Is this thing on?

Well hello there, internet.

Did you think I’d died?

Tangent: Do you ever wonder if anyone would know if you died?  I mean like anyone on the internet.  No?  Just me?

We had a whole lot of puking going on ‘round these parts.  And, no one (NOT A ONE OF THEM) managed to hit the toilet even once.  We had puke on our sister.  We had puke in the van.  We had puke in a parking lot.  But the toilet?  Nope.  Not even close.

I’m dreadfully behind.

There’s nothing like a week of house arrest the week before Christmas to really screw up your plans.  No neighbor gifts have been handed out.  No Christmas cards have been addressed.  No presents for BC have been purchased.

But rhe washer on “steam sanitize” ‘round the clock for a week straight?  TOTALLY accomplished. Open-mouthed smile

So, I’m popping in to remind you that the SNAP! Conference ticket giveaway ends tonight.  I’ll be closing the PartyLite giveaway then, too.

I also wanted to give you a heads up about a super awesome giveaway coming your way next week (Thursday, the 29th) that could make up for the toaster your husband got you for Christmas, instead of what you really wanted.  Trust me…you REALLY want this.


See you soon!

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  1. Oh goodness! What a week. I feel so bad for you. I had one barfer last week and that was plenty enough for me. I managed to escape the messes except for getting my foot puked on once.

    You are not alone when wondering about whether your online peeps will know if you croaked. I went so far as to make an “In the Event of My Death” password and instructions list for my husband to take care of if I bite it.

    Hope you’re all well soon and that you have a great Christmas despite all the chaos.

  2. Hope you guys are feeling better! Playing catch up with the holidays is always a joy!

    Have a good holiday! :)

  3. I TOTALLY wonder if the internet would know if I died. It’s not just you. :)

  4. I am so sorry you guys have had a crummy week. Around here, at the first sigh of puking, ice cream buckets come out and stay out. :) I hate cleaning up puke.
    I hope you guys still have a wonderful holiday.

  5. Get well soon and Merry Christmas x

  6. im sorry to hear that hope things get better!

  7. Yep, I do wonder about that. Sorry to hear about the puking. I did just have single use puke bags sent to my sister as a gift-



  8. Hope everyone is healthy now! You aren’t alone in your thoughts either. I’ve often wondered the same myself. I wonder how many people have something written in their will that includes blog/facebook/bbc/etc passwords and a note to post for their friends.

  9. I love your blog! I liked Partylite on my facebook. Hope I’m not too late to do so.

  10. So sorry Char. We’ve had strep at our house, but nothing is worse than the pukes. Hopefully everyone is healthy in time for Christmas. Hugs my friend. (But from a distance because I don’t want to catch anything.) ;)

  11. Been there done that. When we re-did my older son’s room, the final step was getting the new carpeting put in. Around midnight that night he comes in and says, “Boy, I’m glad I’m not in that room any more.” Says I, “Why? Don’t you like the color or something?” Says he, “Naw, I just puked on the carpet.”

    Hope you’re all better. And I really hope you don’t get the pukies yourself!!

  12. you poor thing! i hope everyone gets better in a jiffy so you can have a healthy christmas!!

  13. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little chaos. Think about it, what would you do if the cards were sent out the first of December? All the gifts made, bought, wrapped and delivered to friends and family 2 weeks before the big day would be boring. Decorations perfectly placed and no one fingering them or moving them around, would leave you with entirely too much time on your hands for things like uninterrupted baths, hand spa treatments, book reading, magazine flipping, lunch with friends that doesn’t have ketchup on the table, matching shoes and purses. I mean, really, life would be so uninteresting…LOL! Be well and blessings to your family!

  14. We used to keep a toy army helmet in the car, it made for good entertainment and an excellent emergency puke container.

  15. How did you know I got a toaster for Christmas?!?

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