Giveaway: $75 of awesome from Pick Your Plum

You’re all familiar with Pick Your Plum, right?

round sticker 2

If you’re not, here’s the short version:  Every (weekday) morning at 7:00 Mountain time, they have something awesome up for grabs at a phenomenal price with flat rate shipping.  Sometimes it’s crafty, sometimes it’s home décor-y, sometimes it’s fashion-y, sometimes it’s food-y.  Like today, for example…


shirts and cardis!  Head on over and grab one (some Winking smile) and then come back to enter the giveaway.  This can wait, but the supplies over at Pick Your Plum are limited.

Let’s say you’re a nudist and shirts and cardis aren’t your thing…no problem!  Just check back tomorrow!  Tomorrow it could be thread and buttons (which a nudist may also not need)


or burlap baskets

burlap baskets

or cupcake stands

cupcake stand

or personalized stamps

personalized stamp

or metal letters

Metal Letters

or tags.


You get the picture, right?

Pick Your Plum is offering one lucky Crap I’ve Made reader a box chock full of $75 worth of PYP goodness.  What’s in the box will be a surprise, but I promise it will be awesome.

This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 and older only.
Entries must be via the Rafflecopter gadget below.
Giveaway closes Wednesday the 24th at midnight MST.

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  1. The last thing I bought from PYP was the Halloween heat transfer vinyl. Their glow in the dark is fantastic! Before that, it was a necklace, and before that I got bakers twine, and before that…well, let me just say my laffy taffy stash is growing rapidly!

  2. Jessica Bennett says:

    Love PYP!

  3. The first thing Im going to buy from PYP is buttons, I need them for a project!

  4. The last item I purchased from PYP was name stamps for my kids’ teachers. The gifts were a hit! I also got one for myself and am excited to make gift tags for Christmas this year! I really need some bakers twine, so I hope that pops up soon!

  5. Stephanie says:

    The last thing I bought from PYP was personalized ribbon. I love it!! I really need to get some cute cupcake liners, so I am waiting for them again.

  6. i bought some cute little notebooks i’m going to use to make gifts for my kids’ teachers.

  7. I ordered their stamp sets last…man I’m addicted to craft supplies :)

  8. Washi tape… It’s always washi tape that sucks me in! I love PYP and am pretty sure I first heard about them from you. Does that mean I can blame you for my obsession? :-)
    I keep hoping for the return of the address stamps – we just moved and I would love a stamp for our Christmas cards. Off to take a look at the cardigans…

  9. I bought some vinyl and washi tape! I love PYP!

  10. The last thing bought from PYP was twine. So many things that you can do with it!

  11. I ordered a lot of vinyl :)

  12. The last thing I bought was the bakers twine. And before that it was the little notebooks for stocking stuffers.

  13. Cari Hozian says:

    I bought a necklace. I’m addicted to necklaces lately.

  14. Erica (A Yankee In Jawja) says:

    The Washi Tape – I’m so intrigued.

  15. I bought a set to make my own dangle earrings. They are so cute!

  16. I have bought some cute baby legwarmers & personalized ribbon. Super cute! I just bought a cardi today! Just found your blog, but would LOVE to win! :-)

  17. Pat Upton says:

    Love those metal letters! I haven’t bought one yet but covet them when I see them!

  18. I got some of the long sleeve v-neck shirts when they had them a while back.

  19. I haven’t heard of this site yet, but looks super fun! I will be liking them on FB. Thanks for the chance!!

  20. I love pick your plum! I always order vinyl from them because it’s so much cheaper, plus they have really fun colors! I’ve ordered other fun crafty things, but my most recent purchase was vinyl. Sometimes it’s hard to say no! :)

  21. Amy Hinkle says:

    I am very interested in their vinyl!

  22. Amelia P. says:

    I’ve never purchased anything from then, but I’m always tempted when they have those awesome personalized stamps.

