Fabric Giveaway: Morning Tides by Mark Cesarik

I know you guys are HUGE fabric fans, so when I got an email from Mark Cesarik introducing me to his new fabric line (Morning Tides for Free Spirit), I knew I needed to ask about a giveaway.


Random story alert - Purple and yellow = pretty much my favorite color combination EVER.  It reminds me of pansies.  I owned a purple car and a purple couch at the same time.  The maid of honor at my wedding wore purple and there were yellow flowers in her bouquet.  Poorly scanned photographic evidence of that:

Where was I?

Oh yeah…the fabric!  When Mark got back to me and told me what the nice folks at Free Spirit were willing to giveaway, I may have squealed out loud.


Are you sitting down?

(If you’re not, that’s kinda weird…who reads blogs whilst standing?)

Free Spirit has agreed to give SIX YARDS of Morning Tides to FOUR separate (and SUPER lucky) Crap I’ve Made readers!



(Do as many or as few as you want, leave a separate comment ON THIS POST for each.)

1 – Tell me what you’d make with SIX YARDS of Morning Tides.

2 – Click on over to Mark’s blog.  Leave him a comment.  Tell him hello, tell a joke, compliment his designs…whatever.  Just let him know you were there and you appreciate this fabulous giveaway.

3 – Like Mark’s design page on Facebook.

4 – Follow Mark on Twitter.

5 – Tell me what color your prom dress was.  (Mine was midnight blue.  And what does that have to do with anything?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.)

Giveaway closes Sunday night at 10pm MST.  The winners will receive an email from me.  I’ll post first names on the blog as well.

Ready?  GO!


  1. I’d love to be entered! I’d use the fabric to make some pillows for my living room.

    Also, my prom dress was purple!

  2. Melissa c says:

    I think I would make a totebag….

  3. Melissa c says:

    Geesh, that was a long time ago….I think it was mauve- very 80′s!

  4. I would most likely make some adorable dresses for my three little girls. Beautiful designs. =)

  5. With such beautiful fabric I think I would like to make a quilt!

  6. I would make one of the quilt tops I’ve got pinned.

  7. Liked him on fb.

  8. My senior prom dress was kind of a periwinkle color and my mom made it.

  9. My prom dress was terrible… foofy and white. I borrowed it from a friend who went to formals a lot and that’s what she had that fit me. It looked like I was getting married.

  10. I liked him on FB

  11. I followed him on twitter.

  12. I left him a comment on his blog.

  13. My prom dress was made with the movie “Ever After” in mind. Silky and ivory colored. Corset style in the front. Flowing sleeves. Awesome!!

  14. I would use this fabric to updo my twin girls bedroom. Six yards would be plenty to decorate with.

  15. Hmm ..I will make a bag using those lovely fabrics.

  16. Liked Mark’s page on FB.

  17. I follow Mark on twitter :)

  18. We have black and gold theme for the party, so mine is black dress with a gold earrings.

  19. I would make a window treatment with the free fabric! Roman shades are so classy :-)

  20. I left Mark a comment on his blog!

  21. I “liked” his FB page.

  22. Great giveaway. If I won I would make a quilt

  23. Another entry–I commented on his blog

  24. I am following him on twitter

  25. My jr prom dress was pink and sr was royal blue

  26. I would love to sew up a cute”boutique style dress” for my little girl. Thanks for the giveaway, hope to win! And by the way I’m standing up :)

  27. My prom dress was sky blue!

  28. I’ve been wanting to try using fabric to wrap shoebox tops for wall art like I’ve seen on pinterest!

  29. six yards!!! Where do I start? I think I would make a dress for my daughter and a matching vest for my little man. And then add the scrapes to the quilt top that I need to finish, (at least that is what I have planned for today) :)

  30. Oh yeah, I din’t get to go to prom so no dress for me:(

  31. oooh I’d make purses, purses, purses for my friends for Christmas! Those fabrics make me happy!

  32. My prom dress was royal blue. Well, not like hideous royal, but not navy. I think my mom still has the dress…I’m not sure why.

  33. Six yards?!?! As cheesy as this sounds, I would seriously consider making a Mommy and Daughter dress.

  34. i am a new-ish quilter and i’m always willing to accept free fabric towards that end. my daughter is moving, against my will, from baby to girl, and the purples would make an awesome bigger girl quilt for her…

    thanks for the chance!

  35. Prom? Ugh. I didn’t care much for high school, but I did go with a friend. I loved my dress- it was white with pearl straps and cocktail length gloves. Definitely liked the dress more than prom itself. :)

  36. I liked Mark on FB. Thanks!

  37. oh. and also. the year was 1994. the color was, of course, teal.

  38. I posted on Mark’s blog

  39. I left a comment for Mark!

  40. I took a look around on Mark’s blog. Very fun! Will visit again soon!

  41. I also liked his FB page… but I just can’t do twitter again. I’m a Qwitter.

  42. 6 whole yards!? That is amazingly generous!! Ok, what to make with 6 yards of fabric…..most likely an outfit or two for my two youngest kiddos. Those purples and yellows would look so pretty on my little sidekick. I would maybe make a bag with them too. Whatever is left would go into stash until I find some other project worth of their awesomeness.

  43. I really need this to make a queen size quilt for my bed! It’s perfect!

  44. I left a comment on Mark’s blog.

  45. My junior prom dress was homemade and it was peach and cream. People said it looked like a princess dress and I LOVED it. My senior prom dress was store bought. My mom was willing to make that one too but I didn’t want her to stress out over it so I bought one. It was hunter green, I loved it too.

  46. I liked his page on FB.

  47. I follow Mark on Twitter.

  48. My junior prom dress was deep purple. Next year, my prom dress was black and silver. I still have it!

  49. If I won, I think I would make myself a quilt for the living room. I don’t quilt very much but I have been meaning to start one. This would be one big push in the right direction! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  50. My prom dress was black and white… and poofy. Very, very poofy. :)

  51. A quilt for my hammock!!

    Never go to go to a prom:(

  52. Heather J. says:

    Purple and yellow are my daughter’s favorite colors, so I think she’d claim that fabric for a quilt for herself. Since she’s asked me to teach her to sew, it would be a great opportunity for both of us.

  53. Heather J. says:

    My senior prom dress was a deep burgundy velvet and sewn by my mom. Thanks, mom!

  54. I also commented on Mark’s blog. What a fabulous fabric collection! Thank you!

  55. I’ve liked Mark on facebook.
    Now on to the other requirements…

  56. I left a comment on marks blog

  57. Oh, and if I won purple and yellow material, I would make my little girl a birthday dress. Purple and yellow are her favorite colors!

  58. I would make some table napkins and matching runner.

  59. I now follow mark on twitter

  60. Six yards!!!! Of course, I would make a quilt. Not sure what pattern yet but it would be one with large blocks to show off this fabric. Thanks for the giveaway.

  61. my prom dress was a dark navy blue – taffeta.

  62. I would make Easter dresses for my girls!

  63. I also liked Mark’s page on Facebook.

  64. My grad dress (we didn’t have a prom at our strict Christian school) was midnight blue velvet.

  65. I commented on Mark’s blog – amazing stuff over there – but I had to do so “anonymously” because blogger hates me.

  66. I didn’t go to prom (I know, sad times!) but I had a killer formal dress in college. It was a simple floor-length column dress. Black sequins and yards of glamour!

  67. If I won the fabric I would make some cute skirts and tops for my little girls. I am trying to make a season ahead and these would be great patterns for some spring and summer clothes.

  68. I would make a quilt and a top or dress for my daughter :) She LOVES purple!

  69. I left a comment on Mark’s blog :)

  70. I checked out Mark’s blog and left him a comment.

  71. I like Mark’s design page on Facebook!

  72. I follow Mark on Twitter!

  73. My prom dress was lilac (although we called it a leaver’s ball, that sounds so much grander than it was!!)

  74. For my junior year prom I wore a lanvender colored dress and for my senior year I wore a ruby colored dress. I still own the ruby dress and have worn it many times since to weddings!

  75. Oh I would make a lovely quilt to snuggle with while watching TV or sitting by the campfire.

  76. Gealean Murray says:

    Hmmm… I would make bibs for friends who are pregnant… I would make a baby quilt for them too… I would make a skirt for my little girl… I would make a bag to match for her… I would make, well, whatever idea came to my head when I looked at the fabric (you know how inspiration hits) :)

  77. I follow Mark on Facebook

  78. Gealean Murray says:

    Oh, BTW Char, I didn’t go to my prom… And I don’t regret it at all! I’ve been plenty of fun places since with people who actually liked me!! :)

  79. I posted on his wedding post, what a lovely slew of photos!

  80. Gealean Murray says:

    OMG, Now ideas are really coming…. I would make a camera strap cover for my sister for Christmas, I would make oven mitts for my MIL for Christmas, a baby doll dress for my little girl… Maybe a cover to make a table into a tent…. Hmmm, what else could I do??

  81. My prom dress was to the floor, baby pink and white.

  82. Gealean Murray says:

    I posted on Mark’s blog (I heart his fabric!)

  83. Gealean Murray says:

    And I liked Mark on FB

  84. Most likely dresses for my daughter!

  85. I don’t even know where I’d begin with 6 yards! Amazing giveaway!

  86. I didn’t go to prom, so I didn’t have a dress.

  87. I would love to make matching pajamas for my kids and all their cousins. I know that’s horrible, but imagine how much fun those pictures will be in thirty years. LOL My great grandmother did that for us, and trust me that picture is the BOMB!

  88. Left Mark a comment on his blog.

  89. I told Mark his fabrics ROCK on his blog

  90. My prom dress was also Midnight Blue. ;)

  91. ahhhh what an AWESOME giveaway!!! the fabric is GORGEOUS and oh my goshhhh 6 yards is soo much and to 4 people!!! Soooo generous! With 6 yards of fabric I would make a tote bag for myself, a dress for my one year old daughter with matchin accessories, a diaper clutch and I would use some of it for the quilt I am making my daughter for her new theme room because these colors are perfect!

  92. would love to make some cute dresses for my daughter!

  93. i like mark cesarik on facebook.

  94. my prom dress was black with tiny purple sparkles…favorite color combination is still green and purple.

  95. My favorite prom dress was a shiny black to red to black fade. With a black lace overlay. Super cool

  96. My prom dress was black… boring I know!

  97. I liked Mark on facebook. First on my husbands account then mine. One day he will learn to log out! LOL

  98. I left Mark a comment thanking him for this AWESOME give away!

  99. With 6 yards? Oh, my! I would porbably use it to give a new look to my living room. New pillows, a quilt and a patchwork runner for the table.

