Quitting the Business of Blogging

This post has been rolling around in my head for several days now, and I hope it comes out in the way I intend.  Please understand this all applies to ME and ME ONLY.

Not being able to get off the couch for most of a week gives you a lot of time for reflecting…you know, once you’re all caught up on Toddler’s & Tiaras and stuff.  Winking smile 

I thought about how much TIME blogging takes.

Reality:  I spend 1-2 hours/day dealing with emails, sponsors, giveaways (many of which never go anywhere)…that doesn’t include projects, pictures, writing posts, etc.

Then I had the thought:

What if I spent 1-2 hours/day strengthening my marriage?  What if I spent that time helping someone?  What if I spent that time playing trains with my 3 year old?  What if I spent that time on a walk?  What if I spent that time doing service?

And then I knew.

I play a lot of different roles:

#7 on the role list can’t be #1 on the time list.

I used to find so much joy in blogging and creating, but over the last year, something’s changed.  I listened to too many people who were not myself.  I worried about numbers.  I worried about pitches.  I got caught up in pushing/promoting projects.  I did projects I didn’t love for the money/freebies.  I cried when my Google AdSense ads got cancelled (WHAT THE CRAP???).  I listened too much to what a blogger “should” do instead of what my heart wants to do.  My heart doesn’t want to be a professional blogger.  My heart wants to be a mom…a mom who is present.

I’m not quitting my blog, I’m quitting the BUSINESS of blogging.

If I don’t want to post for a month, I won’t.  If I want to post every day, I will.  I’m not creating stuff just to have content.  I’m going back to what I love and who I am.  If we’ve already talked, don’t worry.  I’ll continue to fulfill my obligations.  I will no longer be taking sidebar sponsors.  The string of emails/invoicing/calendaring/giveaways/post writing/etc. is a time suck.  I want you and your Etsy shops to be successful, truly I do…just not more than I want my family to be successful.  You can respect that, right?

I’ve met people through blogging that I NEEDED to know.  I’m forever grateful for and changed by the experiences I’ve had.  I’ve learned SO MUCH.

And really…I’ll still be here.  I’ve got a bunch of printable Valentines on tap over the next week or so.  Plus, an organizing project and a $100 gift card giveaway from Lowe’s.  Nice, right?


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  1. Good for you! I know that I’ll miss seeing you on here as often, but you need to do what’s best for your family and for YOU! I enjoy your projects, but it’s not worth that much time and energy when you could be enjoying watching your children grow up. I’ll be excited to watch for the projects that you’re really in LOVE with and want to share with us. Good luck!

  2. I’m so pleased! Because several times lately I’ve been thinking about dropping this blog from my reader. It has traveled far from the place that attracted me. I can’t wait to see what you’re up to, whether I hear from you daily or monthly.

    • Agreed! I like all the fun stuff you do and the funny family moments!

    • Yes! I agree so much with this! I love your crafty ideas, and the way you explain everything so well. I’ve done so much stuff from this blog, and gotten so many compliments on what I’ve tried. I’m excited to keep reading Crap!

    • I’m so glad to read this post. I haven’t been reading your blog as often because of all giveaways, etc. I hope you find your balance and some more great projects that you like.

  3. I second the comment above – the first thought in my head after reading your post was “good for you!” I have never taken blogging very seriously. I like to do it – but sometimes many, many, months go by and I don’t post anything. There are so many other things I like doing! Have fun with the kids and I will enjoy your posts when / if they come!

  4. love it, good for you!

  5. I think you are very sensible. I’m not a professional blogger and I can see how difficult it could be if I was! The freedom of just posting whenever you want and what you want is also very rewarding. You will probably end up with truly genuine followers, which is quite a nice thing (in my opinion).
    I’ll keep reading you anyway!

  6. There are only so many hours in a day, and when something begins to feel more like a chore and is taking away from what is most important to you then it’s important to re-assess. I’m so glad you have done that.

  7. The reality is NO ONE knows what is best for us except for US! It is so easy to get stuck in listening to everyone else/society and stop listening to the voice inside of us. It’s wonderful that you figured that out now when you can make and see the change you want in your life. I wish you the best of luck.

  8. Good for you!! I enjoy your blog and I am sure I will love it even more when you are enjoying what you are doing! Go have fun! Enjoy your kids, love your husband. Live life!

  9. So smart of you. Last week I mourned the loss of our local family website that I had devoted 3 yrs of my time to. But the reality is the people who used it most were not willing to volunteer and my family needs to come first.

  10. Good for you for standing up for what you want and believe in! Don’t let anybody tell you different. I love your posts and look forward to reading them.

  11. Oh my god…I almost had a panic attack when I read “quit” blogging.
    So glad that it isn’t so.
    I get it…I commend you quitting the BUSINESS.
    Love YOU, not everyone else’s YOU….

  12. SO glad you’ll still be blogging. And making it enjoyable for yourself again. I’ve thought about making my blog into a business but always got hung up on the time investment. I agree with the others, good for you. :)

  13. Good for you!! You won’t regret it later. You will be glad you took the time and didn’t miss anything. You won’t be sitting around when you’re old and your kids are grown saying ‘I wish I had blogged more’ you will be saying ‘I’m glad I didn’t miss all that stuff’. Go enjoy yourself, and your family!!

  14. Cheers to you and your family! Sometimes it is hard to see what’s right in front of us. I have gotten some great ideas from you and will look forward to whatever you blog about in the future. I totally get it and you may have inspired me to look with in and make some changes for myself and my family as well. Good luck. Never forget YOU are awesome, don’t need the business to make something out of nothing. Thanks for the amazing ideas!

  15. Good for you. I don’t have anywhere near the following you have, but was thinking the same thing over the weekend. I was put together pictures and collages and editing and thought “Wow, this is taking a ton of time!” You have to do what’s best for you and your family. I love your crafts and will look forward to seeing them, on your time.

  16. This is EXACTLY why I stopped my blogs about a year ago. Started up recently again. Lost pretty much all of my followers but that is okay, I’ll start over again. No biggie, I blog for me, not for them anyway.

  17. Char, I think it’s fabulous to be able to know what you and your family need in life at certain times. I know as bloggers we’ve all had to take a ‘time-out’ from our work at one point or another to focus on what our family needs. It’s different for everyone and not any ONE person is the same, so what one blogger can take on is going to be a lot different then what another one can handle. I also feel like there are times in life where you family needs you more then others, don’t you think? Blogging really DOES take so much time and a tremendous amount of work, especially when you’re trying to cultivate a situation where you can earn enough money to justify all the hard work put into it.
    Even though we don’t see each other as much as I’d like I want you to know that I love and support you as a friend. You are an amazing mother and I admire your patience, talent and outlook on life… weather you post once a week or once a month. :) You’re truly inspiring. Thank you for your example.
    Love you, friend!

