. Poor girl.

  93. Right now, I”m really digging the salt and pepper pistachios!

  94. I’ve signed up for the pick your plum email

  95. my favorite nut is one covered in chocolate. (altho I’d pick chocolate covered almonds over chocolate covered peanuts)

  96. my girl is still young (14months)… but I have had to tell her that she needs to be nice to babies and can’t bite them… we’ll see if this means therapy for her as she grows. Although I think my husband will cause her more needs for therapy. He likes to joke already that the monsters that hide under beds only eat whiny kids…

  97. These nut cups are super cool.

  98. My fav nuts are pistachios closely followed by cashews.

  99. Heather Foster says:

    nuts. I love them.


  100. Love Pick your Plum! I’m on their mailing list.

  101. I like them on FB

  102. I love cashews. Oh and dark chocolate peanut M&Ms .. does that count?

  103. I like them on fbook :)

  104. I’m on their email list.

  105. I don’t have kids, so I haven’t done anything horrible yet.

  106. Honey roasted peanuts are my favorite!

  107. Haven’t yet put my kids in future therapy, they are 2 and 8 mos so I’m sure it’s a matter if time!

  108. Pecans, duh!

  109. Ok, I’m on the list, liked the page, have no kids to scar yet and my favorite nut is a macadamia.

  110. i am on PYP’s email list

  111. oh man, just reading your post today made my day!!

  112. i tell my kids i love their tushies! i’m pretty sure that will end up landing them on the shrink’s couch or maybe in jail.

  113. I’m on the daily deal email list. I saw these nut cups and I loved them but decided not to order because I need to stop ordering every cute thing I see on the internet. ;-) So I hope I win ‘em instead!

  114. i love the macadamia nuts! mmmm!

  115. i love almonds! especially covered in chocolate!

  116. I’m on PYP’s email list!!

  117. Liked on FB.

  118. I love almonds!!!

  119. I don’t have kids to scar, but I’ll tell ya what, I won’t tell them the Tickle me Elmo joke like my mom told me…..I’ll never forget standing there washing dishes as she proceeds to tell me the joke and pauses to say “You know what testicles are, rigth?” Can you say “stare forward and keep washing dishes…keep washing….keep washing” So awkward!!

  120. Regarding therapy: Just this morning I had a conversation with my 4 year old about why he needs to wear underwear under his pants. One of my points was concerning his zipper. I think you know what I meant.

  121. My favorite nut is pecans, toasted please!

  122. I am on the email list!

  123. I love salted cashews!

  124. I LIKE their facebook page. Don’t tell my husband!

  125. As for therapy… where do I start? I’m pretty sure my time as PTA president scarred my 9 yr old for life!

  126. I signed up for the email :)

  127. I “like” pick your plum on fb!

  128. I’m on the PYP e-mail list

  129. My favorite nut is the cashew

  130. My children may need therapy because I always leave my zipper down(not on purpose) and never notice until i’ve gotten back in the car from a school function!

  131. Lisa Barrett says:

    Liked FB page

  132. Lisa Barrett says:

    Joined email list

  133. Lisa Barrett says:

    Favorite nut is an alomond

  134. I liked them on facebook. (Is it possible to double like something because I would if I could!)

  135. I am signed up for their email.

  136. I’m already on the PYP mailing list.

  137. I like PYP on FB.

  138. My favorite nuts are cashews.

  139. I don’t have children, but one day early into my teenage years, I was riding home with my dad and I noticed a car full of cute boys pull up next to him. Apparently I wasn’t as sly at noticing as I thought because my dad looked at me and asked, “Do you think they are cute?” I answered, as cool as I could, “They are okay.” Just then the light turned green and my dad proceeded to roll down his window and shout, “Hey! My daughter thinks you are hot! Do you want to take her to prom?” as we drove down the street. He found it hilarious, I tried to become one with the floor boards.

  140. My favorite nut would have to be pecan. Especially in pie form!

  141. I’ve been on the PYP email list for about a month now. Love it!

  142. I just liked PYP on FB!

  143. I get emails everyday! It’s almost like opening a present!

  144. I’m on their e-mail list.

  145. I like them on FB.

  146. I like them on fb

  147. My favorite nuts are almonds.

  148. I’m on the email list. (Have been for a while-love it!)

  149. Sadly, I have no favorite nut. They all send me to the hospital. :(

  150. Hmmm possibly the time I let her throw a tantrum in public, when she stopped she realized how embarrassing it was…I told her well yeah

  151. I like Pick Your Plum on facebook.

  152. I’m sure the homemade Halloween costumes and embellished t-shirts I make for my 4-year-old son will land him in therapy someday. I think homemade is way better than store bought but he doesn’t always agree.