  100. I liked Mark Cesarik on facebook!

  101. I am following Mark on twitter!

  102. I left a coment on his blog

  103. and I liked him on facebook.

  104. I love the fabrics so much, I can’t think what I’d do with them yet.

  105. My prom dress was burgandy.

  106. Here in Portugal there isn’t such tradition as a prom, but if there was I would definitely wear blue, my favourite color!

  107. Six yards!? Wow, how awesome! I honestly don’t know what I’d do with that much! I do have a lot of patterns however, that have been screaming for my attention for quite a while. Hmmm..might have to go dig them up.

  108. I would make a quilt of course!

  109. Natalya Hoak says:

    I would make a quilt for my husband. He has been hinting he wants a blue quilt, so I have been slowly acquiring blues.

  110. I left a comment on Mark’s blog.

  111. I also like Mark on FB.

  112. Natalya Hoak says:

    I commented on Mark’s blog!

  113. I only actually went to my Senior prom, but my dress was a beautiful champagne color. The style was a vintage form fitted style that I loved, and had been purchased for me from my grandmoter.

  114. Natalya Hoak says:

    I didn’t go to prom, but my favorite prom-like dress was deep plum colored. I loved it!

  115. Wow, six yards? I would make bags, bags, and more bags! I LOVE the fold up grocery bag, and would make a ton of those for gifts!

  116. …and I had three prom dresses, but my favorite was the black floor length column with a splash of white, with fuchsia and black flowers at the neckline. Fantastic.

  117. Those six yards would make a great quilt for the back of my couch. They are lovely!

  118. Darlene S says:

    I have absolutely no idea what I would make with it, but it is beautiful. It would definitely be something LSU! Geaux Tigers! My prom dress in 1988 was a beautiful irridescent emerald green.

  119. OK, it’s confession time. I didn’t go to prom. Wasn’t asked, didn’t want to ask anyone, blah blah blah….
    And, for those of you that are “older” like me, I went to the movies the night of my prom and found myself watching “pretty in pink” with my cousins, a movie all about prom!! Sigh!!

  120. xeyedmary says:

    Great Give-Away! I’d have to make a quilt and some pillow shams, and probably a bag or two!

  121. Darlene S says:

    I liked Mark’s FB page.

  122. With my fabric I would make something for my daughter…just not sure what. I got my first sewing machine this week so still learning!

  123. Darlene S says:

    I commented on Mark’s blog

  124. Ohhh, I love that purple and yellow combo. It would be perfect for the quilt I want to make for my sister-in-law, with a little bit of gray thrown in it as well. So cute! Thanks for the chance to win. I really hope it is me this time!

  125. Ok are you ready for debbie downer?? My junior year I went to prom and it was white with gold flecks. It was AMAZING but I look back and it was HIDEOUS!! Senior year…my boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks before prom, and my “friend” ended up asking him to go with her!! So I stayed home sad…

  126. Pat Upton says:

    I would definitely make a quilt or three! Such beautiful designs!

    I never got to go to my prom. :-( So no dress.

  127. And my prom dress color was a soft yellow. I loved that dress.

  128. Commented on Mark’s blog

  129. I would LOVE to make a new slipcover for this chair I’ve been wanting to put in my office.

  130. I would make a bag or some decor for my new house!

  131. My prom dress was a periwinkle blue.

  132. I’ve fallen in love with quilting, so I would make quilts, quilts, QUILTS!!!

  133. My prom dress was purple, as in the color of the can of grape soda purple. And it was hideous.

  134. My prom dress my junior year was navy blue, my senior year was red. I was aweseom! :) My date wore a White tux. Yep, top had and all.

  135. I follow Mark on Twitter.

  136. Brooke Nelson says:

    I would make pillow covers or some skirts for my girls

  137. Brooke Nelson says:

    My prom dress was butter yellow

  138. I commented on Mark’s blog!

  139. I think I would make some bags and maybe even a quilt. Love the mystic colors and would be perfect for a boy quilt!!

  140. I would made a dress for my oldest daughter with SIX yards of fabric!

  141. I have commented on Mark’s Blog!

  142. I am following Mark on Twitter!

  143. Beautiful! I’d make matching skirts for me and my little girls :) I have a pattern I need to try out!

  144. I have liked Mark on Facebook!

  145. I commented on Mark’s blog.

  146. I’d totally make a quilt!

  147. My prom dress was pale blue…borrowed it from a friend and got a date the night before…his mom made him go with me! Good story :)

  148. I would attempt making my first quilt. That fabric is beautiful!

  149. My prom dress was Black and I wore a cream colored bolero.

  150. I wore a black dress. :)

  151. Stephanie says:

    I believe I would start by making a purse or tote bag, then a skirt for my daughter, and maybe a quilt too!!

  152. sangeetha says:

    Quilts probably or dresses for my little girl

  153. Stephanie says:

    I like Mark on Facebook!!

  154. sangeetha says:

    i posted on his blog

  155. I’d make a purse! I’m in desperate need of a new one and making one would be more fun than buying one!

  156. sangeetha says:

    and it was an awesome bottle green color

  157. Stephanie says:

    I commented on Marks blog!!

  158. my prom dress was baby blue with a chocolate brown sash

  159. Stephanie says:

    I didn’t go to prom, therefore I didn’t have a dress :( I hope that doesn’t disqualify me!!

  160. So many possibilities for this fabric. I think I would make a lap quilt, and couple aprons, a table runner. I would love to get my hands on this.

  161. I commented on Mark’s blog.

  162. I “like” Mark on FB!

  163. I’d make a bunch of matching dresses for my girls! and maybe some pj pants….

  164. 6 yards… that’d be a quilt for my cousin, stat. Those are so her colors!

  165. My Jr. Prom dress was a baby blue lace. My Sr. Prom dress was a light dusty rose color. I think I may still have the pink one in a box somewhere.

  166. My prom dresses (2 years) were hot pink and off-white.

  167. I love this fabric! If I had 6 yards of it, I’d make some teacher gifts for Christmas, probably bags or notebook covers. I’d also make my 10 year old a tunic for her birthday.

    Prom dress? I didn’t go to prom, but I had a sapphire blue dress with a lace collar that I wore to the formal band concert my senior year. Also, my wedding had the same shade of purple dresses and the flowers were white daisies and yellow roses!

  168. Wow, six yards! I’d probably make some matching clothes for my neice and my daughter to wear. They’re 3yo’s and love matching each other!

  169. I think I see these as pillow covers or maybe a cute skirt for my daughter, she loves purple and yellow.

  170. I posted on Mark’s blog!

  171. Julie Shirley says:

    I would definitely make a wall hanging. I’ve been looking for purples to do so, and Morning Tide by Free Spirit really catches my eye! As for what might be left after doing that, I’d include leftovers (of which there would certainly be plenty) in my granddaughter’s quilt. She’s a great fan of purples and lavenders.

  172. I like Mark Cesarik on FB

  173. posted a comment to Mark’s blog, great pictures

  174. I’m following Mark Cesarik on twitter

  175. My prom dress was a lovely shade of pink :)

  176. My prom dress was a last minute thrwo together, since I decided the day before to go, it was a long black skirt that Ipull tulle under to make it puffy and where a black tube top with blue sparkles. Some how I even found a date with a tux!

  177. Oh my gosh!!! I would make baby stuff…Blanket sleepers, burp cloths, car seat blankets…I love making baby stuff, and I never use “baby fabric” bleh. I have never bought six yards of anything at one time. I would be in HEAVEN. Thanks for the giveaway!

  178. 1 -I would make a bag and a skirt for me, and a couple dresses/skirts for my daughter, fabric napkins from the scraps and…

  179. I would love to be entered! I would make a dress and skirt combo for my girls :) …. and my prom dress was a ruffled black satin cocktail dress ….

  180. 2- I commented on mark’s blog (good purple is hard to find!)

  181. 3 -lliked Mark on FB

  182. Beautiful fabric! I’d use it in a quilt!

  183. 6 yards?! Wow! I guess I’d make some dresses for my daughter and/or bags. Or maybe a quilt. The fabric is gorgeous! Thanks for having this giveaway.

  184. I like Mark’s page , but don’t do twitter :)

  185. 4 -followed mark on twitter

  186. Just commented on Mark’s blog.

    p.s. I seriously LOVED the centerpieces at his wedding. So cute. I kinda stalked his blog for a minute while I was over there…and I’m so glad.

  187. Cherie phillips says:

    Love both blue and purple!

  188. 5- my prom dress was pink, like Molly Ringwald/Pretty in Pink

  189. I left Mark a comment on his blog.

  190. I think this gorgeous fabric would make some lovely handbags! LOVE this giveaway!

  191. My prom dress was fuschia…and I loved it. Now I want to do a linky party with everyone’s prom dresses…

  192. My prom dress was black and white. And my prom was much longer ago than I’d like to admit! ;-)

  193. I went to three different proms, but my favorite dress was a really cool iridescent red with a black underskirt. It’s the dress I think of myself in when I remember “skinny me”, lol!

  194. I’d make some type of bag or pillows or skirts, I don’t really know but I know I would be excited to win!!!

  195. the 6 yards will probably be turned into a quilt

  196. I left Mark a comment on his blog!

  197. My prom dress was black…boring I know..but I added sparkly rhinestones to the neckline to make it unique.

  198. I commented on Marks blog!

  199. I’ve liked marks design page on FB!

  200. My prom dress was a very soft, pale pink. It took a while to remember that, I had to dust the cobwebs off that corner of my brain!

  201. Oh My Wow. I would make a quilt with some of the 6 yards. It would be a gift for my grandmother, maybe a Christmas gift if I’m on top of things. I would also make a skirt for myself. Such pretty fabrics! Thank you for the chance to win!

    searchingoutsimple at comcast dot net

  202. Wow…6 yards!! I’d probably make a quilt and pillowcase set for my kids to take to daycare. I love sending them with ‘made-by-mom’ blankets so that I am with them when I can’t be.

  203. Following Mark on Twitter!

  204. I left a comment on Mark’s blog.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

    searchingoutsimple at comcast dot net

  205. I would make some curtains!

  206. Oh beautiful!! I would make some christmas present dresses for my daughter and my neice and any let over throw pillows :-)

  207. I liked Mark’s design page on facebook. =]

    Thank you for the chance to win!

    searchingoutsimple at comcast dot net

  208. I commented on Mark’s blog

  209. 2. Left him a comment and thank you on his blog

  210. Audra Ciprich says:

    I see a gorgeous quilt with matching pillowcases in my future!