  23. Just yesterday I wanted to get those cute flower earrings, but the posts were already sold out. Love PYP!

  24. The last thing I bought was the recent Washi tape … love it!

  25. I think about buying everyday. Didn’t buy the thread and wished I had. I will get it next time!

  26. Becky Pearce says:

    i bought a couple of really cute metal baskets and my pumpkins look awesome in them.

  27. Amanda Taylor says:

    The last thing I purchased were some pearl bracelets, but I really want to purchase almost each day! LOL

  28. I think about buying most of the things that get sent to my email! I really wanted the rubber stamp, but I’m waiting until we move.

  29. I recently bought wooden book covers with each of my grand children’s name cut out at the bottom! They are going to be a big hit at Christmas.

  30. I bought the Halloween vinyl…thought I was getting the orange/purples….waited so anxiously only to open the box and realized that I had ordered the wrong colors…got black/brown/gray/white. So much for a BRIGHT Halloween!

  31. I’m thinking about ordering some tags. They’ll be perfect for the Christmas gifts I’m making for teachers.

  32. Catherine says:

    The last thing I bought were some colorful resin flowers which i made into fancy bobby pins for my girls. Love pick your plum!

  33. This is so fun! I love the variety….I’ve got Christmas presents on the brain now!

  34. The last thing I bought were cupcake liners! I love those things!!

  35. haven’t purchased yet, not sure what i’ve been waiting for

  36. I have my eye on the cake stands!

  37. I love PYP!! I just ordered the tees.

  38. I love everything you posted. I think my favorite thing is the burlap baskets and the personalized stamp.

  39. I purchased some pretty sweet thread from PYP!

  40. I keep buying the cupcake liners. I think I have close to 1,000 them. No clue what I’m going to do with that many but they are too cute to pass up!

  41. I have ordered bias tape and also a personalized stamp. LOVE PYP!!!

  42. I love it when they have crafting supplies and I’ve thought about buying some bakers twine before or burlap!

  43. I’ve never purchased anything from PYP, but I was really tempted to buy those pillow boxes listed earlier this week!

  44. Great giveaway! I picked up one of the cardigans today, hope it fits!

  45. I love PYP! Recently I bought custom stamps and small tags. Thanks for the incredible giveaway!

  46. I LOVE Pick Your Plum! Its right by where I live so easy pick up!

  47. I check all the time, I just haven’t bought anything yet…

  48. Bakers twine!! Love that site!!

  49. I bought three of the cute little flower purses.

  50. It’s been a while since I’ve ordered anything, but probably bakers twine. I love that stuff!

  51. The last thing I got from pickyourplum was the cup cake stands. I got two and love them.

  52. The last thing I purchased was the colored tags!

  53. I love PYP!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. heather f says:

    I’ve got grandboys and we like to do projects!

  55. I haven’t purchased yet but those cute tees might push me over the edge. My daughter would love them.

  56. I bought some wood triangles. I bought them a while back and made a cute pennant banner with my daughters name. I love it so much, I needed more to continue the names in the house. :)

  57. So Im really wanting a cardigan or two today but I vowed to not spend money for a few weeks. The last thing I bought from pyp was the alphabet stamps and wooden spoons from last week!

  58. Carly Delise says:

    I really want to buy baking cups I see everywhere! How perfect they would be to add to my collection!

  59. Hadn’t heard of PYP before, but will definitely be checking them out now! Looks like they have some super cute and cool stuff!

  60. I have never heard of this site before, but if I read correctly, they sell vinyl at times, and I plan on getting a Cameo in the next couple of months! Thanks!

  61. I got some halloween vinyl stickers and a beautiful necklace for my roommate for her birthday. She loved it.

  62. the last thing I bought from PYP was the flower purse they had last week

  63. so tempted to buy that cardigan on there today… just can’t decide which color i want!

  64. Amy Bounds says:

    I don’t believe I have ordered from here before but everything looks so cute.

  65. Kellie Pringle says:

    I am a serious Pick Your Plum addict! I just bought the personalized stamps they had on recently and the last thing I bought was the miniature alphabet stamps. I plan to use them to make my own clothing tags…hopefully!