    • Ditto on what she said. :)

    • Agreed! Blogging is a cool thing in doses. When you put a ton of time into a project and it’s here today gone tomorrow…sometimes you want to say “Hey! that took me forever…Let’s give it a few days to shine before it’s lost into the archives”.

      Good for you. These feelings come in waves for me. Sometimes blogging is the distraction that I need, but a lot of the time it’s the obligation I don’t want. I bet it’s a freeing feeling.

  18. I completely just did the same thing. I even made a new blog and *gasp* it isn’t even a self hosted wordpress blog. it is a regular free blogspot blog. How about that?? I say go for it and you won’t regret it.

  19. I can tell that you have agonized over this decision but I can also hear in your words that it is the right decision for you. It took a lot of courage for you to make it and I hope that everyone sees that and respects the choice that you made.

  20. I respect you a gajillion times MORE for this decision!!

  21. *whether not *weather…. jeesh.

  22. Darn! And I just found you! Oh well, I’ll have to go through your inventory of past blog posts and I know what you mean. I get stressed if I haven’t posted in a while. It does take time and I started it as a stress reliever and I don’t even do all of the sponsoring and things that you do! Good luck and enjoy playing trains with your 3 year old. I think I’ll go do the same with my little boy and turn this computer OFF!

  23. Good for you! Family needs to come first! You have my support…not that you need it. And I will look forward to your posts when you post them.

  24. I totally agree with you! I don’t blame you one bit! Blogs are definitely time suckers. A while ago I decided that I could no longer read all those blogs that I loved everyday. I was wasting too much time on the computer. So I stopped. to tell you the truth I don’t miss it. I do follow those blogs that I REALLY loved through facebook and will click over when I see something of interest, but that is the extent that I in reality can devote to reading other blogs. I don’t have time to do everything that I want to do so it comes to give and take :)

  25. I think that you’ve made a wonderful decision.

    I can always tell when bloggers are posting because they feel like they have to. Or their being paid to showcase a product they wouldn’t normally use. Their heart just isn’t in it. So I made a resolution to only blog when I really want to…and it’s saved me a lot of stress and worry, I think. I consider it a hobby that makes me a little money sometimes rather than a business I need to constantly promote. It’s much more fun that way.

    Best wishes to you!

  26. Well said de Coester, well said. YOU are one of the people that I needed in my life and came at just the right time. I am forever grateful. Not in a cheesy, huggy way. But in a real good I want to punch you in the arm SO much because you are such a great friend way. And then we’ll eat orange pudding together. xoxoxo

  27. Good for you! I do love reading your blog, and appreciate all of your time, and honesty!

  28. I repeat what others have said…Good for you!!! There are times that I wish my blog was bigger and more popular but then I see posts like this and I’m grateful that it hasn’t become a job. Thanks for the reminder about priorities. :)

  29. Good for you, and good luck. My favorite posts from you are the ones where you make something for one of your kids or friends anyway. Those are the funny ones and you can tell that they are the projects you enjoy. I hope you continue to blog every now and then about things you truely enjoyed or were inspired to do.

  30. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! I could literally feel the relief in your words! Here’s to 2012 :)

  31. I’m so proud I can’t see straight. Love you. And you know I’d read your blog even if the crap you were making was made out of dog poo, puzzle pieces and belly button lint.

  32. Yay! I wish more bloggers would do it. I come to these blogs for inspiration and a little glimpse inside the lives of others. The give aways and sponsored posts always feel a little spammy to me. Do what you like and what is best for your family. Will look forward to seeing what you are up to when you feel like posting! :-)

  33. This takes guts–Good for you! I have a TINY blog and I stress about it way too much– and I don’t do sponsors or giveaways or any of the REALLY time consuming things. I applaud your decision to step back — I think it really does a body/mind/soul good to take a break (or just generally cut back) every now and again. Enjoy your family and your LIFE- imagine that!

  34. Good for you!!! I bet you already feel a great weight has been lifted off of you. :) I can totally understand. It’s so great that you realize that this is what has to be done. Soooo many people find themselves overwhelmed and can’t figure out how to fix it.

  35. good for you! you know, I understand that blogging is a business in may respects but to be honest…many of the crafty blogs I have liked over the past few years have changed into a “business” and I don’t like that. Believe me…I will be by more often to your blog now! the business of blogging makes all those blogs seem less real to me now because they have to post about products, sponsor crap, and all that. I wish blogging could go back to the way it was two years ago. way to go on sticking to your principles! I really admire you.

  36. I’m right there with you Char! I thought I had made the decision to actually quit and then just said, you know what? I can still do this and if I go back to how I originally blogged, I bet I’ll enjoy it again, and I do! I was right there with you creating just for the sake of the blog, not because it was something I wanted to do! Add in my full time job and side job of blog design and I felt like I had no time left for anything else! I’m slowing things down and am ready to just enjoy crafting again! You know I love you and your humor and will always stop by for your load of Crap! HA HA.

  37. as much as i love your blog – i would rather you improve said life :) ill look forward to any posts in the future :)

  38. Nikki hatfield wilson says:

    Priorities first. Life, parenting, marriage should all be enjoyable. Blogging can be a hobby not a job. I am very impressed with your decision and although I am sure it was tough, you made the right one!

  39. Char, that’s awesome! Good for you…i’ll still be here whenever you DO post. That rocks huh? :)

  40. Good for you!!! I’m so glad to hear that you won’t disappear. I would cry if you quit blogging :’(. But the business end of things I can do without :).

  41. You are one of my favorite bloggers-not so much for what you do, but more so for who you are. I look forward to your posts, and don’t get me wrong-I love your style and sense of creativity and all the amazing projects you do-but I just enjoy hearing what you have to say. I feel a connection to you and think we have a lot in common, and you make me LAUGH! You are real, and not putting on a show for anyone. (Can we say “SQUEALS!”) That being said, a huge HOORAY to you for making the decision to put your life, your family, and your happiness first! You deserve to enjoy your “job” whether it be two hours a day or two hours a year. I will be here reading whenever you are posting!

  42. Jeanne Lobsinger says:

    I am right there with you sister! Although my blog was NEVER anything like yours, I realized the joy was not there anymore. Everything I was doing was “would this be good for the blog?” I haven’t blogged in over a year and my world has not imploded. Good for you! I will still be a CIM follower!

  43. Congratulations for making such a bold realization. Good luck with your other “jobs.”

  44. Im so PROUD of you Char .. I wanna give you a great big ” YOU GO GIRL” high five.
    I feel the same way right now ..

