Giveaway: $100 Gift card from Lowe’s

I hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend!

For some reason (probably related to my blondeness), I forgot that when I posted my porch makeover earlier this month I was also supposed to give away a $100 gift card to Lowe’s.


So, I’m doing it now.

What’s in it for you?

A $100 Lowe’s gift card.


Leave a comment on this post telling me what “curb appeal” project you’d tackle with $100 from Lowe’s.

That’s it.  Quick and easy!

Giveaway is open to US residents age 18 and over only and closes Tuesday, May 29th at noon MST.  Winner will be chosen at random using a WordPress Plugin (And The Winner Is…) and notified by email.  Winner has 24 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen…I need the winner’s info before the end of the month!

And while you’re waiting to see if you won, head on over for your FREE Subscription to Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine:


Or, check out the Lowe’s Creative Idea’s app (also free)!  I have it on my iPhone and it’s delightful!


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  1. I’d use the $100 to buy new pots & plants for my front porch/sidewalk … and a new hanging pot, or two, as well! And if I could get hubby on board, I’d actually use it to fix our front step (wood) that’s sagging badly & needs to be replaced.

  2. I would repaint my front porch furniture that REALLY needs it! If I had leftovers, I’d look for some pretty pots for flowers on the front porch and then move on to flowers for the flower beds!

  3. Our flower beds are in desperate need of some beautification!

  4. Kristen says:

    I’d love some patio furniture/cute outdoor rug!

  5. I’d love to get some new bushes for my front yard!

  6. Stephanie says:

    I need to paint my front door and garage and shutters to give the house an instant facelift!!

  7. Melissa says:

    I would love to paint my front door and do a porch makeover.

  8. stephanie says:

    Patio furniture or flowering shrubs. We’ve spent all spring ripping out overgrowth and regrading. Adding color and a little comfort would make it complete!

  9. cassie k says:

    It would so be grass for the front yard as our died last summer. And I would fix up or wanna be flower area.

  10. Stacy T says:

    I’d work on some borders for our front flower beds!

  11. I would buy some weed control and mulch for my front yard!

  12. Thanks for the chance! I would use the Lowes card to spruce up our walkway. It is rock now, but could use some curb appeal!! Maybe some stepping stones?

  13. We could use some rock for our side yard!

  14. I would buy mulch for my flowerbed and some extra rosebushes. Would love to be able to get a Topiary or two for by my front door. Thank you for the chance to win!

  15. Danielle says:

    A $100 Lowe’s gift card would go a LONG way to make over the balcony of my new town home :) New cushions for my patio furniture and some new plants would be fabulous! Still moving in….hope to be done tomorrow!

  16. New outdoor furniture to be purchased when we buy a new house!

  17. I would buy a new saw because there’s a tree in my yard that needs a haircut.

  18. Andrea Zachary says:

    Oh,, definitely my front porch, too!

  19. Janice Herbert says:

    curb appeal…anything I did would add to the curb appeal. BUT specifically i would re do the planter below my front window…it is a horrible mess!!

  20. I would like to get paver steps in my front yard tot the door.

  21. Donna in SC says:

    If I won this giveaway I would buy a paint sprayer so I could refinish 2 lawn chairs I got from the curb! Thanks for the chance!

  22. I rent a town house, so some flowers and something to make a decorating welcome sign for the door would spice it up a little bit!

  23. I inhearted my grandfathers vintage yard chairs so I would get the paint to redo them, then I would get solar lights for my walk way then buy supplies fo make a flower bed to go along the walk way. then I would sit outside in my picnic area in my new redone chairs and enjoy my flowers in the new flower bed.

  24. Would apply it towards a new door that is our main entrance! Do you have a clue how expensive doors are? Really!

  25. I’d buy more paint to get the exterior painted. Or new blinds for our front windows so all the windows match.

  26. I would use it to put up new short fencing around my flower beds. I have three in my front yard that need a bit of updating. :)

  27. I need patio furniture! Other cute patio things would be a major plus.

  28. Toni Brooks says:

    I would set up a drip irrigation system up my driveway & then have fun landscaping the area.

  29. I’m in the middle of completely landscaping my entire yard. I am using some landscaping rocks from lowes, and I need a ton more. About $100 more. It would be AWESOME to be able to complete it!

  30. I’d get some cute solar lights for my precarious front walk/steps, and a couple new bright flowering bushes.

  31. I’d put it toward some fencing that we need for our yard. We have already found what we want at Lowe’s, by the way. We recently put in a block wall in an attempt to give ourselves some flat area in our back yard. The wall is 5′ high. That would be quite a fall for the grandbabies, so we need to put some fencing along the wall.

  32. Callie Greenleaf says:

    I would love to paint my front door so that it’s not plain white and I would add some planters with flowers.

  33. We’d add some more lighting to the front of our house, prettier window treatments, and maybe some classier numbers. We don’t have a porch, so there isn’t tons to do, decor-wise.

  34. Michelle says:

    We’re moving, but I’d like to plant some flowers to make the house look better for the next residents.

  35. Christine Aldinger says:

    my front porch needs paint…..front door needs paint….deck needs alot help (power washed and all the good stuff that goes with it) etc etc etc…..i’d have no problem spending a 100!!!

  36. I’d love to use the gift card to get some pretty plants for our porch. We’re in a rental while we’re finishing up school, so I would need to do some projects that can move with me, and not be permanent. I don’t think my landlord would appreciate a permanent change! :)

  37. Sheila Laurence says:

    It’s the back of the house so maybe isn’t ‘curb’ appeal, but we really need to refinish our deck!


  39. Do new raingutters count for curb appeal? Practicality adds cuteness, right?

  40. I would use it to buy planters and plants, a new mailbox, and maybe some solar lights! My porch really needs help right now!

  41. I would use it to change up the landscaping. Right now we just have day lilies (which are nice) but that’s IT. And I’d love to have some more color.

  42. My front walkway garden needs some flowers and mulch. Right now, it is blah!

  43. Sallie Fitzpatrick says:

    I would definitely get some plants for my front yard or perhaps supplies for a water feature I saw recently! :O)

  44. ruth tacoma says:

    I’d like some solar lights to put along the pathway to my front steps.

  45. Usually I don’t enter too many giveaways, but this one made me laugh. Haven’t posted about I t yet, but we were just involved in a big house fire. What couldn’t we use that gift card for! Per-fire I would have said new house numbers and outdoor lights.

  46. I would definitely get some new plants for around the house and perhaps some patio furniture!

  47. I would use the $100 gift card to weed and seed our yard. It’s so dead it’s not even funny! Our yard is probably more weeds than grass, and half of that grass is dead. It’s embarrassing.