  153. Pecans!

  154. So to keep this rated PG13- I won’t name my favorite nut but I will name my second favorite nut which is macadamia
    mychancetowin at gmail dot com

  155. My daughter likes to orchestrate plays and imaginative play with her twin little brothers. A couple years ago when the boys were about 3, they did a “show” for me all dressed up in her pink princess outfits and tutus. I couldn’t let that go by without some pictures, could I? Their dad was not amused!

  156. It’s a tough choice, but I think I like cashews the best.

  157. I get their e-mails every day!

  158. I like Pick Your Plum on FB. ;-)

  159. Oh, what HAVEN’T I don’t that will require therapy??! Here’s the latest – my two year old boy is potty training, and…I can’t help it. It he’s running around bare-bummed, and starts to wiggle and shake and dance…I laugh and laugh. And he does it again. Pretty sure that one’s going to come back to bite me. ;-)

  160. My favorite nut? I kind of love brazil nuts!

  161. signed up for email

  162. liked them on facebook

  163. Ashley Reece says:

    I’m already on their email list.

  164. I am on the Pick Your Plum email list
    emarci at hotmail dot com

  165. I liked their FB page, can’t wait to see their daily deals!

  166. I love almonds and peanuts and cashews!

  167. therapy: peeking in the door windows at their daycare to make sure they are making friends

  168. I liked Pick Your Plum on fb
    emarci at hotmail dot com

  169. favorite nut: pecans!

  170. Send my kids to therapy or me to the brink of embarrassment: taught my 2 YO to say “Daddy!” whenever he farts. Daddy is getting sweet revenge now.

  171. my favorite nut is macadamia covered in chocolate, of course!

  172. Favorite nut is spanish peanuts cleverly hidden in the DQ peanut buster parfaits.

  173. Ashley Reece says:

    I like them on Facebook.

  174. My children will be in therapy because I am the crappiest housekeeper who ever lived! They will either grow up to be hoarders because of the piles of stuff I have everywhere, or have nothing to avoid having a mess all over the place!

  175. I get Pick Your Plum emails daily!

  176. My favorite kind of nut is anything dipped in chocolate!

  177. Ashley Reece says:

    I don’t have children, so I’ll skip to the next question. My favorite nuts are almonds and hazelnuts.

  178. I am on the Pick your Plum email list

  179. I like Pick Your Plum on Facebook

  180. Just yesterday I told my daughter her pacifer was gone (forever) and I couldn’t find it even though she could see right behind me on the counter. Hopefully I haven’t scarred her for life!

  181. I liked Pick Your Plum on FB :)

  182. I am already on their email list – love them!

  183. I love nuts! My favorite is pistachios!

  184. My favorite nut is cashews :)

  185. My 5 year old son hates that I make him use women’s bathrooms when we are out…he is so embarrassed, but I do it for his own safety :)

  186. Ashley S. says:

    I already get their emails!

  187. Ashley S. says:

    I like them on Facebook.

  188. My middle daughter is a drama queen. She was complaining about the fact that she is a middle child. I was so sick of it that I finally said, “Ok, who do we get rid of?” Look of non-understanding comes over her. I continue, “Well, since YOU hate being a middle child, should we get rid of your older sister or younger brother?” She was horrified but I’ve never heard that complaint since. Yes, I also set aside $$ for therapy.

  189. Ashley S. says:

    My kids will probably need therapy from my obsessive holiday decorations.

  190. And, I adore pistachios.

  191. Ashley S. says:

    I love walnuts!

  192. I signed up for the Pick Your Plum daily email :)

  193. Natalie Salt says:

    And I like them on facebook!

  194. 4 – My boys are my favorite nuts. But if you actually mean to eat, then I’d probably say cashews which are not technically nuts – or almonds, which are. But they’re all my favorite, if they’re covered in chocolate.

