Yesterday, this guy


turned 7.


Tonight, he and a couple of friends are going to see the Harlem Globetrotters.

Happy birthday, Campbell Don.  I sure do love your face.


  1. Such a handsome guy! I bet they’ll have a blast tonight!

  2. Vicki Benyo says:

    Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!

  3. He is STINKING cute! Hope he had a great day!

  4. He’s adorable. Pretty sure that’s a lie, though, because he was just a baby and as I haven’t aged in a few years it really makes sense that nobody else got older either.

  5. Well hello. Those are some pretty awesome photos. I do love that Campbell.

  6. My oldest turned 7 on the 10th as well! Happy Birthday to your handsome man!

  7. Love the 2nd pictures. He’s adorable. Hope he had a great birthday!

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