  211. I like Mark’s design page on FB

  212. Amanda Brantley says:

    I would make some sweet things for my friends kids! The purple and yellow is perfect for them-HUGE LSU fans!!!! Love it!

  213. 3 Liked his page on facebook

  214. 4 following him on twitter

  215. Audra Ciprich says:

    I follow Mark on twitter.

  216. Audra Ciprich says:

    I like Mark on Facebook.

  217. 5 and actually my prom dress was a midnight blue as well :-) and i still have it for some reason…

  218. Audra Ciprich says:

    I left a comment on Mark’s blog.

  219. Clothes for myself and my daughter, maybe a bag and some gifts…six yards is quite a lot for me!

  220. Audra Ciprich says:

    My Jr. prom dress was teal and my Sr. prom dress was black.

  221. And my prom dress was black and white. How boring!

  222. the top of my prom dress was black and the bottom was midnight blue

  223. Amanda Brantley says:

    I commented on his blog!

  224. Amanda Brantley says:

    I had a jr/sr banquet, no prom (lame) but my dress was black!

  225. My prom dress was burgandy & black, my grandmother and I made it together.

  226. I would make a quilt for our spare bedroom with those colors. Thanks for the chance to win!

  227. I didn’t have a prom dress because I didn’t have a date for the prom. But good things come to those who wait and I have a wonderful husband today!

  228. Tracie Fuller says:

    liked him on facebook

  229. Awesome giveaway! Oooh, I could make a quilt. Or a laptop bag. Or some snuggly baby blankets!

  230. Love it! And there is so much you can do with 6 yards! I’d have to do dresses for my nieces and then some decorative pillows or other home decor.

  231. I left a comment on his blog. The wedding pics are beautiful!

  232. Dress: emerald green, backless, floor-length, puffy sleeves. Good grief, what was I thinking?

  233. Tracie Fuller says:

    I would probably use the fabric for gifts. Or a new purse for myself, that would be pretty. I would definitely think of plenty of things to use it for!!

  234. I’m following Mark on Twitter

  235. Tracie Fuller says:

    My prom dress was cream colored, strapless (i had to wear a shawl-y thing though), and very princess like. I loved it :)

  236. What a great line! What would I do with 6yrds….fabulous purse to look at each day, nice fluffy pillows for my sewing room, a matching valance for the sewing room and see what’s left! I found Mark on FB too! Like, like, like!

  237. My prom dress was burgundy. My mom made it and I loved it!

  238. Are you kidding me!! This is fabulous! We’re expecting a new baby next year, so lots and lots of baby projects, maybe even a nursery:)

  239. I am following Mark’s FB page

  240. I’m torn between making curtains for my craft room or an awesome dress.

  241. Amy Henry says:

    I’m planning two quilts – one for my daughter in law Jill and one for my friend Michelle – and this fabric would work in fabulously!

  242. I want to make my girls matching quilts for their beds. I would love to win!

  243. Amy Henry says:

    I liked Mark’s FB page!

  244. Beautiful fabrics! I’d make a quilt! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  245. Amy Henry says:

    Posted on Mark’s blog !

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  246. I can’t remember what color my prom dress was, but the girls’choice senior dance my dress was white with pink flowers. I loved (and still love) the dress and it’s been 10 years since high school.

  247. I left Mark a message on his blog.

  248. I’d make a new apron! I’m hating the one I have now (free pampered chef), and know I’d be able to make a great looking one with that fabric! Plus I’d probably make a dress for my niece!

  249. My prom dress was yellow.

  250. Junior year I was all about purple – I wore purple to military ball and prom. Senior year I wore a black dress, nice and simple!

  251. I’d make aprons, since that’s what I do. :)
    And maybe a skirt or two for my girlies.

  252. I would use the fabric for a quilt

  253. Purple prom dress – and i also had a purple pickup in high school and a purple car in college!

  254. Danna McCrary says:

    I liked his Facebook page!!

  255. I’d use the fabric for a skirt for my little girl, and maybe some pillows!

  256. Prom dress was Periwinkle! Remember when that was popular?!

  257. I like his page of FB!

  258. Danna McCrary says:

    I would probably make a quilt for my daughter’s bed. She is obsessed with ALL things purple and with the extra I’d make curtains to match! It’s time she had a room makeover so this would be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win.

  259. accents around the house! Pillows, tablerunner??

  260. hmm..I had alot of prom dresses. Deep purple..bleh!

  261. Danna McCrary says:

    My prom dress was black satin with a very small train and had a white embroidered band across the bodice. It was very simple, but classic.

  262. I would make loads of dresses for my little girl!

  263. I would totally make a quilt for my little girl’s bed. I just bought 2 quilt patterns, and that fabric would be awesome!

  264. My prom dress was yellow, my all time favorite color!

  265. I left a comment on Mark’s blog!

  266. My prom dress was also midnight blue!

  267. What would I make with 6 yards of Morning Tides? I’ll try to collect myself and refine the possibilities to one or two things. But seriously, I would have to make a crib bumper pad with matching quilt. The purple/yellow combo for a new granddaughter? Too cute for words!

  268. My prom dress was dark purple, and my favorite part of the whole look was the cute flippy hairstyle I had senior year. Sometimes I wish I still had the time and energy for fixing a cute flippy hairstyle every day, but I wouldn’t give up my life now with my little girl for anything!

  269. I have one sibling left to make a quilt for, and this would be perfect for her! THANKS for the chance!

  270. I left a comment on Mark’s blog :)

  271. I have a little girl who loves purple!! I would totally make her a blanket for her bed, she is moving up to a big girl bed next week!

  272. I ‘like’ Mark’s Design page on FB (Rebecca A)

  273. I follow Mark on twitter (ourbusybunch)

  274. My grad dress was a really deep purple with sparkles through it. It was floor length, tied up the back, and slimming. I wore it again 11 years and 3 kids later on a family cruise :)

  275. Deanna E. says:

    I would make myself some long skirts!

  276. Deanna E. says:

    My prom dress wasa royal blue.

  277. I would LOVE to make a skirt (or maybe even a dress) out of the purple & yellow fabric. Geaux Tigers!!!

  278. My prom dress was black…and NOT something I would pick out now.

  279. left Mark a comment

  280. If I won I think I’d use some of the fabric to make a purse…I’ve been wanting to sew my own purse for a while now and have some cute ideas but have never fully commited to the project….but with cute fabric to work with I think I’d finally get started! :)

  281. my prom dress was black, white, & pink

  282. I would make a quilt, pillows, clothes, gifts, I’m just not sure

  283. liked him on fb

  284. left a comment on his blog

  285. Catherine Z says:

    I would redo my youngest daughters room. New curtains, quilted bedspread…

  286. went to prom a couple times and they were always black and white

  287. Lovin this giveaway!

  288. I’m a quilter, therefore it’d be for a quilt – or maybe some runners, or curtains, or placemats – possibilities are endless :)

  289. My prom dress was turquoise, and sparkly and i thought i was fabulous haha

  290. I follow Mark on twitter

  291. I have no idea what I’d make but I LOVE it all!!!!

  292. My prom dress was boring. Black and white.

  293. I visited Mar’s blog and thanked him for the fabulous giveaway!!!

  294. 6 yards? How about a Spring Quilt. Or a ton of cute totes.

  295. Kristen Trappett says:

    Oh the possibilities, I think my littlest may need a pretty blanket for Easter, or a dress, or both as 6 yards could go a long way.

  296. My prom dress was white! Who wears a white prom dress? I looked like I was a miniature bride.

  297. Stacy Wolfe says:

    Oooh. I’m in the process of redo-ing my bedroom. That fabric would go wonderfully. I’d probably made a wall hanging for my ginormous empty wall.

  298. Left Mark a comment.

  299. Stacy Wolfe says:

    Also my prom dress was a beautiful dark purple satin-y fabric. I felt like a princess.

  300. Kristen Trappett says:

    My prom dresses were many colors, but my favorites ones were dark green, and then I had a light purple one, both made by my awesome mom!

  301. “Like” Mark in facebook.

  302. I would do some dresses for my girls or maybe some bags or maybe both. LOL!

  303. I went 3 times and wore black, then purple, then black again. Kinda sounds like a bruise. :/

  304. purple and yellow were my grade school’s colors – go crusaders! i’d say that i would make a couple of skirts, but that would probably be a lie – i never make clothes for myself. a quilt though – that would happen.

  305. I’d make some totally cute sling bags!

  306. Skirts, baby clothes, a bag . . . um, I could make a tent with 6 yards this is awesome!

  307. My prom dress was red . . . so was my hair at the time, what a mistake.

  308. Love the fabric! I would make a strapless dress with the fabric from Free Spirit.

  309. I would also make a skirt with the fabric too.

  310. Hi – I left a joke for Mark at his blog…
    knock knock
    who’s there
    wooo who?
    Woooohooo! A give away!

    thanks for the opportunity!

  311. I left a comment on Mark’s blog.

  312. I liked Mark on Facebook too!

  313. My prom dress was pastel pink with white tulle.

  314. OMG I would definitely make a wall hanging for myself and use the leftovers for at least one of my granddaughters. LOVING that purple.

  315. I left a comment on Mark’s blog.

  316. No prom, no prom dress, but if there had been one it would have been purple!

  317. 6 yards! I would make my mother a quilt (I’ve been meaning to do it for years, but these color combinations are so great!), finish my daughters quilt, make her a couple of dresses and a couple of skirts/dresses for the BabyCorner – a local non-profit aiding families with very young children. Scraps? Well, another quilt wouldn’t go amiss….. :)

    thank you for the chance to win such cool patterns

  318. I loved my prom dress – it was white taffeta with a white lace overlay. So very very 1989 :)

  319. I follow Mark on Twitter (@pdxpam)

  320. I would definitely make a baby quilt. And then making a matching onsie with a cow on it. :)

  321. My prom dresses were black & white and red.

  322. Gayle Erwin says:

    I would make lots of really cool retro style aprons in all sorts of forms. I’d be the best dressed pottery in our studio. ;)

  323. So many patterns, so little fabric… I’d revisit my Medieval/Renaissance dress pattern collection. :)

  324. Gayle Erwin says:

    I wore a baby pink dress to my junior prom and a light green dress to my senior prom. They were both fantastic 25 years ago. Now, not so much.