  195. Almonds! Tell my kids if they miss their ride to school with thier Dad, they have to stay home with me…bwahahhaa!

  196. Oh yeah, been there with my boys. Luckily son was old enough (16) to know how things settled. My therapy-requiring moment was asking him after he took a kick to the, ahem, groin (a “nut shot” as the kids say) if he needed a new cup and then researching them online. DH informed me that they were not like carseats that you had to replace after a crash. If you are in the mood for a good chuckle, go to youtube and watch the nutty buddy commercial.

  197. Already on the email list! :)

  198. Of course, I like them on FB as well!

  199. Therapy – yep, we all could use some. I’m guessing the most recent source of trauma is my love of singing in the car with the windows down (since the weather is so nice). I’m not sure the neighbors and other vehicles truly appreciate B-I-N-G-O and Farmer and the Dell and On Top of Old Smokey…

  200. Favorite nut — a tie. Cashews and Pistachios.

  201. I didn’t think about baking cupcakes in the cute nut cups! Thanks for the idea.

  202. I like them on FB!

  203. I’m on the e-mail list!

  204. I am a big fan of almonds! : )

  205. I’m on their email list!

  206. I have been a subscriber to Pick Your Plum emails for a while now, I love them! They are so funny with their descriptions, and the pictures are great. Hope I’m a lucky winner!

  207. This is actually REALLY cringe worthy (not just funny cringe worthy!). I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old. My 2 year old was REALLY bugging me the other day so I said, “You are driving me crazy! Just stop talking to me for a minute!” Now every time my 2 year old talks to his 3 year old sister, she says, “You are driving me crazy! Just stop talking to me for a minute!” Poor little guy is going to get a complex and never speak again!

  208. Once, in a not great parenting moment, I told my oldest that I would throw away all his toys. He had bolted in a busy parking lot as a 2 year old, and while I was chastising him for doing that and explaining how he could have been hit by a car and mommy wants him to be safe and fastening him in his car seat, he head butted our newborn baby who was in a sling on my chest. Ugh. Hormones won, I shrieked the whole way home. Really hope he forgets that moment in time!

  209. I like pistachios the best. Natural coloured, not the dyed pink ones!

  210. My favorite nut….I really love them all!

  211. Karin Ridlehoover says:

    I liked Pick Your plum on fb!

  212. Karin Ridlehoover says:

    I joined the email list for Pick Your Plum!

  213. Liked their fb page :-)

  214. Karin Ridlehoover says:

    I love cashews!!

  215. signed up for their email

  216. I like honey roasted almonds

  217. I just had to email my dd’s teacher to share about a constipation problem that is affecting school– oh yeah, she’ll need therapy.

  218. Cashews and almonds… it’s a toss up! Oh and pecans… heck I like them all :)

  219. liked them on FB

  220. already on their email list!

  221. ALMONDS! (my favorite nut, although husband and sons come in at close second!)

  222. I just signed up for the emails!!

  223. Just liked their Facebook page!

  224. I don’t have kids yet… But when I do I can’t even imagine all the therapy they’ll need…. HEEHEE

  225. Pecans! Definitely!

  226. Liked their Facebook page.

  227. Now on the email list.

  228. I get Pick Your Plum emails

  229. I follow them on facebook!

  230. My favorite nut is cashews

  231. Hubby tells me that I am scarring son #3 because he is refusing all efforts at Potty Training, continues to hide when he poops/pees in underwear, thus I have taken all his toys away, and am talking [to son] about him not getting to celebrate his next birthday; I reckon that may require him to have therapy someday. Hopefully by then he’ll be potty trained though. :)

  232. Nuts, do I have to choose??? I love Cashews, Almonds, Pecans, Brazil Nuts, Pistachios, Hazelnuts… really anything peanuts. Just no chocolate, I’m allergic to that… yes it really sucks, but I’d rather avoid the stuff than be sick all the time. ;)

  233. I’m already on their mailing list :)

  234. I like the Pick Your Plum facebook page

  235. I like Pick Your Plum on FB!

  236. I’m not really a big nut fan, but my favorite kind is Peanuts.

  237. I’m a Planter’s salty cocktail peanut kinda gal– nothing fancy for me. :)

  238. Hopefully I haven’t done or said anything TOO embarrassing to my 4 year old yet, but I’m thinking some of his past Halloween costumes may come back to haunt him someday.– most notably the disco dancer with afro wig from when he was 2 :) It was HILARIOUS!!