  48. I would love to put in a flower bed.

  49. Angie C says:

    I would love to build a cinder block bench I have admired on

  50. Melissa says:

    This is a tough question…..I’d probably put in a few new plants and spruce up my 2nd floor deck that is right in front, some flowers, maybe a cute chair or table.

  51. Flowers and shrubbery!

  52. Bailey C says:

    I would love new porch light fixtures and lamp post, the current ones are in bad shape. $100 would be a good start-lighting is freaking spendy for anything decent…thanks for the chance!

  53. We need pops of color in the front yard. Something that can really handle the Florida heat!

  54. Lauran Frank says:

    We have an area in the front corner of our yard that is right where everyone comes up the driveway. It is terribly in need of some love and curb appeal!! It’s pretty much just weeds and three bushes there now.

  55. Great giveaway!! My flower beds need desperate help and I would paint my front door.

  56. I would re-plant around our porch…it really needs some help…

  57. I would love some plant that could withstand my constantly shaded porch area. And maybe repaint some outdoor furniture.

  58. Destiny says:

    I’d add some flowers in the flower beds, a small planter on the table on the porch, some hanging baskets & maybe a fresh coat on paint to the front door.

  59. I would love some patio furniture for our front porch!

  60. Where to start?! :) I would probably buy lumber for a pergola!

  61. I would replace my mailbox and put some ornamental grass around it!

  62. Well as the biggest curb appeal thing we need to do is remove a giant dying tree in the front yard, and I don’t think that $100 gift card will really help with that, I’d say some more plants for the side garden!

  63. I really really desperately need to do something to make the empty flowerbeds in front of my house pretty. I’m thinking daisies and poppies and getting rid of the bark chips and the spiders living among them.

  64. AhhhhM just about everything! We spend soooo much money already at Lowes.

  65. Margaret R says:

    I am getting my house ready to put on the market. We need to replace the front door and the deck so that is what I would do with the gift card. We are getting ready to start building our dream home this fall so I could use the card for either one. Thanks for the chance to win.

  66. We are getting ready to put in our yard so we need everything!!! I would use that gift card to buy a nice fruit tree or two!

  67. MelodyJ says:

    There are so many but probably the most impact would be to remake the short wall at the edge of the front yard. Going to put flagstone in front of it and replant the grass behind it.

  68. I would use the prize to buy paint for my front door and for some new pots and plants. We are in desperate need of some curb appeal!

  69. Cokette says:

    My garage! And definitely a new rug like yours!

  70. Amy Bounds says:


  71. I would redo my flowerbeds in the front yard.

  72. Our house faces east, so even though it’s only are all 6 years old, the door and door frame are all peel-y and yuck. I’d buy primer, paint, and courage to take on the project, If there’s anything left ,I’d buy some new flowers to take the place of the ones that ‘accidentally’ swallowed my four year old’s bubbles.

  73. We’re going to have a new yard with our new house, so I’d use it to get flowers, plants, etc.

  74. Percilla G says:

    I would spruce up my back yard which I have been wanting to do. THis would motivate me to get out there

  75. My front porch is a blank slate. I need some motivation. This might do it!

  76. I would love to use this to help out my flower beds! They need some serious TLC!

  77. Sarah H says:

    We’ve been working on curb appeal for 3 years now. We have yet to be successful…

  78. Oh my goodness. We have a planter along our driveway that is in dire need of a makeover. This would be awesome!

  79. My DH and son cleaned out a flower bed for me last year and filled it with rock. I would love to add a water feature of some sort to it, but have not tackled that project yet. We also have some landscaping timbers under our red-tipped shrubs and I would like to replace that with some concrete border. We have a lot of potential projects in our front yard!! Thanks for the Lowe’s giveaway!!

  80. Shellie says:

    My front yard is in a sad, sad state. I could use some grass seed and maybe a windchime to distract the eye!

  81. I can’t tell you what project exactly since we are in the process of buying a house and have yet to finish looking. But I do know we will have many soon! I love the Lowe’s magazine. I went through all of them the other day!

  82. Tammy Eblin says:

    It would be hard to choose! Either a rug, paint for the porch supports OR I’m dying for a chandelier for the front porch.

  83. Adrienne C says:

    I would pretty up the garden around the tree out front and change out the old rotted boards around it!

  84. I would use it to help my sister outfit her new porch!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  85. sorahart says:

    I have a front sun porch in desparate need of some beautifying! Hanging plants, some potted plants, a bench? I would make it into an oasis!

  86. twelve30 says:

    I would put the gift card toward the purchase of some rockers for the front porch – I’ve wanted to do that for a long time & Lowes has some black ones that would look really nice on the porch.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  87. I would LOVE to make my own fabric headboard! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  88. We really need to remulch all of our flower beds. This gift card would help a lot!

  89. Allison C says:

    I would use the $100 to paint the handrail, plant some flowers, plant a couple bushes, and buy some weed killer. And maybe put in a pathway to the driveway. We just bought our first house so we have LOTS of projects to do…especially with the outside of the house.

  90. Christa says:

    We could use some patio furniture!

  91. AN ARBOR! Oh that would be awesome to use it to buy an arbor at Lowes! Ive always wanted one next to my garage on the path to the backyard! Instant curb appeal with a welcoming touch!

  92. Vicki Benyo says:

    I just bought 2 new outdoor lights from Lowe’s for the front of our house, so would probably use the $100 on stain for our newly rebuilt deck!

  93. I would definitely add so much needed color to our front landscaping.

  94. So many projects! I need to add plants to my front landscaping, make over my {sort of} new front porch, make over my deck, landscape the back corner of my backyard . . . . the list goes on and on :)

  95. Shelley D. says:

    We purchased a foreclosed home late last year and ALL of landscaping in bad shape. If we won the $100 gift card from Lowe’s we could use it to replace our shrubs and incorporate some beautiful flowers or even flowering shrubs. It would be awesome!

  96. Because I’m deathly afraid of snakes (and seen one in my weeded up flower garden) I really would like to make a couple of those towered up flower pots to put flowers in and paint them funky colors to display on my porch!

  97. I would love to mulch our flower bed, have some plant on our porch and a new door mat..

  98. My husband & I have been wanted a new front door!

  99. Natalie Robinson says:

    I would love to get hanging baskets for my front porch and make some cool wall planters for my back patio.

  100. Carolyn says:

    I would really love some big pots filled with beautiful flowers for my back patio!

  101. Having just moved into our new home in Feb. DH just discovered about 10 feet by 15 feet of a stone patio that was buried under 5 inches of soil and grass. So we would use the GC to spruce up the patio space.