  325. Also, my prom dress was forest green crushed panne with a black bodice.

  326. I would make…hmmm…i think the yellow/purple fabric would be ideal for animal quilts for children. I’ve made them before & I think that’d be stunning.

    My prom dress was black. Long. I loved it.

  327. Beautiful fabric!! I would make a quilt with it!!

  328. I would love to win this! I would attempt to make a throw quilt for my den.

  329. Sara Corinne says:

    I think I would use some of the purple & gold to make a dear friend a purse for football season :) And I’m not sure about the rest of the 6 yards, but I sure would have fun with it!

  330. I would love to win this giveaway! I would attempt to make a throw quilt for my den.

  331. Visited to Mark’s blog to say HI :)

  332. Sara Corinne says:

    And I liked Mark on facebook!

  333. Hmmm… I’d make a quilt or a dress for my baby girl!

  334. I think I would have to make something for our first babys room or something to organize the diaper bag. Loved Calypso and have already made a quilt of that. Just hoping my feelings are right and its a girl smiles.

  335. Melanie Bremer says:

    I would love to make dresses for my girls, maybe some aprons or a purse. Beautiful fabric!!

  336. I left a comment on Mark’s blog.

  337. I liked Mark on fb!

  338. I liked Mark’s Facebook page.

  339. Melanie Bremer says:

    My prom dress my Junior year was forest green and my dress for my Senior year was a wine color. I made them both! :)

  340. My prom dress was bright blue and I loved it so so much. I wish I had an excuse to wear it again (not that I could fit into it, but still).

  341. My prom dress was burgandy and gold.

  342. I like Mark on FB!!

  343. Just Checked out Marks facebook page and “liked” it of course and there are some cute dresses. Maybe I will have to make our new arrival something to wear. I am so excited.

  344. I am following Mark on Twitter. @freegroceries

  345. Sara Corinne says:

    And my senior prom dress was lavender. With lots of beads :) and a strappy back.

  346. I have been a follower of Marks Blog since our Local quilt store got Calypso Swing watching all the new things that he has come up with.

  347. My prom dress was dark blue and white :)

  348. I would use the lovely 6 yards for a master bedroom mini-makeover! A pieced quilt, some curtains, maybe some throw pillows?

  349. Just Followed Mark on Twitter as well and my goodness what a wealth of ideas. Yeah!!

  350. Black velvet prom dress!

  351. Left a comment on Mark’s blog!

  352. My prom dress was navy blue with glitter ALL over. :) Ah the 90s!

  353. I would make purses, clutches, baby burp cloths, and probably a halter for myself!

  354. I don’t even know what I’d make! Probably a couple fun baby dresses for my best friend’s 4-month-old girl :-)

  355. Plus, I “liked” Mark’s page on FB.

  356. PLUS, my prom dress was lavender and silver… I wonder if my mom still has that “special” number in the closet at home.

  357. Becca FancyPants says:

    I just pinned these DIY Roman Shades on pinterest! This fabric would be PERFECT!

  358. Becca FancyPants says:

    I made both of my prom dresses, the first one was this blue sequence, and the second one involved pink with glitters and a TON of gathering! anndd I didn’t iron out the fold marks!! LOL.. Amateur!

  359. I’d make my girls a whole new wardrobe of cute twirly skirts!

  360. I would make a strip quilt to show off all those fabulous patterns.

  361. My junior prom dress was turquoise and I sewed it myself! My senior prom dress was midnight blue and I opted to NOT sew it that year.

  362. This is gorgeous fabric! I would love to make a quilt with it!

  363. My prom dress was baby blue dotted swiss and my date wore a baby blue tux to match! It was 1980!

  364. Awesome fabric. I think it would look great in a string quilt! Thanks for the chance to win!

  365. I left Mark a comment :)

  366. I “liked” Mark’s design page on FB.

  367. Like the FB page!

  368. My dress was red with big poofy sleeves!

  369. I would make 5 little dresses for rotten little girl out of the mornig tides fabric.

  370. 6 yards of fabric? I’d make a quilt!

  371. Also posted on Mark’s Blog

  372. The most beautiful quilt ever!! Or Tote bags… or nursing cover…with SIX yards of fabric I could do all of them!

  373. I left a comment on Marc’s blog!

  374. I follow Mark on Twitter!

  375. I’m a fan of Mark on Facebook!

  376. I left a comment on his blog! I’m all excited about good purple fabric.

  377. My prom dress was deep purple with black and silver lace over it! My mom made it for me, and it was beautiful! She also made my wedding dress!

  378. I recently bought a pattern that is a sleeping mat, but when all bundled up, it is an owl. All of the “feathers” have different fabrics. I think this would be BEAUTIFUL for that project!

  379. Oh, I would make some lovely skirts with those fabrics. Too pretty!

  380. My prom dress was red and looked great, we won’t mention my hair.

  381. OK, I went to prom twice. Once with royal blue and the other time hot pink (with sequins lol)

  382. I also commented on Mark’s blog.

  383. My prom dress was a green jewel tone that verged on teal depending on the lighting. I still really love that color.

  384. Heather dela Cruz says:

    Holy crap, this is an awesome giveaway. I would probably use that 6 yards to make a lovely quilt for ME! =)

  385. Hmmmm I’m not sure what I would make! Maybe a banner for the little one’s Tangled party (yellow and purple? Perfect!), or a handbag, or maybe some matching skirts for the kiddos.

  386. I left a comment on his blog.

  387. Heather dela Cruz says:

    I left Mark the lamest joke of all time. =)

  388. My prom dress was red and orange.

  389. Heather dela Cruz says:

    Ahhh prom dress… mine was black velvet on top with a tulle princess poof skirt. Stylin.

  390. I’d make a pouf for my daughter’s room. I’m determined to make her a reading area!

  391. OH wow! All kinds of things! Starting with Christmas presents! I’d like to make some cute totes for gifts!

  392. I have three girls. I could find plenty of use for six yards of fabric, that’s two yards each. :)

  393. Left a nice note.

  394. I’d make purses!

  395. Liked on FB.

  396. Following on Twitter.

  397. Prom dress was white satin. It went well with my sunburn from being in Mexico the week before.

  398. I posted a comment on Mark’s blog.

  399. Like I told Mark, I’m moving in to more girlie colors these days instead of my usual (and safe) woodsy stuff. Would I want 6 freakin’ yards of this? Oh yeah, baby.

  400. I didn’t go to prom… but my mom made me a teal satin dress for a cotillion once.

  401. I’d defenitely would make a messengerbag with it

  402. I would make crib bedding for this next baby and maybe attempt to recover our old, boring carseat. Beautiful fabric!

  403. My prom dress was bright red, and I LOVED it! It was so different than anything I had worn before (or since!)

  404. I left a comment on Mark’s blog!

  405. I’d make some type of tote bag, with accessories.

  406. Hmmm, my prom dress was a peachy pink color.

  407. Hi! I’ve left a comment on his blog!

  408. And now I’ve liked him of facebook.

  409. I would make a cuddly quilt for my daughter and with the leftover, I would make a ruffled diaper cover. My prom dress was dark green…

  410. I would love to win and make a bunch of skirts for my little girls, or curtains, or pillows, or a purse for me.

  411. My prom dress was a silver blue.

  412. I can see comfy pj pants…or pillow cases, or a quilt (to match the pillow cases) well, dang it…I would just cover my entire bedroom in 6 yards of that yummy fabric!

  413. I left a comment for Mark, it was a joke. Wanna see it? Here it is:Okay…my son’s favourite joke to tell…knock knock? (who’s there?) Boo (Boo Who?) DON’T CRY! IT’S JUST A JOKE!….I know, I know, but he’s MUCH cuter and funnier when he says it :)

  414. I “like” Mark on Facebook :)

  415. And follow him on Twitter :)

  416. I have a lovely dresser to-be-shelving unit that is in desperate need of my renewed love for the project. I absolutely fell in love with the black and turquoise damask-ish design!! I can already see it in action!!!!!!!

  417. My prom dress was black chiffon with a Japanese floral print in vibrant purples, mustardsm olives, turquoise and pinks. It was also cut in that high-collared Japanese style dress. It was BEAUTIFUL. I still have it, and I still wear it to special occasion :)

  418. Just said Hello to Mark over at his blog!!

  419. Just “Liked” his facebook page!! =)

  420. Hmm..I had a couple of prom dresses….but I think my favorite was a salmon colored 2 PIECE beaded number. =)

  421. 6 yards = Pillows, throw blanket, skirts for my girls, “tie” shirt for my lil boy to match…ummmmm so many other things I could do!!! will it be in a variety or just one color cause I am digging the black and white and the yellow prints! LOVE this!!!

  422. oh my what would i make? that is some beautiful fabrics!

  423. my Junior prom was a cocktail length aqua sequined number, and my Senior Prom was a floor length red silk with vertical gold sequenced lines…elegant and I had it up till about 3 years ago…uhhh prom was 15 yrs ago :/ lol

  424. I commented on his blog!

  425. I would make a quilt or a couple dresses for my daughter!! Thanks for the chance.

  426. Let’s see, my prom dress was royal blue satin…off the shoulder.

  427. I would make a new quilt! Love the colors.

  428. Both prom dresses were red and slinky, loved them both!

  429. I would definitely make some diaper bag accessories for a friend of mine who has a new baby on the way!

  430. My senior prom dress was black with faux fur. I was so classy. ;)

  431. I would make some drapes!

  432. My prom dress was orange. Highway. Cone. Orange.

  433. I would love to make some cute dresses for my little girl!

  434. My prom dress was baby blue

  435. I commented on Mark’s blog.

    My husband asked for a purple and blue quilt like 7 years ago. I need to get on that! I would back it with the MC12-Royal. 6 lovely yards to make it reversible and lovely on both sides!

    No prom dress for me. My best friend took me to Hawaii as a graduation gift. I got to be all grown up and parentless for almost 2 weeks! Totally better than a prom!

  436. I want to make some pillows!!

  437. I never got to go to prom :(

  438. I also left Mark a comment thanking him!

  439. I’d make two zig zag quilts with both colorways!

  440. I am not sure what I would make actually. But it would probably be for me whatever it was. A quilt most likely. This is such a gorgeous line. (Free Spirit knows how to pick ‘em!)

  441. I “liked” Mark on FB.

  442. I also left Mark a comment. What a great blog! Loved the wedding photos.

  443. I went to prom three times, so my dress colors were: lime green, chocolate brown, and bright funky colors (think 80s!).