  239. I’m on the pIck your plum e-mail list.

  240. My daughter is to young to remember anything right now.. But i’m SURE that I will do something later on that will require her to do therapy.. :\

  241. Peanuts are my favorite (salted in the shell)

  242. Heather dela Cruz says:

    I’m on the email list =)

  243. Heather dela Cruz says:

    I don’t have children of my own yet, but I have taught pre-K, 3rd & 4th and Jr high classes at church for over ten years…. the older I get, when I’m scolding someone, I sound JUST LIKE MY MOTHER. I always swore I would never do that. Oops.

  244. Heather dela Cruz says:

    Favorite nut? Hmmm tossup between a cashew and a pecan!

  245. Donna Bowes says:

    Signed up for their email! Thanks for the giveaway!

  246. Donna Bowes says:

    Liked them on facebook!

  247. I am an e-mail subscriber to Pick Your Plum!

  248. I follow on facebook.

  249. I’m sure that my son will probably need therapy due to the fact that I still give him a kiss before he gets on the bus every morning!

  250. Favorite nut…a cashew, hands down!

  251. Donna Bowes says:

    Oh, mine are going to need therapy! Between my singing in the car and sweatpants in carpool I have probably scarred them for life!

  252. Donna Bowes says:

    I’m easy…… peanuts!!! Especially covered in chocolate!

  253. Jenna Hilgers says:

    I get their e-mails, it’s like crack being delivered to my inbox!

  254. Jenna Hilgers says:

    Also like them on FBook

  255. Jenna Hilgers says:

    Don’t have kids, but as a child my dad did something that I should be in therapy for. I had a problem with wetting the bed so my dad made up a song about it… ‘Jenna Leigh Jenna Leigh I sure hope you didn’t pee’ and it went on from there. They still sing it just to embarrass me.

  256. I am on the Pick your Plum email list – it is so hard not to buy every day!

  257. I too took my teenage son shopping for an athletic support – apparently in our small town, they are rare in the summer and it was quite an ordeal – When I complained about the price, ($47! for the magic jock with attached shorts) my son smiled and advised me that he knew I didn’t really mind because I would definitely want grandchildren later on…sigh.

  258. Cashews. And almonds.

  259. I get their email alerts.

  260. I think the fact that we don’t have TV will probably send our son to therapy. “I was never able to talk with my friends about their favorite show…” Oh well…

  261. Brazil nuts.

  262. I’m on the pick your plum email list :)

  263. Jennie Holt says:


  264. Cashews!! YUM.

  265. Jennie Holt says:

    I am on the email list! love it!

  266. Jennie Holt says:

    Liked their FB page already!

  267. No kids yet, but I look forward to embarassing them when they get here!

  268. Jennie Holt says:

    My kids are still too little…But I am quite certain I will be giving them therapy inducing advice on a daily basis!

  269. I’m on their email list

  270. I joined their email list.

  271. I already get e-mails from PYP :)

  272. I like PYP on Facebook (andi bauer trautman)

  273. pistachios and cashews!

  274. bananasandrice says:

    I’m on their e-mail list, passed on the nut cups because I just bought twice from them the week before!! But they sure are cute!

  275. bananasandrice says:

    Like them on facebook. And in real life.

  276. bananasandrice says:

    We homeschool. enough said.

  277. I am the newest PYP-er!!

  278. bananasandrice says:


  279. “You are acting just like your dad! (That for sure calls for therapy.)

  280. …and you, my sweet Charlotte, are my favorite nut! XOXOXOXO

  281. I’m on the Pick Your Plum e-mailing list.

  282. I’ve also Liked Pick Your Plum on FB.

  283. I LOVE almonds. Especially if they’re covered in cinnamon sugar.

  284. I don’t have any kids, but I do have a niece that I made a chenille hedgehog for that scared her and might result in the need for therapy.

  285. I get their emails!

  286. I like Pick Your Plum on Facebook!

  287. I am on the email list!

  288. I love cashews

  289. I don’t have any kids, but I sometimes embarass my husband in public! Like the one time he insisted on going to the grocery store with me, but decided he was bored 10 minutes after we got there. I asked him what kind of antidiarrheal medicine he needed out loud in the store. He doesn’t always volunteer to go along, or if he does, he behaves! ;)

  290. My favorite nuts are pistachios and macadamia nuts!

  291. I liked the Pick Your Plum facebook page!

  292. I signed up for their e-mails. Can’t wait to see some of the fun deals!

  293. The only nut I like is peanuts.

  294. I’m on their email!

  295. I don’t have kids, but sometimes I talk to my husband like he’s one of my students from school…he hates it! And he’s a therapist!

