Giveaway: Full conference pass to SNAP!

I’ve talked about SNAP! before.  And I’m about to talk about it so more.  SNAP! is a 3 day conference for creative bloggers in Salt Lake City, UT next April.  It’s going to be fabulous.  To celebrate this holiday season, SNAP! is giving away a whole crap ton of tickets!


Why do you want to come to SNAP! ?

1) I will be there.
2) Lots of people cooler than me will be there.
3) You love blogging.
4) You love making crap.  (There will be TONS of hands on classes/make and takes.)
5) You just need to hide from your kids for a few days.


One full conference pass to the SNAP! conference next April.  (This does not include travel or accommodations, but I could probably be persuaded to pick you up from the airport.  Winking smile)


Leave a comment ON THIS POST (on the blog, not on Facebook or in response to your email subscription) telling me why you want to come to SNAP!


Subscribe to the RSS feed on the SNAP! blog (that gray button in the top right hand corner, or just click here).  Leave a comment saying that you did.

Tweet about the giveaway.  Something like “I am entering to win a ticket to @SNAPconf during the 12 ticket giveaways of Christmas:”  Leave a comment saying that you did.  You can do this once/day.  Leave a separate comment each time.


Dec. 8     Tauni, SNAP! (ends tonight…HURRY!)
Dec. 9     Mique, Thirty Handmade Days
Dec. 12   Mandi, Vintage Revivals
Dec. 13   Amy, The Idea Room
Dec. 14   Char, Crap I’ve Made (you are here Open-mouthed smile)
Dec. 15   Kendra, My Insanity
Dec. 16   Lara, Less Cake {More Frosting}
Dec. 19   Jen, Tatertots and Jello
Dec. 20   Shelley, House of Smiths
Dec. 21   Becca, Blue Cricket Design
Dec. 22   Brittany, One Charming Party
Dec. 22  Steph, The Daily Blarg, will give one ticket away during the #SNAPChat Twitter Party

Giveaway is open to US residents age 18 and over only and closes Wednesday, December 21th, at 10pm MST.  Winner will be chosen at random using a WordPress Plugin (And The Winner Is…) and notified by email.  Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

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  1. i want to go to SNAP because i want to meet you! we could enjoy crafting without kids underfoot (i mean that literally, i usually sew with our 16 month old climbing my craft table and our 4 year old hiding underneath.) and i would totally make you pick me up at the airport.

  2. I am not a craft person at all but I want to go to snap because I would love to meet so many fun bloggers. I would love to get better at crafting so the hands on projects sound amazing. It sounds like such a fun conference!!!

  3. I would love to go to SNAP! to meet all of the amazing people attending.

  4. Mother of 3.
    40 hour/week working mom.
    Laundry room is the craft room.
    Haven’t been by myself in 7 years.
    I’m dying to release some of the ‘thoughts’ in my brain (the good kind – not the ‘awkward’ kind)
    and ditto – you’d totally pick me up at the airport.

  5. I follow the SNAP! blog.

  6. Why the “Crap” wouldn’t I want to come? I mean hanging out with lovely ladies who share my same Diet Coke Addiction would be a great start. ♥DavesWife

  7. Just Tweeted about the Giveaway!

  8. Woohoo!! Pick me Pick me!!

  9. I subscribe! I want to go to meet all the fabulous bloggers!!

  10. I subscribe to SNAP! And I just got the funniest message from Word PRess while trying to post this comment. Apparently I am trying to post comments too fast… FUNNY! I just really want to WIN!!! ;0)

  11. I want to go for all the reasons you mentioned! Plus, I just started a new blog (pretty much for myself, but I wouldn’t mind if others read it and liked it!), so I could use all the blogging help I could get. And seriously, no kids? Sign. Me. Up.

  12. ME, ME, ME! You know…so I have a REALLY good reason to come visit you!!!!

    PIck ME!!!!!!

  13. I would love to go to Snap, because it would be a great experience to be surrounded by people who all have common interests!

