Season’s Greetings

It’s still the season, even though I missed the day, right?


I hope your holidays are fabulous.  We’re enjoying them thoroughly.

We’ve met new cousins,


cried tears of happiness over presents,


lost our 2 front teeth,


and felt like punching the guy with the harmonica.


(Whose idea was that anyway???)

I’ve truly never felt more grateful for what I have.  I’ve been reduced to tears many times this week over just how darn blessed I am.

I hope you’ve felt that joy, too.

Happy Holidays!


And, if Santa didn’t bring you quite what you wanted and what you wanted was a Silhouette, they’ve got a couple of promos going on now that you might be interested in.  Details here on my Facebook page.


  1. Love the photos. A teenager crying over her present while wearing footie pajamas is the best memory ever.

  2. I’ve felt pretty blessed too. What great photos I love it! And new cousins are seriously the BEST!

  3. I love you. Like a redic amount. Just FYI.

  4. Great pics!

  5. I highly recommend this product to anyone with dry-normal hair looking for that ‘one’ product.

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