  296. I LOVE pistacios!!!!!

  297. I love all nuts!

  298. Natalie Salt says:

    Almonds are my favorite!

  299. “that’s it…..i’m calling the police!” what’s wrong with me? i know really….

    great gvieaway…thanks!

  300. right now i’d have to say that the cinnamon covered almonds from trader joes are my favorite. try ‘em. you can’t have just one!

    thanks for the giveaway!

  301. just signed up for the good deals! love good deals!

  302. My kids tell me that I used to try to lose them in K-Mart and they now have “issues” of abandonment. My memories are much differernt. :)

    I love pecans!

  303. Gave them my email and liked them on facebook. You story about your son and you had me laughing so much I had to share it with my husband.
    Oh….lets see…so much to tell. My husband and I both work at the school where our children go. My son is a 6th grader who tends to be somewhat messy and sloppy…..he isn’t too keen on me making sure he isn’t wearing any lunch on his face anytime I see him in the hallways….poor kid. I know I shouldn’t bother him but I really don’t understand why he can’t see or feel the fact that he has half of his hamburger on the side of his face. lol

  304. Jaymie Williams says:

    i like you on facebook :-)

  305. Jaymie Williams says:

    I am on your email list:-)

  306. Jaymie Williams says:

    My favorite nuts are cashews

  307. Jaymie Williams says:

    I call my kids dorks when they are :-)

  308. I signed up for Pick Your Plum’s email list.

  309. I like PYP on facebook

  310. My favorite nuts are pistachios – even though I can never spell it even close enough for spell check to know what I’m talking about! Thank you google!

  311. My Favorite Nut? I’d go with Jim Carrey. Or cashews.

  312. I am on their mailing list!

  313. My favorite nuts are pistacios and cashews. yum!

  314. Getting the emails

  315. Like em on FB

  316. My son calls his… you know… his “area.” Is that cause for therapy? Maybe just when he’s 18 and still doing it?

  317. Cashews, for sure!

  318. My name is now on their email list. Can’t wait.

  319. I wouldn’t let my teenager drive to SLC until she was 20. It is only 15 miles. Huge Regrets!

  320. Love almonds but only if they are roasted with cinnamon and sugar.

  321. Favorite nut is an almond.

  322. Not allowing my daughter to date a boy in college while she was still in high school – therapy session maybe? But then, she outdid me when she married her husband – he’s 11 years older than she is. (I love him.)

  323. I signed up for the Pick Your Plum e-mail. I am so excited to see what they have!

  324. I LOVE hazelnuts. Mmmm, nutella! Hazelnut hot chocolate. Hmm, I might need some now.

  325. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    Thanks for the intro to a great shop! My favorite nut is the Brazil nut. Yummy, but so hard to get out of their shells.

  326. Brooke Nelson says:

    I’m on the PickYourPlum email list

  327. Brooke Nelson says:

    I do everything for my kids, which doesn’t really teach them responsibility.

  328. Brooke Nelson says:

    I love cashews

  329. I love brazil nuts!

  330. I am on their mailing list

  331. I liked them on FB

  332. Amanda Andrus says:

    I am signed up for their email.

  333. Amanda Andrus says:

    I liked them on FB.

  334. Amanda Andrus says:

    My favorite nut is an almond.

  335. I’m happily already on their email list. I love seeing that they will have each day!

  336. I already like their facebook page as well.

  337. My favorite nut is the cashew.

  338. I’m on the email list!!!

  339. My son will need therapy because I have pictures of him in a tutu…

  340. My favorite nut is the cashew…nom nom

  341. I’m get the Pick Your Plum emails!

  342. I like Pick Your Plum on fb!

  343. No kid likes seeing their mom run around the house in her underwear! But sometimes it’s a necessity for me when the laundry room is in my basement and I have to run down to grab my clothes I need for the day or to grab a towel for the shower I’m about to take!

  344. My favorite nuts are Macadamia’s! I like them in cookies and especially chocolate covered!

  345. I love cashews!

  346. I have been known to take video while the kids are throwing huge fits. Not quite therapy-worthy yet, but I’ve got plenty of time for that since they are still little.

  347. I’m already signed up for the PYP newsletter.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  348. I already like PYP on FB.