  102. Danielle says:

    I have a container garden along our front walk. I’d expand it and put it in prettier containers, as opposed to it’s current recycled containers.

  103. Theresa Ashcroft says:

    New light fixtures…definitely.

  104. The curb appeal project I would like to tackle is re-painting the front door, installing new lights in the front of the house, and adding a bright new welcome mat! So, yeah I could really use that gift card!

  105. A bench! Not that the bench itself would have much “curb appeal”, but with my hot husband sitting out there that’s a whole ‘nother story!

  106. Michelle says:

    I would love the giftcard to help with repairing the stone wall that edges our driveway. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  107. We just knocked down a stone wall that was hiding our house. It kind of left a trench. I Think I would get some planters and soil and plants

  108. I would make something pretty for my front door and get a new rug. I definitely need to plant new plants out front since the dog dug up the old ones, but we still have the dog so that might not be a good idea :)

  109. I need, need, NEED a porch swing!!!

  110. I would tackle our balcony. It likes to stay covered with moss, but is a great place to watch the sunset. I’d like to grow some tomatoes and flowers and have a great place to grill, sit and watch the sunset.

  111. I have been wanting paver stones to line my driveway.

  112. Natalya Hoak says:

    New pots and plants for my porch and deck is the first thing I’d do. Also, our grill is rather lonesome on the deck, needs some seating area and maybe a small table. I love your idea. Your area looks so inviting!

  113. Would love to get started on our new patio!

  114. Dollinda Welch says:

    Beautiful plants for the porch.

  115. My yard could use a lot of help with flowers

  116. Carolyn says:

    I would purchase perennials for my front yard.

  117. I could definitely use some plants and i’d love to paint me front door a fabulous color! I would secretly love all new light fixtures for the front of my house (I can already hear The Hubbs telling me how ridiculous that is.

  118. I would use the money to buy bead board to put a new ceiling into my front porch. I has needed it for years and it has come time. I might even be able to get a plant or to to hand after I was finished.

  119. If I win the $100, I’d redo my porch!!! I haven’t done anything special with it in years. I need some pots and plants as well as a new paint job. I would like to take up the indoor outdoor carpet and tile the porch. Blessings, Lori

  120. Well, we’re closing on a house on the 6th of June providing that no more complications appear. The house has a front porch, I’d spruce that up and/or plants some lovely stuff in front of the porch which has a bed with a watering thingamijig. :-) Thank you for a chance to win.

  121. Elizabeth H says:

    I could really use some great furniture for our front porch and some plants to brighten it all up. Thanmks

  122. Jessie C. says:

    I’d repaint the garage and get some new shelves on.

  123. I would buy veggie plants for a garden. Thank you for this!

  124. Connie Kersten Haack says:

    We need a new Screen door and I would like to do a really unique flower display out front.

  125. I’d use it to buy new light fixtures for the outside of the house. Thanks for the chance to win.

  126. we just bought our 1st home!! I would use my LOWES $100 giftcard to buy a new mailbox and some flowers and hanging baskets for our front porch :)

  127. I would get started on a flower garden to attract more butterflies to the yard!

  128. Margaret M says:

    $100 at Lowe’s is very exciting!. My yard is an interesting collection of weeds with a few sprigs of grass thrown in to tease me. I would buy new grass! Fabulous giveaway! Thanks!!!

  129. I would get a new mail box since mine is pretty wobbly. I would also get some new plants for my gardens.

  130. Michelle says:

    I would add a railing to our front stoop plus I would put a much needed privacy fence up.

  131. I’d get some huge ferns for my front stoop! What Southern house isn’t complete with that?
    Then probably some solar lights, new landscaping flowers and mulch!

  132. Swell giveaway! I would rip out the bed of …well I wont say weeds, it’s mostly some flower I cant remember the name of, that they sell for $5 each but they have invaded everywhere in my yard. I’d plant some more lovely and organized things there in the front instead.

  133. New bushes to replace the dead one that’s currently dressing up the front of our house :)

  134. My 230 year old house desperately needs a new front door!

  135. I would love to fix up a corner in the front of our house that our dogs destroyed, maybe a some pavers or urns full of flowers. Something to keep the mutts from peeing in that area!

  136. Oh my word, our yard is TERRIBLE. In fact, the other day, my husband went to Lowe’s to price some bushes and bricks and a tree he wanted to get. I told him they were too much :(. He would be over the moon if I won. :)

  137. Roberta says:

    Ground cover perennials would be my first purchase, like Phlox, and brick or containers to make a garden area for herbs, soil and bark. Thanks so much for this chance!!

  138. OHHHH! I would love to win–my husband has bought some hedges for the front of the house three years in a row! They won’t grow! They just keep dying! This would help us get some Miracle Grow;) THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  139. Dolores McCune says:

    I’m not the only one who needs some patio furniture out front. Am I more deserving for sweeping the front porch this morning?? Crossing fingers for a win. Thanks.

  140. Whitney says:

    I need a new mailbox! I’d also like to work on my flower beds,

  141. I would love a few more flowers and pots! Thanks for the giveaway! I love shopping at Lowes!

  142. my front stoop. It needs to be repainted and could use some friendly decor!

  143. Mrs. Bailey Park says:

    Attacking the scary weeds would go far to improve our curb appeal.

  144. Katie M says:

    My flower beds are in desperate need of some flowers. I also would love to get a new hammock for my backyard!

  145. We desperately need to do something with the “gardens” in front of our house… Would definitely increase the curb appeal :-) We’d probably use the $100 towards dirt and brick.

  146. My flowerbeds are so bad that I’ve started telling my daughters that the weeds are supposed to be there. It needs mulching and new plants! I also have a flag pole thingy, but no flag. I’m not usually a garden-flag type, but the pole is so obvious, I think it needs something. So, if I win, I’d get mulch, plants, and a flag. And I’ll need to get some new fishing lures from the outdoor store to bribe my hubby to do all of that work! (I’m big & preggie, so that’s my excuse….. I’m glad I have an excuse!)

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  147. We are in the process of painting our front door a new color and we desperately need a new storm door. I would use the $100 towards a new storm door. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  148. Jennie P. says:

    I could really use some plants for the front flower bed. Perhaps some rosebushes! Thanks for the chance.

    • Brenda Haynes says:

      I’m in the process of painting my porch a deep ORANGE with Valspar pain from Lowes! I would use the $100 to purchase a new door knob. Fingers crossed!

  149. I would love to win! Our front flowerbed is in desperate need of a makeover.

  150. Michelle Carter says:

    A few planters with flowers for the walkway and some shrubs and flowers for the front flower gardens.

  151. I would use the money to build a rocking chair.

  152. rebecca says:

    I would finally set up a water line for my front porch and walkway flowers.