  66. Shelley D says:

    I almost bought the vinyl that they had a while back.

  67. I am hopelessly addicted to Pick Your Plum. The last thing I purchsed from PYP was more washi tape. I am tempted to buy something every day though!

  68. Last thing I bought was the baker’s twine. Love it for wrapping presents!

  69. The last thing I bought from PYP was the awesome personalized self-inking return address stamper! (Also, just a note, I am a PYP fan on FB, but the Rafflecopter widget was asking me to like Rafflecopter instead of PYP, so I wasn’t sure what to do about that first entry)

  70. I haven’t bought anything from PYP. I should, though — neat stuff!

  71. Jennifer Alexander says:

    Twine! I always feel like I need more and more of every color. :-)

  72. Natosha Zachary says:

    I get their newsletter everyday, I just haven’t bought anything yet.

  73. I love Pick Your Plum!! We just got 4 pairs of leg warmers in the mail from them!!

  74. I hadn’t even heard of them before, but I’m adding their tab to my firefox home pages! Then again i tend to sleep in so I have a feeling I’ll miss out a lot!

  75. I’m interested in their vinyl but have not purchased any yet. Also their clear treat holders recently looked pretty cool!

  76. I bought crochet headbands. :o)

  77. I think the last thing I bought from pick your plum was some baby headbands. too bad baby won’t leave them on anymore. :(

  78. Nicki Wilson says:

    I just bought the dolman tee and cardigan! So excited to get them!!

  79. Man you just sucked me in! Ordered the shirt and cardi! What a great giveaway!

  80. Chelley Black says:

    The last thing I ordered was the cupcake stand. :)

  81. The last PYP order I made was the wooden blocks, I think. I order so often it’s hard to remember! :)

  82. I am thinking about some new buttons!

  83. I’ve actually never bought anything from them. I know! Trying to save money so 10 ft of vinyl when I don’t even have a machine to cut it with….
    But if I had a silhouette machine I’d want to buy the vinyl that I believe was on there this week. The blue shirt is cool though!

  84. I’m new to pick your plum, looks fun, I’m going to sign up. Thanks for the giveaway, hope to win :)

  85. I can’t remember what the last thing was that I bought, but the last one that I wanted really bad were the wood cupcake stands!

  86. I want one of those cardigans!

  87. Sue Larson says:

    I am new to your site but I see fabulous items I would love! Thanks for a giveaway!

  88. Jen Higgins says:

    I would get those T shirts and a cardigan. What a great price!

  89. I just bought some clear treat boxes from PYP the other day and I can’t wait for them to get here!!! LOVE PYP! Thanks for the chance to win!

  90. I got vinyl, and I get buttons whenever they have them. Also stamps. And ribbon. I love PYP.

  91. Awesome polka-dot cupcake papers!

  92. i’m loving the metal letters…. alarm clock is set:)

  93. I just bought a bunch of tags!

  94. I thought about buying the metal letters. I love how cute they are!

  95. I love PYP! They’re so fun! BTW, it popped up Rafflecopter’s Facebook page to like, instead of PYP’s.

  96. Judy Perry says:

    I love the Dolman sleeve shirt, but it doesn’t come in my size otherwise I would have bought them.

  97. I was tempted by the personalized address stampers

  98. Ashley R. says:

    The last thing I bought was some t shirts.

  99. I love my bakers twine from PYP!

  100. I am really drawn to those cardigans!!

  101. I love the personalized stamps and burlap baskets….so cute.

  102. I bought personalized stamps to give as gifts last Christmas! It’s been too long, I better buy something soon…

  103. I bought my first vinyl from them a few months ago… but I want what they’re selling almost every day!

  104. Emily Bass says:

    I’ve thought about buying everything they send out! But especially the spools of thread…

  105. The last thing I bought was a return address stamp and I love it!

  106. I just bought that awesome pink shirt. I would have bought more but I was a little late to the game.

  107. I most recently bought the 10 pack of thread. Love pyp!!

  108. Shantell V. says:

    Thread!!! What a great deal!