  349. Chelley Black says:

    I’m on the email list!

  350. Chelley Black says:

    I like Pick Your Plum on FB!

  351. Chelley Black says:

    I told my 3yo daughter “tough shit!” about something last week. I was sick and tired of her whining about not wanting to do what I told her. :)

  352. Chelley Black says:

    My favorite nut is my husband. He’s certifiable. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  353. I am on their e-mail list!

  354. I like them on fb!

  355. I like cashews!

  356. I signed up for the email list!

  357. I “liked” the Pick your Plum facebook page!

  358. I have a 2 year old daughter and a 3 month old daughter, and I have told my oldest *multiple* times that she’s my favorite. It’s a bad habit; I used to say it all the time when she was a baby, and now it just keeps coming out of my mouth before I can stop it.

  359. Cashews are my favorite nut!

  360. I am on the mailing list! Had to get me one of those stamps- OK three!

  361. My favorite nut is the pecan. But I also love me some cashews.

  362. That is so funny! We had to do the same thing this year for football. My DH was no where to be found, so I had to go buy the athletic supporter. I am sure that my daughter thinks she is going to need therapy after watching her old parents being so flirtatious around her!

  363. I liked PYP on FB :)

  364. I like them on Facebook!

  365. I think the most embarrassing thing for my kids will be that I use a lot of coupons and it takes forever to check out at the store.

  366. I am now on their email list. How have I not hear about Pick Your Plum before today?

  367. We love peanuts around here (and did you know that there’s a “fish” in every peanut?)

  368. and now I like them on fb.

  369. hazelnuts. because you can do magic with them and chocolate.

  370. I joined their email list

  371. I like them on facebook

  372. joined their email list

  373. I like peanuts in the shell

  374. i love pick your plum. I just signed up for their email list. Love it

  375. and liked on FB

  376. and i like pistashios the best

  377. AmericanBrandy says:

    I had never heard of PYP until your post and I was SO bummed I missed those stamps BUT I DID order the fall color ribbons they are selling today! Beautiful and the price is amazing!! I also liked their Facebook page and signed up for their emails..which I totally would have done anyway without the giveaway of these rad little nut cups! =D BUT since you are “nutty” enough to give these away, then I’m “nutty” enough to throw my hat in the ring to win! My favorite nut is the hazelnut! (HELLO?!?! Nutella?? The chocolate nectar of the Gods!!) And it would take me hours to write how many ways I have nearly sent my kids not only to therapy but nearly straight to the looney bin. I have a college sophomore and my favorite thing to do is stalk his FB page…..”Oooo, sweetie, who is that delicious tart in the photo with you??”, “Are you wearing clean underwear today, dearie?”, “Baby, mommy misses you…are you eating your broccoli like you promised you would?” He is mortified, his friends (who know I am only giving him hell) think I’m the bomb and FB friend me…which of course mortifies my son even more! In all seriousness, we have an amazing relationship that we can tease each other so his mortification is mostly a put-on. And for the record – I miss him so much my heart hurts but it’s also swollen with pride. *watery smile* So there’s my hat. In the ring. Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for providing the opportunity to win this giveaway!

  378. Love pick your plum! I’ve ordered a number of things already :)

  379. like them on FB :)

  380. I dont like nuts but love mini muffins

  381. I like on facebook.

  382. I’m on their email list.

  383. I have this thing where I like to to embarrass my kids. My newest thing is when I drop them off at school, I make sure to unroll the window and yell, “insert name, I LOVE YOU!!!” It’s fun to watch how fast they can walk into the school. Or if I walk them to the bus stop, I make sure they get a big ol’ kiss.

  384. I am on the PYP email list. I love their stuff

  385. I don’t have any kids my when I was little my mom told the neighbors I slept with the light on and I am still not over it. So embarassing.

  386. My favorite nut is cashews.

  387. I’m signed up for emails

  388. Signed up for emails, have bought several things.

  389. I love cashews. I need those cups.

  390. I love nuts! I am nuts! My favorite it cashews. However, I love any nut that I carmelize.

  391. My kids are still young enough to think I am cool, and you better believe I am!. My 8 year old is just starting to ask me “Mom, are wearing that to the school?” … Then I say, “Yes I am, I spent all the money on those cute school clothes you are wearing.”