  444. Wow! My prom dress was bright blue with some sequins – late 90′s at it’s finest.

  445. I commented on his blog!

  446. I would LOVE to make some adorable dresses for my little girl with that fantastic fabric! With 6 yards I could do some other projects too! Definitely something for myself. :)

  447. Lisa Boshell says:

    I would totes make a big ol’ quilt! Well, as big as I could with SIX yards!

  448. Lisa Boshell says:

    My prom dress was baby pink. Nothing but classy for me!

  449. I would make clothes for my kiddos and maybe a baby blanket or 2!

  450. Commented on Mark’s blog.

  451. My prom dress was royal purplish blue….off the shoulder!

  452. with SIX yards of Morning Tide I would make ME a skirt! I feel like I deserve it :) or maybe a quilt

  453. my prom dress was royal blue! form fitted and lovely!!

  454. I liked his facebook page!

  455. My prom dress was burgundy and silver.

  456. Heather Swanson says:

    I would make dresses/clothes for my daughter, and maybe a small tote for myself!

  457. Heather Swanson says:

    My prom dress was royal blue with silver accents.

  458. Heather Swanson says:

    I liked Mark on FB

  459. Heather Swanson says:

    I am following Mark on Twitter

  460. Heather Swanson says:

    I left Mark a comment on his big awesome blog.

  461. I checked out Mark’s blog. He sure had a lovely wedding!

  462. My prom dress was yellow. Sadly, I never got to wear it to the prom, but that’s a story for another day…

  463. I would make a quilt for my daughters new big girl bed!

  464. I now follow Mark on twitter!!

  465. Well in Canada we don’t have Prom- we just call it Grad…. so my grad dress was red- custom made, so beautiful (at the time!!)

  466. I went to Marks blog and left him a comment!

  467. I liked him on Facebook!

  468. Wow, what could I do with 6 yards of this fantastic fabric? I think a quilt for my guest room would definitely be on the agenda!

  469. I could make .. OH SO MUCH with 6 yards of fabric!! Dresses, pants, applique, quilts, shoes.. oh the possibilities!!

  470. I left a comment on his blog :)

  471. I would make a quilt and pillows!

  472. -There are SOOOOOOOOOO many things I would make with this fabric… including blankets, bags, and CLOTHES!!!! LOVE this stuff!!! Thanks for the chance at an amazing giveaway!

  473. I “LIKE” his FB page!

  474. -I left a message for Mark on his blog! What amazing designs!!! :)

  475. It’s funny because I was standing when I was reading your post (I just was). I would reuphoster four chairs that are crying to be pretty.

  476. -I like Mark’s page on Facebook!

  477. -I wore a black and white dress for my senior prom and a green dress for junior prom! Fun times! Ha!!!

  478. I just went ove to say hi to Mark.

  479. My prom dress was very royal, as in royal blue, ha!

  480. I’d sew those 6 yards of fabric into something awesome!! This is a great fabric line, wow. I love it.

  481. I would make dresses and or purses for Christmas gifts!

  482. My prom dress was glittery purple.

  483. Awesome fabrics!!! I would use the fabric to make Christmas items for my family. I have plenty of open time due to being laid off an d could find plenty of uses. I’m thinking aprons, pillows maybe a curtain or two.

    Oh, and my prom dress was sapphire blue…

  484. My prom dress was red, as in “Lady in Red,” which was playing while I walked down our partially spiraling staircase to greet my date. I’m cool, I know ;) He had to wait a while because my mom and neighbor were busy with last-minute sewing… while it was on me.

  485. My Prom dress was Red, with Black beads and crystals in the shape of flowers that swirls around the dress.. it was beautiful!

  486. I would make some pillows for my sofa…and maybe something for my brand new niece??

  487. I “liked” Mark on Facebook, which might be an indicator as to how much I’d love some of this fabric!

  488. Oh and my prom dress was black and emerald green. ick….wish I had had a better sense of my own style at that point in my life! :)

  489. Love the fabric…It would make some cute curtains or maybe chair cushions! Or maybe an outfit for my 3 year old niece:-)

  490. My prom dress was PURPLE:-) ha!

  491. … and I just visited his blog to say hi. Did you see those wedding photos? An entire resort in Jamaica… crazy!

  492. Donna Bowes says:

    I think I would re-do my daughter’s room! Thanks for the awsome giveaway!

  493. Donna Bowes says:

    Left a comment on mark’s blog!

  494. Donna Bowes says:

    Liked him on facebook!

  495. I don’t know what I would do with all 6 yards but I see little girl skirts in my future.

  496. Wow 6 yards….I think I’d want to do some crib bedding for my baby girl. Or maybe use some for Christmas gifts I’m working on.

  497. My prom dress was white.

  498. I went to Prom 3 times – first time my dress was a deep purple color. Second time it was white. And the third (and favorite dress) was a gorgeous sparkly gold. I sure loved that dress.

  499. I would make quilts–6 yards would ensure I could have a matching back on my quilt!

  500. I would make some little wrist bags for all of my sister-in-laws (I have 3 brothers and so does my husband, so I’ve been fortunate to gain 6 of them). Then I would make a quilt for my daughter. She LOVES purple!

  501. I visited Mark’s blog and left a comment–such beautiful wedding photos!

  502. My prom dress was black with white on the top.

  503. My prom dress (which I bought new for $21 a year and a half before hand) was a dark teal-grey-almost-black color (and totally 1940s).

  504. Followed Mark’s blog *smile*

  505. Liked Mark’s page on facebook *smile*

  506. With 6 yards of this beautiful fabric I would make a wall hanging for my kitchen and have plenty left over to scatter about other various projects I have planned. Wonderful give away. *smile*

  507. My Sr. prom dress was a navy blue as well with criss-cross straps in back. It was sure pretty. Can’t wait to dress shop with my daughter one of these days when she is older.

  508. Wow, 6 yards is a lot! I’d maybe make some cute skirts for my daughter, or some place mats for our dinner table, a purse… so many possibilities.

  509. My prom dress was a greenish color.

  510. I may have just squealed out loud at work. So pretty! I think I need some kind of top out of this…

  511. And my prom dress was purple (fate?)

  512. I’d make a chenille blanket-well probably a few chenille blankets.

    I was standing up reading your blog. Really, I was.

  513. stormyyskyy says:

    I would made a georgious purple & yellow king sized quilt.

  514. My prom dress was ivory.

  515. stormyyskyy says:

    I liked Mark on FB.

  516. I’d make some cute dresses for my little girl!

  517. stormyyskyy says:

    My jounior year prom dress was teal & my senior year dress (that I kept) is cherry red with ruffles.

  518. My prom dress was PURPLE, of course!

  519. Wow what beautiful fabric!! And what a generous giveaway! I would love to put some of this fabric into a quilt, make a totebag and maybe some pillow covers. Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  520. I would love to make a quilt,pillow cases,stitching accessories …..
    The fabric is just beautiful!!!!!

  521. Left a comment on Mark’s blog! :)

  522. I like Mark’s page on facebook! :)

  523. I would make a quilt for my family room. I love snuggling up in blankets when I watch movies.

  524. My prom dress was teal. :)

  525. I commented on Marks blog & am now following his blog as well ;)

  526. My prom dress was a pale pink. It wasn’t my favorite, but my Mom loved it… and so did my date ;)

  527. jennifer lucero says:

    i would make some baby blankets with the fabric, as i have 4 babies on the way in my family. thanks for the giveaway!

  528. Prom? I never went to prom. Being an FFA member fair time was always around prom and I choose to show my animals rather than going to prom. I wore white wranglers and a couduroy FFA jacket though.. so stylish.

  529. I would make some throw pillows and a dress for my adorable granddaughter!

  530. I also followed Mark on the Twitter. ;o)

  531. sky blue dotted swiss prom dress. Ugh.

  532. Would like to make a quilt !!! Beautiful fabric Hum~ prom dress was YELLOW !!!!! which is still my favorite color.

  533. Jannelle Kennedy says:

    Loving that purple & yellow! I think I’d make a quilt for my soon to be college grad (go Panthers!)

  534. Jannelle Kennedy says:

    My prom dress was a pink number with spaghetti straps. Does anyone even say spaghetti strap any more? lol

  535. That fabric is too awesome! What a great giveaway! I would make a purse for sure. Maybe some pillows too. I am loving that fabric!

  536. I follow Mark on Twitter now:)

  537. I ‘like’ him on Facebook:)

  538. Wow! That is an incredibly generous giveaway!! Whew! I think that I would make a quilt – yup that is definite and it will be gorgeous with this fabric.

  539. I left a comment on Mark’s blog!

  540. I am now following Mark on Twitter.

  541. I did not go to prom:( But my homecoming dress was a site. It was black floraly material, kind of see through, it was long and buttoned down the front. I wore a black bodysuit underneath and fishnets. I had diagonal striped knee socks and my Doc Martens. Fun times.

  542. My prom dress was an ivory spaghetti dress with a sheer and whispy overlay in light florals – it was perfect!

  543. Newbie Quilter says:

    Are you kidding me??? 6 yards of this beautiful fabric and giving it away??? I would love to win and would most likely make a queen size quilt (quite the undertaking for a beginner but I would be motivated!!) Thank you for this dream opportunity.

  544. Gorgeous!! I would use the fabric to make duffle bags for my fashionista teenage cousins.

  545. Left a message on Mark’s blog! :D

  546. Liking Mark’s page on Facebook!!

  547. Following Mark on Twitter!

  548. My prom dress, which was actually a top and skirt, was midnight blue. It had rhinestones on the top part and it was sort of shimmery. Yikes…

  549. I’d make a baby quilt for my niece arriving in January!

  550. My prom dress was black and I actually still love it 10 years later!

  551. Made a comment on Mark’s blog

  552. I would make curtains for my naked windows with 6 yards of fabric.

  553. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I would make a quilt (or two!) for my niece Emily. She loves purple and the yellow is sunny like her!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  554. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I didn’t get asked to Prom, so I didn’t go. I worked that night instead. :(

  555. My prom dress was black velvet!

  556. I would make Christmas presents! Not sure what–pillowcases, aprons, bags….

    Beautiful fabric!

  557. I am going to make a cute diaper bag and a couple of purses.

  558. My prom dress was red, top to bottom sequins with big puffy sleeves!

  559. I said hello to Mark on his blog!

  560. I liked Mark’s FB page!

  561. I would some pretty dresses for my little girl and her friends….and me a matching bag. What pretty fabrics!

  562. Melody Smith says:

    I would make some bags or a quilt for my soon to be niece!

  563. Melody Smith says:

    My prom dress was black. My mom made it for me.