  153. Carrie Pennington says:

    I would repaint my ol’ rocker and plant creeping plant on a trellis! Thanks!

  154. We could plant flowers and get rid of one of our half dying shrub/plant/flower and plant something else there.

  155. I would install landscape lighting, put up new shutters, and paint the porch railing.

  156. We need a door so badly! Ours is technically an inside door, doing outside door work. Not a good combo!

  157. I would use it to help redo my patio

  158. rhonda s. says:

    Apply the $100 toward a new storm door!

  159. Sallygc says:

    If I would win i would get a swing or the yellow chair you have. Have a nice weekend to.

  160. I like to create a mini-deck, with herbs, and a couple of comfortable chairs to read in!

  161. I absolutely need a new coat of paint on our front door and a new door bell button. A cute mat would round out my new front porch. Voila!

  162. Our front french door needs a new coat of paint and a better trim color. I would also make some fun signs for the front and replace the Welcome mat and house numbers.

  163. Priscilla says:

    We are adding a brick sidewalk to our front porch. The $100 would go for shrubs to fill in the area around our new sidewalk.

  164. I would use the money for summer flowers for my front flower beds and around my mailbox!! Really need some color!!!

  165. I love your porch makeover and those pretty porch chairs! I’d use the gc to restain or paint my front porch floor which desperately needs it. Or I might buy much and some impatients and calidums to put some sparkle in my beds. Or I might use it to buy the chaise or porch swing I’ve been crying for – forever now!

    Thanks for the GREAT giveaway and a chance to win. Hope you’re having a fun Memorial Day weekend.
    Hugs…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

  166. I would love to paint my front door and get some pots with beautiful flowers!

  167. Flowers flowers flowers!! Would like to add some color to my plain yard.

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  168. We need to build steps up to our covered front porch!

  169. My 12 year old daughter has been begging for white rose bushs in front of the house, and I have to agree; they’d look perfect there.

  170. I’d love to use the money to purchase a dining set for our back patio.

  171. Kelsi Cruse says:

    I would love to surprise my fiancé with giving a facelift to the corner lot that his cozy brick home sits on. On the very corner-the first thing you see is a fire hydrant with its corner patch of dirt that needs desperate help and pretty-izing. I’m thinking some landscape bricks, sod & flowers will make a world of difference at our future home together! :-)

  172. I would LOVE to put some potted plants in the front of my home!

  173. refurbishing our flower bed that is heinously overgrown. currently hoping to rip it all out, mulch the entirety of it and plop a decorative tree in there somewhere instead. :)

  174. Landscaping! We just finished building a house and we have no plants (yet). I’d definitely go find some beauties, especially for the front walkway leading to the door.

  175. Oooh, $100 at Lowes…the first thing I’d buy is this nifty retractable hand towel ring. For my half bath (aka where the kids wash hand a billion times a day and NEVER hang up the towel). Argh. It’d make my life grand!

  176. Mmm so many options lol. It would be one of two things though: 1. Our front area that is covered in rocks and weeds needs to be level led out, gravel put down and flowers along the pathway or 2. Flowers for the raised beds we created in the front but havent planted yet. I love your patio makeover! Thanks for remembering to do the giveaway!! : )

  177. I would splurge and get a nice bench to put out front or I might put some concrete in a little rock area I have and some cute potted plants.

  178. I would love to get a bench and a few plants for my front porch! It’s so ugly!

  179. Carole BB says:

    Where do I start? Defenitely need a new front mat, and some flowering plants, preferably perennials! Thanks for sponsoring!

  180. I’d love to paint the front door and work on adding some perennials to my flower beds!! :)

  181. ack, my front flower bed is completely overgrown and has a leak in the sprinkler system :( would love to win! thanks!!

  182. Melle e says:

    Ooh. $100 at lowe’s? I’d fill my porch with beautiful flowers. I’d also get a new entry mat. I have a pretty red one that I’ve been using since Christmas. It’s solid or I’d have changed it by now…. I’d really like a more *generic* one… And of course, my flowers. Lots of flowers….

  183. Tanya M says:

    We need to reseal our driveaway and get some plants for our flowerbed that’s currently growing a wild self-planted clover and another mistery weed with scary huge leafs. Beleave me when I say that it’s a very sad-looking flowerbed. :)
    Thank you for a gread giveaway!

  184. Sarah E. says:

    My front door and the trim around the garage are in dire need of a paint job! They are dark navy and I want to go red!

  185. Shirley Lupton says:

    Wow, $100 to my favorite place to shop. I would work on the side of my house. We did the front but ran out of money to complete. Flowers, etc. (something that the deer won’t eat), sod and solor lights. Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway. I love your blog.

  186. Donna brown says:

    my husband spent today triming the front jungle (ummmm bushes!) now you can see our front door again! I would love to paint or replace it!!

  187. Jennifer G says:

    My front yard needs new flowers and maybe a nice bench. Thanks for the giveaway!

  188. How sweet!! Definitely window box flowers and paint for our front door.

  189. I would FINALLY get house numbers up on our front porch, maybe painted on flowerpots. Some new pathway lighting would be great too!

  190. Brooke C. says:

    I’d mulch my front entryway and add flowers

  191. We don’t have much of a front porch (but yours is lovely!), but I’d love to redo our front walk. The concrete sidewalk has gotten all wonky and was poorly patched by previous owners. I’d LOVE to put paving stones down instead. Thank you for the giveaway!

  192. We are a USMC family moving from a beautiful old home in MI to a beautiful yet cookie cutter home in MD in June and it NEEDS curb appeal – pots, plants, shrubs, new porch light and house numbers, a flag holder… needs to be personalized and made our own with a statement that says it is ours!

  193. Vicki I. says:

    We are working on a raised bed garden. $100 would help tremendously! Thanks for the chance to win.

  194. My house (and neighbors, probably!) would appreciate a new welcome rug and a chair to replace the old faux wicker bench that I’ve been lugging around for over 10 years.

    Thanks for the chance!

  195. I would definitely put the giftcard toward a new mailbox and shutters! Thanks for the inspiration!

  196. Oh wow. I can’t believe this opportunity!!! Just last night, I took photos of my daughter and her friend on our front porch. I tried as best as I could to keep the actual porch from showing. It is an embarrassment! Other than being clean, the porch lacks any personality or style. I would use the gift card to bring life to my porch!!

    Thank you for sharing your talents!!! Love your style!

  197. We have a small front porch that could use some attention. Paint and wood to replace one of the steps would be a big help and a new light fixture.