  109. Lisa Bird says:

    I love their earring kits! So cute!

  110. I love PYP! Last thing I ordered was straws, I think!

  111. Ric Rac and thread!

  112. The most recent purchase was washi tape, unless I forgot something, which is entirely possible.

  113. I love the personalized stamps

  114. I have never ordered from PYP but know some friends that have. They have raved about the products they’ve received. I would love some PYP goodies! :)

  115. I ordered hair feathers—they were AWESOME

  116. I bought some little flowers and paper clips and made some cute bookmarks. They were a great addition to some books I gave for gifts.

  117. They had an awesome washi tape deal the other day that I should’ve jumped on!!!

  118. melody littlefield says:

    Your blog is the first blog I ever followed! :) I love pick your plum and really hope I win!

  119. I bought some chalkboard and dry-erase vinyl from PYP!

  120. Um way too awesome! Would love to win!

  121. Stacy Hansen says:

    I bought some personalized stamps that I love!!

  122. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  123. Missy Jacobs says:

    What a great giveaway, love PYP!

  124. I had not heard of this site before, but I checked it out and it looks great. They have a cute logo too!

  125. Breanna Tinsley says:

    That shirt today was super cute!

  126. Personalized stamps would be so fun to have!

  127. Emily Krieger says:

    I haven’t bought anything from PYP (YET), but I always like to see what their special of the day is! Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  128. The last thing I bought was the personalized stamp, love it!

  129. The last thing I bought from Pick your Plum is some vinyl. It came in the mail yesterday :)

  130. I d never even heard of Pick Your Plum, but I just signed up to get the daily emails!

  131. the last thing I bought was foldover elastic – love that stuff!

  132. Laura/ReaderWoman says:

    I got some vinyl labels for my cannisters….

  133. haven’t purchased anything from pyp yet…. but i love waking up and checking my emails to see what i might get that day!

  134. Loving the personalized stamps!

  135. I love PYP! Last thing I bought ewere some really cute felt flower clips for my daughter

  136. I couldn’t resist the dolman tees….lucky for my wallet the cardigans were already sold out.

  137. Linda Nelson says:

    Lovely thread!

  138. The last thing I ordered from PYP was washi tape!

  139. I purchased some ribbon. My problem is I seem to always get there to late. So winning a box full of goodies would be awesome.

  140. I should have bought the Washi Tape!

  141. This site looks dangerous. In a good way!

  142. A box of surprises, what fun!

  143. The clear treat box holders! Can’t wait til they arrive

  144. The last thing i got from Pick Your Plum was red and white bakers twine. Love that stuff!! Be especially blessed, Kathy

  145. I just received my last item – the hanging photo holders with the cute little clothes pins!

  146. I got some bottle tops and made some really cute magnets.

  147. I bought 2 little purses. They were here in about 3 days. Super FAST.

  148. Yay!!! Pick me! I would love the cup cake stand.

  149. The last thing I bought from PYP was bakers twine. I love it and can’t get enough colors :) They ship so quickly and I love their prices!

  150. I almost bought a flower wristlet from them a long time ago. I seem to always get there when things are sold out!

  151. I got some resin flowers I’m using for a craft in my daughters nursery!

  152. Sheila Laurence says:

    I haven’t ever seen their daily deals. Something to check out!

  153. I just recently started following Pick your Plum – I loved the stamps they had recently… wishing I had bought some!

  154. I think the last thing I bought was baker’s twine and I love it!

  155. I’ve purchased cupcake liners, bakers twine and vinyl clings. Love, love, love!

  156. Lisa Cooper says:

    Love, love, love the burlap baskets! Thinking of purchasing them.

  157. PYP is so much fun!

  158. I’ve never purchased from PYP but it looks like my kind of place! Thanks!

  159. Chelsea Tolley says:

    The last thing I purchased was the set of alphabet stamps! Love!

