Mod Podge Silhouette Canvas

This project was originally shared over at Tatertos and Jello as part of Jen’s Summer Social.  I’m sharing it here in case you missed it!

My kids just finished up their first year on a traditional school schedule.  We’d been on year round before that, which means summer break = 3 weeks.  This is our first real live 3 month long summer.  I’m loving it, but there are days when “I’M BORED!” comes out of people’s mouths.  So, I wanted to come up with a project we could work on together.  We came up with this silhouette canvas.


Old magazines & scissors
Mod Podge
Acrylic craft paint
Stain (optional)

First, you’re going to let your kids go nuts cutting up magazine pages.

(The kid on the table in pajamas in the middle of the day in the background is totally optional.)

We tried to pick pages with a lot of color (as opposed to black and white text), but that was really the only direction I gave them.

Once you have a whole bunch of cut up magazines, you’ll want to Mod Podge them to a canvas.  There’s also no rhyme or reason to this, just make sure you cover the entire canvas.


No need to have a panic attack that everything’s not smooth…some lumpy/puckered/not perfect parts are encouraged!


Once it’s good and dry, trace your silhouette with a pencil on the canvas.


I went with this bird on a branch design from the Silhouette library.  I think a big initial or monogram would look fabulous as well.  Or how about a chevron pattern on the whole thing?  (That was for you, Jen Winking smile)

Once you’ve traced, you’ll want to fill in the rest of the canvas with craft paint.  There are no pictures of this step because my daughter/back up photographer and I were both doing the painting.


YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY STOP NOW.  I like this look and I probably would have stopped now if our silhouette had been something more graphic.

I decided to take some sandpaper to the painted area so that some of our magazines would peek through.


Again, YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY STOP NOW!  There’s really no wrong way to do this…just go with what you like!

I applied some stain next.


I put it on streaky and wiped some off.



I, however, did not.  I watered down a few more shades of acrylic paint and did some more streaking (not that kind…what kind of blogger do you think I am?) and a little splattering.


YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY STOP NOW…because I totally did.


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I’ve created a monster

I was out with some friends last night. I got home well after bed time. Campbell was still up. “I need you to make me a shirt for Leprechaun Day.”

“Um, can’t you just wear something green from your closet?”

“No. I need you to make me one like for Valentine’s Day…with leaves on it.”

And since I’m a sucker…




I think I’m single handedly keeping the Tulip Soft Fabric Paint division in business.

Don’t even get me started on the part where I had to go to 2 stores this morning to find corned beef since it’s suddenly everyone’s favorite meal of the whole year. Winking smile

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Blue & Gold Cupcakes

Keller turning 8 last month brought on a whole new “thing” for us.


Cub Scouts.

By the time all 3 boys are done? Many, many, many years of Cub Scouts.

Tonight’s our pack’s (is that what they call it?) Blue & Gold Banquet. My assignment is cupcakes, so I made blue and gold ones. Well…turquoise and yellow. Close enough?


I used the instructions for Colorburst Cupcakes over on Our Best Bites.



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Stenciled “Fabric” Bins

***February Silhouette deal info at the bottom of the post***

You know the cheap “fabric” bins you can get to fit square bookshelves? Like these?

Image from ClosetMaid

You have some, right? Us too. We have a bunch in the playroom and some in kid closets and I think there are even a few in my sewing room.

They’re practical and they’re cheap. They’re also a *little* bit boring. And, my kids never remember what goes back in which bin. I bet your kids are smarter than mine though, right? Winking smile

I saw this post over on Crafterhours yesterday and I felt my wheels turning! Keller’s new Utah Jazz inspired room doesn’t have a dresser…we’re using lockers instead. And in those lockers? “Fabric” bins.



I used some downloads from the Silhouette store for my clothing shapes…except for the underpants. I drew those on my own using the Silhouette Studio software.

I cut the shapes out of freezer paper and then stenciled using Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Metallic Platinum. Check out my freezer paper primer for the basics on freezer paper stenciling.

Things you should do differently to stencil on this type of bins:
You’ll need to crank the heat on your iron way down to a wool setting at the very highest. I’d probably start even lower and then bump the temperature up a bit if the paper isn’t sticking. You’ll also want to place a press cloth or a scrap piece of fabric over the paper and the bin before ironing.


February Silhouette Promotion:

Valid February 23rd-28th

Silhouette SD
1 roll black premium vinyl
1 roll frosted vinyl
1 roll transfer paper
Home Décor CD

all for $225

Use code “CRAP” to take advantage of the deal.