  564. I love those colors and would make a quilt to go with my iris watercolors in my bedroom. Thanks for the giveaway.

  565. My Jr Prom i wore a black and white dress and my senior prom i wore a purple dress. =)

  566. I sent Mark some love on his blog. =)

  567. I love the patterns! I would make a purse and a padded laptop sleeve.

  568. Didn’t attend any high school proms. But if had, my dress would be blue.

  569. My prom dress was pale pink. (-:

  570. I commented on marks blog!

  571. I liked marks facebook!

  572. I wore a black dress to prom

  573. Angie Ulseth says:

    I’d make a lap quilt for my living room. Extras would be made into small gifts like rice hot packs, reusable lunch bags, and a doll blanket for my granddaughter.

  574. My prom dress was gold.

  575. I would make a baby blanket for my 2 month old and possibly a matching one for my neice

  576. I could make some seriously cute christmas presents with all that fabric! Awesome giveaway!

  577. OOOH! I’m envisioning Aprons, Aprons and more Aprons! I love Aprons and I’d make one for you AND Marks signifigant other:)

  578. Oh the possibilites are endless as to what I would make. Such gorgeous fabric! Thanks for the chance to win!

  579. My junior prom dress was burgundy, and I went all out and wore black to my senior prom. I sure would love to win!

  580. I would make lots of things!!
    the dress was LILAC!!

  581. I left Mark a comment on his blog.

  582. Those would make great pillow cases

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  583. My dress color was black,and white

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  584. Left a comment on his blog!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  585. Following on twitter

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  586. I’d definately make a quilt!

  587. We liked Mark on FB on left a comment as Margaret and Marcia. alternate email mlwright29(at)hotmail(dot)com

  588. My prom dress: black bodice & white w/black polka-dot 2 “tiered” skirt that was shorter in front, longer in back and black ribbon along the bottom of both layers….yeah, I made it. And the dh’s (I married my date!) cumberband and bow-tie to match! (black with white polka-dots).

  589. I would make a quilt!

  590. My prom dress was black and white.

  591. With 6 yards, I just may tackle that king sized quilt that I am always too chicken to attempt. I think I can, I think I can….

  592. I popped over to Mark’s blog to say hello!

  593. I was too spineless to argue and I let my mom pick my prom dress (I know, I know…). It was baby pink, ’nuff said.

  594. I would definitely make a quilt with that cool fabric.

  595. My prom dress was lime green, just like my….?????

  596. Love the fabric!!!! I could see those pretty prints as cute clothes for my adorable little granddaughter. I would love to win some to play with.

  597. I think I’d just make myself something really nice – for my birthday!

  598. Oh the quilty goodness I would make with 6 whole yards of this fabric. AWESOME!

  599. My prom dress was burgundy. And sparkly. And satiny. Oh my.

  600. Following on Facebook.

  601. I popped over to his blog too, and I totally dig his wedding pics.

  602. I would love to make something cute for my 3 girls.

  603. I’d make a quilt.

  604. My prom dress was pink!

  605. I left Mark a comment on his blog.

  606. I would make Elizabeth Hartman’s “New Wave” quilt with the most awesomely pieced backing. Six yards? Wow!

  607. I would make a quilt – I LOVE that fabric! I think my mom would love a quilt with it :)

  608. My prom dress was blue and cinderella-like. I felt like a princess! I wore gloves, too!

  609. I like Mark on Facebook.

  610. I just left a comment for Mark on his blog!

  611. My prom dress was beautifully made by my mother, out of pink satin. I felt loved and lovely.

  612. I left a message for Mark.

  613. I would crank out a quilt with all of that fabric!

  614. My prom dress was black & I was Prom Queen!

  615. Chelley Black says:

    6 yards! Holy Cow! I’d make a quilt. A really big quilt! Thanks for the giveaway!

  616. Chelley Black says:

    My prom dress was red and I made it myself. It was gorgeous! Our high school colors were purple and gold — exactly like that first group of fabrics!

  617. Love the blue color way. I would make a dress. Or a bag. Or a quilt. Hmmm, I’m very decicive tonight:).
    My prom dress was purple! :)

  618. Would definitely make some apron knot dresses for my daughter’s!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  619. I like Mark’s Design page on FB!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  620. Following Mark on Twitter (@sazzyfrazzy)!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  621. My dress was burgundy, made of taffeta and velvet with a lining, boning and the works! I made it myself!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  622. I’d love to make some skirts and blouses :D
    Thanks for the chance!

  623. Mark Cesarik Art & Design FB fan!

  624. Follow Mark Cesarik on twitter @thepeachrainbow

  625. The color of my prom dress was Apple Green :D

  626. I would make a duvet cover!

  627. My prom dress was peach!

  628. I would make a quilt for my best friend turning 50 this year!!!

  629. I said HI! to Mark on his blog!!!

  630. Well, Christmas is fast approaching and I have several projects on my TO DO list. Purses for my granddaughters, a wall quilt for my daughter and daughter-in-law and many other projects that probably won’t get tackled by then. My mind thinks I can accomplish so much, my body – not so much!! Be blessed!

  631. Lisa Wolfel says:

    I need to make my 2 year old a large floor pillow! This stuff is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  632. Lisa Wolfel says:

    My prom dress was black – wasn’t really the “feminine” type :)

  633. I can’t even wrap my mind around 6 yards! That’s crazy talk. I’d have to do something BIG. Or, lots of little things… I seriously can’t imagine that much fabric.

  634. my prom dress was iridescent sequins

  635. I left Mark a joke from my four year old

  636. I would make my very first quilt:)

  637. My prom dress was black…and I wasn’t goth either, lol.

  638. With this lovely fabric I would make dresses and skirts for my daughter and her dolls!

  639. I like Mike (on FB)!

  640. I love the fabric. I would make a skirt for my daughter and maybe a big pillow for her room.

  641. I left a comment on Mark’s blog.

  642. I follow Mark on Twitter.

  643. I liked Mark’s Facebook page.

  644. My prom dress was burgundy – it was actually very nice.

  645. jennifer lucero says:

    i left a comment on marks blog. I hope i win

  646. This would be perfect for a tshirt quilt for a sweet lady who lost her teenage daughter this year…the prints are young and fresh and happy. And 6 yards is the perfect amount!

  647. Wow, lots of comments! I would make some beautiful quilts for my daughter and my new baby on the way! Thanks so much, [email protected]

  648. I left a remark on Mark’s blog.

  649. I might make a lap quilt or maybe a great bag with those lovlies.

  650. I left Mark a comment! Thanks, [email protected]

  651. I follow Mark on Twitter. Thanks, [email protected]

  652. My Prom dress was Black and White. So pretty. Thanks, [email protected]

  653. I left a comment on Mark’s blog.

  654. My prom dress was redish-brown!

  655. I had three prom dresses! My mom made two of them. The one I wore my sophmore year was the first one Mom made for me and it was baby blue taffeta. My junior year Mom made a beautiful pink with a beaded applique. Then my senior year we borrowed a sky blue one (I actually wore that to two proms – mine and my best friend’s).

  656. I think I would just HAVE to make a quilt!!!

  657. It screams quilt and hopefully with leftovers for a name pillow. I love name pillows!

  658. I would make those big square European pillow covers with the fabric!!!!

  659. High school prom? Wow, I don’t remember. Now I will have to dig through the ole’ photo albums.

  660. I didn’t go to prom! Wahhhhh! Does that still count!?

  661. I left a comment on Mark’s blog.

  662. I liked Mark on FB!

  663. I left a comment on Mark’s blog too!

  664. I like Mark on Facebook.

  665. My prom dress was pale blue.

  666. Andrea Linder says:

    I think I would make aprons! I bought a pattern months ago and have been wanting to make some. What a perfect opportunity with these awesome designs!

  667. Andrea Linder says:

    I left a comment on Mark’s blog

  668. Andrea Linder says:

    I “Liked” Mark on Facebook

  669. Andrea Linder says:

    I follow Mark on Twitter

  670. Andrea Linder says:

    My prom dress was pink! As pink as pink can get!

  671. Hmm. maybe a quilt, and some cute PJs.

  672. My prom dress was an off white creation.

  673. I am new to sewing and in the process of purchasing awesome fabric that inspires me. So far I’ve made an apron, curtains, and a stuffed turtle… random, I know. ;) I would love to make floor pillows for my newly re-decorated daycare room for the kids. This fabric would be perfect! They would be gorgeous AND useful.

  674. I am following Mark on Twitter :)

  675. I left Mark a comment on his blog (was going to tell him a joke but I drew a blank).

  676. My prom dress was silver… my date bought it for me (nice guy!)

  677. Miranda Taylor says:

    Well after I was done staring and drooling over it, I would make some curtains for some unsightly areas of my house, pillows, skirts or whatever else my brain can bake up!!! 6 yards is A LOT!!!

  678. Miranda Taylor says:

    I visited Mark’s blog and commented! He even made a spot for us to comment!

  679. Miranda Taylor says:

    I like Mark’s design page on Facebook!

  680. Miranda Taylor says:

    My prom dress was purple – I think they called it eggplant – it is still hanging in my closet!!! (and I had a purple car – it was actually called ultra violet!)

  681. Oh, I’m begging to win! I’m doing my daughter’s nursery in purple and yellow but have had a hard time finding what I like…until NOW! I love the patterns and color combos

  682. I “liked” Mark on FB

  683. I’m in the process of making a new quilt so I could really use this!! Great Giveaway!

  684. I “liked” Mark on FB

  685. I commented on Mark’s blog

  686. Visited Mark’s Blog and Commented!

  687. I went to prom every year of high school.
    Freshman – Royal Blue
    Sophmore – Navy Blue
    Junior – Black and Maroon
    Senior – Pinkish Orange

  688. I would make some pillows for my grandaughter’s bedroom and curtains for her bathroom. these are her all time favorite colors.

  689. I love Mark’s blog. I left him some love too.

  690. I liked him on FB as well. Love his fabrics.

  691. good grief, 6 yards!? that’s UH-MAZ-ING! what to do, what to do…. i’ve been dying to make a duffle bag (that i bought the pattern for MONTHS ago) and i love all things coordinating so i’d have to make a coordinating purse, wallet, zippered pouch, make-up case, etc. holy smokes, that’d be awesome! what a suh-weet giveaway!

  692. prom dress. i only went to my junior prom and my dress was light light purple. almost periwinkle. i think…. i’ve blocked most of that night out of my memory since i NEVER saw the pictures, felt AWKWARD the entire night, and the guy i went with is now gay. one sure fire way to boost a girl’s self esteem, no? ;)

  693. “like”ing Mark over on the ol FB so i can keep up to date with his creativity!