  160. PYP is awesome!!

  161. My most recent PYP purchase was the flowers and earring posts. With 3 little girls w pierced ears, we need a lot of flowers! Love my PYP! Have you ever gotten one of their grab boxes? I am always too slow!

  162. I really liked the personalized stamps they had. And the baker’s twine, the colors get me everytime!

  163. Love PYP, I have somewhat of an addiction to it, and check it every morning before I get my day started. My favorite items have to be speciality vinyl and the wood cutouts.

  164. Haven’t purchased anything yet, but thinking this might be THE place to go for all my early Christmas shopping. Thanks!

  165. Oh dear, this is my first time of learning about PYP, but I can already tell it’s going to be trouble (trouble of the wonderful kind!!) Personally even just looking at the above pics the tags, thread and buttons, and baskets would have all found their way to my home :)

  166. i love pyp. i have only been following for a few months but have picked out some things to get when they come up next. i not only love their products but their prices too. thanks for the chance i am keeping my fingers crossed and if i can do it i will keep my eyes crossed too. ha/ha

  167. ha. i think about buying every day.

    silly me missed the stamp though. i actually NEED one of those….

  168. Kris Gambaccini says:

    The last thing I purchased from PYP was a Baby Nursing Essentials kit. It was a baby shower gift for an expecting, soon-to-be nursing mother and was awesome!

  169. I bought two boxes of that thread, cannot wait to use it!

  170. Chelsea H says:

    I loved the shirts and cardigans they had this week, but I didn’t get it in time. :(

  171. Michelle J. says:

    I am always a little too late to get the great vinyl colors!

  172. I just bought a grab box this morning. Those are one of my absolute favorite things they do!

  173. I wanted these cute baskets awhile back, but the size I wanted was out. =(
    Maybe they will do them again!

  174. i think the last thing I bought was vinyl

  175. Melanie C says:

    I haven’t bought anything yet :)

  176. Ashleigh Hall says:

    The last thing i bought from PYP was vinyl!!

  177. Julianne Johnson says:

    I have bought a Plum Box! Love it!

  178. I think I consider every single day’s offerings! The last thing I really wanted was some small gift boxes I think.

  179. What a great find! Never heard of PYP until now. Excited to discover the next deal.

  180. I absolutely love PYP. Check everyday to see what kind of deal I can get!!

  181. The last thing I thought about ordering was their treat boxes.

  182. Amy Osborne says:

    I love the cardigans!

  183. ashley emmett says:

    Those cardigans! I am a teacher by trade and I love them for adding modesty to my massive tank top collection!

  184. What a great site! I am a cardigan girl & would have loved to have caught that deal! I don’t do sweaters, with the exception of cardigans! Because I’m always getting too warm, and taking a cardigan off in public is no big deal. Any other sweater…we’ve got the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction!

  185. the last thing I bought was their v-neck long sleeve shirts! I looove PYP!

  186. I’ve never bought from PYP – I’ve never looked before. But from the pics you shared, I loved the shirt and the stamps. Now that I ‘liked’ them on FB, I should know what I want in the future when I see it :)

  187. I’m in love with PYP! Thanks for the giveaway!

  188. I love PYP!! The last thing I got was some super cute flower bobby pins. Love them!

  189. The last thing I bought from PYP was some pretty awesome Washi tape!

  190. I’ve order many things from PYP and have always been very happy with my purchase. Last time I order 2 ladies v neck t-shirts to try some transfers on. They look great!

  191. I love PYP! There is something I am always falling in love with!

  192. Camille A. says:

    Love PYP! I always like buying the cabochon flowers and making my own jewelry.

