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So You Want To Be A Slurpee…

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You’d better take a sedative, because that’s the only way anyone should ever commit to replicating these costumes.


Here are a few of the specifics, if you’re interested:

The “cup” is cloth automotive headliner fabric (like for the interior roof of your car). I picked it up locally at Hancock Fabrics and then I started to paint.

And paint.

And paint.

It took over a gallon of white latex paint, just to get a basecoat.

And then I did a 2nd coat (took MUCH less).

I taped off each “cup” into sixths.

I found a Slurpee font and downloaded it. Then I used my Silhouette to cut the lettering out of freezer paper. (Tip: When cutting freezer paper with a Silhouette, use the green/cardstock mat, put the dull side down, and cut your design backwards.) The freezer paper only stuck marginally to the painted surface. I had to paint carefully, but it worked out OK.

The red lettering is acrylic craft paint. The blue is latex pain.

I hot glued a “casing” along the top edge. I used sprinkler funny pipe for the frame.

The straws are red pool noodles.

The beverage portion is tulle. There’s also a coordinating colored “collar” hot glued and Gorilla taped inside the rim of the cup. It has an elastic casing to slip over the head.

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