  14. I follow via RSS feed

  15. Following the SNAP blog…because I REALLY wanna win…..

  16. Seriously…the only time I have jumped through hoops for something like this! TWEETED!!!!!

  17. i want to come so i can meet YOU!! duh, why else would anyone go to snap! :)

  18. i subscribe to snaps rss feed

  19. Hello Char-
    WHY DO I WANT TO COME TO SNAP? I want to go sooooooooooo bad because I have NOT been to one yet! This would be my first time going. There are so many bloggy friends I want to meet (just like you) I think it would be a memory I would cherish forever and enjoy thoroughly. Thank you so much for the chance, and I sure hope to meet you one day soon. Thanks a bunch, jen

  20. I also have been a subscriber to SNAP for awhile. Thanks again, jen

  21. I want to go to SNAP to meet other bloggers! Plus, I have so much to learn!

  22. I follow SNAP’s RSS!

  23. I tweeted about this!

  24. Time without kids or husband….enough said!

  25. i want to go to SNAP! so i can meet all the crafty bloggers that i adore, including you! i have SO MUCH to learn from everyone!

  26. I REALLY REALLY REALLY would love to go and meet all the cool and inspirational ladies!!!

  27. I want to come because it’s close enough to home that I CAN! Plus, I think it would be tons of fun ;-)

  28. I follow SNAP’s RSS.

  29. I want to go to SNAP to meet like-minded crafty peeps like myself! :)

  30. I subscribe to the SNAP blog!

  31. Tweeted! @mmscrapshoppe

  32. I’d love to go to SNAP to learn more ins and outs of blogging and of course to meet people like you and other big time bloggers. ;)

  33. I want to come to SNAP to hang out with you awesome ladies and get my craft on. Plus blogging conferences are so much fun and I learn so many things I should already know.

  34. I subscribed to the SNAP blog via google reader.

  35. I follow SNAP through RSS feed.

  36. I plan to be at SNAP but I’d love to win a ticket. I love hanging out and learning from all you crafty bloggers. It will be amazing!

  37. I tweeted about the SNAP giveaway.

  38. I subscribe to SNAPs RSS. I’ve got it on my Google home page.

  39. I just tweeted about this giveaway with a link to this post.

  40. i want to meet all of you crafty peeps out there! it would be my first ever conference and i couldn’t think of a better one to go to! thank you for a chance to win!

  41. I want to go so I can meet more fabulous bloggers and learn some new crafty tricks! Thanks!!

  42. I would LOVE to got SNAP first of all, to meet all the fabulous bloggers I follow, and secondly to get some hands-on crafting done with amazing women! It’s in April, which is also when my wedding anniversary is…but I don’t think the hubby would mind if I go to Salt Lake City and delay our anniversary trip! :)

  43. I want to go to Snap because I have never been to any kind of blog conference and this sounds like soooo much fun!! I want to meet all the talented bloggers I have met since I have been blogging and I have so much to learn:) I have wanted to go since I heard about it!! Please Pick me!!

  44. I just subscribed to Snap! I am so excited!!

  45. I want to go to Snap because, lets face it, I need all the bloggy help I can get ;) And then we can hang out!!

  46. I would love to go to Snap! I need some time to myself…

  47. Also, I’ve been following Snap via RSS since it was announced :-)

  48. i tweeted about this amazing giveaway!

  49. i want to go to SNAP for several reasons: amazing bloggers, learn more, meet the people i already feel like i know AND my best friends just moved to Utah so it would be a great excuse to head out that way as a bonus!

  50. i am now officially following the SNAP blog!

  51. Please, pretty please!! Pick me! I’m in a craft drought here!

  52. I subscribed to the SNAP blog!

  53. With you there, is there any reason NOT to go? I think not!

  54. Pick me, okay? It’s high time I get out to Utah so we can hang out.

  55. Char, you have no idea how much I want to come!!! I want to LEARN! And I want to meet everyone I read on a daily basis in person…but watch out, I am a serious hugger! ;)

  56. I follow SNAP Blog via RSS!

  57. I tweeted! @CheSaysCheryl

  58. I would love to go to SNAP! I looked at buying a ticket, but I’m too poor. Pick me!

  59. I was planning on coming to Utah this spring to see my family, so being able to attend the Snap conference would be absolutely amazing!