    <3 Brooke
    Enjoy your family!

  45. Char – you are awesome! :)

    thanks for sharing your candid and real thoughts :)

  46. Love your blog and I have no doubt will continue to love it no matter what the content is or how often:)

  47. I think you just said what a lot of us moms are scared to say. This is too much. I just want to spend time with my family. I am a Girl Scout troop leader and I agree 100% with you. What started out as something fun has grown into something overwhelming. Just this morning a friend told me she thought that I had gotten lost in what other people wanted me to do and not who I am or what I want to do. I respect your courage and admire your bravery. I think I just may use some of your words myself in an email later today. Thank you for inspiring me to do what I’ve been putting off for a while. While like you I would never fully quit. I need to get some of it off my shoulders. Congratulations! Love, a truly appreciative fan!

  48. As someone in your #5 category, I’m so, so, happy to read this. As much as I liked seeing you succeed, I *really* like the people in your categories above me. I think they’re way more cool than BHG.

  49. I think you’re spot-on with your thinking. I don’t have a blog, but I have a lot of favorites that I read everyday (yours included). The sad thing is that some of these blogs have turned into advertising sites. Most of the posts are product reviews (sponsored by the company), contests, giveaways, or solicitations to buy some product. I miss the content! I’m interested in reading about everyday people like me, that work, take care of their family, and like to do some crafting on the side. I wish more people would revert back like you’re doing. Kudos!

  50. Great post – enjoy your time!!

  51. Good for you. I’ve done this too and love it.
    There are times when there are certain things I miss, but not enough to go back to the stress.

    And I wasn’t anywhere near as involved as you. ;)

  52. I have dropped a lot of blogs lately that just seem like one product pitch after another. I would think about them – what happened to the creative ideas, or tutorials, or personal stories, or things that people on a budget could do. I am thinking of two in particular (hasn’t been yours) that all they do is promote this or that product (that I will never be able to afford) and I haven’t seen a real project in forever. I hope you post fairly regularly with stories, fun projects, and things you really want to do. Good for you! Love your blog!!! Thanks for your hard work!!!

  53. I am a brand new blogger (well, less than a year with only a handful of posts), I have been inspired by many creative blogs, including yours. I love your crative projects, I love your sense of humor, that you don’t take yourself or your creative process too seriously, and the fact that you are a putting your family first. I appreciate the view you shared today because it really takes the pressure off me to blog for the sake of becoming an “it” creative blog! Who cares if I only have 6 followers?? Who cares if only my one creative-cheerleading girlfriend reads my blog?? I started a blog to help get my creative juices flowing again, and it has helped that a lot. Thank you for taking time away from your family to share a little of yourself with us. You are wonderfully creative and inspiring to many. And thank you for helping to remind me why I wanted to blog to begin with! Enjoy your new found freedom!! We support you 100%

  54. I thought about starting a blog and then I realized that I have hardly any time as it is and when I do, I like to browse the blogs, not post. You do what is best for you and your family, I’ll still be a reader!

  55. I had my speech all ready and then you said you were just quitting the ‘business’ of blogging. I’ve toyed with the idea of expanding my blog, and I guess the fact that I can’t get seem to do it speaks volumes. I don’t want to post, just to post. In fact, I really try to only post about projects. There are a lot of us out there that aren’t interested in the giveaways (I click right on by) or all the other stuff that clutters up a blog. I’m betting you first started as way to share the joy of what you created? So, Yay for you! Whenever you get the time to post, we’ll be here!

  56. Thank you for writing this! I know it was for you mostly but I’ve been thinking about becoming a professional blogger, and this just cemented that I shouldn’t do it. I like being able to be sporatic with my posts without having hordes of angry people after me for not getting a sponsored post up in time or they didn’t like what I did.

    I know you’ll be much happier.. and I’m willing to bet that writing this post lifted a huge burden and weight off of your shoulders.

  57. Congratulations! I feel the same way!!

  58. Oh Char, I heart you 1000%. I believe this is going to be a very positive thing for you. I used to post daily. I felt this imaginary pressure to do it. I don’t any more. I post when I feel like it, and when I have something to say rather than trying to come up with something to say, and it’s so liberating.

    Now let’s go get a slice of cake at The Chocolate to celebrate your new free time ;)….

  59. I enjoy reading your posts and have done some of your tutorials. I am SO glad to hear you’re just quitting the business side of it. I have much admiration for you right now. Your family is very blessed to have you in it!

  60. You go girl ;) Well put, and you are so very admired for your choices :))

  61. I have seen several bloggers stop taking ads, etc. this year to get rid of the ‘buisness, end of things, and I think it’s great. I’ve had a blog for over 2 years, have under 100 followers, and I blog when I want to. It’s great. I love it when a blog really focuses on what they love and showcases that. I can tell when a blogger is making stuff because of the free stuff they get anyways. Good luck with balancing everything, and thanks for stepping up and being an example to others on how to do it!

  62. Seriously awesome. AWESOME post. I had a thought this weekend about totally quitting blogging. Period. Ever. And I felt the biggest rush of relief. And I was so surprised. I love to blog. Don’t I? Yes and no. I love this idea of quitting the business. I have imaginary persons (’cause you know I have like, 10 readers) that are waiting on me, expecting me to build something.


  63. Yay for you and the decision you have made to be the BEST you can be. You can never get back time. You will enjoy the extra time with your family. Good luck!

  64. I didn’t like the giveaways anyway…think that was one of the few times I commented on your blog was when you asked what we all thought of them, and you told how much time it takes.

    So good for you!

    I look forward to your craft posts! After all…that’s what we love about you! (and your humor too!)

  65. Yep. I made that decision the first time I was offered a giveway/review deal so I totally understand. My blog for me is not a job, it is for fun and I didn’t want to make it work, especially when there were so many people for whom it is more then a creative outlet, but a very real way to support their families, not just free crap. I knew right away that I don’t want to feel pressured to do a project and make posts several times a week if really all I want to do is read to my kids and watch terrible, terrible television. Dance Moms, anyone? No? How about some Storage Wars?

    I do hope you keep posting often though! It will be nice to read about your projects knowing they are joyfully made and willingly and happily shared. Not that they weren’t before… but you know what I mean! I think you’ll find it a true kind of liberty to be free of self-imposed expectations.

  66. Way to go, Char! Take care of what matters to you most right now. We’ll always be here to read no matter how frequently the posts may come.

  67. Great decision:). I think so many people relate to this. I dropped my sponsors this year and LOVE not having the pressure of that! It’s great! I’ve had people ask why i don’t blog as much and I just tell them it’s for my family’s sake! Love this post, Char!