  198. I would like to make a bench for my front porch!!

  199. I would buy wood and supplies to make beautiful window flower boxes and replace my very drab plastic ones. If any is leftover, I would buy some flowers to go in them :)

  200. I would use the gift card to beautify my mailbox landscaping. It’s boring and uninviting – I feel sorry for the mail deliverer!

  201. I’d definitely use it to buy stones to edge my flower garden! Thanks!

  202. Becky N. says:

    We would put new vinyl siding on our shed – it is currently this sad, deteriorating wood paneling that was painted some awful shade of pink by previous owners.

  203. We want to put in new outdoor light fixtures for the porch and garage. $100 would really help. Thank you for the chance.

  204. Ashley M. says:

    I would give it to my Mom and Step dad so they can build some steps for their back door.

    sloan_gray at yahoo dot com

  205. Jenifer M says:

    I would stain my deck. It needs it in the worst way! Starting to be an eye sore :(

  206. Monica C says:

    My curb appeal would include repainting our side table and new bushes in front of porch. Thanks!

  207. Andie d says:

    I need some color outside! Definitely some cute planters!

  208. Thelissa says:

    My project would be flowers. Flowers in pots, flowers in boxes, flowers everywhere. We need a little color around here!

  209. I’d use the $100 bucks to buy more perennials for my front garden and rip out another old bush! I LOVE Lowe’s!

  210. Sarah E. says:

    Probably around the tree, it’s pretty pathetic looking!

  211. Kathy H says:

    I’d like to dress up the entrance to my front walkway. Some ornamental shrubs and a couple garden accessories would be perfect. I also want to put a walkway in from our back deck to the pool area. Thank you so much for a chance to help me complete my plans. Have an exceptionally blessed day, Kathy

  212. I would buy some new pots and (not dead) plants for my front porch/landscaping. And I really need a new welcome mat!

  213. Emilie Schneider says:

    I need some furniture and flowers.

  214. devonna says:

    I would purchase 2 chair and plants some flowers to brighten up our front porch.

  215. First – PAINT. I’m embarrassed to say our trim is quite overdue….probably fine if you are driving by, however if you are ringing the doorbell – that’s another story. After that it would be flowers. I am quite behind getting the yard pretty this year. Your porch looks very inviting, love it!

  216. I would paint our room! Thanks, [email protected]

  217. I would love to be able to paint the rocking chairs on our front porch and add cushions. Also I have a stand out there that would get a make over! Fill flowers in the pots already on the porch (we bought the house a few months ago) and repaint them. Thank you for the chance!

  218. I have a small front porch that I would like to screen in. Of course we could always use some flowers to “pretty up” the front yard too. Right now we have zero curb appeal. I think we have become the boring house on the street lol.

  219. Niki Blake says:

    I would LOVE to buy some bushes/perennials to plant. With the drought herein TX last year, we lost 3 HUGE trees so we have to start over. This gift card will be a GREAT start! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  220. I’d love some landscaping stuff to clean up the iffy landscaping my landlords did! Some brick to create a short wall, some mulch, even a few flowers. Anything to make the depressing landscaping look less accidental and more on purpose!

  221. charissa says:

    well the front of my house is ok it is my deck that needs the help. i would like to stain the deck and plant plants in my empty planter boxes.

  222. Roya gonzlaez says:

    I would use the gift card to some more color to my front.

  223. Marcy Divers says:

    I would use the Lowes card to green up my backyard with grass seed,fertilizer & more.We are the kid friendly house on the block.Not to mention Scout meeting place. Would love the weeds to be gone & fresh grass in it`s place for the kids to play on!

  224. Well technically our curb is 1/4 miles away from our porch, but it still needs some appeal. I’d have to re-rock some bare spots, paint the mailbox, and add some flowers.


  225. My front flower bed needs some serious sprucing up! Also I’d like to paint the front door a different color.

  226. We’re in the process of working on our “curb appeal” (not to mention the indoor work). We just finished putting new windows in the entire house (took over a year). Next up is painting the house and landscaping.
    The $100 would go toward plants and landscaping materials. Right now our front yard is dirt.

  227. heather f says:

    we have a covered porch entry way that is blah blah blah. I have two wild grandsons and I would like to add a gate so they can’t get off the porch and put some fun but artistic touches out there.

  228. Jeni L. says:

    I would use the gift card for an update on the front door and shutters on the house.

  229. Vanessameryl says:

    My fRont walkway definitely needs some landscaping!!

  230. We are moving in to a brand new house next week and I need to but a whole front lawn!

  231. Where to start? Our new front porch needs a small seating area, and the whole yard needs color! $100 would be a good start :-)

  232. I would use the card to purchase lavender for my new flower bed and flowers for my hanging pots, etc. It surely wouldn’t go to waste! Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  233. Our guest bathroom is in total need of a $100 Lowes gift card…gosh that would be awfully nice! Especially the way this crap economy has been going. Our guest bathroom would go from “ooohhh yes, we see you started to do something here, good luck”… to…”wow, beautiful bathroom!” I will keep our lucky talisman’s in hand, lol!

  234. Julie Andrews says:

    I would like to put in a solar power water feature. The sound of bubbling water would be so relaxing!

  235. I’d like to continue redesigning our home/yard in Arts and Crafts style, with removing the siding porch post and putting in stacked rock posts.

  236. My curb appeal project would be bark! I have a large garden at the front of my yard with a lot of plants and lavender and it really needs bark to keep the weeds down and just look better.

  237. Oh, if I could only include a photo! Our front door (builder’s special white) desperately needs some color. And the lone half-dead azalea bush (literally one side blooms and the other, nothing) in the front garden needs to be replaced by something a bit more…Well, alive. Oh please oh please let it be meeee!!

  238. Sara Haaf says:

    A new screen door, or at least screen part for it.

  239. Bigger and better lights for the front of my house and if there was anything left over more flowers (one can never have enough flowers).

  240. anne voss says:

    We had to pull out all the old, infested,1/2 dead evergreen bushes from in front of the house. I could really use the gift card to begin to replant the space…the front of the house looks so bare now!

  241. Gwen Windham says:

    I can think of so many wonderful things that I’d like to do!! Maybe a birdbath or fountain!! Or a garden bench– or some pretty flowers… or a swing to hang on the porch… or a rocking chair… some roses to make a rose bed for the front yard… :-) The list goes on and on! Thank you for the chance to win! :-)

    • Gwen Windham says:

      just wanted to add my email address– I forgot and want to make sure you can reach me if I am the lucky winner!! :-) bamagirl(at)gulftel(dot)com

  242. I would love to add some new flowers in our front gardens and even some of those solar lights if I could find the right ones.