  60. Oh SNAP! I would love to go. Fantastic people to meet so and so much to learn. Not to mentiona kid free 3 days. Who doesnt want to come.

  61. I subscribe to the SNAP rss feed.

  62. ok i have to be there for many reasons but you hit the nail on the head with hiding away from my kids :) ha! i mean i have 2 boys both in diapers and as im writing this they have both tooted and laughed about it… i need to be around ppl that dont think farts are funny… or just some crafty girls will do too :)

  63. Well there’s the blog thing and the cool people thing and they great crafts thing, but for me it’s mostly about the hide from my kids for a few days thing.

  64. I subscribe to SNAP! which means I’m pretty much blog stalking all of the giveaway ladies this week … well more than usual.

  65. I would love to come to this!! I have never been to a blogging conf before – but since I live in Idaho – I could drive to it!!!! I would love to learn some new crafts and hang with the girls – not my 5 kids:) for the weekend!!

  66. I just Subscribe to the RSS feed on the SNAP! blog

  67. Of course I want to come!!! What is not to love about SNAP? I want to meet all the amazing bloggers who will be there, and I’m really excited for the DIY track by Shelley & Mandi :) Fingers crossed!!!

  68. And I subscribe to SNAP’s RSS feed :)

  69. I’d love to go and meet all the awesome bloggers that will be there. Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. I totally want to go to SNAP! I would love to meet you and all the other wonderful creative people! Plus, I could get ideas for my blog that I am slacking on.

  71. I just wanna meet all you awesome Snap ladies, all the other amazing bloggers out there and just LEARN BE INSPIRED and LEARN some more! :)

  72. Melissa Spencer says:

    Well, I like making crap and someday I hope to be able to make crap and then blog about it. The real lure of the conference however, is that I will be 8+ months pregnant in April and I’m certain the my 2 1/2 yr old and my 14 month old will really want to spend some fun days with dad at that point and I will need to remember why I want to have another baby… sounds like something only SNAP could accomplish.

  73. I want to go to SNAP so I can meet all the awesome bloggers that I stalk! ;0) I recently started a cake blog, and would love to learn how to be a better blogger.

  74. Top 5 reasons I want/need to go to SNAP!
    5. I have an etsy shop..with nothing in it… I seriously need inspiration!
    4. I love LOVE blogging! Ok, I love reading your blog and others and I dream of blogging myself. I seriously need inspiration!
    3. My project room has become the ‘catch-all’ room. Kind of the junk drawer of the entire house. I seriously need inspiration!
    2. I recently became a grandma! I don’t know how that qualifies me, but it is AWESOME!!!
    1. I have 7 children. Six of which are teenagers and young adults who know all, and a 6 yr. old. Get the picture? I am nearly bald. I seriously would LOVE a break from my lovely insanity!

  75. I am subscribed to the Snap blog! :)

  76. I want to come!

  77. I would love to go to get away from my kids!!! Lol no I really want to go to meet different bloggers and listen to the speakers!

  78. I subscribe to SNAP’s Rss feed

  79. I want to go so I can hang out with you. And because I like to make stuff. Okay, and because I want to learn some new stuff, too. :)

  80. Because I need a getaway just for me

  81. I subscribe to snap feed

  82. I would love to attend SNAP! I admire you so much Char–mostly because you are SO real about family, motherhood and life in general. You make me feel like it is okay to not be perfect and have it all figured out. I desperately need a career change and my son and daughter-in-law have been bugging/encouraging me to step out and do something to harness my creative energies and interests ( blog + etsy shop) but I am a chicken. I think meeting and spending time with so many amazingly talented bloggers and fellow creative gurus would give me the push/confidence I need. Thanks so much for the chance and for helping me to be proud of being myself!! Love you.