  68. June Beddingfield says:

    Great!! I have missed the blogs of yesterday…really looking forward to yours returning! Stay true to yourself above all else…

  69. I am so grateful for this post. I have been in this same boat but with not a nearly successful blog so I would wonder, why am I putting so much time into this. IT started out as fun but now makes me not as “present” with my husband, kid, church calling etc and I have been contemplating these very same things. I hope you know that this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Thank you

  70. GOOD for you Char–too many of us feel this exact same constraint. Heck, I even feel it when I’m trying to get some sewin’ done and my babies are attacking me. Sometimes it’s right to just STOP. I commend you, and I’m glad to know I’m not alone.
    Family first.
    Love & Strength to you and yours,

  71. Good for you!! I do love your blog, and am still going to continue to read it no matter how many times you choose to post on it. :-)

  72. That is great! I will still follow whether you blog or not. I respect your decision your family is your number one priority. What a great mother and wife you are. I wish more bloggers would recognize their post everyday really isn’t as important as the babies tugging at their pajama pants wanting to spend time with them. Enjoy going off the grid it’s a great place. Life is slower and sweeter. :)

  73. Love.

    And that is all.

  74. Terri Bills says:

    The best thing about your blog is seeing the “crap” you have made. The other stuff is secondary. Have fun and enjoy your family. They are the most important thing.

  75. Congrats! I am glad you see your blog as YOURS again as well. Like me, I blog what I want and when I want to too. My blog is a journal of my projects. If others want to follow that is great, but don’t expect it to happen on a schedule or anything.

  76. I so totally get it and have been thinking a lot about this lately. My blog is small and I have thought about ALL the small blogs that suddenly “took off” and left me behind! If you start to think like that, it can get you down. But then I took a break. And I realized that my small blog is exactly what I want and I miss the personal side of some of the bloggers that fast-forwarded into the business. Smart decision, Char! I will look forward to reading you…whenever you post!

  77. Kuddos to you! I hardly post on my blog for the same reason- people keep telling me I could make a business out of it- but in my mind that would take the fun out of it too- for all the same reasons you just listed- good luck to you, I highly doubt you’ll ever regret your decision! :)

  78. I thought about that saying that goes something like when you die, do you want people to say she was a really great blogger? Of course not. You want to be a good mom, a good wife, sister, friend, whatever. You do what you have to do. If you had to have those things for your family to live comfortably, I’d say maybe look at it in another light. But if you don’t, if it’s not enhancing the joy and love you already feel, let it go. Harder to do than to say but I’m impressed you’ll try it!

  79. Good for you, Char. :)

  80. Delecta Rollins says:

    You’re awesome!

  81. Oh gosh. I totally GET it but I’ll miss you. :-)

  82. So good for you!!!!! This does take a lot of reflection and courage to step back from something that you were so involved with and became such a big part of your life. It is a touch thing to balance, how much time blogging/ how much time with everything else in my world. It can get out of whack really fast and sometimes I wonder how other women do it?? I think everyone finds their balance. But not feeling required to post something, just because it is on the daily list will be so freeing! I am sure you will find time for all kinds of other joys that maybe just got put aside for a bit. Good luck to you! -K

  83. There is a time and season for everything and there is nothing wrong or selfish about you realizing your priorities at this season in your life. It is good and healthy for you to recognize it. You have offered lots of great, fun, and exciting posts and I appreciate all the time and effort it took. So go put on one of your other “hats” and feel good in it!

  84. Good for you! Enjoy your time : )

  85. Hooray for you! That’s exactly why I don’t worry if I skip a weekly feature, or don’t do a project at all! I don’t want to get all grouchy and caught up and lose time for the rest of life. I applaud your courage to prioritize your life. Can’t wait to meet you at SNAP!!

  86. Cheri mock says:

    Good for you. I have enjoyed your blog. I See so much of myself in you. I love how you don’t sugar coat your world. Enjoy your life–time goes by so fast.
    Ps-you need to add dance moms on your tv viewing list. Oh my!

  87. That’s exactly what my blog is about. I don’t care if I ever make a dime. It’s about making what I want, when I want. I totally feel you and applaud you for it. Work on you because that’s the ultimate craft project.

  88. Awesome! You’ll enjoy it more and we’ll still be here. Please, take care of your family first! I have never understand how “bloggers” keep up with sponsors and everything and still be with their families. I know it works for some. But I’m glad you are doing what works for you!

  89. Less business = more time for good crap…I love it!!!

  90. Congrats There was a point that I had to decide was I blogging for me or blogging for others And was I looking at blogging to give me something. I decided then whether 0 followed me or a bizzillion I had to do what was right for me.

  91. You will never have this time back with your children and husband. Enjoy every moment!!!! Congratulations on your decision and best wishes!

  92. good for you. you will be missed but it is good to know you and your family are going to be happier!

  93. Good for you! To have the courage to say in cyber space what your heart is telling you to do and doing it *applause* !

  94. You are amazing Char! Thanks for setting such a great example. This is why I’ve only been blogging once a week and can’t bring myself to do more because it isn’t worth the sacrifice. I’m still trying to find the right balance but just take it day by day. Your way of explaining was perfect. Good luck! Hope to still see you at SNAP. – Victoria @obSEUSSed

  95. prioritize, simplifiy, do what is important to you…personal relationships and your family. And thanks for bringing a bit of your humor and creativity to “the masses” when you have time. :)

  96. You don’t owe any of us an explanation. You just need to do what’s best for you and your family. The benefit to me is that those are the blogs I enjoy the most anyway :-). I will continue to follow your blog and will read your posts whenever you feel like posting.

  97. Connie Jagolinzer says:

    I will admit I was bummed when I first read your title, but once I read your post I thought “Good for you”! I read your blog, not for the give-aways, but rather for the fun projects that you do. They inspire me to be creative in my home too. I wish you well and renewed creativity as you step away from the business and enjoy your family!

  98. What a brave and honest post! Good for you! It’s so easy to get caught up in the BUSINESS and lose the love of it. I feel like I have to step back and prioritize often, especially with two small boys. I’m feeling this exact same way with the small amount of graphic design work I do from home. Is it really what I need to be doing right now? Do I still love it or am I just caught up in it? Thank you for being brave and knowing when to say no. Your my hero today :)

  99. oh THANK YOU for saying this! I will hate to see you go but I think you are doing the right thing. I see myself getting caught up with the numbers thing and content and blah blah blah. I am a stay at home mom for a reason to be with my kids. It takes so much time to upload pics, then write the content, answer e-mails, etc. I totally get it. I thank you for sharing this brave decision with us! It makes me feel normal when I just want to be me and put stuff on my blog that i want:) enjoy yourself. be you. we will all still love you!