  392. LOL @ nut cups!
    What a great prize! I had no idea you could bake in them, how fabulous for parties. :)
    I am on pick your plum’s mailing list.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    searchingoutsimple at comcast dot net

  393. I like pick your plum on facebook.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    searchingoutsimple at comcast dot net

  394. The way my son responds it seems that saying “I love you” in ear shot of class mates will require therapy some day. ;)

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    searchingoutsimple at comcast dot net

  395. I am already on their email list!

  396. I already Like the Pick Your Plum FB page

  397. umm I don’t have children, but when I was raised, my mom was german and a little blunt, and she would always make comments about when I worried about being killed, she was like well there is nothing you can do, no control stop worrying, some people might see that as harsh.

  398. I love pistachios and cashews

  399. I signed up for their email list!

  400. “Liked” them on FB.

  401. My daughter is under 1 right now so I still have lots of time to do damage. But for now, it’s the # of times I’ve allowed her to fall and hit her head that could account for lots of therapy sessions!

  402. Absolute favorite nuts are macadamia nuts!

  403. All us southern girls love our pecans! I need those nut cups (the paper kind, thank you) to bake cupcakes in for the craft show I am doing at the end of the month. I really, really do.

  404. My older son who has autism always inserts or re-arranges words, like this: At about the age of 7, he told us at a dinner, and very loudly, that his acorn hurt. “Your acorn, Tommy?” “Yeah, the one down there.” Points to privates. I quickly haul him out of the room. “Tommy, some folks call those your nuts–in plural– and if I ever hear you say that in public again I’ll crack ‘em for you!” Didn’t get the Mommy of the Year Award that year…… But do I get extra credit for a a two nutter story?

  405. i liked them on face book.

  406. how cute are those nut cups. i love polkadots. my favorite nuts are almonds.

  407. already on their mailing list!

  408. i’ve liked their facebook page

  409. my favorite type of nuts are walnuts

  410. Carolyn Wood says:

    I am on the Pick your Plum email list

  411. Carolyn Wood says:

    I took my daughter shopping for her first bra before she was ready to even wear one (slow developer).
    She was totally humiliated, in retrospect I should have just bought the smallest one and brought it home to her.

  412. Carolyn Wood says:


  413. I get the emails!

  414. I don’t like them on FB, I love them!!

  415. Stashios as my 3tr old says!

  416. She’s three, so I don’t know that I’ve embarrassed her just yet…. but some of the photos I have will certainly embarrass her come dating time…. {insert evil laugh here!}

  417. I’m on their email list!

  418. Love almonds (especially inside chocolate ice cream)!

  419. I receive emails from Pick Your Plum!

  420. I love Cashews

  421. I don’t have kids yet, but there is still time to embarrass future kids lol

  422. I love PYP, and like them on FB.

  423. I liked them on FB!

  424. I signed up to get the emails. :)

  425. Can I say that you are my favorite nut Char?

  426. liked Pick Your Plum on FB

  427. On PYP email list!

  428. I tell each one (on separate occasions) that they get to do this or that because that one is my favorite!

  429. love almonds and pistachios!

  430. I became a fan of PYP on facebook.

  431. I love true Southern pecans.

  432. I signed up for the PYP e-mail list….just curious ….how much did the personalized stamps cost?

  433. i liked Pick Your Plum on Facebook!

  434. i am on their email list!!!

  435. Almonds!!!!!!
    Loved the paper cups! great site. Thanks for sharing it.

  436. Favorite nut??? My hubby!!! ;} (& Almonds)

  437. Why my kiddos might need therapy? Hmmmm let me count the ways… maybe one way is – how I go off the deep end and yell sometimes and they’re just like “What the heck just happened” – no kiddo needs to see that!

  438. My favorite are hazelnuts :), but I’m not a ‘nut’ woman

  439. I love peanuts, especially in monkey food (peanuts and red hots)!

  440. I liked Pick your Plum on facebook! :)

  441. My favorite nut is a cashew!

  442. My favorite nut is a pistachio, Or any nut that is covered in chocolate! :)

  443. oh man i have been wanting these for my son’s party this month but could not justify the shipping cost! peanuts are my fave nut!

  444. Well I think kids will always be a little embarassed by by their parents. But for sure my chihuahua will need therapy, you see last Halloween I dressed her up as a black cat. You can see her humiliation in the pictures I took.

  445. You know how sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. Well I always feel like one, and my favorite are pecans, specially if I eat them with golden raisins.

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