  243. I would use the $100 gift card to buy my husband a new grill. :) Not sure if that will spruce up our outdoors or not, but he would really love it :)

  244. I love your porch! We are in the process of moving across the country from Arizona to North Carolina. I am really looking forward to having a porch to dress up and make into the relaxing retreat I long to spend evenings in reading a book and watching fireflies!

  245. Barbara says:

    I really need to do a few projects: Paint the front door and make a vinyl ‘Welcome’ for it. I will pick up some new flowers for the front pots when i buy the paint, and I need to buy and put up a new mailbox and post, also with something irresistably vinyl on it in addition to the address!

  246. Melanie says:

    I would use it to spruce up and paint the front door.

  247. Christine S says:

    I would use it to buy some shubs and flowers.

  248. Flowers and a honey locust tree!

  249. Our front porch could use some pops of color… I’d love to get a few hanging baskets and some new cushions!

  250. Courtney says:

    I wwuld love to lay some new pavers and add some planter boxes!

  251. Michelle says:

    We just bought a brand new house. We really need to work on our landscaping.

  252. Jennifer says:

    I would love to add some landscaping to the front of our house. We have some but it is fairly simple and starting to look a little worn.

  253. Hmm…..either a chainsaw or a weedwhacker. Or both. Or gravel, do they sell gravel? Probably not. Well, we’re redoing our whole front and back yard, and right now we have to keep to what’s free, so I don’t know. $100 would be nice. I’m rambling. I should take a nap. But I won’t. Cause that makes too much sense.

  254. Rachael says:

    Would wouldn’t love a free $100 gift card. I would probably get something for my Husband for Father’s day.

  255. Cassandra says:

    Our house is 95 years old and the porch is the last thing left to update! The steps had half brick stuccoed walls that were crumbling and the steps were coming apart in chunks! This weekend we attacked and hopefully we are conquering… We are looking to sell the house and really need everything done…paint, repairing concrete, some pretty eye catchers, curb appeal galore. If we didn’t have such a small budget we could totally use professional help with it. It is a nice porch that would be awesome if we could give it some TLC.

  256. Living in an apartment has been a big change for us, but I am slowly finding ways to make my little porch “garden” look very appealing. If I had $100, I would invest in bigger pots that could easily be seen by passers-by. I would also love, love, love to have some hanging plants. And, I would like to try growing some vegetables in pots on the porch; that is something I miss about having a nice big backyard.

  257. I desperately need a backyard makeover!! This $100 would sure go a long way towards that!! =)

  258. Definitely buy colorful perennials.

  259. Johnna Wilson says:

    Our flowerbeds are in desperate need of some TLC!! A gift card would be perfect!

  260. Yeah for giveaways!! I would most likely use it for paint. The outside needs painted badly!!

  261. Erin Young says:

    i would build a little wall in my backyard – a retaining wall/border. :))))

  262. Lindsey says:

    I would love some new planters for my front and back porch.

  263. Ooooh, I totally need this! I would fix up my front yard and add some cute plants!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  264. I would use it toward a new front door and storm door. It is on this summer’s to do list!


  266. We have some sad looking shrubs on the side of our driveway that should be replaced with something pretty :)

  267. i would use the money to buy some plants to put by the new arbor we are putting in on the side of our house

  268. Stacey Mowery says:

    I would buy some earthrite for my yard to make the soil better for growing anything!! Then I would buy plants and bushes for landscaping some of my yard. How nice that would be!!

  269. I work at MakerPlace in San Diego, CA. It’s a ‘makers’ dream workshop with access to tools and machines to create anything I can dream of. I have a free membership to the shop being as I’m an employee, but I can never afford the materials to start one the many projects back logging in my brain! I’d love the $100 GC to make wooden weather proofed boxes for the porch to store peoples dirty shoes before tracking in the house, or other misellaneous outdoor tools like garden materials, or extra garden hoses. Cheers!

  270. My front porch area could reall use some potted flowers and my door could use some kind of decor.

  271. MeganM. says:

    I’d love to pick up some planter boxes and plants for my front porch. It’s kind of sad this year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  272. My house is really in need of a paint job.

  273. Haley Camp says:

    I would add some color to my front door with flowers, some paint and maybe new furniture!

  274. Flowers, flowers and more flowers. Oh and some shutters.

  275. Kari S. says:

    I need some plants and flowers to help with my booooring front porch. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  276. I’m buying a new house this summer. This gift card will go towards whatever home improvements need to be made with it.

  277. I would use my $100 gift card to redo the old porch swing that inherited and buy some pillows to go on it. :)

  278. Kristen says:

    $100 worth of storm door? Or annuals up the waazoo.

  279. Flowers and pots for my porch, and possibly a thrifted bench that I need supplies to finish!

  280. plants for all the pots o’ dirt I have on the patio, plus the supplies need to tile the cute little patio table my brother made for me!

  281. Would love to paint our front door!

  282. For curb appeal – I would do some landscaping!

  283. I want to paint my front door orange and add some vibrant flowers to my pots!

  284. Katerjay says:

    Oh goodness… Where to start?! We would use the gift card to work on “finishing” the unfinished ceiling of our gazebo. It is a hornet and bat (yuck) magnet as is!

  285. Karissa says:

    We are in desperate need of a new mailbox. Some hanging plants on the porch would be great too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  286. Natalie Q. says:

    Grass seed for our yard! Our yard was so overrun by weeds that hubby killed the whole thing, tilled it, and rolled it 6 weeks ago. He hasn’t gotten around to actually planting grass seed though! Urgh! So right now I have a very unattractive dirt yard.

  287. Sara M. says:

    New flowers for our hanging baskets! We LOVE color!!

  288. Sharon in TX says:

    I SO need to buy new plants for my front beds … my winter snapdragons are just about done in by this Texas spring heat!

  289. Jennyroo says:

    I think we need some solar lights for along our front walkway, and some brightly colored annuals for the flower beds!

  290. Oh my gosh…I toootally know what I’d use my gift card on!! We just moved into my childhood home which we saved from foreclosure. It was not in our plans at all, but we knew we just HAD to step in and do it. It was a part of us. I am so happy that we did it, we now live here with my two younger brothers. Being that we had to put up a big big chunk of change to save it, we really have no budget for any improvements (till the least) I have been dreeeaming of painting and staining the deck and the outdoor furniture! The gift card would go straight to those materials! : ) Thanks bunches for the chance!
    xo Jenny

  291. Maria Collet says:

    Flower beds, planters and hanging baskets, oh my! Thanks, Char!

  292. Brenda Whitney says:

    I’d make planter baskets and re-do one of our flower bed borders…or maybe I’d go crazy and get myself a ninja-like power tool so I could make lots of cool stuff all the time.