  100. Good for you! I’m sure I will still enjoy your posts even if they are not as often. Enjoy those precious extra hours you will have now :)

  101. That’s my girl!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO

  102. Char…you are fantastic! I have to ditto what has been said SO many times…good for you!! I, like so many others, am always sad when one of my favorite blogs stops posting their great ideas and instead is pitching product after product. While I think it is fantastic that SO many women (especially SAHM) have earned money from their blog, I selfishly wish they would go back to the things that got me following in the first place :) I can’t wait to see what you do, wether its tomorrow, or next month!

  103. I am really happy for you! I spend way to much time reading your blog, I can’t imagine the time you have to put into it :) I have to say that I have enjoyed the blog LESS since it became a “business”. I seems to have lost its spark and humor, the main reasons I loved it. I wish you the best, and think you are making a great decision. Good luck to you and your family.

  104. Hear hear! so happy for you!

  105. Freakin’ awesome, sista.

  106. Mrs. Bailey Park says:


  107. Congratulations on making such a huge decision. Such a brave choice, but obviously the right one for you. I am not a ‘professional’ blogger but I know how much time it takes to just post a couple of times a week for fun.

    Enjoy your new found ‘freedom’ with your family and loved ones – I look forward to seeing (or not!) your journey. x

  108. I think this is awesome! You will be amazed at the difference you will see in your life! More people should do what you are doing! Plus, those giveaways…I never win! ;)

  109. Brooke Nelson says:

    Way to go! Stand up for your family!! I’ve loved your blog and will still love it. You have your priorities in the right place.

  110. I think this is wonderful! GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I’ve been blogging for over a year and I can totally understand how you feel. I try to explain to my friends how much TIME it takes- they just think you type and post. Thank you for your honesty :)

  111. Well said.

  112. Joni Walton says:

    You probably have not known it, but I have been following your blog religiously. I have made your yummy red potatoes, but never a single craft. I can’t find the time either. But I tell you that to know that I have been logging in to follow YOU. Nothing you have ever posted is more creative or original than you. I think that probably goes for every blogger out there. I just like you. And, personally, if Google knew you, they’d pay money for you too. :) You are a person in my life that I have NEEDED to know. I love the memories of you, and want to make more. Let’s get together at Sampan sometime real soon. Joseph was just asking about Bryan the other day. Thanks for all you are doing to “create”. I remember that blog post the most. Love ya!

  113. You took the words right out of my mouth!!! For the last year I have stepped away from building my blog and business and have put my time into what matters most and I have been so much happier!!! It is so nice to post when I want to and not to worry about trying to market myself and come up with crafty stuff when I would rather be working in my kiddos classes or cuddling with my little one!

    Hugs to you!

  114. Write a book about your experiences CHAR…share it with us…I am interested in the world of blogging! EDUCATE US!!!

  115. laura @ on{thelaundry}line says:

    you go girl! that’s exactly why I’ll never be a professional blogger, as soon as my blog starts to head towards going somewhere I panic and the pressure makes me go insane and I just stop blogging entirely for a few months. lol. I used to think I wanted to be a “big blogger” but I think I’d like more to have a reader base that I’m connected to, that they and i enjoy interacting, no matter what size that is. I’d like to make a few bucks off my blog, sure, but really I would rather enjoy it.
    Shannon @ luvinthemommyhood had her google ads cancelled too! what a bunch of bunk.

  116. Good for you!

  117. Good for you! I think the thing that draws a lot of us readers to “crafty mom blogs” is that we feel like we can relate to you. I think once they start to get bogged down with too many sponsors, ads, giveaways, etc. it starts to take away from the reason we all came here in the first place. I love your blog, and I am glad you are doing what is best for you and your family! I will be sticking around :)!

  118. best blog post ever!!! i actually had this same thought around December and haven’t “announced” it on my blog and clearly my audience is way smaller than yours anyway but i’m like look if i want to forget about my blog for a week then i will no more pressure!

  119. Go with your bad self girl! There are several blogs that I stopped following, because they stopped being who they were when they started out. You deserve to be true to yourself. Kudos to you!

  120. Good for you!

  121. you are right on target. what first drew me to your blog was how creative you are. get well and be there for your family. i’ll enjoy seeing your posts when you post one. it’s time to get rid of the pressure from the “business” of blogging. the drawings are not what brings me to your blog. God bless.

  122. My respect for bloggers like you skyrockets when I read posts like this. Good for you for putting your real life first. I wish more bloggers would do the same.

  123. Char you are awesome. That is all.

  124. Good for you! I’ve often wondered “how in the world does she have time for a family and all THIS stuff?”. I work full time (granted, it’s a 45 minute drive from home), and don’t have kids, and I STILL don’t have enough time for everything I want/need to do! Congrats to you!

  125. I get it. I gave up blogging period. It was cutting into my family. Our time, our happiness. I was absent from my own life…and it was turning into a life I didn’t want. The more time I spend away from blogs, the more my love for them evaporates. I check once a week and maybe not even that often. It has been good for everyone in my life.

    A girl just has to know when to say “No”. Best decision I have ever made.

  126. Way to Go, you scared me until I continued reading. I thought you were gonna quit blogging altogether.
    I always enjoy your blog and will continue to do WHEN you DECIDE you want to post. I don’t know how y’all did it every single day but then I’m not so creative and don’t have the flair for writing. I post when I can and when I wanna. NOW you can too. Hugs

  127. Amanda Rand says:

    Kudos to you. I can’t even keep up on my family blog because my time is too precious. Good luck.

  128. Proud of you. This is the best feeling in the world! xoxo

  129. I think if you’re not blogging for the right reasons, it shows. I’ve quit reading a few blogs like that, when it feels that bloggers are trying to push products on/at me and the creativity that was once on the blog is gone.
    I think it’s awesome you are seeing it and making a change before you lose something really important.

  130. Good for you!

  131. Congrats! Good for you, family is number one.

  132. K. I don’t know what to say here, except to say….what the heck would I do without you? I would die. That’s what. You make me laugh EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Plus we can talk about anything. PLUS you get a giddy-ness about pom-poms? Freak. I might kiss you right on the mouth. (not really…..dude…chill!) You are my hero. And it’s gonna be awesome when our kids get married. Love you. Like big. Like, what would my life be like without you. As long as you’re happy. I’m happy!