  694. explored around Mark’s blog and left a comment! :)

  695. Carolyn Slappey says:

    wow, almost 700 people have commented. The blues..I love the blues. I know this is radical, but I’d probably make a quilt out of 6 yards of it. And maybe some pillows to match. :)
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  696. I would make a quilt for the baby girl I’m expecting in March. Probably the yellow and purple.

  697. My Junior prom dress was yellow and it was my favorite. I should have worn it a 2nd time at my senior prom too -oh well.

  698. Krista Brandt says:

    My prom dress was light purple. How fitting, I love the purple and yellow fabrics.

  699. I just saw a FABULOUS tutorial for a nursing hospital gown on The Crafty Cupboard, so I’d make that for my pregnant sister-in-law!

  700. My prom dress was light yellow! And…my high school colors were purple and yellow, which made my graduation gown BRIGHT PURPLE.

  701. With six yards, I’d make some dresses, some pillows, some quilty things, cuz we all need quilty things. Really, six yards! Gah! Pick me!

  702. Love the fabric. With the purple and yellow I’d want to make a quilt for college football games. Go Huskies!

  703. We don’t do prom here, but we do do grad dresses. Mine was purple. Yup, still love that colour too!

  704. Checked out Marks blog and left a comment that you sent me!

  705. Krista Brandt says:

    I liked Marks Facebook page.

  706. Krista Brandt says:

    I would make a quilt, and I would back it with flannel.

  707. I am having twins in April and their room is bare and ready for decorating: Bedding, curtains, pillows.. you name it it needs it. This fabric would be SO adorable and I know I could come up with some nifty ways of using it to make a cute baby room. :)

    * I also liked Marks Facebook

  708. I see some pretty girl clothes ,a quilt, and maybe even some pillows in the works. thanks

  709. My prom dress was teal one year and black another. thanks

  710. Rhonda Strange says:

    Love the turquoise & white print! Thinking I would make curtains & pillows for my bedroom! My prom dresses were peach & light blue! Go 80′s!

  711. SIX YARDS!! EEEK! I will definitely be making a quilt. This fabric is absolutely gorgeous! THANK YOU!

  712. I visited Mark’s blog and left him some love!

  713. I like Mark’s facebook page! :)

  714. I’m not on Twitter, but my prom dress was black with rhinestones. It was gorgeous. :)

  715. i would probably make my daughter a cute skirt and dress, maybe some pillows, man the possibilities are endless!!

  716. I’d use the 6 yards of fabric to make dresses for my daughter and as gifts!

  717. My prom dress was a burgundy color!

  718. Left love on Mark’s Blog!

  719. Liked Mark’s design page on FB.

  720. I have been wanting to make a quilt for my neice and nephew!! That’s what I would do with the fabric!

  721. My prom dress was a light lilac color!!

  722. Liked Mark on FB!!

  723. left a comment on Marks blog!!

  724. I would totally make a cute bag or purse and a bedspread. I LOVE the purples and yellows together…super cute!!

  725. seesh, I think my prom dress was navy blue? :-)

  726. OMG! My ROOM was purple and yellow (with rainbows and unicorns) when I was a teenager! Corny, I know, but that’s the kind of kid I was. Kids are weird. It was pretty understated but I LOVED it. That’s what this fabric reminds me of. I saw a darling sewing kit on Lots of Pink Here! http://lotsofpinkhere.blogspot.com/2011/09/more-sewing-kits-and-some-fun-resources.html
    That’s what I would make out of this fabric. So cute!

    Thanks for the opportunity! I may just have to buy it anyway… I love these colors! It’s a blast from the past.

  727. Oh my God, it’s perfect!!! I’ve been trying to find the most awesome fabric to make cushions for my window seat and I think I found it!!!!! So pick me….and then pick a pretty blue.


  728. Oh and my prom dress was black with a lace collar. The description isn’t doing it justice…. : )

  729. April Hurley says:

    With 6 yards of fabric I would make my 3 yr old daughter a new interchangeable waredrobe!!!!!!!!

  730. April Hurley says:

    I went snooping around Mark’s blog and left him a message!!

  731. I am now following Mark on Twitter

  732. I liked Mark on FB

  733. That fabric is awesome! I’ve been wanting to attempt a quilt so that’s probably what I’d use it for.

  734. I would make a quilt with this if I won.

  735. I left a message on Mark’s b log.

  736. I couldn’t remember what color my prom dress was at first. I am pretty sure it was yellow.

  737. Oh, wow! I think I would just stare at it for a good long time because it is *too pretty to use*. And I would be afraid to cut into it!

  738. Wow, I could make so many things with 6 yds. I think I would probably make some bags. Love the purples!! I have been looking for great purple fabric and here they are!

    And my prom dress was midnight blue.

  739. I had purple shag carpet and yellow walls, with purple and yellow daisies painted on the walls in my bedroom growing up. Yes I am only 33. I still have purple couches with yellow pillows. I think I was born in the wrong era. I’d make a throw and pillows to match. PICK ME PICK ME! The line is beautiful.

  740. I would try to make a quilt probably, or maybe curtains.

  741. My mom made my baby pink prom dress!

  742. I love this fabric! It would definitely be a stylish new quilt to go with my new purple and gray bedding!

  743. And, my prom dresses were baby blue one year and hot pink with a gray netting on top the next (yeah!). I pretty much stuck with black for the college formals–learned my lesson!

  744. My junior prom dress was a dusty rose and my senior prom dress was black.

    Funny story about the pink one: My date & I decided to get pink and gray clothes (it was the 80′s what can I say?). When he went to get a tux and saw this pink and white jobbie he decided he HAD to get it. I hadn’t gotten my dress yet because I couldn’t find one I liked. My date told me it wasn’t the pink and gray one we agreed on and I panicked. He told me to just get a pink dress and we would match, anyway. So I bought this rose dress (for $25 no less!) and when he arrived to pick me up, voila! We matched perfectly. We couldn’t have matched more if we had used color swatches. It was amazing! The photographer at the dance used us as a demo couple and took extra photos for his portfolio because we looked so good. So that’s the story of my amazing junior prom dress. I still have it 25 years later. I don’t think it still fits… gravity (and pregnancy) does some strange things to a body in 25 years, but I am happy to report that I am still a size 8! :7)

  745. Oh yeah, I posted on Mark’s blog…his fabric designs are just hawwww-some!

  746. Six yards of Morning Tides would be turned into a quilt. Blue is a favourite colour of mine. Thanks for the giveaway.

  747. I left Mark a comment.

  748. I would make a quilt with the fabic. I love the colors and the fabric is beautiful!

  749. I commented on Mark’s blog!

  750. My prom dress? That was a long time ago and the dress was pale pink with a burgundy bodice.

  751. I didn’t go to prom, but I probably would have picked a blue dress if I did go.

  752. I follow Mark on twitter.

  753. I liked Mark on FB.

  754. Oh my that’s lots of fabric! I would love some and I know I could find something to do with it.

  755. My prom dress was red…very red…nearly “arrest me” red. Red is still my favorite color.

  756. I’d probably do a quilt for my oldest daughter. I’d love some throw pillows out of some of the designs as well. Gorgeous!

  757. I said hi to Mark on his blog.

  758. My prom dress was a deep purple.

  759. 6 yards of any of these fabrics would instantly grow in my stash so I can make even more quilts/wallhangings . . . or maybe I’ll make a dress/skirt. I love the prints.

  760. I left a comment for Mark on his blog. :-)

  761. I am now following Mark on twitter: centrej

  762. Prom dress . . . well, my junior year, I had a black & burgundy wine color combination. Its pretty and I still have it. My mom made it for me.

  763. I’d make a quilt. My first big quilt; up to now I’ve made small child’s quilts. I’m ready to make the jump to big ones. I think. :)

  764. I would make all new pillows for our living room

  765. MY prom dress was black and white

  766. I liked him on facebook

  767. uhm let me think, hand bags, purses, sling bags, hobo bag and maybe an apron! OMG LOVE!

  768. I didn’t go to prom, what-what!? Fun Q though!

  769. I love the purple and yellow combination as well, I would make myself a quilt if I won these lovely fabrics.

  770. Ugg, prom. That was so long ago, but the first one was iridescent pink, which I liked the second one was sort of a turquoise, but the worst part was my serpentine Medusa hair style. Tossed those pictures right out.

  771. My prom dress was money green and fabulous!

  772. I think I might make a cozy quilt.

  773. My prom dress was sea foam green :)

  774. I would make lots of baby gifts for all of my friends who are having babies

  775. I left Mark a comment!

  776. I Like Mark’s design page on Facebook

  777. I Follow Mark on Twitter

  778. my prom dress was a fitted black number halter top with handsewn beads, borrowed it from a rich friend

  779. I think I’d make some cute tops!

  780. I commented on mark’s blog!!

  781. I follow mark on twitter!

  782. My prom dress was midnight blue too!!

  783. I would make a wonderful quilt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  784. I didn’t go to my prom. If I had gone my dress would have been red. Does that count?

  785. brooke wagliardo says:

    I am learning to sew and thought making a purple and gold (LSU Tiger) dress for my daughter. I have been looking for some fabric and can’t find anything I like. This new line is beautiful!

  786. The real question is, what wouldn’t I make? I can see a quilt, baby clothes, a pillow or two as well as some other wonderful home decor items. Oh, pick me! :)

  787. My prom dress was light pink… As were all of my accessories. Pink purse, shoes, earrings, necklace, and nail polish. I went a little overboard… Also, as a random aside, my date had promised me in the 9th grade that he would take me to our senior prom, and he did. We weren’t even dating or anything, but he kept his promise.

  788. jennifer lucero says:

    i liked mark on facebook.

  789. I would make…. a queensize quilt! Thanks so much for the chance! Anna

  790. I commented on Mark’s blog! thanks, A

  791. I liked the facebook page! : )

  792. And finally, my prom dress was black. with red high heels. i was trying to look real grown up : )

  793. oooh – defo a frock or 2 for the hot, downunder summer – thansk for the opp

  794. My prom dress was red. True red, and I wore elbow length white gloves. I looked awesome!

  795. Oh this would definitely be used for a little girl’s quilt! Would love to win so much crap I could make :)

  796. Michelle J says:

    My prom dress was black. It had a mandarin collar and a thigh high slit.

  797. Michelle J says:

    I would make purses!