  83. I added SNAP! to my RSS feed. Thanks!

  84. I would love to attend SNAP… I’m pretty new to blogging and could use any help I can get, I like making stuff and it sounds super great. Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. Why? Because it’s SNAP! That’s why! And it’s in Utah, that’s beautiful – or so I’ve heard! And because I’ve never been to a blog conference!

  86. Winning this giveaway would leave me speechless- something very very hard to do! Haha

  87. oh yes, indeed i want to come to SNAP! would love it. it would be such a great opportunity & LOADS of fun!

  88. just tweeted.

  89. i follow snap – via rss

  90. I tweeted :)!/nct621/status/147167479720984576 So, I left a few comments on the Snap blog and wondering if I posted to the wrong location, lol. Well, I am here now :)

  91. I subscribed to the RSS to SNAP. Thanks!

  92. I would love to see these amazing crafters in person! What a fun event. And I even live close :)

  93. I am dying to get to SNAP this would be so benefiical to me trying to grow. My ideas are plentiful I just need some guidance and tools to get me there! Pick me!!!!

  94. Hi. Thanks for this opportunity…I actually tried to register for the conference a few days ago, but I couldn’t get the pay pal thing to work. So I turned it off and decided that it was a lot of money and that maybe this new hobby of mine to re-make new things out of some thing old is just a silly time-sucker. With 2 young kids and my obsession with not being able to stop a project once I have started, often presents a problem. But after finding this amazing opportunity, my faith has been rekindled! I really do love creating things and being inspired by every day events in life. Creating new things for me helps me to appreciate all things old and new, and has opened my eyes to diverse ideas (and people) in general. I love, love, love my new hobby-aka my new passion, and I would be completely honored if I was chosen to receive this conference ticket.

  95. I tweeted about this giveaway!

  96. I would love to come…one , it would be a blast and second just to meet you Char!

  97. Two entries please – commenting AND I follow snap! feed. I REALLY wanted to go last year but couldn’t afford it. Pick me, pick me!

  98. First of all – to meet you and all the other crafty and inspirational crafters! Second – it would be great to have a valid reason to tell work you really are taking a vacation and not answering your phone! lol

  99. I dream of going to something like Snap! A whole weekend to indulge my craftiness… what’s not to love?

  100. PICK ME! PICK ME!!! I want to go to SNAP so bad! :)

  101. I am a follower of the SNAP blog!

  102. Tweeted for Thursday! :) @mmscrapshoppe

  103. I would love to win a chance to attend the SNAP conference. PICK ME! I would love to network with some amazing bloggers.

  104. tweeted that I entered for Dec 15th.

  105. I would love to go just to meet you and the many other super talented bloggers!

  106. I’d love to go and meet cool people with common interests!

  107. I follow the SNAP blog.

  108. I tweeted again today!!! @CheSaysCheryl So excited I really want to come!

  109. I NEED to be around other creative people. I NEED to getaway. I NEED SNAP!!!

  110. Because DIY’ing is my passion, so I wanna come!

  111. I want to meet and make friends. Main reason. Also I would LOVE to soak up all the information that’s available there. I always here about how people learned so much! I want to learn too! haha. :)

  112. I’m a Snap blog subscriber!

  113. I tweeted! @kassarie

  114. Hands on activities? Super-talented people? No kids? Close to home? Sign me up!

  115. I would love to win a ticket to the SNAP! conference! I am new to the blogging world and would love to get some great foundation starting tips and meet everyone I have been reading everyday!

  116. I would love to attend SNAP! to meet up with some of the awesome ladies I’ve met through the bloggy world this year! Thank you for such an amazing giveaway!!

  117. Just tweeted about @pdoodledesigns

  118. I am a follower of the SNAP! blog.

  119. I cannot believe I am actually Commenting again. Goes against all blogging rules for me…but I TWEETED AGAIN!!!! I want to go so bad to meet you and the other bloggers I stalk daily……..:)!