  133. k. I previously wrote a comment…that was heartfelt, and touching, and hysterical….all wrapped up in one. A fitting tribute to one of my favorite people in all the land. But…it disappeared. And now I’m not feeling the whole “vibe”. So, this is what you get: “I love ‘ya Coester. Like a lot. I love that you make me laugh. I love that you are my sleepover buddy. I love that our kids are getting married. And as long as you’re happy….I’m happy” The. End.

  134. Big hugs to you for going back to your bliss!

  135. I hear you! I’ve totally slacked off my blog and I feel great about it! AND I am so sorry to hear about your Google Adsense getting cancelled. Mine did too and it was (and is) and awful thought and feeling when I think about it! I have no idea why mine got cancelled. Good for you to quit the business of blogging!

  136. I am so proud of you… I did the same thing last year… I simply couldn’t stand saying just wait while mommy blogs… And looking at my hubby and saying it is more important to write this post on this item or craft then it is to cuddle you and be with you… I started to help my family not to push them away and have them simply watch me spend the morning reading writing etc… So I am sooo happy for you… When your hear I am happy to read your post… When your not well I am super happy knowing your enjoying whatever you may be doing… Congrats!

  137. And I will be waiting when you just want to “chat” on your blog…no business..just chatting!

  138. Awesome post! Good for you- I don’ think anyone could be mad or upset about your choice!

  139. seriously my first thought was good for you! Before long your little ones will be 14 and 12, and it will have been YEARS since they wanted to play trains! Enjoy them while you can….I (and the rest of us) will be here whenever you post! I like the more real life blogs anyway……some get so busy doing thebusiness of blogging that their voice gets lost. You are making the right and best decision! Just don’t leave all together! :)

  140. When we talked about this a while back, I seriously thought you wouldn’t quit the blogging business. But, I have to tell you that I am very proud of you for taking a step back and seeing what is truly important to you and what makes you happy. I look up to you so much and I always have. You probably didn’t even know that now did you? Ever since that day when we went shopping at Macy’s I knew that you and I were meant to be FF! You make me laugh, you make me smile and you make me want to be a better person. I seriously want to be Char Coester when I grow up. You have such a huge heart and would do anything for anyone. I wish I had that quality. I am working on it, but to you it just comes so naturally.

    Please give my buddies a hug from Auntie Jane Especially my little Benny.

    Love you forever!

  141. Good for you! I can’t begin to put myself in the same category as you – but I know that I spend far too much time trying to be about the business of blogging because I feel like that’s what you HAVE to do to be “successful.” You know what I realized? I don’t enjoy blogging when I view it from that perspective. I want to write and craft for the ENJOYMENT of it. If I never get more than 30 views – that’s okay. I’m writing because I would do it even if no one saw it – because I love it. I love your blog, and I love that you are willing to share the “crap you’ve made. ” I will still keep you in my reader – and I hope this extra time will give you some of the sweetest moments of your life. :)

  142. {Please forgive me if I already commented}

    Thank you Char for posting this!! It pushed me to finally write about why I blog!! I greatly appreciate your honesty and hope you find the happy medium that makes you happy!! Best wishes!!
    -Meesh :)

  143. Good For You! It’s so admirable that you made this big decision. And one of the reasons I think you are so great. Don’t know you in person but you make me laugh and have brightened many a day. I wish you all the happiness and joy you deserve. And will check back every day to see if you’ve posted.(no pressure!)

  144. YOU ARE A SMART WOMAN! I stumbled across your blog tonight while my husband watches the debates & I am on the laptop, and what you wrote is what I have wondered about every blogger out there. I realize people have different reasons for blogging, but IMO, and it’s just that–MY opinion–bloggers would be better off to serve their God, their family, and/or their fellowman than to post 99.9% of what they post. Your family, marriage, and others will be better off because of your decision. I find it refreshing and I wish those bloggers who are so prideful about being a blogger (which I’d like to add that anyone can do) would get over themselves. (Again, I’m not talking about ALL bloggers and these are my opinions.)

  145. Good for you. A very wise choice! Take care.

  146. Glenda Bivona says:

    Well said, girl! Those of us who truly admire you will still be here for you.

  147. You deserve it. I tried to do the whole blogging for business thing and I realized how much time I spent doing all of that stuff very quickly. I that is the reason I haven’t posted since like July. I work full time and have a hard enough time keeping track of myself, work, family and the blog. I decided I had to be okay with it. Now I think I have more fun creating because I don’t have to take pictures every step of the way. Good Luck!

  148. My friend Rachel is a “chef who blogs not the other way around.” I don’t blog (I keep a public journal) and I don’t run my website with any intention other than maintaining an online portfolio/record of who I am. It’s like a diary. I think that allowing what we love to take a foreign form means time to go back to basics.

  149. Because I love you I am going to pretend like I am one of those people you needed to meet, although it is TOTALLY the other way around! I can’t wait to see you in April!!!

  150. There is a season for everything in life. Have a happy day. :)

  151. Awesome! I too had tried so hard to make my blog just like some of the others I’ve seen…how do they blog so consistently and still be a wife, mother, employee, stay at home mommy, homeschooler etc? I tried and failed…and i felt bad….for a little while. Blogs are great and fun to read and gain ideas from, but they shouldn’t take center stage (and they so easily can.) I made a similar decision and I’m finding that I blog about what’s important to me and my family a couple times a month. And I.am.happy.with.that.

    Good for you!! I know you will be blessed for putting your family first!!

  152. I’ve sensed a change in your blog over the last couple of years and I have to say I’m really glad you are quitting the business of it all. I have really missed the fun projects and raw funny humor you share. Instead it seems like all there ever was was giveaways or projects that would be impossible to do without some fancy gadget you were promoting. Good for you for quitting it all and going back to being your awesome self. I hope to see that reflected in the blog soon! :)

  153. beth gordon says:

    I wish I could reach through my computer & give you a high five. You go girl. I am happy for you! Thanks for being an encourager! I wish you the best and will be praying for you. I am so proud that you have stood up for yourself and are doing what is best for you and your family! Way to go!!

  154. Yes! The blogging business is the most underpaid thing you can do with that precious time of yours! Good for you!

  155. I’m so proud of you! It takes a smart woman to realize that being present has more value that promoting the blog. You’re making a good choice!

  156. Good job, girl. You’re making the right choice.

  157. Congratulations!!
    I don’t have kids, but I’ve been very happily married for almost 11 years. I understand the need to keep my marriage happy and healthy. I also spend a lot of time online, and have recently learned that sometimes you just need to close up that laptop/phone/iPod/etc and put the electronic world aside and focus on family first.
    I’m a recent follower, and look forward to getting to know “the real you” as you continue on in what your original blogging style was meant to be!!!
    I wish you much peace/joy/happiness for your family!