Already have a machine?

Take 25% of Silhouette’s new Premium Vinyl using the same code (“CRAP”, in case you forgot. Winking smile)

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Happy (?) Valentine’s Day!

So how was your weekend?

We had impetigo.

And puking.

Fun, right?

I took an insanely awesome photography class from the amazing Emilie of Photo by Emilie. We got to practice on real people. Scary!



More on that later.

I also hit up a fun little consignment store called Abode. More on that later, too.

We made some Valentine boxes. Keller went the safe route with this bucket he decorated with stickers.


(His shirt is some heat transfer and a robot design from Silhouette.)

Macy went the insane route with this little beauty:


And then she started puking, so *I* got to take it to school and present it to her teacher this morning.

My 2 big kids made these sucker moustache Valentines from Family Fun.

Campbell decorated his box at school, but he NEEDED a shirt. So, we busted out the freezer paper and the Silhouette and some of my new favorite product, Tulip Soft Fabric Paint.


Got any big plans? I mean, bigger than taking care of sick kids and doing laundry…

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Coester 8
(Image courtesy of the fabulous Lei over at My Many Colored Days)

And what a year it’s been.

This is the year we learned about SPD.

This is the year we learned about Asperger’s.

This is the year you told us you could ride a bike without training wheels

(and you were RIGHT).

This is the year you took swimming lessons and faced your fear of water head on.


This is the year you scored your first goal.


This is also the year you tricked your mother into buying you an Ed Hardy shirt.


You take the good with the bad, right?

Happy birthday, Campbell.

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TOAD-ally awesome Valentines




TOAD-ally awesome printable, available here. (I ordered prints from my local warehouse club for 13 cents each.) You can personalize your own kid’s name at the bottom in Picnik (free) using Cheri’s fabulous tutorial. The font is “You Are Loved” and the color is FF71A3. Or, you could have your kid sign them.

Toy frogs. I found mine at Zurcher’s. They were $2.49 for 12.


And adhesive of some sort. I used the 3D Zots because the little froggy hands were not flat and they mushed into the dots well.

Put a glue dot on each frog hand (I keep wanting to call them paws) and then stick them in place.

Result? A boy friendly Valentine for about 35 cents!


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Eight is GREAT!

Coester 6
(Picture courtesy of the fabulous Lei of My Many Colored Days)

My sweet, sweet Keller turns 8 today. I dare you to not like him.

It’s impossible.

(His first Halloween. What kind of mother makes their 9 month old wear something like that???)

He oozes happy. And kindness.

I want to be more like him.


Except for the part where he sets his alarm early so he can watch the highlights of last night’s Jazz game before school. And the part where he wears 2 hoodies instead of a coat.

Happy birthday, little buddy!

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We’re trying to potty train Bennett.

You’d think by the 4th kid (one of which has Asperger’s) this would be old hat.

You’d be wrong.

Last week, this was my Facebook status:

“I think Bennett’s going to be 10 before he decides to use the toilet.”

Emily, my CWTS partner, posted:

“Quinn too.”

And then I replied:

“Did Quinn rip off the pair of Thomas underpants you put on him and then hide them under the bed when you weren’t looking so you couldn’t possibly make him put them back on?”

I left off the part where he yelled “YOU’LL NEVER FIND THEM NOW!”, a la Swiper on Dora.

Confused smile

So, I made him a little something.

(I used my Silhouette to cut the heat transfer material. The font is Blazed. The shirt is from Target. I seam rippered the pocket off.)

Now, before you start sending me mean emails about my kids needing therapy on account of me being their mother, let me just point out that I made myself a little something, too.

(Again, used my Silhouette to cut the heat transfer material. The font is Joint. Yes, there does appear to be an illegal substance font theme going on here.)

I think we’re even.


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Well hello there, internet

How was your Christmas?

Ours was fabulous. Everyone got something they loved:



(Yes, he asked for one.)


It’s really too bad I didn’t get a pic of BC opening his Xbox Kinect. He was SURE he wasn’t getting one, on account of my undying hatred for video games and a credit card disaster earlier in the week. (Dear Chase, I still hate you.) He might have had the most surprised face of the day.

And one person was not too thrilled about what this gift implies:


Mom got a new camera lens. People got sick of that real quick, too.


(But look at my fancy bokeh!)

I’ll be back tomorrow with a year end wrap up. Hope you’re continuing to enjoy your holidays!

In the mean time, Dee Dee did a little one question interview with me. Go see my scintillating answer to “What do you want to accomplish in 2011?”

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