Cupid Pillow

Is it too early to decorate for Valentine’s Day?

Too bad, because I did.

My Valentine’s Day bunting and LOVE canvas from last year are back…


along with some festive Pyrex.


(So what if my Valentine’s palette is a little non-traditional?)

And then I decided I needed a pillow.

I could have sewed one, I suppose, BUT I discovered that Dollar Tree has 17” zippered pillow covers (HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?) and so I used one of those instead.  I also cut out a cupid shape using my Silhouette and some Silhouette stencil vinyl.  You could easily do this with an Exacto knife as well.


I applied my stencil to the pillow cover and stuck something inside to prevent bleeding.

Then, I busted out my collection of Silhouette fabric ink


and mixed the pink and magenta to get the perfect shade.

Hint:  Mix way more than you think you’ll need.  The brush sucks up a ton and you DO NOT want to run out mid-project.  The chances of you recreating that shade exactly are slim.  Trust me.

I applied the fabric ink with a foam brush and then I peeled off the stencil vinyl and hung it outside to dry.


I stuffed it with an 18” pillow form, for maximum plumpness and voila!


Don’t worry…I bought SIX pillow covers at Dollar Tree.  You’ll be seeing plenty more of them ‘round these parts.

All Silhouette fabric ink supplies are 20% off through tomorrow (January 5th) using code “CRAP”.  If you don’t have a machine, you can purchase the machine and the fabric ink starter kit for $299 with that same code.

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  1. This is all TOO cute! I LOVE your use of color, it makes me happy just looking at it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. That is so cute and now I’m heading to Dollar Tree. I’m not decorating for Valentine’s Day yet, but now I want too.

  3. I am SO going by Dollar Tree this weekend to see if they have those here, too. Because that would be awesome. I’ve been looking for pillows for our living room FOREVER.

  4. i already put my valentine’s stuff out too. the house just looked too bare after taking down christmas. i love your mix of colors!

  5. I have totally already decorated for v-day. You’ll be seeing my post soon. :)

  6. I love this post, the colors, the vintage pyrex,the flowers.Perfect.

  7. The pillow is CUTE! But something is missing in that first picture….

  8. You are SO talented! I love everything you do. Thank you for your posts!

  9. Had no idea Dollar Tree had these! I will be taking a trip tomorrow and thanks for discount, I needed more stencil vinyl.

  10. Shirley Lupton says:

    Oh how cute is that. I too will make a visit to the Dollar Tree.

  11. I’m thinking it’s a little early but it’s nice to see so much love!! ;)
    All gorgeous and the pyrex is such lovely colours!

  12. Love the new pillow. I LOVE Valentine’s Day. I may need some decorations. I do think your use of “easy” and “Exacto knife” are hilarious! Lucky I have a new Cameo to play with.

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      I totally used to cut stencils with my Exacto knife! I’d plop down in front of the TV with a cutting board and go nuts. I found it strangely soothing. LOL!

  13. Went to Dollar Tree last night RIGHT after I saw thw post! I was so excited! Sadly, I couldnt find them anywhere :( Maybe the northeast doesn’t carry them. Where about in the store did you find them? If I do find them i MAY have to buy them all! Haha

    • Char @ Crap I've Made says:

      They were over by the kitchen stuff, which is weird. The store I stopped into yesterday was a hot mess…boxes blocking pretty much every aisle.

  14. What a deal on those pillow covers! I’m checking out my store this week.

  15. I really need to get me some Silhouette fabric ink!! You have wonderful ideas :)

  16. Where did you get the shutters that are behind your LOVE sign in the top picture?

  17. Love this! Wonder if our dollar store has some too?

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