  158. You are right on, Char!! XOXO

  159. Shirley Lupton says:

    I admire you for knowing when enough is enough. I’ve enjoyed your blog and I won’t stop. So when ever you blog I will enjoy reading all the new things you are doing. Good choice because you need to set your priorities: God, family and what ever else you can fit in. God Bless~

  160. Tennille Michel says:

    Thank you so much for all that you’ve given us so far! And I commend you on your decision! My plan for the new year wasn’t to lose weight (Yea for breastfeeding!) but to actually sit down and PLAY with my 2 year old! They grow up too quickly and we will blink and miss it! Congrats! Can’t wait to see what you’ll share! *Love me some Toddlers & Tiaras! My cousin Chad is the Emcee for the upcoming episode! Can’t wait!

  161. I so feel you! I got into web design because I loved it. Then I took on clients, and gradually hated chasing people down for money, getting screamed at by people who didn’t want professional advice but were more than happy to let their neighbor’s gardener’s stepson’s enemy’s poodle give them advice. I quit the BUSINESS of web design last year and haven’t missed it once. I can breathe again. And, most importantly, I have time for my family…the same family who had been deserted while I hunkered head-down coding trying to earn a few extra bucks that were certainly not worth the trade-off.

  162. You sound so happy!
    I like reading about the crazy. And all the crap! Not that I’ve done any of it. Happy Monday Princess!

  163. Yours is the second blog I’ve read this morning about the time blogging sucks from your life…even when it’s last on the list. Thanks for being honest. I hope you find peace and happiness in whatever you use those hours for !

  164. You go girl.

  165. this is a fantastic post!!!! good for you!!!

  166. I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one that doesn’t want to worry about sponsors or advertising or whatever. I blog and I enjoy it and that’s how it rolls. Good for you! Enjoy and I love your blog.

  167. God bless you! I made a decision to leave behind a very lucrative business for similar reasons. Now I just blog for fun. There may be days you second-guess yourself, but always remember your reasons for making this choice in the first place.

  168. Good for you! I hope your family is blessed by this decision.

  169. Jennifer Lachman says:

    Congrats! I made this decision a while ago and now I actually have fun blogging. It doesn’t seem like work. As long as my mother reads my blog every day I am happy. But if she misses one post she will get the guilt trip of a lifetime.

  170. Ahhh GOOD JOB!!! That’s such a hard thing to do, buy good for you to have the courage to do it for you and your family. It reminds me of the scene in Indiana Jones and the last Crusade when the woman wants the Holy Grail so badly and sacrifices her life because she is about to fall into the deep crevice, but she wants it more than her life then falls into the crevice and dies…..well, you are the one that let’s it be, and survives. Ok call me a nerd for recalling the movie scene but really sometimes reaching is what we are suppose to do, but sometimes it’s not. I admire you for your courage and I wish I had your phone number…..because we are friends like that right?! and chat about it and I would tell you that you are courageous and awesome. Good job!

  171. Krysten Egan says:

    I am so happy for you!
    You were one of the blogs that I started first following in the beginning. I have noticed the give-aways are getting out of hand. The “pitchs” are too. What used to take me an hour to read now takes me half of that as I skip over a lot of blogs that DO NOT inspire me or TEACH me anything.
    I am very grateful that you will be going back to the basics! I love your sense of humor, your love of your family, and you!!
    Thank you for speaking up and realizing FAMILY FIRST!!

  172. I can totally understand and can respect your decision. Maybe it’s easier to understand as the mom of two boys. I have worked and have stayed home with them. It’s a trully personal decision. And I didn’t start following for gizmos and gadgets. I started following because of who you are.

  173. I thought you were cool before but you just shot up to the top on coolness. Your family is so lucky to have a wonderful woman like you Char. You have it right!

  174. Balance is the most difficult part of life. It is always good to focus on what matters most. :D

  175. Good for you! I am so glad ot hear someone else actually speak/post what so many of us are feeling. Although my blog is no where near yours, I feel that way too lately. I need to focus on my family and my ife before their childhood is all gone. I love to blog but it is no longer the first thing I think of in the morning or at night. Good for you for helping us all see what is important!
    Have a great day with your family!

  176. Good for you!
    And I’ll still check in and see what you’re up to because I don’t come for the sponsor crap and giveaways. I come to see what you’re up to, what have you made, most of the time is interesting and fun

  177. I have to let you know, I love this post. I have only just began really blogging, and I see how much TIME it really does take up. It at times can feel like a hassle, and get stressful. But I’m not as far as I “could” be because I don’t want to get so wrapped up in it that I forget my true life-outside of the computer. But I will admit, there’s times I spend too much time on it…so thank you for this post…to remind me that time is too precious to let waste. I’m happy you are putting your family before blogging :) That’s what everyone should be doing! :)

  178. I was drawn to your post from a comment on The Train To Crazy, and was so moved by the sentiments of your post, that I look forward to reading your future posts . . . even if they are only once a month. :-)

  179. Let that little voice inside be your guide and you will do wonderfully. I wish you well, and will look forward to the posts when they come. In the meantime, maybe I should re-evaluate the time I spend READING blogs, and working on projects that are taking me away from where my heart says I need to be. Thanks for sharing this with us – this may be your most important blog entry, if you know what I mean.

  180. Good for You! Enjoy the additional time with your family!

  181. Jamie Pickett says:

    This post totally made my day… I’ll admit I used to follow your blog closely I loved reading your funny stories or seeing what you had made for your home. I don’t mean this to sound rude, but there for a while it started to feel a lot like a commercial (This does not just apply to your blog but numerous others). I am so glad to hear you are putting your family and marriage first and doing what you love after all that’s why we all started to love you and read your blog.

  182. I’m glad you’re sticking around! I don’t think I could blog if it was a business. It has to be FUN, then you’ll WANT to do it. And yes, blogging is for you, when YOU feel like it, without obligation. Congratulations on your decision. :)

  183. Good for you! I’ve had to do the same thing with my online business lately and it’s been such a blessing to me! I was stressed out most days and spending too much time on things that don’t really matter. I need to have a clean house, dinner for my family every night and time with my kids and hubby to be happy. I’m glad you’ll still be posting, but good luck!
    (PS: Apparently we have a friend in common. Elizabeth Tongi is my BFF!! :) )

  184. *Standing ovation* I’m sure many other bloggers are feeling it too, but they don’t want to admit it. It’s A LOT of pressure to keep a blog as popular as yours going! But you are right – at what cost? In the end it wouldn’t be worth it. (((hugs)))

  185. I posted this very sentiment at New Year’s. The people we actually live with are the ones who need to see, hear, be touched by, loved by and celebrated by us most!!! And, we need them. The projects you loved doing started becoming a constant production, instead of a sense of creativity. The Blog world can so much fun, but is almost more absorbing than an 8 to 5 job. I have experienced both. And, the creating and posting, and driving of inspiration take over like an affair. Then the affair loses it’s luster when you realize you’ve spent more energy on making it successful than you actually anticipated! I support you and am in admiration of your choice! I know you will find the balance you need!