  193. Sindi Honea says:

    WOW – I have never heard of PYP before – but I loved the items you posted. Can not wait to check them out. My first purchase just might have to be the stamps (for stocking stuffers)

  194. I bought some tabs that I absolutely love!
    Thank you for the opportunity(;

  195. I am going to buy some personalized ribbons – I use a lot of ribbon when I give people gifts.

  196. I want to buy those burlap baskets.

  197. I love Pick Your Plum!!!

  198. I’ve never ordered from them before, but from your sampling of products, I could definitely spend $75!

  199. Thought about the twine, and those shirts the other day were cute!

  200. I purchased the thread pack and some buttons. I was very tempted to get the turquoise dolman sleeve sweater and pink striped cardigan though.

  201. Katie McKay says:

    I purchase just about everything PYP offers!! :)

  202. The last thing I bought was vinyl

  203. I am always tempted by the washi tape, thread, ribbon, bakers twine, really anything crafty.

  204. I love the big metal letters and the personalized stamps!

  205. personalized stamps are just the bomb!

  206. Christina says:

    I purchased some bakers twine – so many uses! I would love to win!

  207. Amanda Christensen says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard of Pick Your Plum, but if I were to buy anything from them it would definitely be sewing supplies: thread, buttons, etc.

  208. I LOVE pick your plum!

  209. I just found out about this site! I have been looking everywhere for metal letters and they have them:)!

  210. I love pyp! The last thing I purchased was baker’s twine. :)

  211. I haven’t heard of PYP until I saw this post. Those burlap sacks … I’m dying! So cute. :)

  212. I would love to get my hands on that turquoise shirt in the photos above. It looks so comfy and cute!

  213. I would love to win this great prize from PYP.

  214. I loved the bakers twine in all of its various colors and the ribbon. Two things I can never have enough off in my stash.

  215. I’ve never purchased from pick your plum but I think it’s a great idea for those who are good at making quick purchase decisions – that would not be me! We are a cash only family and on a tight budget so I think and re-think every single purchase to death. If I did have extra cash I would love the home decor items or the organizing things I’ve seen. I’ve been saving like a mad woman for a Cameo – doing alterations to make some extra $. I would love to win this!

  216. the last thing i bought from pyp was vinyl!

  217. some ribbons thaknks

  218. I haven’t ordered from them yet, but it’s not because I didn’t want to. I love almost eveything they have offered.

  219. Wow! I’m loving those stamps, the metal letters and the shirts.

  220. A few spools of the baker’s twine! There are so many great colors!

  221. I just signed up for the PYP newsletter last week—I see things every day in my email that I WANT and can’t wait to buy!!!

    THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  222. Ooh, I have yet to buy anything from PYP, but I like those personalized stamps a lot!

  223. I have not purchased anything from PYP, but I would LOVE the big metal letters!

  224. Pick Your Plum always has the cutest things! I would love to spend $75 at their site! :)

  225. Kimberly Cherrine-Bell says:

    I love pick your plum…To bad I’ve been broke lately…The are great..Would love to win this one!

  226. I think about every item, every day.

  227. I buy way too much stuff to remember the last thing I purchased from PYP! However, I did receive the clear treat boxes yesterday, so we will go with that! Love me some vinyl tho!!

  228. I’ve only bought washi tape from PYP, but I really want to get the personalized stamps if they’re offered again!

  229. Great giveaway! I got some lovely ric rac from PYP.

  230. I am thinking of buying what was on PYP today the, “A Real Hoot” hats for my kids, niece and nephews, for christmas.

  231. I wanted to buy the personalized ribbon but I missed out on it. D: I’m hoping the personalized stamps will be offered again.

  232. I love the cake stands!!

  233. The last thing I bought was the “Let’s Hang Out” 2 tiered hanger.

  234. Crocheted owl hats

  235. I just love PYP! I have drawer and shelves chock full of stuff that I’ve ordered. The last thing I ordered were sets of earrings. They look like thin slices of some kind of rock. ?? Got 2 packs for 4 different sets! Love em!

  236. I live off a budget, but still save a little for special purchases. And, I have spent some of that on amazing things from PYP…personalized wedding gifts are inexpensive through them and the couples love them!

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