  120. And I’ve subscribed to SNAP too!

  121. I would love to be around women who love to create! I also know I would learn so much from all these talented and creative women about how to be a better blogger! It would be such a wonderful experience! I hope I win! Fingers crossed! :)

  122. I subscribed to the SNAP blog! :)

  123. I tweeted about this giveaway at: blurobincottage!

  124. I want to come to Snap because you will be there!

  125. I subscribe to the Snap RSS Feed

  126. I tweeted : )

  127. I want to go to SNAP because my kids are driving me crazy. Seriously. It’s cold, so we’re stuck inside going crazy together (and can you imagine how crazy we’ll be by the time snow melts in March?!).

    Plus, I’ve never been to any kind of crafty shindig and I’m feeling a bit envious of everyone who goes. I would love to be inspired, reinvigorated, and big time educated.

    Thanks for the chance (and if I win, I hope you will do a little airport shuttling – - sounds like a long walk!).


  128. I tweeted.


  129. I would love the opportunity to meet other bloggers/handmade biz owners in real life and to hear the fantastic lineup of speakers!

  130. I definitely follow the SNAP! blog!

  131. I would love to go! I’m moving back to Utah in a couple weeks!

  132. I would LOVE LOVE to go to SNAP!! It would be so fun to chat in real life to bloggers that have the same passions as me!!

  133. I subscribe to the SNAP blog!

  134. i’m a newish blogger and I need this to boost my handmade business! I have so many big dreams for 2012… and this would really help!!!

  135. i follow the snap blog!!

  136. I would love to attend snap conference to meet my blogger friends in real life and learn and grow from the experience!!

  137. I subscribe to the snap blog!

  138. I would love to go to a conference and meet all the fabulous bloggers that I read. The experience would be mind blowing!!!!

  139. That sounds like so much fun!! I have a widely unread blog, and would love to learn more about how to do that better. Plus, of course making stuff (crap to you) is one of my favorite things to do. I’d turn on all my charms and be super interesting to be around, so you really should pick me.

  140. snap is now in my rss feed

  141. I would enjoy going to get ideas on how I could channel all of this creative junk I do into something worthwhile…like helping provide some income. I think it would be great to meet so many amazing women too!

  142. I tweeted again today! @CheSaysCheryl

  143. HELLO! I HAVE to go to SNAP. You remember at CBC us talking about doing a conference for crafty people in Utah. Well, you have fulfilled the vision, but I NEED to see it. Yeah!

  144. I follow/subscribe to the SNAP blog!

  145. I follow the snap blog

  146. Because it sounds really cool from reading the blog!

  147. I subscribe to the Snap Blog through a reader.

  148. Tweeted it on Twitter.

  149. As I am kicking my business into high gear, I am revising my blog, heading to another server, and reorganizing the way I do business, so this conference would be an ideal event at an ideal time in my business. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest and to share other creative blogs from which I intend to learn!

    Anna W.
    @FELTit on Twitter

  150. Just Tweeted as @FELTit

    Anna W.
    @FELTit on Twitter

  151. I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning!! This would be the best Christmas present EVER if I won!! Please my my Christmas dreams come true!!

  152. Tweeted for Friday! @mmscrapshoppe

  153. This sounds like a great conference to attend and get the creative juices flowing!!! And to meet a ton of new friends!!!

  154. I follow the Snap! blog

  155. SNAP sounds amazing! I’d love to win.

  156. I tweeted again today! I really, really, really want to win…and I’m not full of Crap :)!/CheSaysCheryl/status/148092595791335425

  157. I’d love to come so I can connect with other creative women and learn from them.

  158. I subscribe to the Snap Blog

  159. I tweeted about the giveaway @funkyfaithgirl

  160. I would LOVE to go to SNAP – to meet you and a bunch of other amazing crafty ladies!

  161. I’m so obsessed that not only did I just tweet…….I am going to tweet again… just over 2hrs at midnight!

  162. Ohhhhhh, random number generator please pick me! I am just diving into the blogging world. Not to mention that I would LOVE to go see Salt Lake (I live in Las Vegas for 30 years and never made it past St George).