  798. I would make tons of things! A quilt for a little girl, a matching hooded towel, maybe a matching pillowcase and a couple wall ‘canvases’ =)

  799. Left a comment on his blog post about the giveaway under my gmail account!

  800. Liked on Facebook!

  801. Following on Twitter as KaKavanaugh

  802. I didn’t have a prom dress, dropped out in my Junior year. My wedding dress was white and black, though!

  803. I would make clothes for my adorable 16 month twins and a matching dress for me. And pillowcases for my living room. The fabric is gorgrous!!!

  804. My prom dred was black and very elegant…

  805. Jamia weir says:

    I liked Mark’s Facebook page.

  806. Jamia weir says:

    I would make my little girl an Easter dress !

  807. I’d use the fabric for pillows and wall art in my baby’s nursery!

  808. I had 3 prom dresses! one was red, 2nd was pink (my favorite!!), and the 3rd was black with hot pink tulle underneath at the bottom!

  809. I visited Mark’s blog and commented! :)

  810. Six yards?!! Wallets and purses and a dress fro my daughter and….holy cow, I could make something for everybody on the block with that much fabric!

  811. Lynn D in NC says:

    I would make something for my daughter in law – she loves purple and yellow. I’d probably make a quilt and a tote bag.

  812. Lynn D in NC says:

    I like Mark on FB

  813. Lynn D in NC says:

    I left a comment on Mark’s blog

  814. Lynn D in NC says:

    I follow Mark on Twitter

  815. Lynn D in NC says:

    Prom Dress – didn’t go. I was being rebellious – at least I thought so at the time.

  816. Kendra Johnson says:

    There are many things that i could make with 6 yards… This would make an adorable bedroom re-do

  817. Kendra Johnson says:

    My prom dress was RED with RED shoes and RED above the elbow gloves. Its now in my daughters dress up box.

  818. Kendra Johnson says:

    I like Mark of FB and in real life :]

  819. Oh my goodness! These are gorgeous! I’ve recently started my own photography biz, so definitely some cute backdrops & such. Oh, and my mini-me can never have too many dresses!!

  820. I liked him on FB!

  821. Prom…ugh. I went to 2 of them (because I enjoy suffering), the first was a burgundy with ivory trim dress that did not turn out AT ALL like I imagined. The second I wore a gorgeous slim floor length gown that my mother made using a deep red Chinese brocade material. LOVED it!

  822. Kendra Johnson says:

    I commented on Mark’s Blog.

  823. Commented on his blog!

  824. What I would do with 6 yards of the most awesome fabric ever. I would turn my house purple!

  825. i follow Mark on facebook

  826. i commented on Mark’s website

  827. Prom dresses – navy, red, green … to many to remember. Don’t think I had a purple one though

  828. I would make lots of pillowcases….lots

  829. I had five prom dresses- green, black, blue, red and purple

  830. I left a comment on Mark’s blog! Thanks!

  831. Julie hales says:

    I’d love a new quilt for one of my girls. One of them has a purple bedroom- kismet? I think so:). A funny aside, my dh thought I was too obsessed with purple and wouldn’t let me have that ar the wedding new settled on navy bridesmaids dresses and purple flowers.

  832. What wouldn’t I make?! I’d probably make a million tote bags and zippered pouches!

  833. Also, I commented on Mark’s blog!

  834. And I liked Mark’s page on Facebook!

  835. My high school prom dress was black and white and SHORT! I was the only girl at the prom with a short dress!

  836. My prom dress was lime green… I know sounds interesting

  837. I’m following Mark on Twitter :)

  838. I’d make myself a new apron, use it as the top layer for slippers, some pillow covers… The possibilities are endless :)

  839. Mary Elena says:

    6 yards?! I’d make some sorely needed curtains for my bedroom! I am none-to-pleased by being woken at 5am!

  840. Mary Elena says:

    My prom dress was a very beautiful one-shoulder salmon sheath with sparkles all down it. I loved that dress, but it’s already a dated look! (only the early part of this decade!)

  841. Mary Elena says:

    i thanked mark

  842. I would use the 6 yards to make pillows, curtains and accessories for my daughter’s room we are about to redecorate!

  843. My prom dress was …… nonexistant! I didn’t go to prom.

  844. I liked Mark on facebook

  845. I follow Mark on twitter

  846. I commented on Mark’s blog

  847. I would make some pillow covers for my loads of pillows!

  848. I would make my husband a quilt. Every time someone asks him his fav colors he has purple and gold ;) He has also been asking me to make him a quilt. So that is what I would do if i win the fabric.

  849. prom dress one was black and white and another girl had the same dress also named angela….sad part is we were friends!

  850. Oh my goodness — this post made my day! I’ve long looked for coordinating purple/yellow patterns to make a LSU-inspired tiered apron for a friend… and with six yards, I’d make one for her sister, too!

  851. Left a comment for Mark

  852. Liked Mark on FB… only because there wasn’t a “love” option instead!

  853. Liked and commented on Marks facebook! :P)

  854. My prom dress was ivory with ivory pearls and gold fluted beading. It was rather unfortunate and has since been put out of its misery!

  855. aslo commented on marks page….hope it all helps!!

  856. I left a comment on Mark’s wedding pictures post.

  857. I am now a fan of Mark’s Designs on Facebook.

  858. I am now following Mark on Twitter.

  859. My prom dress was a pretty pewter color with beads. It has nothing to do with anything. I bought it because I found it on clearance for only $30, and it was awesome!

  860. I’d make Christmas presents for sure, maybe cosmetic bags for my mum and sisters

  861. My prom dress (we call it a ‘formal’, not a prom in Northern Ireland, where I’m from!) was a purpley colour with a sheen off it. I hated it even as I was wearing it!

  862. Julie Buckner says:

    I would love to use these fabrics for a rag quilt I have been planning on making FOREVER. :)

  863. Julie Buckner says:

    I said hello over at Mark’s blog

  864. Julie Buckner says:

    I liked his page over on FB too

  865. Julie Buckner says:

    So I didn’t go to Prom so I don’t have a prom dress color to share… it’s a long story really… but if I could have it would have been pink or black :)

  866. I would use the six yards to make curtains for my sewing room, and maybe cover my office chair if there were leftovers :)

  867. My senior prom dress was a full beaded LIME green sheath dress! Like eye-blinding safety lime green :) I was like a sparkly highlighter dancing around all night and I still love it!~

  868. Oh I think I remember prom—-Orange dress with one of those floppy brimmed hats and long white gloves!!
    Does that date me or what?!
    Anyways, I would make a skirt or jumper for my blue eyed granddaughter and the rest would be used in a quilt.

  869. Ooo, I’d make a dress. And a contrasting apron. And then savor every single scrap left over!

  870. Commented on Mark’s blog!

  871. And I follow Mark on twitter!

  872. And my prom dress was a sage green with a silver butterfly lace overlay – I designed it myself after getting really interested with Ancient Greek fashions, and I made it with the help of a wonderful woman with whom I used to make quilts for charity when I was in high school. I still think of it as one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever made….shame my date wore a zoot suit!

  873. Kareah Wakeland says:

    I would make blankets out of it. But I’d also really like to just fold it and admire it on my fabric shelf for a little while! Such pretty colors!

  874. I would make purses, and possibly a circle skirt

  875. I think I would make a bunch of cute hats for presents :)

  876. I chit chatted on his blog

  877. I liked him on FB

  878. my prom dress was teal

  879. Becky Pelishek says:

    I’ve been on a headband kick… so I’d make a million of those! They are too fun. Please pick me :)

  880. Morning Tides is just gorgeous! I am sure much of that fabric would become a quilt FOR ME! Purple is my favorite color and I haven’t made anything for myself at all. We have another Grandchild arriving in Feb 2012 so she will more than likely have an entire set of things made too from this fabric; bib, burp clothes, receiving blanket and whatever else I can do with the fabric. I am positive this would be a beautiful fabric line on an adorable Granddaughter.

    I’ll totally be crossing my fingers for this. I LOVE all the fabrics Mark has designed so far and bought a lot of his last one which is not normal for me. I usually buy just a little to make something when I find one I really like but his? Nope, I bought yards of each one. LOL Thank you for such an awesome giveaway.

  881. I have left a message to Mark on his blog already as well.

  882. I’ve liked Marks page on Facebook

  883. I hope I can still get this extra entry but, I did not go to prom so I can’t say what color my dress was. I CAN say however, if I did go, my dress would have been purple without a doubt. lol

  884. Six yards! Six yards? I’d make a quilt, or two quilts, depending on the size. If I’m luck enough to have some left over, I’d make a pillowcase and/or throw pillow to coordinate. Six yards! Really?

  885. My senior prom dress: lavender with purple velvet ribbon trim, a trendsetter because it was 1 of the 2 above the knee. The best part was my shoes though –Carol Horn purple suede stilettos that tied around my ankle. Yeah, I was sooo hot –until I slid down the stage steps in front of everyone. Jocks shouldn’t wear stilettos.

  886. Now following Mark Cesarik @markces on Twitter!

  887. Just said hi to Mark on his blog. Told him I could envision a tunic in Morning Tides –just for me. I give almost everything away, so I’m keeping that one.

  888. Bryansgyrl says:

    Pillows! Beautiful fabric…thanks for the chance to win. :)

  889. I would make some of the tops that I’ve been wanting to make for me but always seem to get put on the back burner.

  890. My prom dress was orange, pink, and yellow. we had a Hawaiian theme, so I ran with it :). It actually was a lot prettier than it sounds.

  891. Jessica HH says:

    I would make curtains and a bed spread, it would be perfect!

  892. The yellow fabric is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’m making drapes for my master bedroom redo!

  893. Jessica HH says:

    i wrote on mark’s blog (and its amazing, like yours!)

  894. Jessica HH says:

    and i liked him on FB!

  895. My prom dress was baby blue with an iridescent overlay. My mom made my boyfriend then, now husband a matching vest and tie!

  896. Jessica HH says:

    (i don’t do twitter) but my prom dresses were medium purple satin mermaid style, and blue chinese dress…what was i thinking?!

  897. I’d use it for something really extravagant like a quillo. ;)

  898. My prom dress was black. Totally original I know.

  899. I adore this fabric! I would make a quilt for my daughter’s room :)

  900. I liked Mark on Facebook!

  901. I follow Mark on Twitter :)

  902. My high school was tiny, so we didn’t have a prom, but if we did, I am sure my dress would have been whatever I could have found at the thrift shop to re-style a la Pretty in Pink, lol!


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