  186. Char, it has been about year since i quit the BUSINESS of blogging. And it was the best thing I have ever done. Welcome to the other side! It is easy to get sucked back in but if you have made the choice and know it’s right….don’t let yourself. And guess what? Sometimes it stings when you stop getting so many emails, or invites or to the events…but it stings less and less as time goes on. And you just have to remind yourself that it is worth it!

  187. Bravo! You go girl, and a big round of applause to you! Also, thank you. You have put into words exactly how I have been feeling. My blog is by no means anywhere near the level or expertise your is, but I have really been struggling with wanting it there. But every time I let it consume my days, it becomes like that horrid homework assignment you don’t want to do. I started blogging to enjoy it, not make money. My family needs to be my priority, not my social status on the web. So again, thank you for your honest voice!

  188. I’ve been checking in on your blog for the past three years, but have never signed up officially, now I’m going to. Yours is one of the first blogs I connected with. I have four children almost exactly the age as yours, just a few months off here and there. I originally got hooked on your organization ideas. I loved those. I have contemplated started a blog for the past year, but was worried about the time. This year I decided to go for it. I have been trying to figure out what I needed to do to get started. I haven’t set anything up officially because of being sick, etc. Now I have a better idea of what I want to do. I no longer feel the pressure before I even started to make money. You saved me from so many hours away from my family and I am so thankful. I’m ready to start now. I wanted to blog just as a way to chat without having to call someone. I hate making phone calls. Now I feel completely okay with that.

  189. Charlene Austin says:

    I’m so happy to hear this. I need to admit that I have been so close to deleting your blog because it was always just another giveaway or sponsor content. I don’t want to be sold to. I want to enjoy your creativity and laugh at your humor. I found that your blog has changed for a while now and I missed it….missed you! Yay, I’m sticking around now!!

  190. Thank you. For being honest with yourself. For inspiring purposeful living in others. For listening to your heart. I just found your blog last month, and I love it. I’ll keep tuning in, even if it’s quiet for awhile. Because your crap, in my mind, is AWWWWWWEsome.

    I, too, am a sporadic blogger, just starting, wondering if I should push it further, but trusting my heart and my gut that it needs to be more back-burner than my family and my well being.

  191. Just want to add my best wishes for your bold decision! I don’t have a blog, but can testify to how much time can be sucked up just reading them and browsing through projects. Enjoy your family, your time and your creativity the way you want. I’ll be checking in on you!

  192. great post! when it starts becoming a chore it’s definitely time to re-evaluate, do and share the things you love without worrying about what the next person is doing or how many people are looking and it’ll get back to being fun again. That is the kind of blog I love to read :)

  193. Every room in my house needs a Lowe’s intervention, however the room that I dare not show people is my master bath. It’s got carpeting in there people! Carpeting!!!!

  194. Follow your heart :0) be happy, Sue xx

  195. Good for you! You know, each moment that goes by is precious…it never returns to us. Our focus and priorities need to be on those things that are most important to us and those people that we love. Building memories with our spouse and children and feeding our soul as much as possible. This time of reflection for you was a good thing… you have a new, wonderful focus for your life! Be blessed on your journey!!! I look forward to hearing about it now and then!

  196. Hi Char, and Crap…I just found your blog and find it funny and informative. Thank you for the small amount of time I have been able to get great ideas and a few smiles and giggles along the way. Too bad I couldn’t get to know you more, but putting your family first is always the best idea :-) God Bless
    You and your family.

  197. I just found your blog this morning after seeing some of your adorable valentines on Pinterest. I applaud everything you said here and I congratulate you! You got to a place that afforded a view of what was really important (and what wasn’t). Thank you for speaking up, speaking out, and speaking your heart.

  198. AMEN!!! I wish more women would think like you!! There are good things to do with your time and there are better things. Putting your family first is a better thing, even though blogging is a good thing :)
    I have avoided making my blog a business for the very reasons you listed :) Wish I could copy this post- you said it perfectly and it is exactly what I have been thinking. thank you!

  199. GOOD for you! I love it. I’m on the once a month train myself, and I can attest to it’s awesomeness via my happy hubs and happy babe. I’ve loved your blog forever, so I’m not going anywhere. Cheers to you!

  200. Are you a mind reader, Char? Ditto!

  201. I have had my blog for about four years and for the past two years haven’t been able to post very much. I just “kinda” came back to my blog to find out that the blog world had changed. It’s so fast paced now and you have to work hard to keep up with all the other blogs. It’s too much and I love the idea of posting when it works for you and your family whether that be a lot or a little. We usually know where the balance is, we just have to listen. Thank you for your blog and this post. It was the answer I needed as I started to post again… Everything in moderation!

  202. Lately as I’ve been perusing blogs, I’ve been so disgusted by the posts written about some product the blogger obviously received for free with the obligation to blog about it. I don’t read blogs to have someone sell me something! So… WOW! How refreshing to read your post! Consider all these comments a standing ovation! YOU ROCK! Life is short. Enjoy your family and loved ones! You won’t ever regret making this move! Thanks for being a great example to all who have a blog and reminding us what the important things in life are. I look forward to following and reading the things that you are passionate about.

  203. So … I’m just reading this now since I’ve been in the exact same place since Christmas and have stepped from the blogging world in general. You are a rock star and one of the coolest blog ladies out there. Your crap makes me laugh – a lot. Plus, you were so nice and awesome and real when I went to my first blogger thing at Pier One last Christmas and was scared to meet the “cool” bloggers. So glad you’re sticking around in a way that makes this work for your family. I needed to read this this morning – thank you.

  204. Carolyn Windley says:

    Not one worry over this…those who enjoy your humor and projects and the occasional sneak peek at those cutie patootie kiddos of yours will still be around when you decide to post.
    I started a small blog myself because of your blog. I haven’t posted to it in over a month. Why? Because my family comes first. Life happens and I don;t want to be behind the computer journaling it rather than participating in it. Enjoy your family! I know I will be around when you post and even when you don’t ; )

  205. This is one of the best things I’ve read on a blog- seriously! GOOD FOR YOU!!!

  206. thanks for quitting the business but not quitting your blog. the posts you’ve written recenty sound like YOU. and that’s what hooked me on your blog in the first place. i do hope you’re finding this is working better for you and your family and your heart goals.


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