  293. I’d lve to spruce up my back yard. Planters, hanging pots, even a fire pit. And some seating, that would make my backyard come alive.

  294. Jennifer Benson says:

    My curb appeal project is filling in the flower beds that used to have ugly bushes

  295. I would love to plant flowers and try to make this eyesore a little prettier!

  296. I’d plant some flowers and spruce up my seating with a new coat of paint!

  297. Kathy Ann says:

    I would love to spruce up the front porch….new pots, paint for the chairs, a new plants would brighten that area even more. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  298. I totally need pavers since I only have 3 for some reason and then it’s just grass for about 6 feet to the driveway. I would also love a fountain but the pavers would definitely have to come first.

    If you give a mouse a cookie….

  299. I’d like to buy some plants and pots for the front porch :)

  300. Our front porch needs staining, and the perennial bed needs help. Then something pretty to look at would be nice! Thanks for the giveaway.

  301. Paula M says:

    I would use the $100 for sprucing up my front porch, maybe painting my front door a fun color!

  302. Melanie C says:

    I would buy some plants to spruce up my front yard and entry.

  303. I would use the gift card to do some landscaping in front of our house. Although the hubby would probably try to convince me that he needs to use at least half of it to buy new tools so that we can landscape :)

  304. Jessica Nix says:

    Front porch needs some work!

  305. Nancy B says:

    I would plant some pretty flowers along the walkways

  306. Some more grass seed and flowers! Add some color

  307. Valerie says:

    Buying a new house in 2 weeks and would love to do some work on the front yard or maybe paint the front door. Oh the possibilities!

  308. Kristen says:

    I would love a pretty hanging down light fixture for my front porch-much better curb appeal than the icky builder grade one!

  309. Kristen says:

    Upping our house’s curb appeal would take a whole lot of paint! Love your porch redo.

  310. I’d replace the plants that froze in the snow storm over the weekend!

  311. We just moved into a home with NO yard, that would help us have an awesome start!!

  312. Paint and flowers

  313. A new toilet. I HATE the one we have now….

  314. I would use a Lowes’ card to help my neighbor get flowers she’s dying for, but as a single mom, can’t afford right now. And maybe even build a planter box for extra flowers

  315. Rebecca N. says:

    I would use the gift card to paint our tired brown front door and then buy a new mailbox and if there is money left, I would get a colorful door mat. Right now everything is kind of brown-blaugh and it could use some color!

  316. I would use the gift card to add some color to my front and backyard with flowers and maybe some fruit or vegetable plants for my new obsession.

  317. I would paint the cement on my front porch (looks tacky now!) and tackle my wagon that holds plants. I would also replace my glass front door.

  318. I would start with the front porch spruce up and the mailbox needs some plants!

  319. Lindsay says:

    I’d buy new mulch and some flowers for the front porch.

  320. Awesome giveaway! I really need to fix up my retaining wall and start my planting so this would be awesome to win. Thanks for the chance.
    Booger1 at

  321. Camiele says:

    I would tackle the landscaping on the front of our house – right now it’s just dirt! And has been for the past 2 years we’ve lived here – just got lazy!

  322. Heather says:

    Some plants and new hedge trimmers to keep everything maintained!

  323. I would do something about our corner swing and work on labeling our house with numbers!

  324. Quincie says:

    We would love to add some flowers to our sad empty pots and fertilize the lawn – so our neighbors won’t be ashamed to live next to us anymore.

  325. I would change my front door from faded red to a luscious deep teal with paint

  326. I would replace the screens in my windows

  327. Becca Brough says:

    I would fix the little fence that we have on the side of our driveway. It’s broken and ugly.

  328. Sharon Compton says:

    $100.00 gift card wow! I would love to re-do my porch area. I need new planters on each side of the door and some new stuff for the flower bed in front of the porch. What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  329. Mara Morrison says:

    ooh! $100 from Lowe’s could go a long way to help add some curb appeal to my front yard! We just took down an old, worn out picket fence, and the front of my house is looking bleak. I would love to put in some new white fencing & a $100 Lowe’s card could definitely get us started!

  330. Kate Harms says:

    I’m moving, so my whole yard needs a makeover :)

  331. I would buy paint to paint my front door, some hanging planters, and some paint buckets to make planters! So cute!

  332. I have some old tables I inherited that could use a makeover!

  333. I would fix the ceiling on my front porch as it is becoming a danger of falling on your head.

  334. My front door needs a serious makeover!!! The paint has been peeling and chipping off for the last 4 years, and every spring/summer I think I am determined to tackle it, but don’t. Now is the time! If there was any money left over, I would also repaint my lovely furniture on my porch! Thanks!

  335. I would repaint my front door – maybe a pretty yellow like yours. I’d also get a new front mat and hanging baskets of flowers.

  336. Diamond says:

    Curb appeal project at our house would involve grass seed and bushes.

  337. Stephanie R. says:

    I would use the gift card to buy flowers to plant in our flower boxes. I think our neighbors might faint if we actually get something in them this year :)

  338. Briahna Bushman says:

    We recently bought a new house where we need to put in all of the landscaping. It is definitely not a joke when we say we need to curb appeal! I would put this toward plants or maybe even curbing or our sprinkler system.

  339. Great giveaway! I could really use this to make a small flower garden, maybe add some decorative stone, cement my ‘welcome’ sign into the ground, and/or to buy some new cushions for our outdoor chairs.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win this giveaway and to make some much needed improvements to the front of my home.
    [email protected]

  340. The flower bed by our door needs some major TLC!!!! Flowers, plants, anything at this point!

  341. we are working on buying a house so i guess we would use it for a swing for the deck or flower beds

  342. We might use it for shingles if they sell those:-D or flowers

  343. I would use the money to replace the tired-looking shrubs along our walkway.

  344. I’d love to invest in some nice, comfortable chairs for the front porch.

  345. heather says:

    I would love to get some new pots and plants to brighten up my porch! Oh, and maybe a fun outdoor rug too :)

  346. Mary Kate says:

    If I had a $100 GC, I would first check out the outside furniture for a two person seat to add to our front porch.

  347. Our front door needs to be repainted very badly and our front flower beds are in serious need of help,too. I’d also love to buy some beautiful, soft, windchimes to hang on our shepard’s hook beside out hanging basket. Being a bargain shopper, we could make the $100 prize go a very long way! Thank you for the opportunity to win it and do projects we otherwise woul have to keep putting on hold.
    corchtes4preemies at

  348. I really need to work on our balcony, it is kinda shabby, no furniture to plants, need a grill cover, etc. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  349. I’d love to update our front yard. We haven’t planted anything since we’ve moved in. We’ve only let the existing plants grow bigger and bigger and bigger…

  350. Angela S says:

    I would love some patio furniture, but would probaly get some flower pots and supplies.