  163. I added this to my RSS feed.

  164. I’m like 15 min away from TP and SNAP sounds AWESOME!!! Would love to win this ticket:)

  165. I subscribe to SNap!!!

  166. I’m totally serious about this! I want this pass! I tweeted again today!!/CheSaysCheryl/status/148600350562193408

  167. It would be so fantastic to meet so many craft addicts and bloggers. And a trip to Utah would be a nice break in my routine too!!

  168. I want to PAR-tay with with all of you fabulous women!

  169. Yep! You guessed it, I tweeted again today!!/CheSaysCheryl/status/148780855802871808

  170. I would LOVE to go and meet all you creative ladies and just be INSPIRED!!! This sounds like such a FUN event!! PICK ME, PICK ME!!!! :)

  171. Jenna B Mom to 3 says:

    You and others have been such a wonderful inspiration. Getting to rub elbows with those who have given me vision into the fun that blogging about the creative side of life can be would be a great treat. Sharing the gift of creativity with others has blessed me in countless ways and I am sure hope you feel the same love from your followers! Hope to see you there!

  172. I’d love to attend SNAP to meet other crafty bloggers and learn more on improving my blog.

  173. I follow the SNAP RSS feed.

  174. I would love nothing more than to be inspired by successful bloggers such as yourself. Golly gee I want to win SUPER bad!

  175. I subscribe to the SNAP blog.

  176. I would love to attend SNAP so that I could be inspired creatively and learn new tricks for crafting and DIY. We are in the process of purchasing our first home and so I have tons of home DIY that I am going to need inspiration for! I would also love to meet other women who enjoy many of the same things I do!

  177. I subscribe to the SNAP! blog.

  178. I want to go to SNAP to meet other craft bloggers, I feel like I’m on an island in Ohio (of all places)!

  179. I’m already a SNAP subscriber (and not just because I entered on the other days) ;)

  180. I’m back again for another day of tweeting!!/CheSaysCheryl/status/149147503353278465

  181. Tweeted again….I am getting desperate!/ButtonsButterfl/status/149200821370892288

  182. I am DYING to go to SNAP! I have a blog with my 5 sisters and we just can’t convince our husbands to pay for us to go! I figure my husband couldn’t say no if it were FREE!! :)

  183. I subscribe to the SNAP! blog!

  184. I want to win so I can see your sweet mug again. :)

  185. I am a SNAP email subscriber.

  186. Tweeted for Wednesday! @mmscrapshoppe

  187. I would LOVE to go to SNAP! In fact I will be very sad if I can’t go and winning would be the most awesome Christmas gift!!

  188. How about “all of the above”? But mostly to hide out from my kids. Errr…I mean learn.


  189. Tweeted it. ;)

  190. I follow the SNAP blog.


  191. I follow the SNAP blog

  192. I would love to go!

  193. How fun would that be! I’d love to win!

  194. I tweeted again today…are you tired of me yet?!/CheSaysCheryl/status/149601149228556289

  195. I would LOVE to win a ticket to SNAP to meet all of the wonderful bloggers & crafty ladies!! This would seriously make my day!! =D

  196. I follow the SNAP blog via rss feed!

  197. YES of course I want to go to SNAP and of course I would LOVE to win! I don’t have any real-close girlfriends, and I would sure love some! Especially ones who share my same interests!!! I want to be inspired by creative geniuses, but most importantly I want to come away with lifelong friends! (I only live like 20 min away from Thanksgiving Point, so you wouldn’t have to pick me up, unless you wanted to:)

  198. I subscribe to SNAP! YAY!

  199. I follow SNAP on Twitter!

  200. I tweeted about wanting to go to SNAP, and I blogged about it, it’s one of only 3 things on my wish-list!!

    I am entering everywhere I can to win tickets to @snapconf I want to go SO bad! Trying to convince my hubs it’s worth the $$$!!!

  201. One last time…hope my strategy to spread my entries throughout helps!!! Tweeted:!/ButtonsButterfl/status/149653758081634305

  202. I follow the SNAP! blog!! :)

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