  351. Emily M says:

    I am dying for a cute little bench for our front porch. And some cute planters.

  352. Carrie Lynch says:

    Come on baby, this momma needs some pavers, flower pots, hanging baskets and may even leave a couple bucks to purchase myself a soda at the register. :-) Fingers crossed…..starting….. NOW!

  353. I would redo our flower bed and make a little seating area with a bench or swing.

  354. Marissa says:

    I would get some mulch and flowers for the front of the house and if any is left over, new cushions for the porch furniture. Thanks for the chance!

  355. Brook Warren says:

    I could use some furniture or a new mail box

  356. I just recently repainted the wooden casing around the outside of my front door and replaced the doorbell, so I’ve been thinking about curb appeal a lot. I would LOVE to have a water feature on my front porch. I’d also like to replace the only outside light we haven’t replaced yet with a floodlight. $100 would help with either of those!

  357. I live in an apartment now and would use the money to pretty up the front entrance.
    I have a little brick patio area and would love to put some plants and maybe a small table
    and chair to enjoy the view.

    Thanks for the chance!

  358. Priscilla says:

    I would use it to add new flowers to my garden by my front door.

  359. Jeanette says:

    Oh my this would come in so handy. We just recently rented a house; after being in a condo for 5 years that we weren’t allowed to do anything too. Now we have the freedom to plant flowers and make it our “home”. This gift card would be so very helpful. Thank you!

  360. Closing on new house in 13 days! It doesn’t come with any hanging baskets, lol. Some boston ferns for the covered porch would be perfect!

  361. Dani Reynolds says:

    I’d love to add some curb appeal, our landscaping needs help & I dont have a single flower in the front yard! I have these awesome planters but nothing to put in them.

  362. Kelly Myers says:

    I would replace the sad, burnt out azalea plant that my mother got me for Easter and I severely neglected….. and maybe get a few pretty annuals to add to my front porch perennial garden.

  363. annmarie says:

    I would like to add a new trees to my front yard or some more flowers.

  364. $100 could definitely be useful to add some potted plants and a little bistro set to our very big and very empty front porch!

  365. We moved into a house in town from always living in the country. If I were lucky enough to win I would redo the landscaping in the front of our house. What is there has seen it’s better days and needs to reflect us as the new owners.

  366. I would probably put it towards some new chairs and some plants for the porch – my porch is looking pretty crappy these days.

  367. Crystal Niemann says:

    I would use some Lowe’s cash to pump up my garden….its started but could use a little monetary input!

  368. We just found out we are going to lose our Japanese maple in the front yard so I would replace it with another one.

  369. Melissa says:

    We are buying our first home this summer and it definitely needs some sprucing up around the outside. I think I would use the $100 to add some pretty planters around the front door and windows.

  370. We have lots of differnet yard work projects we are trying to finish. The $100 would totally help us get those done!

  371. sangeetha says:

    Some plants for my front porch and redo my door color

  372. We need some nice plants in our yard!!!

  373. Shannon says:

    I would paint the front door and replace the shutters.

  374. Christa S says:

    I really would like to add some plants to my front yard area. I also have been looking at a little bit of guttering to keep my garden from washing away! There are so many things I could buy at Lowes! :)

  375. Sandy M says:

    I would use it towards two rockers for my front porch and a new rug.
    sandym204 @ gmail dot com

  376. I would use it to make over the front door. We’ve lived her 5 years and it’s still “builder boring”. And the little step below the door is still bare wood! Some paint, a new welcome mat and maybe some potted flowers would do wonders!

  377. Daffodil says:

    For a curb appeal project, I’d buy a new mailbox, a new porch welcome mat, and a pretty watering can. Not as a decoration, though — more as an incentive to water the flowers. Figure a new watering can is cheaper than new flowers, right? :)

  378. Our house sits really low to the ground and the bushes that were planted when we moved in have become too large for the front of our house. The first things we would do is post an ad on Craigslist for anyone who wanted them to come and dig them up then we would plant low lying plants to enhance the look of the front! We would also repaint the house.

  379. Jennifer Alexander says:

    Our deck is in major need of some TLC. This gift card would be great! Thanks!

  380. I would use it for some plants for the front yard. And some paint.

    Thanks for the give away. Crossing my fingers!

  381. Danielle says:

    To add curbside appeal I would use it to get paint to paint the trim around the garage, the shutters and the front door :) That would make me super happy!

  382. I’d love to get some mulch to put around my trees and a chainsaw to cut down all the CRAP on the side of my house. The previous owner lived in our house for EIGHT years and did absolutely NOTHING to the yard. It looks like it too. Sigh.

  383. Allison R. says:

    I would fix my god-awful tiny mailbox setup. My mailman squishes everything I get into a crumbled ball and jams it in the antique mail fixture that desperately needs updating! Thanks for the giveaway!

    - Allison R.

  384. We live in a neighborhood where all the houses look the same so I would want some type of decor so when people came here for the first time I could say, “Hey, look for the house with the swing in the front yard” or something like that ;)

  385. Fix the front steps!

  386. My next curb appeal project is to edge our front garden with some type of stone, repaint the front door, and replace the dead bushes we just ripped out.

  387. Katie Seamons says:

    Well we are closing on a house in a week that doesn’t have any curb appeal. At. All. So lets see. Grass seed? new door? new bushes/trees? paint for the exterior? ah… it could go towards a new garage door. You know one that isn’t peeling paint and 30 years old? any/all of the above!

  388. Redo the flower beds in front of our porch!

  389. Pots and plants and maybe a tree for the front yard.

  390. This is the first year that I have any outside space so our balcony needs some loving. I would love an outdoor rug and at least a chair to sit in and enjoy my coffee. I would make that $100 go a long way with a 10% off coupon I have waiting to use for such an occasion.

  391. Our flower beds need some major help – they’re all rock and no flowers!

  392. Becca FancyPants says:

    Paint overhang column, paint lazy chairs, or get a swing!

  393. Danielle Cahoon says:

    I would paint my door, stain my sidewalk and buy new plants to frame the entrance to my house. Thank you!

  394. I’ve been busy sprucing up my patio for summer. This would help me buy some plants to give it more color. Thanks!

  395. With $100 I would buy plants for my flower beds. We need some bushes to hide the ugly underside of the deck, and a muzzle to prevent the dog from digging it all back up. :)

  396. I’d use it to fix up our rotting deck.

  397. I’d use it to pretty up our front porch/yard area. I live in a 4plex so there isnt much space out front to do with what we want. But it’d be nice to spice up our little garden, repaint the front door and add another pot for flowers!

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